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Molecular-Guided Surgery: Molecules, Devices, and Applications V
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Volume Number: 10862
Date Published: 7 June 2019

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Front Matter: Volume 10862
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Intracellular dynamics as a biomarker in tumor assessment using full-field optical coherence tomography (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Emilie Benoit a la Guillaume; Kassandra Groux; Jules Scholler; Diana Mandache; Houpu Yang; Shu Wang; Vannary Meas-Yedid; Claude Boccara
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Non-contact fluorescence tomography using a cone-beam CT surgical guidance system
Author(s): Michael J. Daly; Harley H. L. Chan; Nidal Muhanna; Margarete K. Akens; Brian C. Wilson; Jonathan C. Irish; David A. Jaffray
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Time-Resolved Optical Monitoring to detect and identify deep flaps (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Anne Planat-Chrétien; Michel Berger; Rodolphe Lartizien; Maxime Henry; Benjamin Houang; Georges Bettega; Jean-Luc Coll
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From Monte Carlo simulations to efficient estimation of optical properties for spatial frequency domain imaging
Author(s): Peter Naglič; Yevhen Zelinskyi; Boštjan Likar; Franjo Pernuš; Miran Bürmen
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Handling negative patterns for fast single-pixel lifetime imaging
Author(s): Antonio Lorente Mur; Marien Ochoa; Jérémy E. Cohen; Xavier Intes; Nicolas Ducros
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A proof-of-concept fluorescence lifetime camera based on a novel gated image sensor for fluorescence-guided surgery
Author(s): H. Ingelberts; T. Lapauw; P. Debie; S. Hernot; M. Kuijk
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Multispectral endoscopy for delineation of adenoma in pituitary surgery (MAPS): a pilot study (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Dale J. Waterhouse
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Multi-angle projection imaging of short-wave infrared (SWIR) fluorescence for small animal optical tomography
Author(s): B. K. Byrd; C. E. Filan; M. R. Folaron; R. R. Strawbridge; D. J. Wirth; S. C. Davis
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comparison of fluorescence guidance systems for ICG & IRDye800 imaging (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Jason R. Gunn; Alberto J. Ruiz; Hira Shahzad Sardar; Kimberley S Samkoe; Brian W. Pogue
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Challenges and opportunities for self-administration of near-infrared fluorescent imaging agents
Author(s): Greg M. Thurber; Reginald Evans
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Investigation of oxazine and rhodamine derivatives as peripheral nerve tissue targeting contrast agent for in vivo fluorescence imaging
Author(s): Lei G. Wang; Connor W. Barth; Jason R. Combs; Antonio R. Montaño; Summer L. Gibbs
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Uptake of a fluorescence imaging agent in an orthotopic glioblastoma using fluorescence molecular tomography
Author(s): Negar Sadeghipour; Boyu Meng; Margaret R. Folaron; Rendall R. Strawbridge; Kimberley S. Samkoe; Kenneth M. Tichauer; Scott C. Davis
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Diagnostic performance of receptor-specific surgical specimen staining correlate with receptor expression level
Author(s): Broderick J. House; Jasmin M. Schaefer; Connor W. Barth; Scott C. Davis; Summer L. Gibbs
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Effect of staining temperature on topical dual stain imaging of tissue specimens for tumor identification
Author(s): Margaret R. Folaron; Rendall R. Strawbridge; Kimberley S. Samkoe; Summer L. Gibbs; Scott C. Davis
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Light-activated Vitamin B12 Derivatives as Theranostic Agents (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Jennifer R. Shell; Liberty N. Gendron; Dillon C. Zites; Thomas A. Shell; Brian W. Pogue
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Development of a humanized anti-CEA antibody for fluorescent guided surgery of GI cancers
Author(s): Paul J. Yazaki; Thinzar M. Lwin; Megan Minnix ; Lin Li; Anakim Sherman; Justin Molnar; Aaron Miller; Junie Chea; Erasmus Poku; Nicole Bowles; Robert Hoffman; John E. Shively; Michael Bouvet
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Surgical imaging of pancreatic cancer using polysaccharide-delivered near infrared fluorophores
Author(s): Bowen Qi; Ayrianne J. Crawford; Nicholas E. Wojtynek; Michael A. Hollingsworth; Quan P. Ly; Aaron M. Mohs
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Fluorescent nerve identification in resected human tissue specimens
Author(s): Connor W. Barth; Christopher L. Amling; Summer L. Gibbs
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Protocol development of paired-agent fluorescent imaging to detect micrometastases in resected breast lymph nodes
Author(s): Chengyue Li; Veronica C. Torres; Xiaochun Xu; Yusairah Basheer; Husain A. Sattar; Jovan G. Brankov; Kenneth M. Tichauer
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On the use of fluorescein-based contrast agents as analogs to MRI-gadolinium agents for imaging brain tumors
