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Quantum Technologies 2018
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Volume Number: 10674
Date Published: 2 August 2018

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Front Matter: Volume 10674
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
A dual-frequency two-photon molecular clock with cold trapped HD+ ions
Author(s): F. L. Constantin
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Testing gravity with atomic quantum sensors on ground and in space
Author(s): Leonardo Salvi; Luigi Cacciapuoti; Giulio D'Amico; Liang Hu; Manan Jain; Nicola Poli; Gabriele Rosi; Enlong Wang; Guglielmo M. Tino
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Achievement of autonomous quantum sensing of gravity at the 10-10 level of stability (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Jean Lautier-Gaud; Vincent Ménoret; Pierre Vermeulen; Fabiola Guillou-Camargo; Fabrice Tardif; Mathieu Corradini; Cédric Majek; Guillaume Stern; Mathieu Guéridon
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Interference-based multimode opto-electro-mechanical transducers
Author(s): I. Moaddel Haghighi; N. Malossi; R. Natali; G. Di Giuseppe; D. Vitali
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A read-out enhancement for microwave electric field sensing with Rydberg atoms
Author(s): J. P. Shaffer; H. Kübler
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A transimpedance amplifier based on an LTPS process operated in alkali vapor for the measurement of an ionization current
Author(s): Johannes Schmidt; Patrick Schalberger; Holger Baur; Robert Löw; Tilman Pfau; Harald Kübler; Norbert Fruehauf
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Quantum temporal imaging with squeezed light
Author(s): G. Patera; D. B. Horoshko; J. Shi; M. I. Kolobov
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Super-resolution quantum imaging at the Heisenberg limit (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Bänz Bessire; Manuel Unternährer; Leonardo Gasparini; Majid Zarghami; Matteo Perenzoni; André Stefanov
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Correlation plenoptic imaging with entangled photons
Author(s): Francesco Di Lena; Francesco V. Pepe; Alessio Avella; Ivano Ruo-Berchera; Giuliano Scarcelli; Augusto Garuccio; Milena D'Angelo
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Single photon extraction from defects in hBN using a tapered fiber (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Andreas W. Schell; Toan Trong Tran; Hideaki Takashima; Igor Aharonovich; Shigeki Takeuchi
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Hybrid plasmonic waveguide coupled to a single organic molecule (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Samuele Grandi; Michael Nielsen; Javier Cambiasso; Sebastien Boissier; Kyle D. Major; Christopher Reardon; Thomas F. Krauss; Rupert F. Oulton; E. A. Hinds; Alex Clark
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On-demand single-photon source based on thermal rubidium (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Fabian Ripka; Harald Kübler; Robert Löw
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Alignment requirements of Fabry-Perot microresonators for ion trap quantum information processing (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Dean Clarke; Peter Horak
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Protective measurements: extracting the expectation value by measuring a single particle
Author(s): Fabrizio Piacentini; Alessio Avella; Enrico Rebufello; Salvatore Virzì; Rudi Lussana; Federica Villa; Alberto Tosi; Marco Gramegna; Giorgio Brida; Eliahu Cohen; Lev Vaidman; Ivo Pietro Degiovanni; Marco Genovese
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LiY1-xHoxF4: a candidate material for the implementation of solid state qubits (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Adrian Beckert; Joe Bailey; Guy Matmon; Simon Gerber; Hans Sigg; Gabriel Aeppli
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Bridging integrated waveguides with single photon emitters
Author(s): Christophe Couteau; Stefano Pierini; Xiaolun Xu; Josslyn Beltram-Madrigal; Renaud Bachelot; Sylvain Blaize
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Controlled excitation of diamond color centers using low-loss dielectric-loaded surface plasmon polariton waveguides
Author(s): Hamidreza Siampour; Shailesh Kumar; Sergey I. Bozhevolnyi
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Nonlinear photon-atom coupling in free space
Author(s): Matthias Steiner; Yue-Sum Chin; Christian Kurtsiefer
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Ultrafast photonic quantum correlations mediated by individual phonons (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Christophe Galland; Santiago Tarrago; Mitchell D. Anderson
