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Multiphoton Microscopy in the Biomedical Sciences VI

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Volume Number: 6089
Date Published: 14 February 2006

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Time-resolved nanoscale imaging of biomolecules in living cells and tissues: prospects for small-animal imaging
Author(s): V. Krishnan Ramanujan; Joe Robert Mireles; Brian A. Herman
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Spectrally resolved fluorescence lifetime and FRET measurements
Author(s): Laimonas Kelbauskas; Sascha Dietrich; Birgit Hoffmann; Thomas Zimmer; Klaus Benndorf; Wolfgang Becker; Axel Bergmann; Nikolaj Klöcker; Christoph Biskup
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Three-dimensional FRET microscopy
Author(s): Adam D. Hoppe; Joel A. Swanson; Spencer L. Shorte
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Confocal FRET and FLIM microscopy to characterize the distribution of transferrin receptors in membranes
Author(s): Horst Wallrabe; Ammasi Periasamy; Ronak Talati; Christine Kim; Margarida Barroso
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Improving fluorescence diagnosis of cancer by SLIM
Author(s): Angelika Rück; Frank Dolp; Ingrid Kinzler; Carmen Hauser; Claudia Scalfi-Happ
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Scanning total internal reflection fluorescence imaging
Author(s): A. M. Quirke; S. M. Ameer-Beg; M. Parsons; T. Ng; M. Irving; B. Vojnovic
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Two-photon spectral imaging microscopy of skin tissues
Author(s): Jonathan A. Palero; Henriëtte S. de Bruijn; Henricus J. C. M. Sterenborg; Hans C. Gerritsen
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The LSM 5 family: an integrated imaging and spectroscopic platform for the study of cellular dynamic processes
Author(s): Klaus Weisshart
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CARS microscopy for the monitoring of fat deposition mechanisms in a living organism
Author(s): Annika Enejder; Thomas Hellerer; Per Hillertz; Christian Brackmann; Claes Axäng; Marc Pilon
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Broadband CARS microscopy: principles and applications
Author(s): G. I. Petrov; V. V. Yakovlev
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Cumulant analysis in two-color fluorescence fluctuation spectroscopy
Author(s): Bin Wu; Y. Chen; J. D. Müller
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Wave optics analysis of observation volumes in two-photon fluorescence fluctuation spectroscopy
Author(s): Jianrong Wu; Keith Berland
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Fluorescence lifetime imaging of human skin and hair
Author(s): A. Ehlers; I. Riemann; T. Anhut; M. Kaatz; P. Elsner; K. König
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Using FLIM in the study of permeability barrier function of aged and young skin
Author(s): P. Xu; E. H. Choi; M. Q. Man; D. Crumrine; T. Mauro; P. Elias
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In vivo multiphoton tomography of skin cancer
Author(s): Karsten König; Iris Riemann; Alexander Ehlers; Rainer Buckle; Enrico Dimitrow; Martin Kaatz; Joachim Fluhr; Peter Elsner
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Photonic crystal fiber as a tunable light source for visible wavelength two-photon microscopy
Author(s): Jonathan A. Palero; Vincent O. Boer; Jacob C. Vijverberg; Henricus J. C. M. Sterenborg; Hans C. Gerritsen
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Simultaneous excitation of multiple fluororophores with a compact femtosecond laser
Author(s): Philippe Legros; Daniel Choquet; Stéphane Gueguen; Eric Mottay; Nelly Deguil
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New developments in ultrafast lasers for biological applications
Author(s): Ian A. Read; Victor David
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Contrast enhancement in combined two photon second harmonic imaging of skin by using hyperosmotic agents
Author(s): R. Cicchi; D. Massi; D. Stambouli; D. D. Sampson; F. S. Pavone
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Mapping femtosecond pulse front distortion and group velocity dispersion in multiphoton microscopy
Author(s): I. D. C. Tullis; S. M. Ameer-Beg; P. R. Barber; V. Rankov; B. Vojnovic
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Increasing two-photon fluorescence signals by coherent control
Author(s): Eric R. Tkaczyk; Augustin Mignot; Jing Yong Ye; Istvan Majoros; James R Baker Jr.; Theodore B. Norris
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T2P-GFP: two-photon photo-activation of PA-GFP in the 720-840 nm spectral region
Author(s): Ilaria Testa; Marc Schneider; Sara Barozzi; Giuseppe Vicidomini; Dario Parazzoli; Mario Faretta; Alberto Diaspro
