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Medical Imaging 2018: Ultrasonic Imaging and Tomography
Editor(s): Neb Duric; Brett C. Byram
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Volume Number: 10580
Date Published: 14 June 2018

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Front Matter: Volume 10580
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Acoustic and optical compensated, full-ring photoacoustic tomography: a simulation study (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Alexander Pattyn; Yan Yan; Mohammad Mehrmohammadi
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Joint image reconstruction of initial pressure distribution and acoustic parameters in elastic media with application to transcranial photoacoustic tomography (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Joemini Poudel; Thomas P. Matthews; Mark A. Anastasio
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An advanced photoacoustic tomography system based on a ring geometry design
Author(s): Suhail Alshahrani; Yan Yan; Ivan Avrutsky; Eugene Malyarenko; Mark Anastasio; Mohammad Mehrmohammadi
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Perfusion flow phantoms with randomly oriented microchannels
Author(s): Mark K. George; Jaime E. Tierney; Adam C. Luchies; Kathryn A. Ozgun; Shannon Faley; Leon M. Bellan; Brett C. Byram
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Imaging biomarker development based on microbubble perfusion and oxygen saturation in a rat model of liver cancer
Author(s): Mohamed A. Naser; Nina Munoz; Diego R. T. Sampaio; Houra Taghavi; Trevor Mitcham; Kiersten Maldonado; Charles Kingsley; Rony Avritscher; Richard Bouchard
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Combining adaptive demodulation with singular value decomposition filtering for improved non-contrast perfusion ultrasound imaging
Author(s): Jaime E. Tierney; Mark George; Crystal Coolbaugh; Theodore Towse; Brett C. Byram
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Respiratory compensation in contrast enhanced ultrasound using image clustering
Author(s): Kaizhi Wu; Liping Jiang; Zirong Yu; Qian Deng; Xiaorui Wu; Tingting Liu
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In vitro high-frame-rate contrast-enhanced ultrasound particle image velocimetry in a carotid artery stent
Author(s): Astrid M. Hoving; Jason Voorneveld; Evelien E. de Vries; Erik Groot Jebbink; Michel Versluis; Johan G. Bosch; Nico de Jong; Julia Mikhal; Gert J. de Borst; Cornelis H. Slump
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B-line detection using amplitude modulation-frequency modulation (AM-FM) features
Author(s): Gustavo Chau; Gabriela Mamani; Edmundo Pozo Fortunić; Sergio Serpa; Omar Zenteno; Dante Ramos; Gilberto Peña; Gilma Fredes; Elizabeth Chura; Eduardo Ticona; Haley Manella; Viveta Lobo; Jeremy Dahl; Benjamín V. Castañeda; Benjamín Castañeda; Roberto Lavarello
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Wavelet shrinkage-based adaptive compounding for improvement of SNR in high volume-rate ultrasound imaging
Author(s): Takashi Toyomura; Teiichiro Ikeda; Misaki Hiroshima; Peifei Zhu
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Synthetic recovery of the complete harmonic data set
Author(s): Nick Bottenus
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Real-time volumetric ultrasound imaging using free hand scanning
Author(s): Anton Nikolaev; Hendrik H. G. Hansen; Chris L. de Korte
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ADMIRE applied to fundamental and harmonic data acquired using a modern clinical platform
Author(s): Kazuyuki Dei; Adam Luchies; Brett Byram
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Suppressing off-axis scattering using deep neural networks
Author(s): Adam Luchies; Brett Byram
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Time-domain spectral-element ultrasound waveform tomography using a stochastic quasi-Newton method
Author(s): Christian Boehm; Naiara Korta Martiartu; Nicolas Vinard; Ivana Jovanović Balic; Andreas Fichtner
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Optimized transducer configuration for ultrasound waveform tomography in breast cancer detection
Author(s): Nicolas Vinard; Naiara Korta Martiartu; Christian Boehm; Ivana Jovanović Balic; Andreas Fichtner
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Solving the ultrasound inverse scattering problem of inhomogeneous media using different approaches of total least squares algorithms
Author(s): Anita Carević; Xingzhao Yun; Geunseop Lee; Ivan Slapničar; Ali Abdou; Jesse Barlow; Mohamed Almekkawy
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Reconstruction of ultrasound tomography for cancer detection using total least squares and conjugate gradient method
Author(s): Xingzhao Yun; Jiayu He; Anita Carevic; Ivan Slapnicar; Jesse Barlow; Mohamed Almekkawy
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Experimental evaluation of straight ray and bent ray phase aberration correction for USCT SAFT imaging
Author(s): T. Hopp; M. Zapf; H. Gemmeke; N. V. Ruiter
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Oil-gel-based phantom for mimicking wave refraction of breast in ultrasound computed tomography
Author(s): Atsuro Suzuki; Yushi Tsubota; Wenjing Wu; Kazuhiro Yamanaka; Takahide Terada; Kenichi Kawabata
