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Remote Sensing for Agriculture, Ecosystems, and Hydrology VII
Editor(s): Manfred Owe; Guido D'Urso

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Volume Number: 5976
Date Published: 17 October 2005

Table of Contents
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Agro-ecological modelling for monitoring rice productions: contribution of field experiment and multi-temporal EO data
Author(s): M. Boschetti; R. Confalonieri; D. Stroppiana; S. Bocchi; P. A. Brivio
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Vegetation parameter retrieval from SAR data using near-surface soil moisture estimates derived from a hydrological model
Author(s): Cozmin Lucau-Danila; Moira Callens; Pierre Defourny; Niko E. C. Verhoest; Valentijn R. N. Pauwels
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Using remote sensing and GIS techniques for identifying influence of seasonal flashfloods on ElQaa plain, Egypt
Author(s): A.H. El Nahry; A. M. Saleh
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Mobile GIS and optimizing data collection methods in hydrological fieldwork
Author(s): Alfred Wagtendonk; Richard A. M. De Jeu
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Effect of soil roughness uncertainty on the accuracy of soil moisture retrieval from ERS SAR backscattering
Author(s): Niko E. C. Verhoest; Bernard De Baets
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Determination of the effect of dew on passive microwave observations from space
Author(s): Richard A. M. De Jeu; Thomas R. H. Holmes; Manfred Owe
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ERA40 and satellite passive microwave imagery: a comparison of top soil moisture estimates
Author(s): B. Gouweleeuw; G. Franchello; J. van der Knijff; M. Owe
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L-band multi-angle radiometric properties of pine forest; some preliminary results of Bray 2004
Author(s): J. Grant; A.A. Van de Griend; J.-P. Wigneron; S. Søbjærg; A. Della Vecchia; A. Kruszewski; S. Debesa; N. Skou; J. Balling
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Early detection of small forest fire by dial technique
Author(s): C. Bellecci; M. Francucci; P. Gaudio; M. Gelfusa; S. Martellucci; M. Richetta
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Estimating vegetation dryness to optimize fire risk assessment with spot vegetation satellite data in savanna ecosystems
Author(s): J. Verbesselt; B. Somers; S. Lhermitte; J. van Aardt; I. Jonckheere; P. Coppin
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Development of indicators of vegetation recovery based on time series analysis of spot vegetation data
Author(s): S. Lhermitte; M. Tips; J. Verbesselt; I. Jonckheere; J. Van Aardt; Pol Coppin
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Mapping of forest species and tree density using new Earth observation sensors for wildfire applications
Author(s): Iphigenia Keramitsoglou; Charalambos Kontoes; Konstantinos Koutroumbas; Olga Sykioti; Nicolaos Sifakis
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Airborne hyperspectral scanner and laser altimeter data application to water reservoirs and water use calculation: first results on two Italian case study
Author(s): A. Fais; P. Nino; U. Minelli
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Retrieval of aerosol optical thickness from PROBA-CHRIS images acquired over a coniferous forest
Author(s): Carmine Maffei; Antonio P. Leone; Massimo Menenti; Ivan Pippi; Fabio Maselli; Paolo Antonelli
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Assimilation of small scale soil moisture in a land-surface model
Author(s): Gabriëlle J. M. De Lannoy; Niko E. C. Verhoest; Valentijn R. N. Pauwels; Paul R. Houser
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Integration and weighting of remotely sensed energy balance fluxes
Author(s): Christopher M. U. Neale; Jose L. Chavez; Raghuveer Vinukollu
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A physically-based model with remote sensing inputs for improved soil temperature retrievals
Author(s): Manfred Owe; Thomas Holmes; Richard De Jeu
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A scaling approach for satellite-derived land surface temperature over terrain area
Author(s): Yuanbo Liu; Tetsuya Hiyama
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VHR image region-based classification potential in the framework of the control with remote sensing of the European CAP
Author(s): Alexandre P. Carleer; Eléonore Wolff
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Analysis of hyperspectral field radiometric data for monitoring nitrogen concentration in rice crops
Author(s): D. Stroppiana; M. Boschetti; R. Confalonieri; S. Bocchi; P.A. Brivio
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Crop specific LAI retrieval using optical and radar satellite data for regional crop growth monitoring and modelling
Author(s): Vincent Guissard; Cozmin Lucau-Danila; Pierre Defourny
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Comparing accuracy for leaf area index estimation inverting a simple empirical model and a radiative transfer model by using multiangular and hyperspectral data
Author(s): F. Vuolo; L. Dini
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Multidirectional laser measurement of three-dimensional tree structure
Author(s): D. Van der Zande; W. Hoet; J. van Aardt; P. Coppin
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A complete transformation of a forest environment detected by the fusion of 11 Spot and Landsat –TM images over 15 years. The example of a pioneer front in Petén, Guatemala.
