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Opto-Ireland 2005: Nanotechnology and Nanophotonics
Editor(s): David Kennedy; John Colreavy; Werner J. Blau

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Volume Number: 5824
Date Published: 2 June 2005

Table of Contents
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Reflectance spectra of metal-dielectric photonic crystals from gold nanoshells
Author(s): S. G. Romanov; C. M. Sotomayor Torres; A. Susha; Z. Liang; F. Caruso
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Scaling SOI photonics to micron and sub-micron devices
Author(s): Paolo Dainesi; Kirsten Moselund; Marco Mazza; Luc Thevenaz; Adrian Ionescu
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Development of electron beam lithography for nanoscale devices
Author(s): Vladimir A. Zlobin
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Linear electronic and optical processes in Fullerene thin films
Author(s): J. Moghal; N. Brant; S. B. Phelan; H. J. Byrne; G. Chambers
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Effect of solvent and dispersant on the bundle dissociation of single-walled carbon nanotube
Author(s): Silvia Giordani; Shane D. Bergin; Anna Drury; Eimhin Ni Mhuircheartaigh; Manuel Ruther; Jonathan N. Coleman; Werner J. Blau
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Resonant Raman studies on multi walled carbon nanotubes treated in acids
Author(s): Pagona Papakonstantinou; Hayley Murphy; Thomas Okpalugo
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Controlled growth of arrays of straight and branched carbon nanotubes
Author(s): Rory W. Leahy; Emer Lahiff; Andrew I. Minett; Werner J. Blau
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Preparation and biological investigation of luminescent water soluble CdTe nanoparticles
Author(s): Stephen J. Byrne; Ciara M. O'Driscoll; Serena A. Corr; Yurii K. Gun'ko; Siobhan Mitchell; Yuri Volkov
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Plasmonic enhancement using core-shell nanoparticles
Author(s): Ondrej Stranik; Robert Nooney; Colette McDonagh; Brian D. MacCraith
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Spectroscopic characterisation of a quantum dot solar concentrator
Author(s): S. J Gallagher; B. C. Rowan; J. Doran; B. Norton
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DNA-templated assembly of nanoscale wires and switches
Author(s): Brendan Manning; Andrea Di Salvo; Sarmiza Stanca; Andrea Ongaro; Donald Fitzmaurice
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Mo6S4.5I4.5 nanowires: dispersion studies and electron microscopy characterization of the bundles
Author(s): Valeria Nicolosi; Damjan Vengust; Ales Mrzel; Dragan Mihailovic; Werner J. Blau; Jonathan N. Coleman
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Nanostructured metal filled porous alumina as an anode in polymer light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Ronan P. Hodson; Adam E. Strevens; Anna Drury; Hans H. Horhold; Werner J. Blau
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Highly emissive nanowires grown from CdTe nanocrystals in a phosphate buffer solution
Author(s): Y. Volkov; S. Mitchell; D. Kelleher; N. Gaponik; Y. P. Rakovich; J. F. Donegan; A. L. Rogach
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Generation of noble metal nanoparticles by laser ablation in liquids: the role of the molecular environment
Author(s): John A. Young; Kieran T. Lynch; Anton J. Walsh; Albert A. Ruth
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Growth of carbon nano-structures in ceramic materials
Author(s): C. Kufazvinei; R. W. Leahy; S. M. Lipson; W. J. Blau; F. C. Dillon; T. R. Spalding; M. A. Morris; J. D. Holmes; G. Allan; J. Patterson
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Optical properties of diamond films grown by MPCVD method with alternating nanodiamond injection
Author(s): N. A. Feoktistov; V. G. Golubev; S. A. Grudinkin; T. S. Perova; R. A. Moore; A. Ya. Vul'
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New two in one magnetic fluorescent nanocomposites
Author(s): Serena A. Corr; Yurii K. Gun'ko; Stephen J. Byrne; Alexios P. Douvalis; Munuswamy Venkatesan; Robert D. Gunning
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Compact sub-micron focused laser beam using integrated Bessel phase control
Author(s): J. Justice; P. Lambkin; B. Roycroft; B. Corbett
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Spectroscopical analyis of strained silicon quantum wells
Author(s): J. McCarthy; E. Ni Mhuircheartaigh; K. Lyutovich; M. Oehme; T. S. Perova; R. A. Moore; W. Blau
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Interaction of single walled carbon nanotubes with starch-based systems
Author(s): A. Casey; G. F. Farrell; M. McNamara; H. J. Byrne; G. Chambers
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Inorganic and organic linker layers to aid immobilisation for SPR biosensing
Author(s): Ian Craig; James A. McLaughlin
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Optical monitoring of proteins at solid interfaces
Author(s): G. Dunne; L. McDonnell; R. Miller; N. D. McMillan; B. O'Rourke; C. I. Mitchell
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Understanding the electrical characteristics of micromotors
Author(s): Ali Emadi; Sujay S. Irudayaraj
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Laser machining for smooth continuous 3-D contouring for micro airflow blades
Author(s): Mark Heaton
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The role of nano-particles in the field of thermal spray coating technology
Author(s): Stephan Siegmann; Marc Leparoux; Lukas Rohr
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Nano power electronics: a breakthrough in the miniaturization of electronic systems and instruments
Author(s): Arindam Chakraborty; Ali Emadi
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Electronic speckle pattern shearing interferometry for nondestructive testing of thermal sprayed alloy coatings
Author(s): Yueqiang Xue; David Kennedy; Emilia Mihaylova
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A model for a miniature piezoelectric motor (MPM)
Author(s): Wasim Haskiya; Steve Jerrams
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Applications and research on nano power electronics: an adventure beyond quantum electronics
Author(s): Arindam Chakraborty; Ali Emadi
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Laterally and vertically grown ZnO nanostructures on sapphire
Author(s): J. Grabowska; A. Meaney; K. K. Nanda; E. McGlynn; J.-P. Monsnier; M. O. Henry
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Level curve cutting of NURBS-approximated free formed surfaces
Author(s): Rene Schoene; Alexander Zimmermann; Tobias Hanning
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Design of surface gratings in photopolymerizable hybrid sol-gel films
Author(s): C. Croutxe-Barghorn; M. Feuillade; O. Soppera; C. Carre
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Nanoscale characterisation by SANS and residual stresses determination by neutron diffraction related to materials and components of technological interest
Author(s): Massimo Rogante; Laszlo Rosta
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Properties of nanocomposite PP fibres
Author(s): Majda Sfiligoj Smole; Kristina Stakne; Diana Gregor Svetec; Karin Stana Kleinschek; Volker Ribitsch
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