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Remote Sensing for Agriculture, Ecosystems, and Hydrology XIX
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Volume Number: 10421
Date Published: 15 November 2017

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Front Matter: Volume 10421
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Automated flood extent identification using WorldView imagery for the insurance industry
Author(s): Christina Geller
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Flood monitoring technique based on RGB composite imagery using MODIS data
Author(s): H.-J. Ban; Y.-J. Kwon; S. Hong
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Calibration and validation of a semi-distributed hydrological model in the Amur River Basin using remote sensing data
Author(s): Shilun Zhou; Wanchang Zhang
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Multisensor satellite data for water quality analysis and water pollution risk assessment: decision making under deep uncertainty with fuzzy algorithm in framework of multimodel approach
Author(s): Yuriy V. Kostyuchenko; Yulia Sztoyka; Ivan Kopachevsky; Igor Artemenko; Maxim Yuschenko
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Modelling spatial and temporal variability of hydrologic impacts under climate changes over the Nenjiang River Basin, China
Author(s): Hao Chen; Wanchang Zhang
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Possibilities of water quality monitoring with the use of different remote sensed data sources (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Malgorzata Slapinska
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Validation of a global satellite rainfall product for real time monitoring of meteorological extremes
Author(s): Fulgencio Cánovas-García; Sandra García-Galiano; Negar Karbalaee
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Assessment of TRMM 3B43 product for drought monitoring in Singapore
Author(s): Mou Leong Tan; Vivien P. Chua; Kok Chooi Tan; K. Brindha
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Evaluation of TRMM 3B42V7 product on extreme precipitation measurements over peninsular Malaysia
Author(s): Jacquoelyne Paska; Alvin M. S. Lau; Mou Leong Tan; Kok Chooi Tan
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Continuous monitoring of evapotranspiration (ET) overview of LSA-SAF evapotranspiration products
Author(s): A. Arboleda; N. Ghilain; F. Gellens-Meulenberghs
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Surface temperature estimated with Landsat 8 images and geostatistical tools in the northwestern São Paulo state
Author(s): Antônio H. C. de C. Teixeira; Fernando B. T. Hernandez; Janice F. Leivas; Daniel N. C. Nuñez; Renato F. A. Momesso
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Assessing actual evapotranspiration via surface energy balance aiming to optimize water and energy consumption in large scale pressurized irrigation systems
Author(s): H. Awada; G. Ciraolo; A. Maltese; M. A. Moreno Hidalgo; G. Provenzano; J. I. Còrcoles
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A random forest and superpixels approach to sharpen thermal infrared satellite imagery
Author(s): Mario Lillo-Saavedra; Angel García-Pedrero; Dionisio Rodriguez-Esparragón; Consuelo Gonzalo-Martín
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Low-cost photonic sensors for carbon dioxide exchange rate measurement
Author(s): Marcin S. Bieda; Piotr Sobotka M.D.; Piotr Lesiak; Tomasz R. Woliński
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Determination of the actual evapotranspiration by using remote sensing methods
Author(s): Eser Bora
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Spectral response of healthy and damaged leaves of tropical seagrass Enhalus acoroides, Thalassia hemprichii, and Cymodocea rotundata
Author(s): Pramaditya Wicaksono; Muhammad Kamal
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A new comprehensive index for drought monitoring with TM data
Author(s): Yuanyuan Wang
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Spectro-spatial relationship between UAV derived high resolution DEM and SWIR hyperspectral data: application to an ombrotrophic peatland
Author(s): J. Pablo Arroyo-Mora; Margaret Kalacska; Oliver Lucanus; Raymond Soffer; George Leblanc
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Directional optical transmission through a sand layer: a preliminary laboratory experiment
Author(s): Jia Tian; William D. Philpot
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Light transmission through a sand layer: modeling changes due to illumination direction
Author(s): William Philpot; Jia Tian
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Elevation effect on TVDI-based soil moisture retrieval algorithm using MODIS LST and NDVI products
Author(s): Young-Joo Kwon; Hyunju Ban; Sungwook Hong
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Modeling soil organic matter (SOM) from satellite data using VISNIR-SWIR spectroscopy and PLS regression with step-down variable selection algorithm: case study of Campos Amazonicos National Park savanna enclave, Brazil
Author(s): O. Rosero-Vlasova; D. Borini Alves; L. Vlassova; F. Perez-Cabello; R. Montorio Lloveria
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Mapping forest disturbance and recovery for forest dynamics over large areas using Landsat time-series remote sensing
Author(s): Huy Trung Nguyen; Mariela Soto-Berelov; Simon D. Jones; Andrew Haywood; Samuel Hislop
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Comparison of leaf-on and leaf-off ALS data for mapping riparian tree species
Author(s): Marianne Laslier; Antoine Ba; Laurence Hubert-Moy; Simon Dufour
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Determination of the ecological connectivity between landscape patches obtained using the knowledge engineer (expert) classification technique
Author(s): Serdar Selim; Namik Kemal Sonmez; Isin Onur; Mesut Coslu
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Water and vegetation indices by using MODIS products for eucalyptus, pasture, and natural ecosystems in the eastern São Paulo state, Southeast Brazil
Author(s): Antônio H. de C. Teixeira; Janice F. Leivas; Carlos C. Ronquim; Edlene A. M. Garçon; Gustavo Bayma-Silva
