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Target and Background Signatures III
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Volume Number: 10432
Date Published: 17 November 2017

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Front Matter: Volume 10432
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Spectral characterization of natural backgrounds
Author(s): Max Winkelmann
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Angular dependance of spectral reflection for different materials
Author(s): Pascal M. Kiefer
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Optical polarization: background and camouflage
Author(s): Christina Åkerlind; Tomas Hallberg; Johan Eriksson; Hans Kariis; David Bergström
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Selected issues connected with determination of requirements of spectral properties of camouflage patterns
Author(s): František Racek; Adam Jobánek; Teodor Baláž; Jaroslav Krejčí
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Evaluation of camouflage pattern performance of textiles by human observers and CAMAELEON
Author(s): Daniela H. Heinrich; Gorm K. Selj
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Hyperspectral discrimination of camouflaged target
Author(s): Vojtěch Bárta; František Racek
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Hyperspectral target detection analysis of a cluttered scene from a virtual airborne sensor platform using MuSES
Author(s): Corey D. Packard; Timothy S. Viola; Mark D. Klein
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Hyperheat: a thermal signature model for super- and hypersonic missiles
Author(s): S. A. van Binsbergen; B. van Zelderen; R. G. Veraar; F. Bouquet; W. H. C. Halswijk; H. M. A. Schleijpen
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Infrared measurements of launch vehicle exhaust plumes
Author(s): Caroline Schweitzer; Phillip Ohmer; Norbert Wendelstein; Karin Stein
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Simulation of an oil film at the sea surface and its radiometric properties in the SWIR
Author(s): Frédéric Schwenger; Alexander M. J. Van Eijk
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Examination of soldier target recognition with direct view optics
Author(s): Frederick H. Long; Gabriella Larkin; Danielle Bisordi; Shauna Dorsey; Damien Marianucci; Lashawnta Goss; Michael Bastawros; Paul Misiuda; Glenn Rodgers; John P. Mazz
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Dependency of human target detection performance on clutter and quality of supporting image analysis algorithms in a video surveillance task
Author(s): Samuel Huber; Patrick Dunau; Peter Wellig; Karin Stein
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Mirage: a visible signature evaluation tool
Author(s): Joanne B. Culpepper; Alaster J. Meehan; Q. T. Shao; Noel Richards
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Comparing synthetic imagery with real imagery for visible signature analysis: human observer results
Author(s): Joanne B. Culpepper; Noel Richards; Christopher S. Madden; Neal Winter; Vivienne C. Wheaton
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Target acquisition modeling over the exact optical path: extending the EOSTAR TDA with the TOD sensor performance model
Author(s): J. Dijk; P. Bijl; M. Oppeneer; R.J.M. ten Hove; M. van Iersel
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Automatic target recognition and detection in infrared imagery under cluttered background
Author(s): Erhan Gundogdu; Aykut Koç; A. Aydın Alatan
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Video change detection for fixed wing UAVs
Author(s): Jan Bartelsen; Thomas Müller; Jochen Ring; Klaus Mück; Stefan Brüstle; Bastian Erdnüß; Bastian Lutz; Theresa Herbst
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Automatic visibility retrieval from thermal camera images
Author(s): Céline Dizerens; Beat Ott; Peter Wellig; Stefan Wunderle
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A comparative study on methods of improving SCR for ship detection in SAR image
Author(s): Haitao Lang; Hongji Shi; Yunhong Tao; Li Ma
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SAR image dataset of military ground targets with multiple poses for ATR
Author(s): Carole Belloni; Alessio Balleri; Nabil Aouf; Thomas Merlet; Jean-Marc Le Caillec
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Automatic x-ray image segmentation and clustering for threat detection
Author(s): Odysseas Kechagias-Stamatis; Nabil Aouf; David Nam; Carole Belloni
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Small target detection using objectness and saliency
Author(s): Naiwen Zhang; Yang Xiao; Zhiwen Fang; Jian Yang; Li Wang; Tao Li
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An object detection and tracking system for unmanned surface vehicles
Author(s): Jian Yang; Yang Xiao; Zhiwen Fang; Naiwen Zhang; Li Wang; Tao Li
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Airport object extraction based on visual attention mechanism and parallel line detection
Author(s): Jing Lv; Wen Lv; Libao Zhang
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