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Nano-, Bio-, Info-Tech Sensors and 3D Systems III
Editor(s): Jaehwan Kim
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Volume Number: 10969
Date Published: 17 June 2019

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Front Matter: Volume 10969
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Robust human-machine interfaces enabled by a skin-like, electromyogram sensing system
Author(s): Yun-Soung Kim; Musa Mahmood; Shinjae Kwon; Robert Herbert; Woon-Hong Yeo
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Polydopamine-nanocellulose nanocomposites: physical and electrical properties for biomedical electrodes
Author(s): Sunanda Roy; Swarup Roy; Ruth M. Muthoka; Hyun Chan Kim; Hargsoon Yoon; Jaehwan Kim
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Design of electronic skin for tactile sensing applications (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Steve Park; Junchang Yang
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Multifunctional wearable biopatch for real-time monitoring of physiological activities
Author(s): Yongkuk Lee; Musa Mahmood; Yun-Soung Kim; Rex W. Hafenstine; Woon-Hong Yeo
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Investigation of electrochemical and mechanical coupling effects of micromotion in neural sensing
Author(s): Seonhye Han; Jisuk Kang; Junhyun Kim; Myung Yung Jeong; Hargsoon Yoon
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Real time label-free monitoring of plasmonic polymerase chain reaction products
Author(s): Gideon Uchehara; Andrew G. Kirk; Mark Trifiro; Miltiadis Paliouras; Padideh Mohammadyousef
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Stretchable sensors for real-time condition monitoring of railway tracks (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Adrian Koh
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Modeling surface acoustic wave coupled surface plasmon resonance in layered structures
Author(s): Baldwin Varner; Thomas Coleman; Doyle Temple
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Smart additive manufacturing empowered by a closed-loop machine learning algorithm
Author(s): Nariman Razaviarab; Safura Sharifi; Yaser M. Banadaki
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Near field electrospinning of nanowires for multi-modal hydrogen sensing
Author(s): Danny Wong; Allen Sandwell; Simon S. Park
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High-resolution 3D printing magnetically-active microstructures using micro-CLIP process
Author(s): Guangbin Shao; Henry Oliver T. Ware; Xiangfan Chen; Longqiu Li; Cheng Sun
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Fabrication and characterization of 3D printing flexible capacitive pressure sensor for wearable device and biomechanical applications
Author(s): Gwang-Wook Hong; Sunkon Lee; Joo-Hyung Kim
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Cellulose nanoporous foam for improving THz gas sensing
Author(s): Yen-Tse Cheng; Han-Hsiang Chen; Chi-leung Tsui; Wei-Chih Wang
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Novel superhydrophobic cellulose coating and its multifunctional applications
Author(s): Sunanda Roy; Hyun Chan Kim; Le Van Hai; Jaehwan Kim
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Fabrication of nanocellulose-based long and strong fiber via aligning processes of cellulose nanofibers
Author(s): Hyun Chan Kim; Lindong Zhai; Debora Kim; Jiyun Lee; Jaehwan Kim
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Feasibility of renewable bulk materials processing with nanocellulose
Author(s): Jung Woong Kim; Lindong Zhai; Hyun Chan Kim; Youngmin Yun; Jaehwan Kim
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Cellulose nanoporous foam filled multi-layered split ring THz sensor
Author(s): Han-Hsiang Chen; Yen-Tse Cheng; Chi-leung Tsui; Yu-hsin Chiang; Chu-yun Kao; Wei-Chih Wang
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Development of G-Fresnel lens-based mu-spectrometer
Author(s): Kyung-Pyo Min; Sun-Woo Kang; Gi-Woo Kim
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Thin film formation of cellulose nanofiber and its physical properties
Author(s): Lindong Zhai; Hyun Chan Kim; Jung Ho Park; Qin Yu Zhu; Jaehwan Kim
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Carbon nanostructures-based soft electro-ionic artificial muscles (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Jaehwan Kim; Il-Kwon Oh
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Electrostatic actuation in ionic polymer-metal composites
Author(s): Alain Boldini; Kevin Jose; Youngsu Cha; Maurizio Porfiri
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Self-deformable varifocal lens based on electroactive gel
Author(s): Dong-Soo Choi; Ganesh Shimoga; Eun-Jae Shin; Sang-Youn Kim
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Simultaneous air pressure and velocity measurement using pressure-sensitive flow tracers
Author(s): Peng Zhang; Sean D. Peterson; Maurizio Porfiri
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Rechargeable power management system using active balancing for biomedical devices
Author(s): Nived Mukundan; Aslam Khan; Lochan Pai; Hargsoon Yoon
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Feedforward control with rate-dependent hysteresis compensator for piezoelectric micro stage (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Jongnam Kim; Hyeong Geon Kim ; Il-Kwon Oh
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Partial discharge characteristics and residual breakdown strength of natural nanofilled polypropylene films when aged with different voltage profiles (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Prathap Basappa
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Feasibility of PVA-lignin as resin for nanocellulose future composites
Author(s): Hyun-U Ko; Hyun Chan Kim; Jung Woong Kim; Eun Sik Choi; Jaehwan Kim
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Electrospinning of cellulose nanofiber and poly(vinyl alcohol) blend: experiment and simulation
Author(s): Eun Sik Choi; Sunanda Roy; Hyun Chan Kim; K. C. Park; Jaehwan Kim
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Molecular dynamic simulation of cellulose nanofiber to determine its nano-mechanical properties
Author(s): Ruth M. Muthoka; Hyun Chan Kim; Jung Woong Kim; Lingdong Zhai; Jaehwan Kim
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Comparison of convective heat transfer of mixed refrigerant and real time monitoring of ORC cycle efficiency according to GTD characteristics
Author(s): Kyeong-Ho Shin; Joo-Hyung Kim; Dongsoo Jung; Da-min Shim
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