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Medical Imaging 2017: Ultrasonic Imaging and Tomography
Editor(s): Neb Duric; Brecht Heyde
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Volume Number: 10139
Date Published: 17 April 2017

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Front Matter: Volume 10139
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Block matching and B-spline methods in deformation estimation in synthetic left ventricular model with nontransmural infarction
Author(s): J. Żmigrodzki; S. Cygan; K. Werys; B. Leśniak-Plewińska; M. Kowalski; K. Kałużyński
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Ultrasound elastography: efficient estimation of tissue displacement using an affine transformation model
Author(s): Hoda Sadat Hashemi; Mathieu Boily; Paul A. Martineau; Hassan Rivaz
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Dictionary learning-based spatiotemporal regularization for 3D dense speckle tracking
Author(s): Allen Lu; Maria Zontak; Nripesh Parajuli; John C. Stendahl; Nabil Boutagy; Melissa Eberle; Matthew O'Donnell; Albert J. Sinusas; James S. Duncan
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Imaging spatially varying biomechanical properties with neural networks
Author(s): Cameron Hoerig; Wendy Reyes; Léo Fabre; Jamshid Ghaboussi; Michael F. Insana
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Feasibility of pulse wave velocity estimation from low frame rate US sequences in vivo
Author(s): Maria Zontak; Matthew Bruce; Michelle Hippke; Alan Schwartz; Matthew O'Donnell
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Ultrasound computed tomography by frequency-shift low-pass filtering and least mean square adaptive filtering
Author(s): Shanshan Wang; Junjie Song; Yang Peng; Liang Zhou; Mingyue Ding; Ming Yuchi
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Multi-frequency accelerating strategy for the contrast source inversion method of ultrasound waveform tomography using pulse data
Author(s): Hongxiang Lin; Takashi Azuma; Xiaolei Qu; Shu Takagi
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3D frequency-domain ultrasound waveform tomography breast imaging
Author(s): Gursharan Yash Sandhu; Erik West; Cuiping Li; Olivier Roy; Neb Duric
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Breast imaging using waveform attenuation tomography
Author(s): Cuiping Li; Gursharan Yash Sandhu; Michael Boone; Neb Duric
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Joint reconstruction of the sound speed and initial pressure distributions for ultrasound computed tomography and photoacoustic computed tomography
Author(s): Thomas P. Matthews; Mark A. Anastasio
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Iterative image reconstruction in elastic inhomogenous media with application to transcranial photoacoustic tomography
Author(s): Joemini Poudel; Thomas P. Matthews; Kenji Mitsuhashi; Alejandro Garcia-Uribe; Lihong V. Wang; Mark A. Anastasio
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Tissue mimicking simulations for temporal enhanced ultrasound-based tissue typing
Author(s): Sharareh Bayat; Farhad Imani; Carlos D. Gerardo; Guy Nir; Shekoofeh Azizi; Pingkun Yan; Amir Tahmasebi; Storey Wilson; Kenneth A. Iczkowski; M. Scott Lucia; Larry Goldenberg; Septimiu E. Salcudean; Parvin Mousavi; Purang Abolmaesumi
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Improving the quantification of contrast enhanced ultrasound using a Bayesian approach
Author(s): Gaia Rizzo; Matteo Tonietto; Marco Castellaro; Bernd Raffeiner; Alessandro Coran; Ugo Fiocco; Roberto Stramare; Enrico Grisan
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Speed of sound estimation for thermal monitoring using an active ultrasound element during liver ablation therapy (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Younsu Kim; Chloé Audigier; Austin Dillow; Alexis Cheng; Emad M. Boctor
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Automated breast segmentation in ultrasound computer tomography SAFT images
Author(s): T. Hopp; W. You; M. Zapf; W. Y. Tan; H. Gemmeke; N. V. Ruiter
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Lateral velocity estimation bias due to beamforming delay errors (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Alfonso Rodriguez-Molares; Solveig Fadnes; Abigail Swillens; Lasse Løvstakken
