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Medical Imaging 2019: Digital Pathology
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Volume Number: 10956
Date Published: 17 June 2019

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Front Matter: Volume 10956
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Pixels to diagnosis: image analysis for digital pathology (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Metin N. Gurcan M.D.
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Automatic microscopic cell counting by use of unsupervised adversarial domain adaptation and supervised density regression
Author(s): Shenghua He; Kyaw Thu Minn; Lilianna Solnica-Krezel; Hua Li; Mark Anastasio
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Skeleton-based image registration of serial electron microscopy sections
Author(s): Xi Chen; Lijun Shen; Qiwei Xie; Hua Han
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Scale embedding shared neural networks for multiscale histological analysis of prostate cancer
Author(s): Quy Dinh Duong; Dang Quoc Vu; Daigeun Lee; Stephen M. Hewitt; Kyungeun Kim; Jin Tae Kwak
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Phenotyping tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (PhenoTIL) on H&E tissue images: predicting recurrence in lung cancer
Author(s): Cristian Barrera; Germán Corredor; Xiangxue Wang; Kurt A. Schalper; David L. Rimm; Vamsidhar Velcheti; Anant Madabhushi; Eduardo Romero Castro M.D.
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Examining structural patterns and causality in diabetic nephropathy using inter-glomerular distance and Bayesian graphical models
Author(s): Aurijoy Majumdar; Kuang-Yu Jen; Sanjay Jain; John E. Tomaszewski; Pinaki Sarder
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A deep learning framework for context-aware mitotic activity estimation in whole slide images
Author(s): Pushpak Pati; Raul Catena; Orcun Goksel; Maria Gabrani
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High resolution whole prostate biopsy classification using streaming stochastic gradient descent
Author(s): Hans Pinckaers M.D.; Wouter Bulten; Geert Litjens
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Computer aided antibody screening for IHC assay development
Author(s): Faranak Aghaei; Yao Nie
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Automatic high-grade cancer detection on prostatectomy histopathology images
Author(s): W. Han; C. Johnson; M. Gaed; J. A. Gomez; M. Moussa; J. L. Chin; S. E. Pautler; G. Bauman; A. D. Ward
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Automatic detection of small areas of Gleason grade 5 in prostate tissue using CNN
Author(s): Kasper Tall; Ida Arvidsson; Niels Christian Overgaard; Kalle Aström; Anders Heyden
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Two-tier classifier for identifying small objects in histological tissue classification: experiments with colon cancer tissue mapping
Author(s): Chen-Yu Sun; Weiguo Liu; Scott Doyle
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Persistent homology for the automatic classification of prostate cancer aggressiveness in histopathology images
Author(s): Peter Lawson; Jordan Schupbach; Brittany Terese Fasy; John W. Sheppard
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From patch-level to ROI-level deep feature representations for breast histopathology classification
Author(s): Caner Mercan; Selim Aksoy; Ezgi Mercan; Linda G. Shapiro; Donald L. Weaver; Joann G. Elmore
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Cancer detection in mass spectrometry imaging data by dilated convolutional neural networks
Author(s): J. van Kersbergen; F. Ghazvinian Zanjani; S. Zinger; F. van der Sommen; B. Balluff; D. R. N. Vos; S. R. Ellis; R. M. A. Heeran; M. Lucas; H. A. Marquering; I. Jansen; C. D. Savci-Heijink; D. M. de Bruin; P. H. N. de With
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Automated multi-class ground-truth labeling of H&E images for deep learning using multiplexed fluorescence microscopy
Author(s): Gouthamrajan Nadarajan; Tyna Hope; Dan Wang; Alison Cheung; Fiona Ginty; Martin J. Yaffe; Scott Doyle
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Detection of squamous cell carcinoma in digitized histological images from the head and neck using convolutional neural networks
Author(s): Martin Halicek; Maysam Shahedi; James V. Little; Amy Y. Chen; Larry L. Myers; Baran D. Sumer; Baowei Fei
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Automatic microscopic cell counting by use of deeply-supervised density regression model
Author(s): Shenghua He; Kyaw Thu Minn; Lilianna Solnica-Krezel; Mark Anastasio; Hua Li
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Joint region and nucleus segmentation for characterization of tumor infiltrating lymphocytes in breast cancer
Author(s): Mohamed Amgad; Anindya Sarkar; Chukka Srinivas; Rachel Redman M.D.; Simrath Ratra; Charles J. Bechert M.D.; Benjamin C. Calhoun; Karen Mrazeck; Uday Kurkure; Lee A. D. Cooper; Michael Barnes M.D.
