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Computational Optics II
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Volume Number: 10694
Date Published: 29 June 2018

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Front Matter: Volume 10694
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Multi-resonant silicon nanoantennas by evolutionary multi-objective optimization
Author(s): Peter R Wiecha; Arnaud Arbouet; Christian Girard; Aurélie Lecestre; Guilhem Larrieu; Vincent Paillard
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Optimization and tolerancing of highly dispersive multilayer gratings for laser applications
Author(s): Felix Koch; Dennis Lehr; Tilman Glaser
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An application of the virtual prototyping approach to design of VR, AR, and MR devices free from the vergence-accommodation conflict
Author(s): Igor S. Potemin; Irina Livshits; Dmitry Zhdanov; Andrey Zhdanov; Nikolay Bogdanov
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Hybrid digital-optical imaging design for reducing surface asphericity cost while keeping high performance
Author(s): Javier Portilla; Sergio Barbero
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Solving inverse problems appearing in design and metrology of diffractive optical elements by using Bayesian optimization
Author(s): Martin Hammerschmidt; Philipp-Immanuel Schneider; Xavier Garcia Santiago; Lin Zschiedrich; Martin Weiser; Sven Burger
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Application of deep learning algorithms for Lithographic mask characterization
Author(s): Dereje S. Woldeamanual; Andreas Erdmann; Andreas Maier
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Fourier ptychography for lithography high NA systems
Author(s): Atoosa Dejkameh; Andreas Erdmann; Peter Evanschitzky; Yasin Ekinci
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Optical phase retrieval using four rotated versions of a single binary mask – simulation results
Author(s): Varis Karitans; Edgars Nitiss; Andrejs Tokmakovs; Kaspars Pudzs
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Realistic image synthesis in presence of birefrigent media by backward ray tracing technique
Author(s): Dmitry Zhdanov; Sergey Ershov; Leo Shapiro; Vadim Sokolov; Alexey Voloboy; Vladimir Galaktionov; Igor Potemin
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Rigorous modeling of light absorption in nanostructured materials using a parallel high order finite element time-domain technique
Author(s): Alexis Gobé; Stéphane Lanteri; Urs Aeberhard; Karsten Bittkau
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Simulation study of illumination effects in high-NA EUV lithography
Author(s): Mohamed Ismail; Peter Evanschitzky; Andreas Erdmann; Gerardo Bottiglieri; Eelco van Setten; Timon F. Fliervoet
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Fast-physical optics modeling of microscopy system with structured illumination
Author(s): Rui Shi; Norik Janunts; Rainer Heintzmann; Christian Hellmann; Frank Wyrowski
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Surface polarization scattering generated from a birefringent material with rough surface
Author(s): Jonas Ritter; Ning Ma; Wolfgang Osten; Mitsuo Takeda; Wei Wang
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Accurate propagation of ultrashort pulses in nonlinear waveguides using propagation models for the analytic signal
Author(s): O. Melchert; U. Morgner; B. Roth; I. Babushkin; A. Demircan
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Density estimation in optical phase space for optimizing micro-optical elements on freeform surfaces
Author(s): Michael Berens; Annika Völl; Rolf Wester; Jochen Stollenwerk; Peter Loosen
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Semi-analytical Fourier transform and its application to physical-optics modelling
Author(s): Zongzhao Wang; Site Zhang; Olga Baladron-Zorita; Frank Wyrowski
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Using the pupil difference probability density to understand OTF
Author(s): Kevin Liang; Miguel A. Alonso
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The Gouy phase shift reinterpreted via the geometric Fourier transform
Author(s): Olga Baladron-Zorita; Zongzhao Wang; Christian Hellmann; Frank Wyrowski
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Efficient optical simulation of nano structures in thin-film solar cells
Author(s): Julian Hornich; Georg Hager; Christoph Pflaum
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3D ray tracing model for laser beams influenced by thermal lensing in solid-state gain media
Author(s): Phillip Lino Rall; Ramon Springer; Christoph Pflaum
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Analysis of three-dimensional diffraction wavefront error for point diffraction interferometer
Author(s): Fen Gao; Jinping Ni; Wei Wang
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Multi-mode computing optical imaging technology based on software definition micro-nano satellite
Author(s): Yangyang Liu; Qunbo Lv; Zheng Tan Sr.; Linlin Pei; Weiyan Li; Jianwei Wang; Xiangli Bin
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