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Environmental Effects on Light Propagation and Adaptive Systems
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Volume Number: 10787
Date Published: 30 November 2018

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Front Matter: Volume 10787
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Study of a spatio-temporal sensor for turbulence characterisation and wavefront sensing (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Andrew Lambert; Gregory Cohen
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Optical turbulence in the coastal area over False Bay, South Africa: comparison of measurements and modeling results
Author(s): Detlev Sprung; Alexander M. J. van Eijk; Carmen Ullwer; Willi Gunter; Christian Eisele; Dirk Seiffer; Erik Sucher; Karin Stein
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Investigation of aerosols in South Africa: Comparison of measurements and modeling
Author(s): T. Kociok; F. February; P. Grossmann; D. Sprung; A. M. J. van Eijk; K. Stein
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Height dependence of characteristics of power spectra of temperature investigated in the surface layer of White Sands, US
Author(s): Detlev Sprung; Erik Sucher; Alexander M. J. van Eijk; Christian Eisele; Dirk Seiffer; Karin Stein
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Investigation of optical turbulence from an unmanned aerial system
Author(s): Erik Sucher; Detlev Sprung; Michael Kremer; Thomas Kociok; Alexander M. J. van Eijk; Karin Stein
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A comparative study of the equatorial spread-f occurrence between post-sunset and post-midnight during minimum solar activity
Author(s): Ednofri; Falin Wu; Wasiu Akande Ahmed; Yan Zhao
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Visualization of the wind drift of turbulent inhomogeneities
Author(s): Vadim V. Dudorov; Anna S. Eremina
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Adaptive optics correction of scintillation for oceanic turbulence-affected laser beams
Author(s): Italo Toselli; Szymon Gladysz
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Simulation of multilayer turbulence and adaptive optics in the time-spectral domain
Author(s): Szymon Gladysz; Esdras Anzuola; Max Segel
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Experimental demonstration of the diffuse Fourier holography wavefront sensing
Author(s): V. V. Orlov; V. Y. Venediktov; A. V. Gorelaya; E. V. Shubenkova; D. Z. Zhamalatdinov
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Speckle-based sequential optimization of adaptive receivers in downlink laser communications
Author(s): Carlos E. Carrizo; Ramon Mata Calvo; Aniceto Belmonte
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Wavefront sensor with hologram filters in the problem of measuring phase distortions of laser radiation
Author(s): G. K. Krasin; D. S. Lushnikov; S. B. Odinokov; A. B. Solomashenko; V. Yu. Venediktov; E. Yu. Zlokazov
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Computer correction of turbulent distortions of incoherent optical images using multi-aperture systems
Author(s): Vadim V. Dudorov; Anna S. Eremina
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Analysis of optical fading in phase-OTDR distributed acoustic sensing systems: the effects of fading in threat detection
Author(s): Metin Aktas; Hakan Maral; Toygar Akgun
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Modelling studies of transmission and scattering of high energy laser radiation under remote continental conditions
Author(s): Andreas Peckhaus; Thomas Hall; Carsten Pargmann; Frank Duschek
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Angle dependent stray light measurements of high-power laser radiation in natural atmospheric environments
Author(s): Carsten Pargmann; Peter Becker; Andreas Peckhaus; Frank Duschek
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Object identification in images acquired through underwater turbulent media
Author(s): Md. Hasan Furhad; Murat Tahtali; Andrew Lambert
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Quadratic approximation of high order Bessel Gaussian beams propagation through non-Kolmogorov and marine atmosphere
Author(s): Wanjun Wang; Zhensen Wu; Lu Bai
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Design and characterization of a vibrating piezo-membrane deformable mirror for adaptive optics application
Author(s): Mousa Hadipour; Murat Tahtali; Andrew J. Lambert
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Generation of vortex and partially coherent laser beams based on fiber array coherent combining
Author(s): V. V. Dudorov; V. P. Aksenov; V. V. Kolosov; M. E. Levitsky; T. D. Petukhov; A. P. Rostov
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Average intensity and spreading of cylindrical vector vortex beams in turbulent atmosphere
Author(s): Mingjian Cheng; Lixin Guo; Jiachao Li; Jiangting Li; Xu Yan
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Propagation of the non-paraxial Gaussian beam through the inhomogeneous atmosphere
Author(s): Fedor V. Shugaev; Oxana A. Nikolaeva; Natalia A. Suhareva
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Investigation of optical vortex propagation in the artificial atmospheric path
Author(s): Ksenia Gavril'eva; Ali Mermoul; Alexander Sevruygin; Elena Shubenkova; Mohamed Touil; Ibrohim Tursunov; Vladimir Venediktov
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Estimation of Mie scattering influence for the FSO channel under artificially simulated fog conditions
Author(s): Hristo Ivanov; Thomas Plank; Luka Mustafa; Eva Cerncic; Erich Leitgeb
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Laboratory demonstration of optimizing optical single sideband scheme to increase spectral efficiency in optical geostationary satellite feeder links
Author(s): Ahmad Mustafa; Dirk Giggenbach; Juraj Poliak; Stephan ten Brink
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An additional velocity loop in the CCD and MEMS accelerometer-based lightweight optoelectronic system control
Author(s): Yong Luo; Chao Deng; Yongmei Huang; Yao Mao; Qiongyan Wu
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High volume manufacturing of optical MEMS devices using biomass nano-patterning materials and ecofriendly developable lithography processes
Author(s): Satoshi Takei
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Internal structure of metal material with gas permeability function related to MEMS devices
Author(s): Naoto Sugino; Takao Kameda; Satoshi Takei; Makoto Hanabata
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Utilization of gas permeable metal plate for the purpose of reduction of transfer defect in MEMS electronic device
Author(s): Takao Kameda; Naoto Sugino; Satoshi Takei; Makoto Hanabata
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