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Particle image velocimetry on simulated 3D ultrafast ultrasound from pediatric matrix TEE transducers
Author(s): J. D. Voorneveld; D. Bera; A. F. W. van der Steen; N. de Jong; J. G. Bosch
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Estimation of left ventricular blood flow parameters: clinical application of patient-specific CFD simulations from 4D echocardiography
Author(s): David Larsson; Jeannette H. Spühler; Elif Günyeli; Tino Weinkauf; Johan Hoffman; Massimiliano Colarieti-Tosti; Reidar Winter; Matilda Larsson
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Optimal experimental design to position transducers in ultrasound breast imaging
Author(s): Naiara Korta Martiartu; Christian Boehm; Nicolas Vinard; Ivana Jovanović Balic; Andreas Fichtner
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Limited angle breast ultrasound tomography with a priori information and artifact removal
Author(s): Rungroj Jintamethasawat; Yunhao Zhu; Oliver D. Kripfgans; Jie Yuan; Mitchell M. Goodsitt; Paul L. Carson
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Improved misfit function for attenuation and speed reconstruction in ultrasound computed tomography
Author(s): M. Pérez-Liva; J. M. Udías; J. L. Herraiz
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Image reconstruction for ultrasound computed tomography by use of the regularized dual averaging method
Author(s): Thomas P. Matthews; Kun Wang; Cuiping Li; Neb Duric; Mark A. Anastasio
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Time of flight interpolated synthetic aperture focusing technique
Author(s): N. V. Ruiter; E. Kretzek; M. Zapf; T. Hopp; H. Gemmeke
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Backscattering analysis of high frequency ultrasonic imaging for ultrasound-guided breast biopsy
Author(s): Thomas Cummins; Takahiro Akiyama; Changyang Lee; Sue E. Martin; K. Kirk Shung
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Development of a high frequency single-element ultrasound needle transducer for anesthesia delivery
Author(s): Golafsoun Ameri; Jungik Son; Jingwei Liang; F. Stuart Foster; Sugantha Ganapathy; Terry M. Peters
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360-degree 3D transvaginal ultrasound system for high-dose-rate interstitial gynaecological brachytherapy needle guidance
Author(s): Jessica R. Rodgers; Kathleen Surry; David D'Souza M.D.; Eric Leung M.D.; Aaron Fenster
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Wave intensity analysis in mice: an ultrasound-based study in the abdominal aorta and common carotid artery
Author(s): N. Di Lascio; C. Kusmic; F. Stea; F. Faita
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A step towards measuring the fetal head circumference with the use of obstetric ultrasound in a low resource setting
Author(s): Thomas L. A. van den Heuvel; Hezkiel Petros M.D.; Stefano Santini M.D.; Chris L. de Korte; Bram van Ginneken
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Ultrasound tomography imaging with waveform sound speed: parenchymal changes in women undergoing tamoxifen therapy
Author(s): Mark Sak; Neb Duric; Peter Littrup; Mark Sherman; Gretchen Gierach
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Adaptive kernel regression for freehand 3D ultrasound reconstruction
Author(s): Abdel-Latif Alshalalfah; Mohammad I. Daoud; Mahasen Al-Najar
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Quantitative 3D high resolution transmission ultrasound tomography: creating clinically relevant images (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): James Wiskin; John Klock M.D.; Elaine Iuanow M.D.; Dave T. Borup; Robin Terry; Bilal H. Malik; Mark Lenox
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Speed of sound estimation for dual-stage virtual source ultrasound beamforming using point scatterers
Author(s): Manyou Ma; Robert Rohling; Lutz Lampe
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Phase-factor based beamforming to improve the visualization of hyper-echoic targets
Author(s): Bo Zhuang; Robert Rohling; Purang Abolmaesumi
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Aperture domain model image reconstruction (ADMIRE) with plane wave synthesis
Author(s): Kazuyuki Dei; Jaime Tierney; Brett Byram
