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Videometrics, Range Imaging, and Applications XIV
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Volume Number: 10332
Date Published: 6 September 2017

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Front Matter: Volume 10332
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Development of a high-accuracy multi-sensor, multi-target coordinate metrology system using frequency scanning interferometry and multilateration
Author(s): B. Hughes; M. A. Campbell; A. J. Lewis; G. M. Lazzarini; N. Kay
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Rigorous accuracy assessment for 3D reconstruction using time-series Dual Fluoroscopy (DF) image pairs
Author(s): Kaleel Al-Durgham; Derek D. Lichti; Gregor Kuntze; Janet Ronsky
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Accurate characterisation of hole geometries by fringe projection profilometry
Author(s): Yuxiang Wu; Harshana G. Dantanarayana; Huimin Yue; Jonathan M. Huntley
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Optical aberrations in underwater photogrammetry with flat and hemispherical dome ports
Author(s): Fabio Menna; Erica Nocerino; Fabio Remondino
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Determining the beam directions for the laser illumination calibration
Author(s): Victoria A. Sablina; Anatoly I. Novikov; Michael B. Nikiforov
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Out of lab calibration of a rotating 2D scanner for 3D mapping
Author(s): Rainer Koch; Lena Böttcher; Maximilian Jahrsdörfer; Johannes Maier; Malte Trommer; Stefan May; Andreas Nüchter
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Novel short-pulse laser diode source for high-resolution 3D flash lidar
Author(s): Celine Canal; Arnaud Laugustin; Andreas Kohl; Olivier Rabot
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Methods for linear radial motion estimation in time-of-flight range imaging
Author(s): Lee Streeter
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Unsynchronized scanning with a low-cost laser range finder for real-time range imaging
Author(s): Isa Hatipoglu; Arie Nakhmani
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Comparison of calibration strategies for optical 3D scanners based on structured light projection using a new evaluation methodology
Author(s): Christian Bräuer-Burchardt; Sandy Ölsner; Peter Kühmstedt; Gunther Notni
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A photogrammetric technique for generation of an accurate multispectral optical flow dataset
Author(s): V. V. Kniaz
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Localisation accuracy of semi-dense monocular SLAM
Author(s): Kristiaan Schreve; Pieter G. du Plessies; Matthias Rätsch
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Investigation of indoor and outdoor performance of two portable mobile mapping systems
Author(s): Erica Nocerino; Fabio Menna; Fabio Remondino; Isabella Toschi; Pablo Rodríguez-Gonzálvez
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A generic point error model for TLS derived point clouds
Author(s): Mustafa Ozendi; Devrim Akca; Hüseyin Topan
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Precision analysis of triangulations using forward-facing vehicle-mounted cameras for augmented reality applications
Author(s): Stephan Schmid; Dieter Fritsch
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Real-time localization of mobile device by filtering method for sensor fusion
Author(s): Takashi Fuse; Keita Nagara
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Stereo vision for fully automatic volumetric flow measurement in urban drainage structures
Author(s): Ekaterina Sirazitdinova; Igor Pesic; Patrick Schwehn; Hyuk Song; Matthias Satzger; Dorothea Weingärtner; Marcus Sattler; Thomas M. Deserno
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Detecting imperceptible movements in structures by means of video magnification
Author(s): Celestino Ordóñez; Carlos Cabo; Silverio García-Cortés; Agustín Menéndez
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Lidar-based individual tree species classification using convolutional neural network
Author(s): Tomohiro Mizoguchi; Akira Ishii; Hiroyuki Nakamura; Tsuyoshi Inoue; Hisashi Takamatsu
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Accuracy evaluation of structure from motion surface 3D reconstruction
Author(s): Vladimir Knyaz; Sergey Zheltov
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Construction of a measuring vehicle for recording basic data of roads
Author(s): Marcus Wittig; Ronny Häupl; Tommy Hartmann; Ringo Lehmann; Dominik Wetzel; Wolfgang Kühn; Peter Hartmann
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Depth image super-resolution via semi self-taught learning framework
Author(s): Furong Zhao; Zhiguo Cao; Yang Xiao; Xiaodi Zhang; Ke Xian; Ruibo Li
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Work modeling of the scanning type laser radar in real-time
Author(s): Yevgeniy R. Muratov; Dmitry A. Kolchaev; Michael B. Nikiforov; Victoria A. Sablina
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Image fusion and enhancement using triangulated irregular networks
Author(s): G. Scarmana
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