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Earth Observing Missions and Sensors: Development, Implementation, and Characterization V
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Volume Number: 10781
Date Published: 30 November 2018

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Front Matter: Volume 10781
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Global Change Observation Mission (GCOM)
Author(s): Haruhisa Shimoda
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Landsat-8 on-orbit and Landsat-9 pre-launch sensor radiometric characterization
Author(s): Brian Markham; Julia Barsi; Matthew Montanaro; Joel McCorkel; Aaron Gerace; Jeffrey Pedelty; Simon Hook; Nina Raqueno; Cody Anderson; Md Obaidul Haque
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The compact hyperspectral prism spectrometer for sustainable land imaging: continuing the data record and enabling new discoveries
Author(s): Thomas U. Kampe
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Optical system of high-precision greenhouse gas imaging spectrometer
Author(s): Qiao Pan; Weimin Shen
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Initial Determination of the NOAA-20 VIIRS screen transmittances with both yaw maneuver and regular on-orbit data
Author(s): Ning Lei; Xiaoxiong Xiong
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Characterization and correction of stray light for NOAA-20 VIIRS day/night band
Author(s): Xi Shao; Changyong Cao; Tung-Chang Liu; Sirish Uprety; Bin Zhang; Wenhui Wang; Slawomir Blonski
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NOAA-20 VIIRS on-orbit performance, data quality, and operational Cal/Val support
Author(s): Changyong Cao; Slawomir Blonski; Wenhui Wang; Sirish Uprety; Xi Shao; Jason Choi; Erin Lynch; Satya Kalluri
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Initial calibration activities and performance assessments of NOAA-20 VIIRS
Author(s): Xiaoxiong Xiong; Hassan Oudrari; Jeff McIntire; Ning Lei; Kwofu Chiang; Amit Angal
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Initial radiometric calibration status and performance of NOAA-20 VIIRS reflective solar bands
Author(s): Ning Lei; Kevin Twedt; Xuexia Chen; Xiaoxiong Xiong
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NOAA-20 VIIRS thermal emissive bands on-orbit performance
Author(s): Yonghong Li; Xiaoxiong Xiong; Jeff McIntire; Amit Angal; Sergey Gusev; Kwofu Chiang
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Updates to the absolute radiometric accuracy of the AIRS on Aqua
Author(s): Thomas S. Pagano; Hartmut H. Aumann; Steve Broberg; Evan Manning; Kenneth Overoye; Margaret Weiler
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First year on-orbit calibration activities of SGLI on GCOM-C satellite
Author(s): Kazuhiro Tanaka; Yoshihiko Okamura; Masaaki Mokuno; Takahiro Amano; Jun Yoshida
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Evaluation of geostationary lightning mapper navigation performance with the INR Performance Assessment Toolset (IPATS)
Author(s): Peter J. Isaacson; Evan M. Haas; Frank J. De Luccia; Gabriel Moy; Brian C. Porter; Alan D. Reth; Scott Houchin; Justin M. Graybill; Philip C. Slingerland; Christopher N. Folley
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Hyperspectral remote sensing of air pollution from geosynchronous orbit with GEMS and TEMPO
Author(s): Dennis Nicks; Brian Baker; James Lasnik; Thomas Delker; James Howell; Kelly Chance; Xiong Liu; David Flittner; Jhoon Kim
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Traceability and consistency of COSMIC radio occultation in comparison with NOAA-20 CrIS infrared sounder observations
Author(s): Changyong Cao; Erin Lynch; Bin Zhang
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Evaluating NOAA-20 and S-NPP VIIRS radiometric consistency
Author(s): Sirish Uprety; Changyong Cao; Slawomir Blonski; Xi Shao
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Initial assessment of radiometric performance of N20 VIIRS reflective solar bands using vicarious approaches
Author(s): A. Wu; T. Chang; X. Xiong; C. Cao
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Evaluating radiometric calibration of ASTER VNIR band with Terra MODIS, Landsat 7 ETM+, and Landsat 8 OLI
Author(s): Kenta Obata; Satoshi Tsuchida; Hiroki Yoshioka
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Advances in utilizing deep convective cloud targets to inter-calibrate geostationary reflective solar band imagers with well calibrated imagers
Author(s): Conor O. Haney; David Doelling; Rajendra Bhatt; Benjamin Scarino; Arun Gopalan
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On-orbit calibration analysis of FY-4A AGRI solar bands
Author(s): Ling Sun; Boyang Chen; Yan Zhang; Ling Gao; Min Min; Qiang Guo; Zhiqing Zhang
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Thermal-structural analysis of geostationary Earth observation satellite with large segmented telescope
Author(s): S. Yasuda; A. Okamoto; T. Mizutani
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Evaluating the calibration of Aqua MODIS bands 33, 35, and 36 during blackbody warm-up cool-down events
Author(s): Yonghong Li; Aisheng Wu; Xiaoxiong Xiong
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Initial investigation of the angular dependence of the NOAA-20 VIIRS solar diffuser BRDF change factor
Author(s): Ning Lei; Xiaoxiong Xiong
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Conceptual study of 3.5-meter segmented mirror for geostationary Earth observation satellite
Author(s): Tadahito Mizutani; Tomohiro Kamiya; Michito Sakai; Kazuya Kitamoto; Susumu Yasuda; Toshiyoshi Kimura; Marie Tanaka
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Assessment of on-orbit variations of the Clouds and the Earth's Radiant Energy System (CERES) FM5 instrument
Author(s): Natividad Smith; Susan Thomas; Mohan Shankar; Kory Priestley; Norman Loeb; Dale Walikainen
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Determination of the NOAA-20 VIIRS TEB RVS from emissive radiation measurements during the pitch maneuver
Author(s): Aisheng Wu; Xiaoxiong Xiong; Kwofu Chiang
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JPSS-2 VIIRS polarization sensitivity comparison with Heritage VIIRS sensors
Author(s): D. Moyer; J. McIntire; H. Oudrari; F. De Luccia
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Improvements in the on-orbit calibration of the Terra MODIS short-wave infrared spectral bands
Author(s): Xiaoxiong Xiong; Amit Angal; Yonghong Li
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Prelaunch and on-orbit electronic calibration for Earth-observing instruments
Author(s): Amit Angal; Xiaoxiong Xiong; Jeff McIntire; Na Chen; Hassan Oudrari
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