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Pilot utilization plan for satellite data-based service for agriculture in Poland
Author(s): Martyna Gatkowska; Karol Paradowski; Karolina Wróbel
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Temporal analysis of vegetation indices related to biophysical parameters using Sentinel 2A images to estimate maize production
Author(s): Lucas Saran Macedo; Fernando Shinji Kawakubo
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Estimation of winter wheat canopy nitrogen density at different growth stages based on Multi-LUT approach
Author(s): Zhenhai Li; Na Li; Zhenhong Li; Jianwen Wang; Chang Liu
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Applications of Sentinel-2 data for agriculture and forest monitoring using the absolute difference (ZABUD) index derived from the AgroEye software (ESA)
Author(s): R. de Kok; P. Wężyk; M. Papież; L. Migo
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Evaluation and cross-comparison of vegetation indices for crop monitoring from sentinel-2 and worldview-2 images
Author(s): Emmanouil Psomiadis; Nicholas Dercas; Nicolas R. Dalezios; Nikolaos V. Spyropoulos
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Mapping agroecosystem zone using remote sensing for food security analysis in Bantul district Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta
Author(s): Sigit Heru Murti
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Estimation of leaf water contents from mid- and thermal infrared spectra by coupling genetic algorithm and partial least squares regression
Author(s): Muhammad Arshad; Saleem Ullah; Khurram Khurshid; Asad Ali
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Applying a particle filtering technique for canola crop growth stage estimation in Canada
Author(s): Abhijit Sinha; Weikai Tan; Yifeng Li; Heather McNairn; Xianfeng Jiao; Mehdi Hosseini
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Object-based land cover classification based on fusion of multifrequency SAR data and THAICHOTE optical imagery
Author(s): Chanika Sukawattanavijit; Panu Srestasathiern
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Water indicators based on SPOT 6 satellite images in irrigated area at the Paracatu River Basin, Brazil
Author(s): Janice F. Leivas; Antônio Heriberto de C. Teixeira; Gustavo Bayma-Silva; Edlene A. Monteiro Garçon; Carlos Cesar Ronquim
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Detection of a reservoir water level using shape similarity metrics
Author(s): Claudia Pipitone; Antonino Maltese; Gino Dardanelli; Fulvio Capodici; Mauro Lo Brutto; Goffredo La Loggia
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Study the impact of rainfall on the United Arab Emirates dams using remote sensing and image processing techniques
Author(s): Fatima A. Al Marzouqi; Shaikha A. Al Besher; Saeed H. Al Mansoori
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Monitoring total nitrogen content in soil of cultivated land based on hyperspectral technology
Author(s): Xiaohe Gu; Lizhi Wang; Liyan Zhang; Guijun Wang
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Remote sensing of soil organic matter of farmland with hyperspectral image
Author(s): Xiaohe Gu; Lei Wang; Guijun Yang; Liyan Zhang
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Multitemporal WorldView satellites imagery for mapping chestnut trees
Author(s): F. Marchetti; M. Arbelo; J. A. Moreno-Ruíz; P. A. Hernández-Leal; A. Alonso-Benito
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Evaluation of forest fires in Portugal Mainland during 2016 summer considering different satellite datasets
Author(s): A. C. Teodoro; A. Amaral
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Carpathian mountain forest vegetation and its responses to climate stressors
Author(s): Maria A. Zoran; Roxana S. Savastru; Dan M. Savastru; Marina N. Tautan; Laurentiu V. Baschir; Adrian I. Dida
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Comparison of different discriminant functions for mangrove species analysis in Matang Mangrove Forest Reserve (MMFR), Perak based on statistical approach
Author(s): Boon Chun Beh; Kok Chooi Tan; Mohd. Zubir Mat Jafri; Hwee San Lim
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Competition between agricultural, urban, and sand-mining areas at the Paraíba do Sul basin in southeastern Brazil
Author(s): Carlos C. Ronquim; Guilherme P. L. Cordeiro; Mariana de Amorim; Antônio H. de C. Teixeira; Janice F. Leivas; Sergio Galdino
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The fusion of satellite and UAV data: simulation of high spatial resolution band
Author(s): Agnieszka Jenerowicz; Katarzyna Siok; Malgorzata Woroszkiewicz; Agata Orych
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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) data analysis for fertilization dose assessment
Author(s): Antonis Kavvadias; Emmanouil Psomiadis; Maroulio Chanioti; Alexandros Tsitouras; Leonidas Toulios; Nicholas Dercas
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Changes in ecosystem service values in Zhoushan Island using remote sensing time series data
Author(s): Xiaoping Zhang; Yanpei Qin; Ying Lv; Guangwei Zhen; Fang Gong; Chaokui Li
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Combining optical remote sensing data with in-situ measurements in order to estimate vegetation parameters on agricultural fields and corresponding uncertainties
Author(s): Katharina Heupel; Daniel Spengler; Cornelia Weltzien
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Fusion of radar and optical data for mapping and monitoring of water bodies
Author(s): Agnieszka Jenerowicz; Katarzyn Siok
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Evaluation of crop development stages with TerraSAR-X backscatter signatures (2010-12) by using Growing Degree Days
Author(s): Atif Ishaq; René Pasternak; Christine Wessollek
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Contribution of the new satellites (Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2 and SPOT-6) to the coastal vegetation monitoring in the Pays de Brest (France)
Author(s): Halima Talab-Ou-Ali; Simona Niculescu; Vanessa Sellin; Christophe Bougault
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