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Advanced Etch Technology for Nanopatterning VIII
Editor(s): Richard S. Wise; Catherine B. Labelle
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Volume Number: 10963
Date Published: 17 June 2019

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Front Matter: 10963
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Etch aware computational patterning in the era of atomic precision processing
Author(s): P. L. G. Ventzek; J. Shinagawa; A. Ranjan
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Fabrication challenges and opportunities for high-mobility materials: from CMOS applications to emerging derivative technologies
Author(s): N. Collaert; A. Alian; B. De Jaeger; U. Peralagu; A. Vais; A. Walke; L. Witters; H. Yu; E. Capogreco; K. Devriendt; T. Hopf; K. Kenis; G. Mannaert; A. Milenin; A. Peter; F. Sebaai; L. Teugels; D. van Dorp; K. Wostyn; N. Horiguchi; N. Waldron
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Metal organic cluster photoresists: new metal oxide systems
Author(s): Kazunori Sakai; Seok-Heon Jung; Wenyang Pan; Emmanuel P. Giannelis; Christopher K. Ober
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SPARC: a novel technology for depositing conformal dielectric thin films with compositional tuning for etch selectivity
Author(s): Bhadri Varadarajan
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Scanner and etch co-optimized corrections for better overlay and CD control
Author(s): Ik-Hyun Jeong ; Seung-Woo Koo; Hyun-Sok Kim; Jae-Wuk Ju; Young-Sik Kim; Yong-Tae Cho; Heung-Joo Kim; Katja Viatkina; Tom van Hemert; Ruud de Wit; David Deckers; Owen Chen; Nang-Lyeom Oh; Marcus Musselman; Marcus Carbery; Ssuwei Chen; Lucian Schmidt; Heidi Kwon; Jae Gyoo Lee
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Predicting and optimizing etch recipes for across the wafer uniformity
Author(s): Meghali Chopra; Roger T. Bonnecaze; Yang Ban; Sofia Helpert
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Effective metal cleaning to increase MTBC by scanning ECR plasma (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Kosa Hirota; Nanako Tamari; Shigeru Shirayone; Masahiro Sumiya
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Integrated atomic scale CD control and local variability reduction techniques
Author(s): Toru Hisamatsu; Takayuki Katsunuma; Yoshihide Kihara; Masanobu Honda
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Using machine learning technology to accelerate the development of plasma etching processes
Author(s): A. Derville; G. Gey; J. Baderot; S. Martinez; G. Bernard; J. Foucher
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Peculiarities of selective isotropic Si etch to SiGe for nanowire and GAA transistors
Author(s): Christopher Catano; Nicholas Joy; Christopher Talone; Shyam Sridhar; Sergey Voronin; Peter Biolsi; Alok Ranjan
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Isotropic atomic layer etching of ZnO using acetylacetone and O2 plasma (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Alfredo Mameli; Marcel A. Verheijen; Adrie Mackus; Fred Roozeboom; Erwin W.M. M. Kessels
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Across-wafer sub-1 nm critical dimension uniformity control by etch tool correction
Author(s): Changwoo Lee
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EUV line-space pattern defect mitigation simulation using Coventor SEMulator3D to enable exposure dose reduction
Author(s): Daniel Sobieski; Rich Wise; Yang Pan; David Fried; Jengyi Yu; Nader Shamma
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Line roughness improvements on EUV 36nm pitch pattern by plasma treatment method
Author(s): Toshiharu Wada; Chia-Yun Hsieh; Akiteru Ko; Peter Biolsi
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Enabling complimentary FET (CFET) fabrication: selective, isotropic etch of Group IV semiconductors (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Subhadeep Kal; Yusuke Oniki; Matthew Falugh; Cheryl Pereira; Qi Wang; Frank Holsteyns; Jeffrey Smith; Aelan Mosden; Kaushik Kumar; Juergen Boemmels; Julien Ryckaert; Peter Biolsi; Trace Q. Hurd
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Ultrahigh selective etching of Si3N4 over SiO2 using plasma-less dry process for 3D-NAND device applications
Author(s): Chih-Yu Hsu; Peng Shen; Nathan Stafford
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Promises of metasurfaces and challenges in scaling to mass production (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Robert C. Devlin; John W. Graff; Pawel Latawiec
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Scaling below 3nm node: the 3D CMOS integration paradigm (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Julien Ryckaert
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Plasma etch selectivity study and material screening for self-aligned gate contact (SAGC)
Author(s): Dunja Radisic; Marc Demand; Shihsheng Chang; Steven Demuynck; Kaushik Kumar; Andrew Metz; Lieve Teugels; Junling Sun; Jeffrey Smith; Farid Sebaai; Toby Hopf; Efrain Altamirano Sánchez
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Virtual fabrication and advanced process control improve yield for SAQP process assessment with 16 nm half-pitch
Author(s): Benjamin Vincent; S. Lariviere; C. Wilson; R. H. Kim; J. Ervin
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Integrated self-aligned quadruple patterning flow for sub-7nm application
Author(s): Eric Liu; Sophie Thibaut; Akiteru Ko; Peter Biolsi
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Simulation and optimization of etch on flexible substrates for roll-to-roll processing
Author(s): Sofia Helpert; Yang Ban; Meghali Chopra; Roger T. Bonnecaze
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Blazed x-ray reflection gratings using electron-beam lithography and ion milling (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Drew M. Miles; Randall L. McEntaffer; Fabien Grise; Chad Eichfeld; Ross McCurdy
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