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Minimum variance beamformers for coherent plane-wave compounding
Author(s): Nghia Q. Nguyen; Richard W. Prager
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Sequential CPWC: from ultrafast to ultralight
Author(s): Alfonso Rodriguez-Molares; Hans Torp; Boris Lippe; Lasse Løvstakken
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High resolution three-dimensional robotic synthetic tracked aperture ultrasound imaging: feasibility study
Author(s): Haichong K. Zhang; Ting Yun Fang; Rodolfo Finocchi; Emad M. Boctor
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An improved implementation of block matching for motion estimation in ultrasound imaging
Author(s): Fernando Mitsuyama Cardoso; Sergio Shiguemi Furuie
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Performance comparison of optical flow and block matching methods in shearing and rotating models
Author(s): Zhi Liu; Jianwen Luo
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Left ventricular phantoms with inclusions simulating transmural and non-transmural infarctions: FEM and EchoPAC study
Author(s): S. Cygan; M. Kumor; J. Żmigrodzki; B. Leśniak-Plewińska; M. Kowalski; K. Kałużyński
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Novel measurement setup for evaluation of left ventricle motion and strain tracking methods
Author(s): Beata Leśniak-Plewińska; Jakub Żmigrodzki; Szymon Cygan; Krzysztof Kałużyński
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Limb muscle sound speed estimation by ultrasound computed tomography excluding receivers in bone shadow
Author(s): Xiaolei Qu; Takashi Azuma; Hongxiang Lin; Hideki Takeuchi; Kazunori Itani; Satoshi Tamano; Shu Takagi; Ichiro Sakuma
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Non-stationary blind deconvolution of medical ultrasound scans
Author(s): Oleg V. Michailovich
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Increased clutter level in echocardiography due to specular reflection
Author(s): Ali Fatemi; Hans Torp; Svend Aakhus; Alfonso Rodriguez-Molares
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Region growing segmentation of ultrasound images using gradients and local statistics
Author(s): Isabela M. Mercado-Aguirre; Alberto Patiño-Vanegas; Sonia H. Contreras-Ortiz
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Respiratory motion correction of liver contrast-enhanced ultrasound sequences by selecting reference image automatically
Author(s): Ji Zhang; Yan-Rong Zhang; Juan Chen; Xiao-Hui Chen; Xiao-Li Zhong
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Estimating cardiac fiber orientations in pig hearts using registered ultrasound and MR image volumes
Author(s): James D. Dormer; Yuguang Meng; Xiaodong Zhang; Rong Jiang; Mary B. Wagner; Baowei Fei
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A comparison of automated versus manual segmentation of breast UST transmission images to measure breast volume and sound speed
Author(s): Mark Sak; Neb Duric; Peter Littrup; Katelyn Westerberg
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Thermoacoustic image reconstruction based on layered tissue model
Author(s): Hazel Bayıntır; Demet Elmas; Mithat İdemen; Banu Uzun; Mustafa Karaman
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Linking transducer transfer function with multi-pulse excitation photoacoustic response
Author(s): Maxim Cherkashin; Carsten Brenner; Widodo D. Putro; Benjamin Döpke; Nils C. Gerhardt; Martin R. Hofmann
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Broadband optoacoustic characterization of cMUT and PZT transducer directivity in receive mode
Author(s): Johannes Rebling; Omri Warshavski; Cyril Meynier; Daniel Razansky
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Photoacoustic simulation study of chirp excitation response from different size absorbers
Author(s): K. Jnawali; B. Chinni; V. Dogra; N. Rao
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Novel fluorescence nanobubbles for contrast-enhanced ultrasound imaging in rabbit VX2 hepatocellular carcinoma model
Author(s): Houqiang Yu; Wei Wang; Xiaoling He; Qibing Zhou; Mingyue Ding
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USCT data challenge
Author(s): Nicole V. Ruiter; Michael Zapf; Torsten Hopp; Hartmut Gemmeke; Koen W. A. van Dongen
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