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Emerging Imaging and Sensing Technologies for Security and Defence III; and Unmanned Sensors, Systems, and Countermeasures
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Volume Number: 10799
Date Published: 21 November 2018

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Front Matter: Volume 10799
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Advanced active imaging with single photon avalanche diodes
Author(s): Martin Laurenzis; Marco La Manna; Mauro Buttafava; Alberto Tosi; Ji-Hyun Nam; Mohit Gupta; Andreas Velten
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Demonstration of time-of-flight technique with all-optical modulation and MCT detection in SWIR/MWIR range
Author(s): Rihan Wu; Jack Collins; Christopher D. Burgess; Robert A. Lamb; Andrey Kaplan
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Assessing the prospects for robust sub-diffraction limited super-resolution imaging with deep neural networks
Author(s): Robert P. J. Nieuwenhuizen; Dennis D. Bouwman; Klamer Schutte
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Temporal super-resolution in full waveform LiDAR
Author(s): Jun Ke; Edmund Y. Lam
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Advances in CMOS SPAD sensors for LIDAR applications
Author(s): Istvan Gyongy; Tarek Al Abbas; Neil Finlayson; Nick Johnston; Neil Calder; Ahmet Erdogan; Neale W. Dutton; Richard Walker; Robert K. Henderson
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Fast fully integrated electronics for time-resolved imaging with high-performance single photon avalanche diodes
Author(s): Giulia Acconcia; Massimo Ghioni; Ivan Rech
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Process of hiding information in images based on the use of the fourth wavelet moment
Author(s): Manuel A. Díaz-Casco; Blanca E. Carvajal-Gámez; David Araujo-Díaz; Francisco J. Gallegos-Funes
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Digital holographic interferometer with correction of distortions
Author(s): Nikolay Balbekin; Nikolay Petrov; Sergey Pul'kin; Alexander Sevruygin; Vladislav Shoev; Ibrohim Tursunov; Dmitrii Venediktov; Vladimir Venediktov
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Real-time photon-counting LiDAR enhanced with deep-learning (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Matthew P. Edgar; Miles Padgett; Catherine Higham; Roderick Murray-Smith
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Quantum imaging technologies using single-photon detector arrays (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Jonathan Leach
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Q³Sat: quantum communications uplink to a 3U CubeSat: feasibility and design (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Sebastian Philipp Neumann; Siddarth K. Joshi; Matthias Fink; Thomas Scheidl; Roland Blach; Carsten Scharlemann; Sameh Abouagaga; Daanish Bambery; Erik Kerstel; Mathieu Barthelemy; Rupert Ursin
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Towards high-dimensional quantum key distribution over long-distance free-space links (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Sebastian Ecker; Fabian Steinlechner; Matthias Fink; Bo Liu; Jessica Bavaresco; Marcus Huber; Thomas Scheidl; Rupert Ursin
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Measuring parameters of ground-level atmospheric turbulence via Fourier telescopy
Author(s): Omar J. Tíjaro Rojas; Yezid Torres Moreno; William T. Rhodes
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GaN laser diodes for quantum sensors, clocks and systems
Author(s): S. P. Najda; P. Perlin; T. Suski; L. Marona; S. Stanczyk; P. Wisniewski; S. Grzanka; D. Schiavon; M. Leszczynski
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Improved sensitivity prediction method for FBAR transducer
Author(s): Yang Gao; Da-peng Zhang; Chao Han; Shu-wen Wen
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Thermal behavior simulation of bulk acoustic wave resonator
Author(s): Chao Han; Yang Gao; Da-peng Zhang; Shu-wen Wen
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Alternating sign bias in the angular velocity sensors on the base of resonators of the whispering gallery modes
Author(s): Yuri V. Filatov; Egor V. Shalymov; Vladimir Yu. Venediktov
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A method determining order of BAW ladder-type filter
Author(s): Yang Gao; Shu-wen Wen; Chao Han; Da-peng Zhang
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Modified design of microstrip interdigital filter with tapped line
Author(s): Shu-wen Wen; Yang Gao; Da-peng Zhang; Chao Han
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Real-time detection of drones at large distances with 25 megapixel cameras
Author(s): Thomas Perschke; Konrad Moren; Thomas Müller
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Counter drones: tensor decompostion-based data fusion and systems design aspects
Author(s): Wolfgang Koch; Felix Govaers
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Miniaturized radar sensors supporting next generation UAVs
Author(s): R. Herschel; G. Briese; V. Nolden
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Increasing tactical situational awareness by mean of open source multipurpose integrated UAS-C2 system
Author(s): A. Samberg; A. Slovesnov; D. Morozova; Y. Dobronravin
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Detection of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in urban environments
Author(s): D. Nüßler; A. Shoykhetbrod; S. Gütgemann; A. Küter; B. Welp; N. Pohl; C. Krebs
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Lidar-based detection and tracking of small UAVs
Author(s): Marcus Hammer; Marcus Hebel; Martin Laurenzis; Michael Arens
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An image processing pipeline for long range UAV detection
Author(s): Arne Schumann; Lars Sommer; Thomas Müller; Sascha Voth
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A robust localization approach using multi-sensor fusion
Author(s): Weijian Hu; Kaiwei Wang; Hao Chen
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High-performance monitoring system of agricultural land with unmanned aerial vehicles as the main element of precision farming
Author(s): Anton S. Boldyrev; Oleg E. Nosko; Alexey O. Belyaev
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UNISA folded pendulum technological platform for the implementation of mechanical inertial broadband low-frequency high-sensitivity sensors for ground, marine and space applications
Author(s): F. Barone; G. Giordano; R. Romano
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Radio beacon for geo-referenced location at sea using mobile devices
Author(s): Abigail Elizabeth Pallares-Calvo; Blanca Esther Carvajal-Gámez; Oscar Octavio Gutiérrez-Frías
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Model of adaptive system of neuro-fuzzy inference based on pi- and pi-fuzzy-controllers
Author(s): Vladimir V. Ignatyev; Andrey V. Kovalev; Oleg B. Spiridonov; Alexandra S. Ignatyeva; Vladimir I. Bozhich; Anton S. Boldyreff
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SORB: improve ORB feature matching by semantic segmentation
Author(s): Hao Chen; Kaiwei Wang; Weijian Hu; Lei Fei
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