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Novel Optical Instrumentation for Biomedical Applications II

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Volume Number: 5864
Date Published: 25 August 2005

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Acousto-optic imaging with a digital holography scheme: new scheme to obtain axial resolution
Author(s): Pedro Santos; Michael Atlan; Benoit C. Forget; Francois Ramaz; A. Claude Boccara; Michel Gross
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Thermoacoustic tomography using optical line detection
Author(s): G. Paltauf; P. Burgholzer; M. Haltmeier; O. Scherzer
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Thermoacoustic tomography using integrating detectors
Author(s): P. Burgholzer; C. Hofer; G. Paltauf; M. Haltmeier; O. Scherzer
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Apparatus for endoscopical, laser-based determination of ciliary beat frequency
Author(s): N. Bogdanovic; B. Krattiger; J. Ricka; M. Frenz
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Development of three dimensional endoscope by compound optics
Author(s): Kenji Yamada; Toshiro Asano; Jun Tanida; Rui Shougenji; Toshiaki Nagakura
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Wavelength multiplexed spectral interferometry for endoscopic topographic imaging
Author(s): L. Froehly; A. Bachmann; T. Lasser; C. Depeursinge; F. Lang
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Sensing cellular function and molecular activity in vivo using fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM)
Author(s): Wei Zhong; Dhruv Sud; Mei Wu; Karl A. Merrick; Sofia D. Merajver; David G. Beer; Mary-Ann Mycek
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Video rate fluorescence lifetime imaging and fluorescence lifetime endoscopy
Author(s): J. McGinty; I. Munro; J. Requejo-Isidro; D. S. Elson; C. Dunsby; M. A. A. Neil; P. M. W. French; N. P. Galletly; G. W. H. Stamp
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Time-resolved fluorescence measurements using stroboscopic excitation
Author(s): Daniel R. Matthews; Huw D. Summers; Kerenza Njoh; Rachel J. Errington; Paul J. Smith; Simon Ameer-Beg; Boris Vojnovic
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Motility of live cancer cells quantified by Fourier phase microscopy
Author(s): Gabriel Popescu; Kamran Badizadegan; Ramachandra R. Dasari; Michael S. Feld
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Nanometer fluctuations of erythrocytes imaged by Hilbert phase microscopy
Author(s): Gabriel Popescu; Takahiro Ikeda; Kamran Badizadegan; Ramachandra R. Dasari; Michael S. Feld
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Digital holographic microscopy for study cellular dynamics
Author(s): Pierre Marquet; Benjamin Rappaz; Etienne Cuche; Yves Emery; Christian D. Depeursinge; Pierre Magistretti
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Digital holographic microscopy applied to pollen cells analysis and recognition
Author(s): Florian Charriere; Pierre Marquet; Markus Von Ehr; Etienne Cuche; Christian Depeursinge
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Shot noise influence in reconstructed phase images SNR in digital holographic microscopy
Author(s): Florian Charriere; Pierre Marquet; Etienne Cuche; Christian D. Depeursinge
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A human eye model based on bimorph flexible mirror
Author(s): Renat Letfullin; Tatyana Cherezova; Alexey Belyakov; Alexis Kudryashov
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Human retina imaging: anisoplanatism considerations
Author(s): Alexander Dubinin; Tatyana Cherezova; Alexey Belyakov; Alexis Kudryashov
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Measurements of optical properties of pig brain tissue in vitro using a novel compact device
Author(s): Nazila Yavari; Jan Sorensen Dam; Johan Antonsson; Karin Wardell; Stefan Andersson-Engels
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Tissue viability imaging for assessment of microvascular events
Author(s): Jim O'Doherty; Gert E. Nilsson; Joakim Henricson; Folke Sjoberg; Martin J. Leahy
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Measurements of human motor and visual activities with diffusing-wave spectroscopy
Author(s): J. Li; G. Dietsche; G. Maret; T. Gisler; B. Rockstroh; T. Elbert; S. E. Skipetrov
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The improvement of the 3-D reconstruction uniformity using depth-adaptive regularization in diffuse optical tomography (DOT)
Author(s): R. Endoh; M. Fujii; K. Nakayama
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Multimodal, multiplex, Raman spectroscopy of alcohol in diffuse, fluorescent media
Author(s): Scott T. McCain; Michael E. Gehm; Yanqia Wang; Nikos P. Pitsianis; Michael E. Sullivan; David J. Brady
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Cost-efficient THz-resonators for label-free detection of DNA hybridization
Author(s): M. Nagel; H. Kurz
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Vapor-phase infrared spectroscopy on solid organic compounds with a pulsed resonant photoacoustic detection scheme
Author(s): Richard Bartlome; Cornelia Fischer; Markus W. Sigrist
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Optical fiber sensor for allergen detection
Author(s): R. Bendoula; B. Wacogne; R. Giust; F. Cherioux; P. Sandoz; T. Gharbi
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A single photon spectrometer for biomedical applications
Author(s): S. Tudisco; L. Cosentino; A. Campisi; P. Finocchiaro; F. Musumeci; S. Privitera; A. Pappalardo; A. Scordino; G. Fallica; D. Sanfilippo; J. Van Erps; M. Vervaeke; B. Volckaerts; P. Vynck; A. Hermanne; H. Thienpont
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Respiratory monitoring using fibre long period grating sensors
Author(s): T. Allsop; R. Reeves; D. J. Webb; I. Bennion; T. Earthrowl; B. Jones; M. Miller
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Development of a novel real-time PCR machine
Author(s): D. S. Lee; J. H. Chien; M. H. Wu; P. H. Chen
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Transillumination breast spectroscopy (TIBS): a biomarker of breast tissue density
Author(s): Kristina M. Blackmore; Julia A. Knight; Roberta Jong; Lothar Lilge
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Principal components analysis as a de-noising method applied to laser Doppler reactive hyperemia signals
Author(s): C. Mansouri; A. Humeau; P. Abraham; J. P. L'Huillier
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Noninvasive glucose monitoring by optical reflective and thermal emission spectroscopic measurements
Author(s): V. A. Saetchnikov; E. A. Tcherniavskaia; G. Schiffner
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