Author(s): Scott C. Davis; Margaret R. Folaron; Rendall R. Strawbridge; Caroline E. Filan; Kimberley S. Samkoe; David W. Roberts
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The clinical translation of novel near-infrared fluorophores for fluorescence guided surgery
Author(s): Kim S. de Valk; Alexander L. Vahrmeijer
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Folate receptor targeted molecular imaging of lung cancer (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Sunil Singhal
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fluorescence-guided surgery with panitumumab-IRDye800 and cetuximab-IRDye800 in glioblastoma patients (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Quan Zhou; Sarah E. Miller; Nynke S. van den Berg; Guolan Lu; Hannes Vogel; Romain Cayrol; Nicholas J. Oberhelman; Stefania U. Chirita; Stan van Keulen; Gerald A. Grant; Gordon H. Li; Eben L. Rosenthal
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Comparison of detection sensitivity of near infrared (NIR) surgical imaging systems using a connective tissue phantom model
Author(s): Hira Shahzad Sardar; Qais Zai; Jason Gunn; Brian Pogue; Keith Paulsen; Kimberley Samkoe; Eric Henderson
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Targeting MMP-14 for dual PET and fluorescence imaging of glioma (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Jason M. Warram; Ben Kasten; Jianghong Rao
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What is Needed for Molecular-Specific Fluorescence Guided Surgery? (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Brian W. Pogue
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Measuring microdose ABY-029 fluorescence signal in a primary human soft-tissue sarcoma resection
Author(s): Kimberley S. Samkoe; Hira Shahzad Sardar; Jason Gunn; Joachim Feldwisch; Konstantinos Linos; Eric Henderson; Brian Pogue; Keith Paulsen
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Perfusion assessment of DIEP flaps based on near-infrared fluorescence imaging: current literature and pilot study
Author(s): P. S. Verduijn; M. Michi; A. L. Vahrmeijer; B. G. Sibinga Mulder
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Combining ionising radiation with nanoconstructs: towards new options in cancer therapy (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Ewa M. Goldys; Sandhya Clement; Wei Deng
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Nanoparticle aided photodynamic therapy (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Cuiping Yao
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Tumor targeting cetuximab conjugated europium microspheres for Cherenkov excited luminescence scanned imaging (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Jennifer R. Shell; Liberty N. Gendron; Ethan P. LaRochelle; Xu Cao; Brian W. Pogue
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High spatial resolution x-ray luminescence computed tomography and x-ray fluorescence computed tomography
Author(s): Xianjin Dai; Kathyayini Sivasubramanian; Lei Xing
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Tomographic Cherenkov-excited luminescence scanned imaging based on back-projection reconstruction demonstrates 0.3mm spatial resolution for molecular reporter through 2-3cm of tissue
Author(s): Mengyu Jia; Xu Cao; Jason R. Gunn; Petr Bruza; Shudong Jiang; Brian W. Pogue
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SPAD based imaging of Cherenkov light in radiation therapy
Author(s): A. Pétusseau; P. Bruza; S. Tisa; S. Gioux; B. W. Pogue
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A doped nanoparticle mediate 18F-FDG excited fluorescence molecular imaging (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Xiaojing Shi; Zeyu Zhang; Zhenhua Hu; Jie Tian
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Monte Carlo investigation of the effect of skin tissue optical properties on detected Cherenkov emission
Author(s): Yi Hong Ong; Andrew Q. Li; Timothy C. Zhu
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Advancing optical methods for real-time non-contact pO2 estimation during external beam radiation therapy (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Ethan Philip M. LaRochelle; Jennifer R. Shell; Mengyu Jia; Xu Cao; Petr Bruza; Sergei A. Vinogradov; Brian W. Pogue
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Soft optically tuneable fluorescence phantoms based on gel wax and quantum dots: a tissue surrogate for fluorescence imaging validation
Author(s): Yijing Xie; Efthymios Maneas; Shahraz Islam; William Peveler; Jonathan Shapey; Wenfeng Xia; Sebastien Ourselin; Ivan P. Parkin; Adrien E. Desjardins; Tom Vercauteren
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Efficacy of indocyanine green-loaded hyaluronic acid nanoparticles for the surgical resection of orthotopic breast tumors
Author(s): Nicholas E. Wojtynek; Megan B. Holmes; Madeline T. Olson; Freshta Baher; Edibaldo Silva; Aaron M. Mohs
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Pharmacokinetic biodistribution assessment of Phosphorescent sensor, PtG4 Oxyphor in mice for optimization of in vivo oxygenation imaging
Author(s): Mengyu Jia; Jennifer R. Shell; Xu Cao; Jason R. Gunn; Sergei Vinogradov; Brian W. Pogue
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