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Multiphoton nanosurgery in cells and tissues
Author(s): Iris Riemann; Frank Stracke; Daniel Sauer; Sven Martin; Karsten König
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In vivo intrinsic emission spectral imaging microscopy of mouse skin tissues
Author(s): Jonathan A. Palero; Henriëtte S. de Bruijn; Angélique van der Ploeg van den Heuvel; Henricus J. C. M. Sterenborg; Hans C. Gerritsen
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Detection of collagen by second harmonic microscopy as a diagnostic tool for liver fibrosis
Author(s): Maruth Banavar; Eleanor P. W. Kable; Filip Braet; X. M. Wang; M. D. Gorrell; Guy Cox
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Second harmonic generation imaging of skeletal muscle tissue and myofibrils
Author(s): Paul J. Campagnola; William H. Mohler; Sergey Plotnikov; Andrew C. Millard
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Time-dependence of the voltage-sensitivity of second harmonic generation from styryl dyes
Author(s): Andrew C. Millard; Lei Jin; Leslie M. Loew
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Structure sensitivity and sources of contrast in third-harmonic generation (THG) microscopy of cells and tissues
Author(s): D. Débarre; W. Supatto; E. Beaurepaire
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Functional imaging of muscle cells by second harmonic generation
Author(s): Valentina Nucciotti; Leonardo Sacconi; Marco Linari; Vincenzo Lombardi; Gabriella Piazzesi; Nicoletta Piroddi; Corrado Poggesi; Chiara Tesi; Francesco Vanzi; Francesco S. Pavone
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Scanning multi photon microscopy of SHG signals from single myofibrils of mammalian skeletal muscle
Author(s): Martin Vogel; Sebastian Schürmann; Oliver Friedrich; Frederic von Wegner; Martin Both; Rainer H. A. Fink
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Axial elongation in mouse embryos involves mediolateral cell intercalation behavior in the paraxial mesoderm
Author(s): WeiWei Yen; Carol Burdsal; Ammasi Periasamy; Ann E. Sutherland
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Multiphoton imaging of corneal tissue with near-infrared femtosecond laser pulses: corneal optical tomography and its use in refractive surgery
Author(s): Bao-Gui Wang; Karsten Koenig; Iris Riemann; Harald Schubert; Karl-Juergen Halbhuber
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Two-photon laser scanning microscopy on native cartilage and collagen membranes for tissue engineering
Author(s): Jörg Martini; Katja Tönsing; Michael Dickob; Ronald Schade; Klaus Liefeith; Dario Anselmetti
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Imaging articular cartilage using second harmonic generation microscopy
Author(s): Jessica C. Mansfield; C. Peter Winlove; Karen Knapp; Stephen J. Matcher
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Combined two-photon excited fluorescence and second harmonic generation imaging microscopy of collagen structures
Author(s): Sotiris Psilodimitrakopoulos; George Filippidis; Christos Kouloumentas; Eleni Alexandratou; Dido Yova
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4Pi-SHG imaging of mammalian myofibrillar structures
Author(s): Martin Vogel; Dorothea Hahn; Sebastian Schürmann; Marion Lang; Frederic von Wegner; Oliver Friedrich; Johann Engelhardt; Stefan W. Hell; Rainer H. A. Fink
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Increasing efficiency of two-photon excited fluorescence and second harmonic generation using ultrashort pulses
Author(s): Shuo Tang; Tatiana B. Krasieva; Zhongping Chen; Gabriel Tempea; Bruce J. Tromberg
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Absolute measurement of molecular two-photon absorption cross-sections using a fluorescence saturation technique
Author(s): Martin Kauert; Martin Frenz; Jaro Rička
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Quantitative FRET data analysis: protein localization in living specimens
Author(s): Ye Chen; Ammasi Periasamy
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Imaging melanin by two-photon absorption microscopy
Author(s): Tong Ye; Gunay Yurtsever; Martin Fischer; John D. Simon; Warren S. Warren
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Microvascular geometry and differential permeability in the eye during inflammation revealed with dual channel multiphoton microscopy
Author(s): Ryon M. Bateman; Kevin Hodgson; Casey Van Breemen D.V.M.; Keith R. Walley M.D.
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Structural changes at the cellular and subcellular level in the cerebral cortex of mice visualized by means of trans-cranial multi photon in vivo microscopy
Author(s): Gabriele Nase; P. Johannes Helm; Ole Petter Ottersen
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