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Image and Signal Processing for Remote Sensing XXIII
Editor(s): Lorenzo Bruzzone
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Volume Number: 10427
Date Published: 22 January 2018

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Front Matter: Volume 10427
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Bulk processing of the Landsat MSS/TM/ETM+ archive of the European Space Agency: an insight into the level 1 MSS processing
Author(s): Sébastien Saunier; Amy Northrop; Samantha Lavender; Luca Galli; Riccardo Ferrara; Stefano Mica; Roberto Biasutti; Philippe Goryl; Ferran Gascon; Marco Meloni
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Fast and accurate denoising method applied to very high resolution optical remote sensing images
Author(s): Antoine Masse; Sébastien Lefèvre; Renaud Binet; Stéphanie Artigues; Pierre Lassalle; Gwendoline Blanchet; Simon Baillarin
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Sen2Cor for Sentinel-2
Author(s): Magdalena Main-Knorn; Bringfried Pflug; Jerome Louis; Vincent Debaecker; Uwe Müller-Wilm; Ferran Gascon
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Resolution enhancement of DEM using photometric stereo method in time-varying shadowed region
Author(s): SungHyun Moon; Han-Lim Choi
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Benefits of haze removal for modulation-based pansharpening
Author(s): Simone Lolli; Luciano Alparone; Andrea Garzelli; Gemine Vivone
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The effect of denoising on superresolution of hyperspectral imaging
Author(s): Armin Eskandari; Azam Karami
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New developments in super-resolution for GaoFen-4
Author(s): Feng Li; Jie Fu; Lei Xin; Yuhong Liu; Zhijia Liu
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Aggregation of Sentinel-2 time series classifications as a solution for multitemporal analysis
Author(s): Stanislaw Lewiński; Artur Nowakowski; Radek Malinowski; Marcin Rybicki; Ewa Kukawska; Michał Krupiński
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Semi-autonomous remote sensing time series generation tool
Author(s): Dinesh Kumar Babu; Christof Kaufmann; Marco Schmidt; Thorsten Dahms; Christopher Conrad
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A theoretical Gaussian framework for anomalous change detection in hyperspectral images
Author(s): Nicola Acito; Marco Diani; Giovanni Corsini
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Uncertainty analysis of in-flight spectral calibration for hyperspectral imaging spectrometers
Author(s): Huijie Zhao; Ruonan Geng; Guorui Jia; Daming Wang
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Evaluation of dimensionality reduction techniques in hyperspectral imagery and their application for the classification of terrestrial ecosystems
Author(s): Edurne Ibarrola-Ulzurrun; Javier Marcello-Ruiz; Consuelo Gonzalo-Martín
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Classification of hyperspectral images using unsupervised support vector machine
Author(s): Sayyed Ashkan Adibi; Mohammad Hassani; Azam Karami
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Nearest neighbor-density-based clustering methods for large hyperspectral images
Author(s): Claude Cariou; Kacem Chehdi
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Maximum auto-mutual-information factor analysis (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Allan A. Nielsen
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Hyperspectral image classification using nonsubsampled shearlet transform
Author(s): Mohamad Reza Soleimanzadeh; Azam Karami
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Blind estimation of blur in hyperspectral images
Author(s): Mo Zhang; Benoit Vozel; Kacem Chehdi; Mykhail Uss; Sergey Abramov; Vladimir Lukin
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Hyperspectral image denoising and anomaly detection based on low-rank and sparse representations
Author(s): Lina Zhuang; Lianru Gao; Bing Zhang; José M. Bioucas-Dias
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Target detection with compressive sensing hyperspectral images
Author(s): Yaniv Oiknine; Daniel Gedalin; Isaac August; Dan G. Blumberg; Stanley R. Rotman; Adrian Stern
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Convolutional neural networks for estimating spatially distributed evapotranspiration
Author(s): Angel M. García-Pedrero; Consuelo Gonzalo-Martín; Mario F. Lillo-Saavedra; Dionisio Rodriguéz-Esparragón; Ernestina Menasalvas
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An approach to conifer stem localization and modeling in high density airborne LiDAR data
Author(s): A. Harikumar; F. Bovolo; L. Bruzzone
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Comparative study of building footprint estimation methods from LiDAR point clouds
Author(s): E. Rozas; F. F. Rivera; J. C. Cabaleiro; T. F. Pena; D. L. Vilariño
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Increasing the UAV data value by an OBIA methodology
Author(s): Angel García-Pedrero; Mario Lillo-Saavedra; Dionisio Rodriguez-Esparragon; Alejandro Rodriguez-Gonzalez; Consuelo Gonzalo-Martin
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Object-based image analysis for cadastral mapping using satellite images
Author(s): D. Kohli; S. Crommelinck; R. Bennett; M. Koeva; C. Lemmen
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Integrating support vector machines and random forests to classify crops in time series of Worldview-2 images
Author(s): A. Zafari; R. Zurita-Milla; E. Izquierdo-Verdiguier
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On the interest of the spectral bands in the automatic selection of high quality MODIS data through spatial pattern identification
Author(s): Cristina Domingo-Marimon; Lluís Pesquer; Natalia Gómez-Carbajo; María-Teresa Jiménez-Diaz; Xavier Pons
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Analysis of signal-dependent sensor noise on JPEG 2000-compressed Sentinel-2 multi-spectral images
Author(s): M. Uss; B. Vozel; V. Lukin; K. Chehdi