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Animal study of high-speed iterative refraction calibration method for ultrasound computed tomography
Author(s): Yushi Tsubota; Atsuro Suzuki; Takahide Terada; Wenjing Wu; Kazuhiro Yamanaka; Kazuaki Sasaki; Masayuki Kobayashi; Ken-ichi Kawabata
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In vitro and in vivo evaluations of breast ultrasound tomography imaging system in HUST
Author(s): Mingyue Ding; Junjie Song; Liang Zhou; Shanshan Wang; Ming Yuchi
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USCT reference data base: conclusions from the first SPIE USCT data challenge and future directions
Author(s): Nicole V. Ruiter; Michael Zapf; Torsten Hopp; Hartmut Gemmeke; Koen W. A. van Dongen; Jorge Camacho; Joaquín L. Herraiz; Mailyn Perez Liva; Jose M. Udías
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Toward parallel optimal computation of ultrasound computed tomography using GPU
Author(s): Xia Sun; Shanshan Wang; Junjie Song; Liang Zhou; Yang Peng; Mingyue Ding; Ming Yuchi
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Ultrasound and photoacoustic imaging for enhanced image-guided endovenous laser ablation procedures
Author(s): Yan Yan; Samuel John; Mahboobeh Ghalehnovi; Loay Kabbani M.D.; Nicole A. Kennedy ; Mohammad Mehrmohammadi
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Ultrasound, elasticity, and photoacoustic imaging of cervix: towards a more accurate prediction of preterm delivery (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Yan Yan; Jiayin Dong; Adeel A. Siddiqu; Yashashree Majalikar; Maryam Basij; Edgar Hernandez-Andrade; Sonia Hassan; Mohammad Mehrmohammadi
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Combined phased-array ultrasound and photoacoustic endoscope for gynecologic cancer imaging applications
Author(s): Maryam Basij; Yan Yan; Suhail S. Alshahrani; Samaresh Sau; Arun Iyer; Shelly S. Seward; Jacob W. Burmeister; Michael Dominello; Mohammad Mehrmohammadi
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Assessment of blood oxygen saturation using spectroscopic photoacoustic imaging as a biomarker for disease progression in a small-animal leukemia model
Author(s): Cayla Wood; Karine Harutyunyan; Jorge De La Cerda; Caterina Kaffes; Niki Zacharias Millward; Sriram Shanmugavelandy; Marina Konopleva; Richard Bouchard
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Breast tissue characterization with sound speed and tissue stiffness imaging (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Cuiping Li; Gursharan Sandhu; Michael Boone; Neb Duric; Peter Littrup; Kenneth Bergman
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Volumetric breast density comparisons between waveform UST sound speed imaging and mammography (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Mark A. Sak; Neb Duric; Peter Littrup
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Ultrasound tomography for breast cancer screening (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Neb Duric; Peter Littrup; Mark Sak; Yash Sandhu; Cuiping Li
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Echographic measurement method of time-varying wall-shear-stress distribution for early arteriosclerosis detection
Author(s): Motochika Shimizu; Tomohiko Tanaka; Takashi Okada; Yoshinori Seki; Tomohide Nishiyama
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Speed of sound reconstruction for HIFU ultrasound thermometry using an ultrasound element: simulation study (Withdrawal Notice)
Author(s): Younsu Kim; Chloé Audigier; Nicholas Ellens; Emad M. Boctor
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K-means clustering for high-resolution, realistic acoustic maps
Author(s): Kevin Looby; Christopher Sandino; Tao Zhang; Shreyas Vasanawala; Jeremy Dahl
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Comparison of two approaches for attenuation imaging using the spectral log difference method: regularized inversion versus image filtering
Author(s): Andres L. Coila; Roberto J. Lavarello Montero
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Spectral analysis of ultrasound radiofrequency backscatter for the identification of five tissue types found in and around the paravertebral space
Author(s): Asher Haggard; Jon D. Klingensmith; Russell J. Fedewa; Kenneth Cummings; Sean DeGrande; D. Geoffrey Vince; Hesham Elsharkawy
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Automated registration and stitching of multiple 3D ultrasound images for monitoring neonatal intraventricular hemorrhage
Author(s): A. Harris; S. de Ribaupierre M.D.; L. Gardi; A. Fenster; J. Kishimoto
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Investigation of priors mismatch in ultrasound tomographic reconstruction
Author(s): Diego Armando Cardona Cardenas; Sergio Shiguemi Furuie
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Ultrasound segmentation of rat hearts using convolution neural networks
Author(s): James D. Dormer; Rongrong Guo; Ming Shen; Rong Jiang; Mary B. Wagner; Baowei Fei
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In vivo ultrasonic measures of skin layer thicknesses at various body locations and postures
Author(s): Sarah E. Cameron; Paola A. D'Angelo; Margaret A. Auerbach; John W. Ramsay
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