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Computational Imaging IV

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Volume Number: 6065
Date Published: 2 February 2006

Table of Contents
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Modeling hierarchical structure of images with stochastic grammars
Author(s): Wiley Wang; Tak-Shing Wong; Ilya Pollak; Charles A. Bouman; Mary P. Harper
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Multiresolution analysis of digital images using the continuous extension of discrete group transforms
Author(s): Mickaël Germain; Jiri Patera
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Modeling multiscale differential pixel statistics
Author(s): David Odom; Peyman Milanfar
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Graph-based 3D object classification
Author(s): Sajjad Baloch; Hamid Krim
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Compressed sensing in noisy imaging environments
Author(s): Jarvis Haupt; Rui Castro; Robert Nowak
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A new compressive imaging camera architecture using optical-domain compression
Author(s): Dharmpal Takhar; Jason N. Laska; Michael B. Wakin; Marco F. Duarte; Dror Baron; Shriram Sarvotham; Kevin F. Kelly; Richard G. Baraniuk
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A fast algorithm for 3D reconstruction from unoriented projections and cryo electron microscopy of viruses
Author(s): Junghoon Lee; Yili Zheng; Peter C. Doerschuk
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Spatially adaptive 3D inverse for optical sectioning
Author(s): Dmitriy Paliy; Vladimir Katkovnik; Karen Egiazarian
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On soft clipping of Zernike moments for deblurring and enhancement of optical point spread functions
Author(s): Nico Becherer; Hanna Jödicke; Gregor Schlosser; Jürgen Hesser; Frank Zeilfelder; Reinhard Männer
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Adaptive sampling for atomic force microscopy
Author(s): Hung-Ming Cheng; George T.-C. Chiu
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Bayesian image reconstruction from Fourier-domain samples using prior edge information: convergence and parameter sensitivity
Author(s): Thomas S. Denney Jr.; Stanley J. Reeves
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Thin digital imaging systems using focal plane coding
Author(s): Andrew D. Portnoy; Nikos P. Pitsianis; David J. Brady; Junpeng Guo; Michael A. Fiddy; Michael R. Feldman; Robert D. Te Kolste
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3D reconstructions from spherically averaged Fourier transform magnitude and solution x-ray scattering experiments
Author(s): Youngha Hwang; Peter C. Doerschuk
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Computed spectroscopy using segmented apertures
Author(s): Ralph T. Hoctor; Frederick W. Wheeler; Eamon B. Barrett
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Preconditioned conjugate gradient without linesearch: a comparison with the half-quadratic approach for edge-preserving image restoration
Author(s): Christian Labat; Jérôme Idier
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Computational methods for image restoration, image segmentation, and texture modeling
Author(s): Ginmo Chung; Triet M. Le; Linh H. Lieu; Nicolay M. Tanushev; Luminita A. Vese
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An adaptive model for restoration of optically distorted video frames
Author(s): Dalong Li; Mark J. T. Smith; Russell Mersereau
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Resource-driven content adaptation
Author(s): Yung-Hsiang Lu; David S. Ebert; Edward J. Delp III
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Improving the numerical stability of structure from motion by algebraic elimination
Author(s): Mireille Boutin; Ji Zhang; Daniel G. Aliaga
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A maximum entropy kernel density estimator with applications to function interpolation and texture segmentation
Author(s): Nikhil Balakrishnan M.D.; Dan Schonfeld
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Multiple watermarking: a vector space projections approach
Author(s): Oktay Altun; Gaurav Sharma; Mark Bocko
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Spherical harmonics for shape-based inverse problems as applied to electrical impedance tomography
Author(s): Saeed Babaeizadeh; Dana H. Brooks
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Adaptation of fast marching methods to intracellular signaling
Author(s): Aristide C. Chikando; Jason M. Kinser
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Machine learning of human responses to images
Author(s): Miles N. Wernick; Yongyi Yang; Jovan G. Brankov; Liyang Wei; Nikolas P. Galatsanos; Issam El-Naqa
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Image reconstruction algorithms for a novel PET system with a half-ring insert
Author(s): Debashish Pal; Yuan-Chuan Tai; Martin Janecek; Heyu Wu; Joseph A. O'Sullivan
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A Bayesian approach to tomography of multiply scattered beams
Author(s): Zachary H. Levine
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Progress in multiple-image radiography
Author(s): Miles N. Wernick; Jovan G. Brankov; Dean Chapman; Yongyi Yang; Gocha Khelashvili; Mark A. Anastasio; Zhong Zhong; Christopher Parham; Jun Li; Carol Muehleman
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A recursive filter for noise reduction in statistical iterative tomographic imaging
Author(s): Jean-Baptiste Thibault; Charles A. Bouman; Ken D. Sauer; Jiang Hsieh
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Branchless distance driven projection and backprojection
Author(s): Samit Basu; Bruno De Man
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Cupping artifacts analysis and correction for a FPD-based cone-beam CT
Author(s): Li Zhang; Hewei Gao; Shuanglei Li; Zhiqiang Chen; Yuxiang Xing
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Estimation of color filter array data from JPEG images for improved demosaicking
Author(s): Wei Feng; Stanley J. Reeves
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Separation of irradiance and reflectance from observed color images by logarithmical nonlinear diffusion process
Author(s): Takahiro Saito; Hiromi Takahashi; Takashi Komatsu
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Novel scanner characterization method for color measurement and diagnostics applications
Author(s): Bong-Sun Lee; Raja Bala; Gaurav Sharma
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Elastic surface registration by parameterization optimization in spectral space
Author(s): Fijoy Vadakkumpadan; Yunxia Tong; Yinlong Sun
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Mosaicking of astronomical images with MOPEX
Author(s): David Makovoz; Iffat Khan; Frank Masci
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Image processing on parallel GPU pixel units
Author(s): Kevin Bjorke
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Partial shape similarity of contours is needed for object recognition
Author(s): Longin Jan Latecki; Rolf Lakaemper; Zygmunt Pizlo
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A block-iterative deterministic annealing algorithm for Bayesian tomographic reconstruction
Author(s): Soo-Jin Lee
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Deinterlacing in spatial and temporal domain
Author(s): Inho Kim; Chulhee Lee
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Cosine transform generalized to lie groups SU(2)xSU(2), O(5), and SU(2)xSU(2)xSU(2): application to digital image processing
Author(s): Mickaël Germain; Jiri Patera; Yannick Allard
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A prioritized and adaptive approach to volumetric seeded region growing using texture descriptors
Author(s): Nathan J. Backman; Brian W. Whitney; Jacob D. Furst; Daniela S. Raicu
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A fast MAP-based super-resolution algorithm for general motion
Author(s): Masayuki Tanaka; Masatoshi Okutomi
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Image deblurring by the combined use of a super-resolution technique and inverse filtering
Author(s): Yasuyuki Yamada; Koji Nakamae; Hiromu Fujioka
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Interactive volume visualization of cellular structures
Author(s): Qiqi Wang; Yinlong Sun; Bartek Rajwa; J. Paul Robinson
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