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Target and Background Signatures IV
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Volume Number: 10794
Date Published: 16 November 2018

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Front Matter: Volume 10794
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Detectability in the SWIR spectral range
Author(s): M. Winkelmann
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Collecting information for spectral boundaries determination
Author(s): V. Bárta; J. Hanuš
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NATO hyperspectral measurement of natural background
Author(s): V. Bárta; F. Racek; J. Krejcí
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Copernicus Sentinel opportunities using field spectroscopy to support deep man-made infrastructures in Cyprus
Author(s): George Melillos; Kyriacos Themistocleous; Diofantos G. Hadjimitsis
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Visualizing simulated temperatures of a complex object calculated with FTOM using open source software (BLENDER)
Author(s): B. Bartos; K. Stein
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Evolution of the statistical fluctuations in the measured temperature differences between painted metal plates of a CUBI infrared calibration target
Author(s): G. D. Lewis; P. Merken; M. Vandewal
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Validation of target and background modeling in midwave infrared band for tropical maritime environment (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Marek Pszczel; Nicola Bilton; Oleksandr Pushkarov; Jan Thomassen; Arthur D. van Rheenen; Eirik-Blix Madsen
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Sensitivity of input parameters to modelling of atmospheric transmission of long-wave infrared radiation at sea under warm and humid conditions
Author(s): Jan Thomassen; Arthur D. van Rheenen; Eirik Blix Madsen; Mark Pszczel; Nicola Bilton; Oleksandr Pushkarov
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A field-based method for evaluating thermal properties of static and mobile camouflage
Author(s): Gorm K. Selj; Daniela H. Heinrich
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Methods for measuring time to detect in human observer trials
Author(s): Joanne B. Culpepper; Vivienne C. Wheaton; Christopher S. Madden; Luke Simmonds
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Evaluation of validity of observer test for testing of camouflage patterns
Author(s): František Racek; Adam Jobánek; Teodor Baláž; Jaroslav Krejčí
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Glass detection and recognition based on the fusion of ultrasonic sensor and RGB-D sensor for the visually impaired
Author(s): Zhiming Huang; Kaiwei Wang; Kailun Yang; Ruiqi Cheng; Jian Bai
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Novel infrared object detection and tracking algorithm based on visual attention
Author(s): Lei Liu; Xu Chen; Qi Xia
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Camouflage evaluation by bio-inspired local conspicuity quantification
Author(s): A. Schwegmann
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Performance evaluation of NMF methods with different divergence metrics for landmine detection in GPR
Author(s): Deniz Kumlu; Isin Erer
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Evaluation of side-scan sonar performance for the detection of naval mines
Author(s): Claudia S. Huebner
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Feature extraction using high-range resolution profiles for estimating the number of targets
Author(s): Jung-Won Lee; Gak-Gyu Choi; Kyoungil Na
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Nanosat-based detection and tracking of launch vehicles
Author(s): Caroline Schweitzer; Max Gulde; Clemens Horch ; Norbert Scherer-Negenborn; Karin Stein; Norbert Wendelstein
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Supporting artificial intelligence with artificial images
Author(s): Lars Aurdal; Alvin Brattli; Eirik Glimsdal; Runhild Aae Klausen; Kristin Hammarstrøm Løkken; Hans Christian Palm
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Detection technology of foreign matter on the ocean for MDA with hyperspectral imaging
Author(s): Takaaki Ito; Daiki Nakaya; Shin Satori; Mitsuharu Shiwa; Tomonori Ito
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Target detection with deep learning in polarimetric imaging
Author(s): Süha Kağan Köse; Selman Ergünay; Beat Ott; Peter Wellig; Yusuf Leblebici
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Improved EO/IR target and background scene simulation with MuSES using a rapid fluid flow solver
Author(s): Corey D. Packard; David M. Less; Mark D. Klein; Duncan L. Karnitz; Derrick S. Levanen; Peter L. Rynes; Mark A. Hepokoski
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Semi synthetic naval scene generation with engagement simulation for infrared-guided missile threat analysis
Author(s): N. Scherer-Negenborn; A. Schmied
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The IR modeling and simulation of the orbit target with celestial background
Author(s): Dongxing Tao; Yuan Yuan; Boying Lin; Yanqiang Bi; Yonghong Shang; Zhisong Cao; Jing Wang
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Scene text detection and recognition system for visually impaired people in real world
Author(s): Lei Fei; Kaiwei Wang; Shufei Lin; Kailun Yang; Ruiqi Cheng; Hao Chen
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Sea-land segmentation in SAR images based on multifeature fused boundary clustering
Author(s): Kejiang Wu; Xiaojian Xu
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Optical polarization and the dependence of angle of incidence for different surfaces: comparison between different wavelengths from UV to IR
Author(s): Tomas Hallberg; Johan Eriksson; Stefan Björkert; Hans Kariis
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Multispectral gonioreflectometer facility for directional reflectance measurements and its use on materials and paints
Author(s): Marcos López Martínez; Tim Hartmann
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Adaptive camouflage panel in the visible spectral range
Author(s): Alexander Schwarz; Berndt Bartos; Michael Kunzer; Martin Zechmeister; Jakub Pawlikowski
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Water spray infrared extinction calculation and experimental validation
Author(s): Zhongwei Chen; Li Zhang; Jiazheng Ni
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Autoencoder versus pre-trained CNN networks: deep-features applied to accelerate computationally expensive object detection in real-time video streams
Author(s): Vasanth Iyer; Alexander Aved; Todd B. Howlett; Jeffrey T. Carlo; Bernard Abayowa
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New developments in thermal targets
Author(s): Pawel Hlosta; Grzegorz Polak; Waldemar Swiderski; Dariusz Tyminski
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