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Using the time shift in single pushbroom datatakes to detect ships and their heading
Author(s): Katharina A. M. Willburger; Kurt Schwenk
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Comparison of different detection methods for persistent multiple hypothesis tracking in wide area motion imagery
Author(s): Christine Hartung; Raphael Spraul; Tobias Schuchert
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Ship detection leveraging deep neural networks in WorldView-2 images
Author(s): T. Yamamoto; Y. Kazama
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A novel class sensitive hashing technique for large-scale content-based remote sensing image retrieval
Author(s): Thomas Reato; Begüm Demir; Lorenzo Bruzzone
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A filtering framework for SAR data based on nongaussian statistics and pixel clustering
Author(s): Anca Cristea; Anthony P. Doulgeris; Torbjørn Eltoft
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Computational efficient unsupervised coastline detection from single-polarization 1-look SAR images of complex coastal environments
Author(s): Andrea Garzelli; Claudia Zoppetti; Gianpaolo Pinelli
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Time domain SAR raw data simulation using CST and image focusing of 3D objects
Author(s): Adnan Saeed; Olaf Hellwich
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L1 regularization recovered SAR images based interferometric SAR imaging via complex approximated message passing
Author(s): Chenyang Wu; Hui Bi; Bingchen Zhang; Yun Lin; Wen Hong
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Automatic detection of subglacial lakes in radar sounder data acquired in Antarctica
Author(s): Ana-Maria Ilisei; Mahdi Khodadadzadeh; Emanuele Dalsasso; Lorenzo Bruzzone
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Automatic identification of non-reflective subsurface targets in radar sounder data based on morphological profile
Author(s): Mahdi Khodadadzadeh; Ana-Maria Ilisei; Lorenzo Bruzzone
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Application of asymmetric mapping and selective filtering (AM and SF) method to Cosmo/SkyMed images by implementation of a selective blocks approach for ship detection optimization in SEASAFE framework
Author(s): D. Loreggia; F. Tataranni; P. Trivero; W. Biamino; L. Di Matteo
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Implementing and validating of pan-sharpening algorithms in open-source software
Author(s): Paúl Pesántez-Cobos; Fulgencio Cánovas-García; Francisco Alonso-Sarría
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Verification of the test stand for microbolometer camera in accredited laboratory
Author(s): Michal Krupiński; Jaroslaw Bareła; Krzysztof Chmielewski; Mariusz Kastek
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A high resolution imaging algorithm for synthetic aperture interferometric radiometers in near-field
Author(s): Tao Zheng; Fei Hu; Feng He; Xiaohui Peng; Hao Hu
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The laboratory demonstration and signal processing of the inverse synthetic aperture imaging ladar
Author(s): Si Gao; ZengHui Zhang; XianWen Xu; WenXian Yu
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Ground-based automated radiometric calibration system in Baotou site, China
Author(s): Ning Wang; Chuanrong Li; Lingling Ma; Yaokai Liu; Fanrong Meng; Yongguang Zhao; Bo Pang; Yonggang Qian; Wei Li; Lingli Tang; Dongjin Wang
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Supervised classification of remotely sensed images using Bayesian network models and Kruskal algorithm
Author(s): Radja Kheddam; Youcef Boudissa; Aichouche Belhadj-Aissa
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Progressive sample processing of band selection for hyperspectral imagery
Author(s): Keng-Hao Liu; Hung-Chang Chien; Shih-Yu Chen
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Feature extraction and descriptor calculation methods for automatic georeferencing of Philippines' first microsatellite imagery
Author(s): M. E. A. Tupas; J. A. Dasallas; B. J. D. Jiao; B. J. P. Magallon; J. N. H. Sempio; M. K. F. Ramos; R. K. D. Aranas; A. M. Tamondong
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Sub-aperture analysis to measure directivity and isotropy in pol-CSAR
Author(s): Fei-teng Xue; Yun Lin; Bingchen Zhang; Wenjie Shen; Yue Zhao; Wen Hong
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Small real time detection satellites for MDA using hyperspectral imaging
Author(s): Daiki Nakaya; Hiroki Yanagida; Satori Shin; Tomonori Ito; Yusuke Takeuchi
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Analysis of the SNR and sensing ability of different sensor types in a LIDAR system
Author(s): Gyudong Choi; Munhyun Han; Hongseok Seo; Bongki Mheen
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Estimating the number of endmembers in hyperspectral imagery using accumulated convex hull vertex and similarity measure
Author(s): Kang-Pei Wu; Hong-Chao Teng; Jee-Cheng Wu
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Research of generalized wavelet transformations of Haar correctness in remote sensing of the Earth
Author(s): Maretta Kazaryan; Mihail Shakhramanyan; Roumen Nedkov; Andrey Richter; Denitsa Borisova; Nataliya Stankova; Iva Ivanova; Mariana Zaharinova
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Multisource data fusion for documenting archaeological sites
Author(s): Vladimir Knyaz; Alexander Chibunichev; Denis Zhuravlev
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Multispectral image enhancement processing for microsat-borne imager
Author(s): Jianying Sun; Zheng Tan; Qunbo Lv; Linlin Pei
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High efficient optical remote sensing images acquisition for nano-satellite: reconstruction algorithms
Author(s): Yang Liu; Feng Li; Lei Xin; Jie Fu; Puming Huang
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Output MSE and PSNR prediction in DCT-based lossy compression of remote sensing images
Author(s): Ruslan A. Kozhemiakin; Sergey K. Abramov; Vladimir V. Lukin; Benoit Vozel; Kacem Chehdi
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