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Liquid Crystals: Optics and Applications

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Volume Number: 5947
Date Published: 16 September 2005

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Self-organized liquid photonic crystals
Author(s): A. Adamczyk
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Tuning in on liquid crystal-infiltrated photonic crystal fibers: optics and materials
Author(s): David S. Hermann; Thomas Tanggaard Alkeskjold; A. Anawati; Jes Broeng; Anders Bjarklev
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Ten years after the discovery of electronic conduction in liquid crystals
Author(s): Jun-ichi Hanna
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New optical effects in liquid crystals: self-organization and dynamic characteristics of fullerene-doped nematic mesophase
Author(s): Natalie V. Kamanina
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Temperature tuning in photonic liquid crystal fibers
Author(s): Katarzyna Szaniawska; Tomasz R. Wolinski; Slawomir Ertman; Piotr Lesiak; Andrzej W. Domanski; Roman Dabrowski; Edward Nowinowski-Kruszelnicki; Jan Wojcik
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High birefringence liquid crystals for photonic applications
Author(s): S. Gauza; C. H. Wen; S. T. Wu; R. Dabrowski; C. S. Hsu; C. O. Catanescu; L. C. Chien
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Focused laser beams and liquid crystals: fast three-dimensional imaging of structures and topological defects
Author(s): Ivan I. Smalyukh; Bohdan I. Senyuk; Mingxia Gu; Oleg D. Lavrentovich
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Polarisation sensitive liquid crystal filter for polarization difference imaging
Author(s): Andrzej Walczak; Edward Nowinowski-Kruszelnicki
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On the dielectric heating of dual-frequency liquid crystals
Author(s): Chien-Hui Wen; Benjamin Wu; Haiying Wang; Shin-Tson Wu
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Dynamic light scattering studies on a lyotropic discotic nematic liquid crystal
Author(s): Amit K. Agarwal; K. A. Suresh
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Structure and electrooptical properties of orthoconic antiferroelectric liquid crystalline materials
Author(s): R. Dąbrowski; K. Czupryński; J. Gąsowska; M. Tykarska; P. Kula; J. Dziaduszek; J. Oton; P. Castillo; N. Benis
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Photoinduced bending of polymer films
Author(s): Tomiki Ikeda; Taketo Maeda; Mizuho Kondo; Yanlei Yu
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Holographic-grating recording in a hybrid cell of nanotube-doped nematic sandwich
Author(s): Wei Lee; Chien-Chih Lee
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Simulation, registration and reconstruction of digital holograms of arbitrary objects by means of liquid crystal on silicon spatial light modulator
Author(s): Aneta Michalkiewicz; Malgorzata Kujawinska; Ruslan Lymarenko; Oksana Budnyk; Xingua Wang; Philip J. Bos
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Variable optical attenuator for perfluorinated gradual index polymer optical fiber using a polymer dispersed liquid crystal cell
Author(s): M. A. J. Pontes; C. Vázquez; J. M. S. Pena; P. C. Lallana; D. S. Montero
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An overview of optical phased array technology and status
Author(s): Paul McManamon
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Liquid crystal agile photonics: from fiber to the free-space domain
Author(s): Nabeel A. Riza
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Tunable liquid crystal waveguide devices for filter and sensor applications
Author(s): I. J. G. Sparrow; A. Dyadyusha; M. Kaczmarek; G. D. Emmerson; P. G. R. Smith
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Phase shifting phase contrast interferometer using a dye-doped liquid-crystal self-aligning phase modulator
Author(s): Hirofumi Kadono; Kazunori Ohno; Satoru Toyooka
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PDLC composites with elongated LC droplets
Author(s): S. J. Kłosowicz; M. Aleksander; P. Obrzut
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Measurement, control, and use of non-locality in some liquid crystal based devices
Author(s): M. Warenghem; J. F. Henninot; J. F. Blach
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Electric birefringence of some nematic liquid crystals having hexyl tail
Author(s): H. Khoshsima; H. Tajalli; A. Ghanadzadeh; R. Dabrowski
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Retrieval of order parameters of liquid crystal droplets by coherent transmittance measurements
Author(s): Valery A. Loiko; Alexandr V. Konkolovich; Aliaksandr A. Miskevich
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Light propagation in a polymer film with nanosized liquid crystal droplets
Author(s): Valery A. Loiko; Alexander V. Konkolovich; Alexander A. Miskevich; Polina G. Maksimenko
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Effects of single-walled and multi-walled carbon nanotubes on the transient current in doped nematic cells in a polarity-reversed field
Author(s): Hui-Yu Chen; Wei Lee
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Liquid crystal displays: the visualization problems with the observation under sun illumination
Author(s): Jerzy Zieliński; Marek Olifierczuk
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Soliton interactions in nematic liquid crystals
Author(s): Per Dalgaard Rasmussen; Ole Bang; Wieslaw Krolikowski
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Index grating surface anchoring
Author(s): Alexander Agashkov; Anatoly Kovalev; Janusz Parka
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Equivalent retarder-rotator approach to twisted nematic liquid crystal displays
Author(s): Vicente Durán; Jesus Lancis; Enrique Tajahuerce; Zbigniew Jaroszewicz
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Design of the liquid crystal band-pass optical filter
Author(s): Andrzej Walczak; Piotr Marciniak
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Optical dot array for tuned pin-hole filter
Author(s): Andrzej Walczak; Krzysztof Adamczyk; Ewa Borowicz
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Comparison of the mesogenic and physical properties of polar tolanes, biphenyls, and terphenyls
Author(s): A. Spadło; R. Dąbrowski; A. Ziółek; P. Kula; S. Urban; S. Gauza; Shin-Tson Wu
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Fluorescent discotic liquid crystals in Langmuir-Blodgett films for application in organic light emitting diodes
Author(s): Danuta Bauman; Robert Hertmanowski; Ewa Chrzumnicka; Tomasz Martyński
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Liquid crystal display as an optoelectronic demultiplexer
Author(s): F. J. Rivera-López; E. Tepichín-Rodríguez; G. Ramírez-Zavaleta; A. A. Olivera-Ramírez; J. G. Suárez-Romero
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Influence of LC cell layer modifications on diffraction efficiency and the memory effect
Author(s): T. Grudniewski; M. Sutkowski; J. Parka; E. Nowinowski
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