Author(s): Gilles Selleron
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Verification of deforestation in East Asia by spatial logit models due to population and relief energy
Author(s): Shojiro Tanaka; Ryuei Nishii
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Model-based neural network algorithm for coffee ripeness prediction using Helios UAV aerial images
Author(s): R. Furfaro; B. D. Ganapol; L. F. Johnson; S. Herwitz
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Possibilities of MERIS for sub-pixel regional land cover mapping
Author(s): Raul Zurita-Milla; Michael E. Schaepman; Jan G. P. W. Clevers
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Hyperspectral virtual imaging system of a Fagus sylvatica stand
Author(s): Dimitrios Biliouris; Karl vom Berge; Jan Van Aardt; Philip Dutre; Bart Muys; Yves Williams; Pol Coppin
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Detection of natural and stress-induced variability in reflectance spectra of apple trees using hyperspectral analysis
Author(s): Stephanie Delalieux; Wannes Keulemans; Jan van Aardt; Eddie Schrevens; Pol Coppin
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Estimation of carrying capacity for wild reindeer in Norway by means of the Normalised Difference Snow Index (NDSI)
Author(s): Hans Tømmervik
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Optical in situ LAI determination in forest stands: sensors, methods and future challenges
Author(s): Inge Jonckheere; Bart Muys; Pol Coppin
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Crop discrimination on ENVISAT ASAR images acquired in alternating polarisation mode
Author(s): Krystyna A. Stankiewicz
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MODIS-based seasonality and distribution of Leaf Area Index of grass land of Gonghe Basin in Qinghai-Tibet plateau
Author(s): Huazhong Zhu; Tianxiang Luo; Yaping Yang
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Photosynthetic rice production index for early warning
Author(s): Daijiro Kaneko; Masao Ohnishi; Takashi Ishiyama
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Estimating forest biomass using scale linkage from tree to Landsat-TM reflectance data
Author(s): Chhun-Huor Ung; Marie-Claude Lambert; Frédéric Raulier
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Comparison of multi- and hyperspectral imaging data of leaf rust infected wheat plants
Author(s): Jonas Franke; Gunter Menz; Erich-Christian Oerke; Uwe Rascher
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Ground moisture measurement system by infrared ray sensors for agriculture field
Author(s): D. Noda; T. Itoh; K. Sawada; M. Ishida
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Global vegetation monitoring through multitemporal analysis of pathfinder AVHRR land database
Author(s): Yves Julien; José Antonio Sobrino; Malena Zaragoza; Juan Cuenca; Mónica Gómez; Juan-Carlos Jiménez-Muñoz; Mireia Romaguera; Qingfeng Shen; Guillem Sòria
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Evapotranspiration estimation in the Brazil using NDVI data
Author(s): Luciana Rossato; Regina C. S. Alvala; Nelson Jesus Ferreira; Javier Tomasella
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Improved estimation of photochemical reflectance index using MODIS ocean bands
Author(s): Mitsunori Ishihara; Tsuneo Matsunaga; Masayuki Tamura
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Changes in spectral reflectance of crop canopies due to drought stress
Author(s): K. Huber; W. A. Dorigo; T. Bauer; S. Eitzinger; J. Haumann; G. Kaiser; R. Linke; W. Postl; P. Rischbeck; W. Schneider; F. Suppan; P. Weihs
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The potential of multitemporal and multisensoral remote sensing data for the extraction of biophysical parameters of wheat
Author(s): Vanessa Heinzel; Björn Waske; Matthias Braun; Gunter Menz
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Estimation of Daily Evapotranspiration in Northern China Plain by Using MODIS/TERRA Images
Author(s): Yanbo He; Z. Su; L. Jia; Yuanyuan Zhang; G. Roerink; Shili Wang; Jun. Wen; Yingyu Hou
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Radar based surface soil moisture retrieval through the combined use of two backscattering models
Author(s): Jesús Álvarez-Mozos; Niko E. C. Verhoest; Javier Casali; María González-Audícana
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Crop classification and crop water need estimation of Piave river basin by using MIVIS, Landsat-TM/ETM+ and ground-climatological data
Author(s): Francesco Baruffi; Massimo Cappelletto; Matteo Bisaglia; Angelo Zandonella
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Characteristics of AVIRIS bands measurements in agricultural crops at Blythe area, California: V. studies on alfalfa spectral data
Author(s): Safwat H. Shakir Hanna; Michael D. Rethwisch
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