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Generating entangled photon pairs in a parallel crystal geometry
Author(s): Alexander Lohrmann; Aitor Villar; Alexander Ling
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Optical key distribution enhanced by optical injection locking (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): George L. Roberts; James F. Dynes; Seb J. Savory; Zhiliang Yuan; Andrew J. Shields; Marco Lucamarini
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All-optical synchronization for quantum networking
Author(s): B. Fedrici; L. A. Ngah; O. Alibart; F. Kaiser; L. Labonté; V. D'Auria; S. Tanzilli
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Quantum optical state comparison amplification of coherent states
Author(s): Ugo Zanforlin; Ross J. Donaldson; Luca Mazzarella; Robert J. Collins; John Jeffers; Gerald S. Buller
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Design of an evaluation breadboard with SNSPD for testing various deep space optical communication applications
Author(s): Hristo Ivanov; Sander Dorenbos; Erich Leitgeb; Gert Freiberger; Pasha Bekhrad
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Modeling high quantum bit rate QKD systems over optical fiber
Author(s): Michal Mlejnek; Nikolay A. Kaliteevskiy; Daniel A. Nolan
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High count rate InGaAs/InP SPAD system with balanced SPAD-dummy approach running up to 1.4 GHz
Author(s): Mirko Sanzaro; Alessandro Ruggeri; Adriano Peruch; Alberto Tosi
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Quantum key distribution security threat: the backflash light case
Author(s): A. Meda; I. P. Degiovanni; A. Tosi; Z. L. Yuan; G. Brida; M. Genovese
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Forward-looking criteria for the certification of quantum key distribution (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Marco Lucamarini; James F. Dynes; Zhiliang L. Yuan; Martin B. Ward; Andrew J. Shields
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Measurements towards providing security assurance for a chip-scale QKD system
Author(s): A. Vaquero-Stainer; R. A. Kirkwood; V. Burenkov; C. J. Chunnilall; A. G Sinclair; A. Hart; H. Semenenko; P. Sibson; C. Erven; M. G. Thompson
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Pilot comparison on the measurement of detection efficiency of InGaAs/InP single-photon detectors (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Marco Lopez
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Quantum state comparison amplifier with feedforward state correction
Author(s): L. Mazzarella; R. J. Donaldson; R. J. Collins; U. Zanforlin; G. Tatsi; G. S. Buller; J. Jeffers
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Transmission of polarization quantum state through a fiber optic channel by swapped time-bin state
Author(s): Salem F. Hegazy; Salah S. A. Obayya; Bahaa E. A. Saleh
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Time-integrated and time-resolved VUV LIBS: a comparative study
Author(s): Syedah Sadaf Zehra; John T. Costello; Piergiorgio Nicolosi; Patrick Hayden
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Single- and multidimensional integrated optic photon sources for quantum communication
Author(s): Rohit K. Ramakrishnan; Varun Raghunathan; Srinivas Talabattula
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European coordinated metrological effort for quantum cryptography
Author(s): M. Gramegna; I. Ruo Berchera; S. Kueck; G. Porrovecchio; C. J. Chunnilall; I. P. Degiovanni; M. Lopez; R. A. Kirkwood; T. Kübarsepp; A. Pokatilov; N. Castagna; J. Morel; F. Manoocheri ; A. Vaigu
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Entanglement of two-mode Schrödinger cats
Author(s): D. B. Horoshko; S. De Bièvre; G. Patera; M. I. Kolobov
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High-dimensional quantum key distribution by coherence modulation and orbital angular momentum at the photon-counting level
Author(s): Paula Andrea López; Yezid Torres Moreno; William T. Rhodes
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Optical properties of biexcitons in ellipsoidal quantum dot
Author(s): Y. Y. Bleyan; D. B. Hayrapetyan; H. A. Sarkisyan; E. M. Kazaryan
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Semiconductor quantum dot to fiber coupling system for 1.3 um range
Author(s): Kinga Żołnacz; Wacław Urbańczyk ; Nicole Srocka; Tobias Heuser; David Quandt; André Strittmatter; Sven Rodt; Stephan Reitzenstein; Anna Musiał; Paweł Mrowiński; Grzegorz Sęk; Krzysztof Poturaj; Grzegorz Wójcik; Paweł Mergo; Kamil Dybka; Mariusz Dyrkacz; Michał Dłubek
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