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Wavelets and Sparsity XVIII
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Volume Number: 11138
Date Published: 3 November 2019

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Front Matter: Volume 11138
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Optimal translational-rotational invariant dictionaries for images
Author(s): Davide Barbieri; Carlos Cabrelli; Eugenio Hernández; Ursula Molter
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Virtual multi-modal object detection and classification with deep convolutional neural networks
Author(s): Nikolaos Mitsakos; Manos Papadakis
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Discrete optimizations using graph convolutional networks
Author(s): Radu Balan; Naveed Haghani
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Data adaptive multi-scale representations for image analysis
Author(s): Julia Dobrosotskaya; Weihong Guo
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Multiscale analysis for higher-order tensors
Author(s): Alp Ozdemir; Ali Zare; Mark A. Iwen; Selin Aviyente
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Iterative and greedy algorithms for the sparsity in levels model in compressed sensing
Author(s): Ben Adcock; Simone Brugiapaglia; Matthew King-Roskamp
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Radio astronomical image restoration with shape constraint
Author(s): Fadi Nammour; Morgan A. Schmitz; Fred Ngolè; Jean-Luc Starck; Julien N. Girard
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Tight framelets on graphs for multiscale data analysis
Author(s): Yu Guang Wang; Xiaosheng Zhuang
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The extended generalized Haar-Walsh transform and applications
Author(s): Yiqun Shao; Naoki Saito
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Slepian guided filtering of graph signals
Author(s): Miljan Petrović; Dimitri Van De Ville
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The structure of spaces of neural network functions
Author(s): Philipp Petersen; Mones Raslan; Felix Voigtlaender
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Compactly supported frame wavelets and applications in convolutional neural networks
Author(s): Nikolaos Karantzas; Kazem Safari; Mozahid Haque; Saeed Sarmadi; Manos Papadakis
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Wavelet/shearlet hybridized neural networks for biomedical image restoration
Author(s): Bart Goossens; Hiêp Luong; Wilfried Philips
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Ultra-high-order ICA: an exploration of highly resolved data-driven representation of intrinsic connectivity networks (sparse ICNs)
Author(s): Armin Iraji; Ashkan Faghiri; Noah Lewis; Zening Fu; Thomas DeRamus; Shile Qi; Srinivas Rachakonda; Yuhui Du; Vince Calhoun
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Diffusion source detection in a network using partial observations
Author(s): Roxana Alexandru; Pier Luigi Dragotti
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Sparse tensor dimensionality reduction with application to clustering of functional connectivity
Author(s): Gaëtan Frusque; Julien Jung; Pierre Borgnat; Paulo Gonçalves
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Structured receptive field networks and applications to hyperspectral image classification
Author(s): Demetrio Labate; Kazem Safari; Nikolaos Karantzas; Saurabh Prasad; Farideh Foroozandeh Shahraki
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Geometric wavelet scattering on graphs and manifolds
Author(s): Feng Gao; Matthew Hirn; Michael Perlmutter; Guy Wolf
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Compressed sensing and generative models
Author(s): Eric Price
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Experimental performance of graph neural networks on random instances of max-cut
Author(s): Weichi Yao; Afonso S. Bandeira; Soledad Villar
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On fast object detection using single-photon lidar data
Author(s): Julian Tachella; Yoann Altmann; Stephen McLaughlin; Jean-Yves Tourneret
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Passive indirect diffuse imaging
Author(s): Shu Yang; Kwan Kit Lee; Amit Ashok
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Lifting the veil: enhancing images in turbid aqueous environments
Author(s): Sanat Upadhyay; Manos Papadakis
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Occlusion-based computational periscopy with consumer cameras
Author(s): John Murray-Bruce; Charles Saunders; Vivek K. Goyal
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Estimation of time-series on graphs using Bayesian graph convolutional neural networks
Author(s): Fatemeh Teimury; Soumyasundar Pal; Arezou Amini; Mark Coates
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Comparing linear structure-based and data-driven latent spatial representations for sequence prediction
Author(s): Myriam Bontonou; Carlos Lassance; Vincent Gripon; Nicolas Farrugia
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Time-resolved analysis of dynamic graphs: an extended Slepian design
Author(s): Raphaël Liégeois; Ibrahim Merad; Dimitri Van De Ville
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Wavelet-based graph inference using multiple testing
Author(s): Sophie Achard; Pierre Borgnat; Irène Gannaz; Marine Roux
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Generalized temporal sampling with active illumination in optical microscopy
Author(s): Christian Jaques; Michael Liebling
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Learning-based computational MRI reconstruction without big data: from linear interpolation and structured low-rank matrices to recurrent neural networks
Author(s): Tae Hyung Kim; Justin P. Haldar
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Highly efficient MRI through multi-shot echo planar imaging
Author(s): Congyu Liao; Xiaozhi Cao; Jaejin Cho; Zijing Zhang; Kawin Setsompop; Berkin Bilgic
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Online MR image reconstruction for compressed sensing acquisition in T2* imaging
Author(s): Loubna El Gueddari; Emilie Chouzenoux; Alexandre Vignaud; Jean-Christophe Pesquet; Philippe Ciuciu
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Inverse GANs for accelerated MRI reconstruction
Author(s): Dominik Narnhofer; Kerstin Hammernik; Florian Knoll; Thomas Pock
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sRAKI-RNN: accelerated MRI with scan-specific recurrent neural networks using densely connected blocks
Author(s): Seyed Amir Hossein Hosseini; Chi Zhang; Kâmil Uǧurbil; Steen Moeller; Mehmet Akçakaya
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Parallel magnetic resonance imaging reconstruction algorithm by three-dimension directional Haar tight framelet regularization
Author(s): Yan-Ran Li; Xiaosheng Zhuang
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An infinite family of two-distance tight frames
Author(s): Nicholas P. Brown; John Jasper
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Game of Sloanes: best known packings in complex projective space
Author(s): John Jasper; Emily J. King; Dustin G. Mixon
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Connections between structured tight frames and sum-of-squares optimization
Author(s): Afonso S. Bandeira; Dmitriy Kunisky
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Biangular Gabor frames and Zauner's conjecture
Author(s): Mark Magsino; Dustin G. Mixon
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Linear programming bounds for cliques in Paley graphs
Author(s): Mark Magsino; Dustin G. Mixon; Hans Parshall
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Parameter tuning using asynchronous parallel pattern search in sparse signal reconstruction
Author(s): Omar DeGuchy; Roummel F. Marcia
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Metrics of graph Laplacian eigenvectors
Author(s): Haotian Li; Naoki Saito
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The random component-wise power method
Author(s): Oguzhan Teke; Palghat P. Vaidyanathan
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