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Nano-, Bio-, Info-Tech Sensors, and 3D Systems II
Editor(s): Vijay K. Varadan
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Volume Number: 10597
Date Published: 29 June 2018

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Front Matter: Volume 10597
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
New flexible RFID antennas using natural material
Author(s): Z. Awang; N. Adyani M. Affendi; N. M. Razali
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Design of an accelerometer to maximize the performance of vector hydrophones
Author(s): Yongrae Roh; Seonghun Pyo; Seongmin Lee
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Additive manufacturing of metals as seen from within: in situ optical probes for defect mapping (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Manyalibo J. Matthews
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Temperature monitoring of molten pool of metal molded 3D printer using Seebeck effect (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Hiroshi Sato; Shingo Hiroshe
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DNT detection using microspheres coated with NaYF4-Yb3+,Er3+-nanocrystals functionalized with PAA/PAH layers
Author(s): Abhishek Kottaram Amrithanath; Heming Wei; Sridhar Krishnaswamy
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Microwave characterization of graphene using an improved on-wafer calibration method
Author(s): Z. Awang; M. H. Kara; N. A. A. Rahim
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Electrospun unidirectional P(VDF-TrFE) pressure sensor for small strain sensing
Author(s): Zi-Yi Zheng; Jun-Yi Ke; Yu-Hsiang Hsu; Chih-Kung Lee
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Fabrication and characteristics of cellulose nanofiber films
Author(s): Hyun-U Ko; Jung Woong Kim; Sunanda Roy; Jungho Park; Eun Sik Choi; Jaehwan Kim
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Fabrication and characterization of cellulose nanofiber/graphene oxide blended fibers
Author(s): Abdullahil Kafy; Hyun Chan Kim; Youngmin Yun; Tae June Kang; Jaehwan Kim
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Military comparison of 3D printed vs commercial components
Author(s): Janice Booth; Eugene Edwards; Michael Whitley; Michael Kranz; Mohamed Seif; Paul Ruffin
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Development of multi-material 3D printer
Author(s): Samiul Basher; Kumkum Ahmed; Azusa Saito; Ajit Khosla; Masaru Kawakami; Hidemitsu Furukawa
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Development of double network gel ring and evaluation of friction properties
Author(s): Hikaru Yahagi; Kazunari Yoshida; Masato Wada; Ajit Khosla; Masaru Kawakami; Hidemitsu Furukawa
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Development of high-strength gel dosimeter made by 3D gel printer
Author(s): Shota Inoue; Kazuyuki Sakai; Ajit Khosla; Masaru Kawakami; Hidemitsu Furukawa
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Investigating compression strengths of 3D printed polymeric infill specimens of various geometries
Author(s): Balakrishnan Subeshan; Abdullah Alonayni; Muhammad M. Rahman; Eylem Asmatulu
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Fabrication of shape memory gels using 3D printer (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): MD Nahin Islam Shiblee; Kumkum Ahmed; Azusa Saito; Hidemitsu Furukawa
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Cellulose nanocrystal based transparent electroactive polyurethane for active lens application
Author(s): Hyun-U Ko; Hyun Chan Kim; Jung Woong Kim; Jiyun Lee; Jaehwan Kim
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Properties of micro-nanofibrillated-chitin/bamboo-nanofiber nanocomposite
Author(s): Le Van Hai; Lindong Zhai; Jung Woong Kim; Jungho Park; Jaehwan Kim
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Young's moduli of cellulose nanofibers measured by atomic force microscopy
Author(s): Lindong Zhai; Hyun Chan Kim; Debora Kim; Ruth M. Muthoka; Jaehwan Kim
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Alignment of cellulose nanofibers by high-DC magnetic field
Author(s): Hyun Chan Kim; Lindong Zhai; Jinmo Kang; Sunanda Roy; Le Van Hai; Jaehwan Kim
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Ionic liquid in 3D printing (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Kumkum Ahmed; Naofumi Naga; Masaru Kawakami; Ajit Khosla; Hidemitsu Furukawa
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RepRap SWIM-ER: low cost open-source 3D gel printer
Author(s): Azusa Saito; Kei Sato; Samiul Basher; Masaru Kawakami; Hidemitsu Furukawa
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3D printing for gel robotics
Author(s): Kazunari Yoshida; Yuki Takishima; Yuta Hara; Masaru Kawakami; Hidemitsu Furukawa
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3D printing of foods
Author(s): Mai Kodama; Ryo Ishigaki; Samiul Basher; Hiroyuki Sasaki; Azusa Saito; Masato Makino; Ajit Khosla; Masaru Kawakami; Hidemitsu Furukawa
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Smart material for printing: piezo-electric polymer film
Author(s): Noriyasu Yamada; Atsuki Shiratori; Go Murasawa
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Fabrication of a 3D nano-printing device
Author(s): Jinseo Hong; Yusuke Masuda; Takashi Mineta
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Stealth coating is not antidote against of microwave radiometer
Author(s): Hao Liu; Xinyu Yin; Jinghui Qiu; Li Hao; Xiao Qing; Alexander Denisov
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Yeast concentration analysis by using the portable microscope based on the fiber-optic array
Author(s): Weiming Wang; Long Li; Yan Yu; Hui Huang
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Hand gesture recognition using sparse autoencoder-based deep neural network based on electromyography measurements
Author(s): Yucheng Wang; Chunhui Wang; Zhonghui Wang; Xiaojie Wang; You Li
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Soft capacitive sensors for measurement of both positive and negative pressures
Author(s): Hongyang Shi; Thassyo Pinto; Yiheng Zhang; Chuan Wang; Xiaobo Tan
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Atomistic molecular dynamics study to investigate thermal response of cellulose nanofibrils using GROMACS
Author(s): Ruth M. Muthoka; MD Imrul Reza Shishir; Hyun Chan Kim; Jung Woong Kim; Jaehwan Kim
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