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Integrated Photonics: Materials, Devices, and Applications IV
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Volume Number: 10249
Date Published: 20 June 2017

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Front Matter: Volume 10249
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Co-integrating plasmonics with Si3N4 photonics towards a generic CMOS compatible PIC platform for high-sensitivity multi-channel biosensors: the H2020 PlasmoFab approach (Conference Presentation) (Withdrawal Notice)
Author(s): Dimitris M. Tsiokos; George Dabos; Dimitra Ketzaki; Jean-Claude Weeber; Laurent Markey; Alain Dereux; Anna Lena Giesecke; Caroline Porschatis; Bartos Chmielak; Thorsten Wahlbrink; Karl Rochracher; Nikos Pleros
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Polymer ring resonator based devices prepared by DLW
Author(s): D. Jandura; D. Pudis; P. Gaso; M. Goraus
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Silicon subwavelength structures for communications and sensing (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Robert Halir; Juan Manuel Luque-González; Gonzalo Wangüemert-Pérez; Alejandro Ortega-Moñux; Dan-Xia Xu; Jens H. Schmid; Pavel Cheben; Íñigo Molina-Fernández
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Robust integration schemes for junction-based modulators in a 200mm CMOS compatible silicon photonic platform (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Bertrand Szelag; Alexis Abraham; Stéphane Brision; Paul Gindre; Benjamin Blampey; André Myko; Segolene Olivier; Christophe Kopp
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Strain-induced Pockels effect in silicon waveguides (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Mathias Berciano; Pedro Damas; Guillaume Marcaud; Xavier Le Roux; Paul Crozat; Carlos Alonso-Ramos; Daniel Benedikovic; Delphine Marris-Morini; Eric Cassan; Laurent Vivien
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Mid- and near-infrared Si waveguides for sensing applications (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Carlos A. Alonso-Ramos; Xavier Le Roux; Daniel Benedikovic; Vladyslav Vakarin; Elena Durán-Valdeiglesias; Diego Pérez-Galacho; Eric Cassan; Delphine Marris-Morini; Pavel Cheben; Laurent Vivien
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High sensitivity liquid sensing by optimized slot photonic crystal ring resonator
Author(s): R. Jannesari; T. Grille; U. Hedenig; B. Jakoby
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3D ring resonator prepared by laser lithography embedded in PDMS
Author(s): P. Gaso; D. Jandura; D. Pudis; I. Lettrichová
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Towards an integrated squeezed light source
Author(s): Tobias Gehring; Ulrich B. Hoff; Timur Iskhakov; Ulrik L. Andersen
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Optical signal processing and tracking of whispering gallery modes in real-time for sensing applications
Author(s): Amir R. Ali; Amr N. Afifi; Hazem Taha
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Noninvasive monitoring and control in silicon photonics
Author(s): Andrea Annoni; Douglas Oliveira De Aguiar; Andrea Melloni; Emanuele Guglielmi; Marco Carminati; Giorgio Ferrari; Annika Buchheit; Hans-Dieter Wiemhöfer; Marina Muñoz-Castro; Charalambos Klitis; Marc Sorel; Francesco Morichetti
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Integrated photonics for infrared spectroscopic sensing
Author(s): Hongtao Lin; Derek Kita; Zhaohong Han; Peter Su; Anu Agarwal; Anupama Yadav; Kathleen Richardson; Tian Gu; Juejun Hu
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Characterizing the geometrical tolerances of optimized vertical-cavity thermal emitter stack configurations for the mid-infrared via Monte Carlo testing
Author(s): Gerald Pühringer; Bernhard Jakoby
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N-type induced junction black silicon photodiode for UV detection
Author(s): Mikko A. Juntunen; Juha Heinonen; Hannu S. Laine; Ville Vähänissi; Päivikki Repo; Anna Vaskuri; Hele Savin
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Progress in design and fabrication of resonator quantum well infrared photodetectors (R-QWIP) (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Jason N. Sun; Kwong-Kit Choi; Kimberley A. Olver; Richard X. Fu
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Equalizing Si photodetectors fabricated in standard CMOS processes
Author(s): E. Guerrero; J. Aguirre; C. Sánchez-Azqueta; G. Royo; C. Gimeno; S. Celma
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The increase in the starting torque of PMSM motor by applying of FOC method
Author(s): Kamil Plachta
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Infrared wire-grid polarizer with sol-gel zirconia grating
Author(s): Itsunari Yamada; Yoshiro Ishihara
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Diffusion doped p-i-n/p-n diodes for scalable silicon photonics devices
Author(s): Riddhi Nandi; Sreevatsa Kurudi; Bijoy Krishna Das
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Development of a fast steering mirror of large diameter
Author(s): Byoung Uk Nam; Hakin Gimm; Jung-Gon Kim; Gwang Tae Kim; Byung Un Kim
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Polymer based 3D photonic crystals applied on the surface of LEDs and photodiodes
Author(s): Dušan Pudiš; Matej Goraus; Marek Tłaczała; Peter Gašo; Jaroslav Kováč; Wojciech Dawidowski; Daniel Jandura; Ľuboš Šušlik; Jana Ďurišová; Ivana Lettrichová; Beata Ściana
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Modification of LED radiation pattern by implementation of 1D Fresnel structure in the surface
Author(s): Ivana Lettrichova; Dusan Pudis; Agata Laurencikova; Peter Gaso; Lubos Suslik; Daniel Jandura; Jozef Novak
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Photonic integrated circuit based on 1x2 multimode-interferometer-Fabry-Perot laser diode
Author(s): Hua Yang; Mingqi Yang; Alison Perrott; Zhengkai Jia; Frank H. Peters
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