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Selected Papers on Solar Radiation and Solar Thermal Systems
Editor(s): Donald E. Osborn
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Date Published: 1 August 1993
Pages: 638
ISBN: 9780819409843
Volume: MS54

Table of Contents
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Section One
Historical Papers in Solar Thermal
3 The utilization of solar energy A.S.E. Ackermann (Annual Report Smithsonian Institution 1915)
19 Evaluation of flat-plate solar-collector performance H.C. Hottel, A. Whillier (in Transactions of the Conference on the Use of Solar Energy 1955)
42 The derivations of several `plate-efficiency factors' useful in the design of flat-plate solar heat collectors R.W. Bliss, Jr. (Solar Energy 1957)
52 High-power solar installations V.A. Baum, R.R. Aparasi, B.A. Garf (Solar Energy 1957)
59 Satellite solar power station P.E. Glaser (Solar Energy 1968)
66 Is it time for a new look at solar energy? A.B. Meinel, M.P. Meinel (Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists 1971)
72 Using solar energy at the Sacramento Municipal Utility District D.E. Osborn (Solar Today 1992)
Section Two
Solar Radiation
79 The solar constant and its spectral distribution M. Iqbal (in An Introduction to Solar Radiation 1983)
92 ASTM Standard E 490-73a: Solar constant and air mass zero solar spectral irradiance tables anonymous (Annual Book of ASTM Standards 1991)
97 The interrelationship and characteristic distribution of direct, diffuse and total solar radiation B.Y.H. Liu, R.C. Jordan (Solar Energy 1960)
116 Spectral solar irradiance data sets for selected terrestrial conditions R. Hulstrom, R. Bird, C. Riordan (Solar Cells 1985)
130 Solar radiation measurement: techniques and instrumentation M.P. Thekaekara (Solar Energy 1976)
147 Solar radiometry instrumentation, calibration techniques, and standards G.A. Zerlaut (Solar Cells 1986)
155 Evaluation of selected models for estimating solar radiation on horizontal surfaces J.A. Davies, D.C. McKay (Solar Energy 1989)
171 Simple solar spectral model for direct and diffuse irradiance on horizontal and tilted planes at the earth's surface for cloudless atmospheres R.E. Bird, C. Riordan (Journal of Climate and Applied Meteorology 1986)
182 A new simplified version of the Perez diffuse irradiance model for tilted surfaces R. Perez, R. Seals, P. Ineichen, R. Stewart, D. Menicucci (Solar Energy 1987)
193 A design procedure for solar heating systems S.A. Klein, W.A. Beckman, J.A. Duffie (Solar Energy 1976)
208 Evaluation of hourly tilted surface radiation models D.T. Reindl, W.A. Beckman, J.A. Duffie (Solar Energy 1990)
Section Three
Solar Thermal Power
219 Concentrating collector systems C.A. Bankston (Assessment of Solar Energy Technologies 1989)
223 Principles of solar concentrators of a novel design R. Winston (Solar Energy 1974)
229 Optical and thermal properties of compound parabolic concentrators A. Rabl (Solar Energy 1976)
244 Performance model for two-stage optical concentrators for solar thermal applications J. O'Gallagher, R. Winston (Solar Energy 1988)
251 Focal plane flux distributions produced by solar concentrating reflectors J.A. Harris, W.S. Duff (Solar Energy 1981)
260 Performance analysis of a cylindrical parabolic focusing collector and comparison with experimental results M.W. Edenburn (Solar Energy 1976)
268 On the performance of cylindrical parabolic solar concentrators with flat absorbers D.L. Evans (Solar Energy 1977)
275 Development and applications of a two-dimensional optical analysis of non-perfect cylindrical concentrators J.C. Duran, R.O. Nicolas (Solar Energy 1985)
288 Analytical determination of the optical performance of practical parabolic trough collectors from design data S.M. Jeter (Solar Energy 1987)
