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Chemical and Biological Standoff Detection III
Editor(s): James O. Jensen; Jean-Marc Thériault

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Volume Number: 5995
Date Published: 4 November 2005

Table of Contents
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An experimental evaluation of endmember generation algorithms
Author(s): Antonio Plaza; Juan J. Sánchez-Testal; Javier Plaza; David Valencia
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Mixed PCA/ICA spectral/spatial compression for hyperspectral imagery
Author(s): Jing Wang; Chein-I Chang
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Design and evaluation of hyperspectral algorithms for chemical warfare agent detection
Author(s): Dimitris Manolakis; Francis M. D'Amico
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Spectral quality requirements for effluent identification
Author(s): R. N. Czerwinski; J. A. Seeley; E. C. Wack
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On the performance of target detection algorithms for hyperspectral imagery analysis
Author(s): Qian Du
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Feature extraction with modified Fisher’s linear discriminant analysis
Author(s): Hsuan Ren; Yang-Lang Chang
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Weighted anomaly detection for hyperspectral remotely sensed images
Author(s): Hsuan Ren; Chien-Wen Chen; Hsien-Ting Chen
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FPGA design and implementation of a fast pixel purity index algorithm for endmember extraction in hyperspectral imagery
Author(s): David Valencia; Antonio Plaza; Miguel A. Vega-Rodríguez; Rosa M. Pérez
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Mapping oil spills on sea water using spectral mixture analysis of hyperspectral image data
Author(s): Javier Plaza; Rosa Pérez; Antonio Plaza; Pablo Martínez; David Valencia
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3D ROC analysis for detection software used in water monitoring
Author(s): Wei-min Liu; Su Wang; Chein-I Chang; Janet L. Jensen; James O. Jensen; Harlan Knapp; Robert Daniel; Ray Yin
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An embedded system developed for hand held assay used in water monitoring
Author(s): Lin Wu; Jianwei Wang; Bharath Ramakrishna; Mingkai Hsueh; Jonathan Liu; Qufei Wu; Chao-Cheng Wu; Mang Cao; Chein-I Chang; Janet L. Jensen; James O. Jensen; Harlan Knapp; Robert Daniel; Ray Yin
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Estimating aerosol concentration and spectral backscatter with multi-wavelength range-resolved lidar
Author(s): Russell E. Warren; Richard G. Vanderbeek
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Standoff detection of natural bioaerosols by range-gated laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy
Author(s): Sylvie Buteau; Jean-Robert Simard; Gilles Roy
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The standoff aerosol active signature testbed (SAAST) at MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Author(s): Jonathan M. Richardson; John C. Aldridge
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Passive remote monitoring of multi-gas mixtures by FTIR radiometry
Author(s): Jean-Marc Thériault; Eldon Puckrin; Hugo Lavoie; Francois Bouffard
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Algorithms for chemical detection, identification and quantification for thermal hyperspectral imagers
Author(s): Alexandre Vallières; André Villemaire; Martin Chamberland; Louis Belhumeur; Vincent Farley; Jean Giroux; Jean-François Legault
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Simple laboratory methods for quantitative IR measurements of CW agents
Author(s): Eldon Puckrin; Jean-Marc Thériault; Hugo Lavoie; Denis Dubé; Carmela Jackson Lepage; Michael Petryk
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Gas imaging with wavelength modulation spectroscopy and a micromirror array
Author(s): Chris Hovde; Shin-Juh Chen; Kristen A. Peterson; Mark Paige
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New scanning infrared gas imaging system (SIGIS 2) for emergency response forces
Author(s): Roland Harig; Gerhard Matz; Peter Rusch; Hans-Hennig Gerhard; Jörn-Hinnrich Gerhard; Volker Schlabs
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A simultaneous dual-band infrared hyperspectral imager for standoff detection
Author(s): Neelam Gupta; Dale Smith
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Design, fabrication, and impedance of plasma wave detectors
Author(s): Sungmu Kang; Peter J. Burke; L. N. Pfeiffer; K. W. West
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THz absorption signature detection of genetic material of E. coli and B. subtilis
Author(s): Alexei Bykhovski; Xiaowei Li; Tatiana Globus; Tatyana Khromova; Boris Gelmont; Dwight Woolard; Alan C. Samuels; James O. Jensen
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Critical hydration and temperature effects on terahertz biomolecular sensing
Author(s): Joseph Knab; Binni Shah; Jing-Yin Chen; Andrea Markelz
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Multilayered diluted magnetic semiconductor structures and 2DEG
Author(s): H. L. Grubin; Dwight L. Woolard
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Nano-detectors using molecular circuits operating at THz frequencies
Author(s): Jorge M. Seminario; Liuming Yan; Yuefei Ma
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A novel I-RTD based optically pulsed hybrid device for generating THz oscillations
Author(s): Weidong Zhang; Dwight Woolard; Elliott Brown; Boris Gelmont
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Sensor integration and testing in an airborne environment
Author(s): Timothy P. Ricks; Julie T. Streling; Kirk W. Williams
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Real-time sensor mapping display for airborne imaging sensor test with the adaptive infrared imaging spectroradiometer (AIRIS)
Author(s): Megan M. Burton; William E. Cruger; Christopher Gittins; Harry Kindle; Timothy P. Ricks
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An advanced wide area chemical sensor testbed
Author(s): Juliette A. Seeley; Michael Kelly; Edward Wack; Danette Ryan-Howard; Darryl Weidler; Peter O'Brien; Curtis Colonero; John Lakness; Paras Patel
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Trade study for wide area chemical imaging sensors
Author(s): Nandini Rajan; Su May Hsu; Michael Griffin; Carolyn A. Upham; Edward Wack
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Optical fiber remote sensing system of methane at 1645nm using wavelength-modulation technique
Author(s): Sanguo Li; Thomas Koscica; Yan Zhang; David Li; Hong-Liang Cui
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Polarimetric bio-aerosol detection: numerical simulation
Author(s): J. William Snow; W. Ed Bicknell; Hsiao-hua K. Burke
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Remote measurement of highly toxic vapors by scanning imaging Fourier-transform spectrometry
Author(s): Roland Harig; Peter Rusch; Chris Dyer; Anita Jones; Richard Moseley; Benjamin Truscott
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