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Optical Fabrication, Testing, and Metrology VI
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Volume Number: 10692
Date Published: 29 June 2018

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Front Matter: Volume 10692
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Optical window detachment using a 3-axis hotwire system
Author(s): S. Zomerstein; Y. B. Weber; S. Joseph; A. Levy; D. Yadlovker; A. E. Shinman-Avraham
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Automated centration measurement and quality inspection of aspheric lenses
Author(s): F. Hahne; P. Langehanenberg
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Mechanical strength of optical glasses
Author(s): Peter Hartmann
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Evaluation of lenslet fabrication technologies for micro-optical array projectors
Author(s): Robert Leitel; Stephanie Fischer; Peter Dannberg; Sylke Kleinle; Peter Schreiber; Christoph Wächter
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Improved calibration of vertical scanning optical profilometers for spherical profiles measurements
Author(s): Jeremy Béguelin; Toralf Scharf; Wilfried Noell; Reinhard Voelkel
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Holographic prism based on photo-thermo-refractive glass: new facilities for metrological application
Author(s): A. E. Angervaks; K. S. Gorokhovsky; V. A. Granovskii; Van Bak Doan; S. A. Ivanov; R. A. Okun; N. V. Nikonorov; A. I. Ryskin
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World Space Observatory - Ultraviolet Mission: instrumentation update and status 2018
Author(s): Mikhail Sachkov
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Freeform optics design and manufacturing for MicroCarb
Author(s): R. Geyl; E. Ruch; H. Leplan; F. Riguet; S. Lopez
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EUCLID: design, analysis, fabrication, and test of a 1.3m collimator for the on-ground characterization of the EUCLID Payload Module
Author(s): Olivier Pirnay; Grégory P. Lousberg; Virgile Monamy; Pierre Gloesener; Katja Rieth; Fabien Lemagne; Carlo Flebus
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Additive manufacturing of metal mirrors for TMA telescope
Author(s): Nils Heidler; Enrico Hilpert; Johannes Hartung; Henrik von Lukowicz; Christoph Damm; Thomas Peschel; Stefan Risse
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The MTG-SSA multi-purpose and multi-wavelength infrared test bench
Author(s): Francois Riguet; Frédéric Barré; Romain Berruée; Christophe Cloutrier; Laurent-Daniel Haret; Thierry Haumont; Vincent Hugues; Manon Koszo; Denis Monaci; Fabien Moreau; Bertrand Plainchamp; Jacques Rodolfo
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Simulation of defect-induced scattering in multilayer coatings
Author(s): Lei Zhang; Jinlong Zhang; Sven Schröder; Marcus Trost; Hongfei Jiao; Zhanshan Wang; Xinbin Cheng
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Scattering from reflective diffraction gratings: the challenges of measurement and verification
Author(s): Monika Kroneberger; Andreas Mezger; Jean-Baptiste Volatier
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Optical gratings with low wavefront aberrations and low straylight for enhanced spectroscopical applications
Author(s): Torsten Diehl; Peter Triebel; Tobias Moeller; Alexandre Gatto; Dennis Lehr; Alexander Pesch; Lars H. Erdmann; Matthias Burkhardt; Alexander Kalies; Felix Koch
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Diffuse scattering of lamellar optical gratings due to line edge roughness
Author(s): Martin Heusinger; Michael Banasch; Dirk Michaelis; Thomas Flügel-Paul; Uwe D. Zeitner
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Novel applications based on freeform technologies
Author(s): Johannes Hartung; Matthias Beier; Stefan Risse
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Larger format freeform fabrication and metrology
Author(s): Matthew Brunelle; Todd Blalock; Timothy Lynch; Ian Ferralli; Jessica DeGroote Nelson
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Improved ion beam tools for ultra-precision figure correction of curved aluminium mirror surfaces
Author(s): Jens Bauer; Melanie Ulitschka; Fred Pietag; Thomas Arnold
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Advanced techniques for robotic polishing of aluminum mirrors
Author(s): Hongyu Li; David Walker; Xiao Zheng; Guoyu Yu; Christina Reynolds; Wang Zhang; Tony Li
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Shape measurement of freeform optics
Author(s): Andreas Beutler
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Advanced optical freeform substrates fabricated by ceramic 3D printing and controlled by deflectometry
Author(s): Thomas Houllier; Nicolas Rousselet; Yves Surrel; Thierry Lépine
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Fabrication and measurement of freeform mirror for head-up display system
Author(s): Yuan-Chieh Cheng; Wei-Jei Peng ; Abou-El-Hossein Khaled ; Hsiao-Yu Chou; Fong-Zhi Chen
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Pushing SiC polishing technology for advanced applications
Author(s): R. Geyl; H. Leplan; G. Chaussat
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Three wagons method to analyze ductile mode grinding processes
Author(s): Oliver Faehnle; Marius Doetz; Olaf Dambon; Eckhard Langenbach
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Ductile grinding of tungsten carbide applying standard CNC machines: a process analysis
Author(s): M. Doetz; O. Dambon; F. Klocke; C. Vogt; R. Rascher; O. Faehnle
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Process control in ductile mode machining of tungsten carbide
Author(s): M. Doetz; O. Dambon; F. Klocke; O. Faehnle; E. Langenbach
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Load controlled process window analysis of feed controlled CNC grinding
Author(s): C. Vogt; O. Faehnle; R. Rascher
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Obtaining the topography of human corneas with the null-screen testing method
Author(s): Manuel Campos-García; Victor Emanuel Armengol-Cruz; Daniel Aguirre Aguirre; Christian Camargo-Fierro
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Optoelectronic system modulation transfer function measurement based on the method of summation over different frequencies harmonic functions
Author(s): Oleg A. Perezyabov; Aleksandr V. Ilinski; Nadezhda K. Maltseva
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Characterization of gratings for space applications
Author(s): Sakina Achour; Quentin Kuperman-Le Bihan; Pierre Etcheto
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Modeling of luminous stream in photovoltaic systems
Author(s): Kamil Plachta
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The study of sub-surface damage of fused silica after ultrasonic assisted grinding process
Author(s): Ching-Hsiang Kuo; Chien-Yao Huang; Zong-Ru Yu; Shyu-Cheng Shu; Keng-Shou Chang
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Analysis of method of determination of refractive index and Abbe number of lens
Author(s): Jiri Novak; Antonin Miks; Pavel Novak; Petr Pokorny; Filip Smejkal; Michal Smejkal
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Effect of visibility of the fringes on the tilt measurement using a cyclic interferometer and polarization phase shifting
Author(s): V. C. Pretheesh Kumar; C. Joenathan; A. Bernal; A. R. Ganesan
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The matters of producing optical elements for educational purposes
Author(s): Maria K. Orekhova; Daria Butova; Nadezhda Tolstoba; Anastasia Kozhina; Ksenia Zavatskaya; Dmitry Lyamets; Alina Belyaeva; Diana Nurpeisova
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Hyperspectrometer based on curved prism fabrication for space application
Author(s): Lei Feng; Jinsong Zhou; Juanjuan Jing; Lidong Wei; Yacan Li; Lei Yang
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Dynamic null-screens: a proposal for characterizing the PTSC with adaptive patterns
Author(s): Manuel Campos-García; Andrés Peña-Conzuelo; Ulises Espinoza-Nava; José Rufino Díaz-Uribe; Jesús Alberto Aguirre-Caro
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Analysis of industrial production environments and derivation of a novel channel model towards optical wireless communication
Author(s): Daniel Schneider; Holger Flatt; Jürgen Jasperneite; Oliver Stübbe
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