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Adversarial U-net with spectral normalization for histopathology image segmentation using synthetic data
Author(s): Faisal Mahmood; Richard Chen; Daniel Borders; Gregory N. McKay; Kevan Salimian; Alexander Baras; Nicholas J. Durr
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3D profiling of amyloid plaque-associated microglia and neuronal damage on confocal fluorescence images to aid drug discovery in Alzheimer's disease
Author(s): Ilknur Icke; Alice Zhang; Sonal Singh; Belma Dogdas; Christian Mirescu; Matthew E. Kennedy; Sophia Bardehle
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Machine learning-based approach for fully automated segmentation of muscularis propria from histopathology images of intestinal specimens
Author(s): Conor McKeen; Fatemeh Zabihollahy; Jinu Kurian; Adrian D. C. Chan; Dina El Demellawy; Eranga Ukwatta
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Detection of acini in histopathology slides: towards automated prediction of breast cancer risk
Author(s): Suzanne C. Wetstein; Allison M. Onken M.D.; Gabrielle M. Baker M.D.; Michael E. Pyle; Josien P. W. Pluim; Rulla M. Tamimi; Yujing J. Heng; Mitko Veta
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Segmentation of follicles from CD8-stained slides of follicular lymphoma using deep learning
Author(s): C. Senaras; M. K. K. Niazi; V. Arole; W. Chen; B. Sahiner; A. Shana’ah; A. Louissaint; R. P. Hasserjian; G. Lozanski; M. N. Gurcan
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Hyperspectral imaging for intraoperative diagnosis of colon cancer metastasis in a liver
Author(s): Ivica Kopriva; Gorana Aralica M.D.; Marijana Popović Hadžija M.D.; Mirko Hadžija M.D.; Laura-Isabelle Dion-Bertrand; Xinjian Chen
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Deep detection and classification of mitotic figures
Author(s): Balamurali Murugesan; Sakthivel Selvaraj; Kaushik Sarveswaran; Keerthi Ram; Jayaraj Joseph; Mohanasankar Sivaprakasam
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An investigation of aggregated transfer learning for classification in digital pathology
Author(s): T. Rai; A. Morisi; B. Bacci; N. J. Bacon; S. A. Thomas; R. M. La Ragione; M. Bober; K. Wells
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Can ImageNet feature maps be applied to small histopathological datasets for the classification of breast cancer metastatic tissue in whole slide images?
Author(s): T. Rai; A. Morisi; B. Bacci; N. J. Bacon ; S. A. Thomas; R. M. La Ragione; M. Bober; K. Wells
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Digital pathology with hyperspectral imaging for colon and ovarian cancer
Author(s): Daiki Nakaya; Ayaka Tsutsumiuchi; Shin Satori; Makoto Saegusa; Tsutomu Yoshida; Ako Yokoi; Masaki Kano
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Generalization of tumor identification algorithms
Author(s): Muhammad Khalid Khan Niazi; Thomas E. Tavolara; Caglar Senaras; Gary Tozbikian M.D.; Douglas J. Hartman M.D.; Vidya Arole M.D.; Liron Pantanowitz M.D.; Metin N. Gurcan M.D.
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A system for one-shot learning of cervical cancer cell classification in histopathology images
Author(s): Dig Vijay Kumar Yarlagadda; Praveen Rao; Deepthi Rao; Ossama Tawfik
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Fragile neural networks: the importance of image standardization for deep learning in digital pathology
Author(s): Jonathan Folmsbee; Starr Johnson; Xulei Liu; Margaret Brandwein-Weber; Scott Doyle
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Colorectal tumor identification by transferring knowledge from pan-cytokeratin to H&E
Author(s): Thomas E. Tavolara; Muhammad Khalid Khan Niazi; Wei Chen M.D.; Wendy Frankel M.D.; Metin N. Gurcan
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Cell nuclei segmentation in divergent images using deep learning and stochastic processing
Author(s): Qing Wu; Shiyu Xu; Hui Zhang; Xuyang Shi
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Computational analysis of cerebrovascular structures imaged using two-photon microscopy
Author(s): Siddhartha Dhiman; Itender Singh; Pinaki Sarder
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