299 Advances in parabolic trough technology in the SEGS plants Y. Harats, D. Kearney (in Proceedings of the 11th Annual ASME Solar Energy Conference 1989)
304 Analytical/experimental study of the optical performance of a transmittance-optimized linear Fresnel lens solar concentrator M.J. O'Neill, R.A. Waller (in Proceedings of the Annual Meeting, American Section of the International Solar Energy Society 1980)
309 Optical analysis of point focus parabolic radiation concentrators P. Bendt, A. Rabl (Applied Optics 1981)
319 Test results on parabolic dish concentrators for solar thermal power systems L.D. Jaffe (Solar Energy 1989)
334 Solar thermal central receivers L.L. Vant-Hull (University of Houston Energy Laboratory Newsletter 1989)
340 Power with heliostats A.F. Hildebrandt, L.L. Vant-Hull (Science 1977)
348 An educated ray trace approach to solar tower optics L.L. Vant-Hull (Optical Engineering 1977)
356 An analytical evaluation of the flux density due to sunlight reflected from a flat mirror having a polygonal boundary F.W. Lipps, M.D. Walzel (Solar Energy 1978)
Section Four
Solar Thermal Materials
367 Introduction to solar materials science R.S. Claassen, B.L. Butler (in Solar Materials Science 1980)
392 Characterization of the reflected beam profile of solar mirror materials R.B. Pettit (Solar Energy 1977)
401 Measurement of heliostat performance characteristics J.P. Thornton, D. Waddington (Journal of Solar Energy Engineering 1980)
413 Experimental evaluation of reflecting concentrator performance S.M. Jeter, T.E.P. Wechsler (in Proceedings of the 10th Annual ASME Solar Energy Conference 1988)
419 Stretched-membrane heliostat technology L.M. Murphy (Transactions of the ASME, Journal of Solar Energy Engineering 1986)
428 Advanced composites for stressed-membrane heliostats K. Ramohalli, B. Butler, G. Visvanathan (Energy 1987)
442 The development of stretched-membrane heliostats in the United States D.J. Alpert, R.M. Houser, A.A. Heckes, W.W. Erdman, K. Beninga, A. Konnerth III (Solar Energy Materials 1990)
452 Selective radiation. I. Wavelength discrimination H. Tabor (Transactions of the Conference on the Use of Solar Energy 1955)
460 Photothermal solar energy conversion and the optical properties of solids B.O. Seraphin, A.B. Meinel (in Optical Properties of Solids New Developments 1976)
482 National program plan for absorber surfaces R&D. Section 2: Technical assessment P.J. Call (Solar Energy Research Institute 1979)
502 Coatings for enhanced photothermal energy collection. I: Selective absorbers C.M. Lampert (Solar Energy Materials 1979)
513 Coatings for enhanced photothermal energy collection. II: Non-selective and energy control films C.M. Lampert (Solar Energy Materials 1979)
521 The surface microstructure optical properties relationship in solar absorbers: black chrome A. Ignatiev, P. O'Neill, G. Zajac (Solar Energy Materials 1979)
527 Use of sol-gel thin films in solar energy applications R.B. Pettit, C.J. Brinker (Solar Energy Materials 1986)
Section Five
Solar Ponds
539 Solar ponds: large-area collectors for power production H. Tabor (Solar Energy 1963)
545 The physics of the solar pond H. Weinberger (Solar Energy 1964)
557 Solar ponds for space heating A. Rabl, C.E. Nielsen (Solar Energy 1975)
569 A simple method to establish salt gradient solar ponds F. Zangrando (Solar Energy 1980)
572 Solar ponds H. Tabor (Solar Energy 1981)
586 Status of solar pond technology and requirements for successful applications C.E. Neilsen (in Progress in Solar Engineering 1987)
597 Engineering design of salt-gradient solar ponds for thermal and electric energy R.L. Reid (in Progress in Solar Engineering 1987)
612 Solar ponds today S.L. Sargent, J.F. Atkinson (International Solar Pond Letters 1990)

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