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Selected Papers on Color-Center Lasers
Editor(s): Kenneth James Teegarden
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Color-center physics has been an active field in solid state physics for almost seven decades. The color-center laser has played a major role in the development of the physics and technology of modern lasers and their applications. This collection of key papers is organized into three sections: the first section contains papers on the fundamental research that preceded the development of the color-center laser; the second section covers the discovery and development of the several types of lasers; the final section contains examples of applications of the color-center laser.

Book Details

Date Published: 2 June 2003
Pages: 574
ISBN: 9780819450012
Volume: MS176

Table of Contents
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xvii Preface (Kenneth J. Teegarden)

Section One:
Color-Center Physics

3 Farbzentren-Assoziate in Alkalihalogeniden H. Pick (Zeitschrift fur Physik 1960)

11 On the reversible optical conversion between A- and B-centers in colored KCl crystals Hiroshi Ohkura, Takeshi Uchida (Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 1960)

13 Farbzentrenassoziate mit (100)-Symmetrie (A und B-Zentren) Fritz Luty (Zeitschrift fur Physik 1961)

30 Zur Bildungskinetik der F-Folgezentren in KCl I. Die Assoziation von F-Zentren an einwertige Fremdkationen (FA-Zentrenbildung) Hermann Hartel, Fritz Luty (Zeitschrift fur Physik 1964)

38 Zur Bildungskinetik der F-Folgezentren in KCl Teil II. Die Assoziation von F-Zentren an zweiwertige Fremdkationen (Z1-Zentren-Bildung) Hermann Hartel, Fritz Luty (Zeitschrift fur Physik 1964)

50 Optische Eigenschaften von FA-Zentren in Alkalihalogeniden B. Fritz, F. Luty, G. Rausch (Physica Status Solidi 1965)

66 Ionized electron centers in alkali halide crystals Irwin Schneider, Herbert Rabin (Physical Review 1965)

75 MA centers in additively colored KCl Irwin Schneider (Physical Review Letters 1966)

78 Sodium and lithium MA centers in KCl I. Schneider (Solid State Communications 1966)

82 Optical properties and formation kinetics of M+ centers in NaF J. Nahum (Physical Review 1968)

86 Formation of F2+ centers in KI Alexander Kouvalis (Physical Review B 1970)

90 Reorientation of M centers in KCl Irwin Schneider (Physical Review Letters 1970)

93 The MA+ center in KCl Irwin Schneider (Solid State Communications 1971)

96 Reorientation of MA centers in KCl Irwin Schneider (Solid State Communications 1971)

99 The F2+ center in KCl crystals Part II: Optical properties and analogy with the H2+ molecule M.A. Aegerter, F. Luty (Physica Status Solidi (b) 1971)

116 Lithium-(F2+)A centers in alkali-halide crystals Irwin Schneider (Optics Letters 1981)

118 (F2+)A centers in additively colored lithium-doped KI and KBr David R. Foster, Irwin Schneider (Optics Letters 1986)

121 Optical properties and formation of oxygen-perturbed F2+ color center in NaCl Efstratios Georgiou, Joseph F. Pinto, Clifford R. Pollock (Physical Review B 1987)

131 F-aggregate color centers in sodium-doped KI Irwin Schneider (Optics Letters 1992)

134 Spectroscopic characteristics of color centers in LiF: F2+-OH , Mg2+ laser crystals Valerii V. Ter-Mikirtychev (Journal of Physics & Chemistry of Solids 1997)

Section Two:
Laser Development

The FA- and FB-Center Laser

145 Laser effect in KCl with FA(Li) centers B. Fritz, E. Menke (Solid State Communications 1965)

148 A broadly tunable cw laser using color centers L.F. Mollenauer, D.H. Olson (Applied Physics Letters 1974)

151 Broadly tunable lasers using color centers L.F. Mollenauer, D.H. Olson (Journal of Applied Physics 1975)

161 Distributed-feedback color center lasers in the 2.5 3.0- m region G.C. Bjorklund, L.F. Mollenauer, W.J. Tomlinson (Applied Physics Letters 1976)

164 Tunable cw laser operation in FB(II) type color center crystals G. Litfin, R. Beigang, H. Welling (Applied Physics Letters 1977)

166 Continuous-wave laser oscillation with extended tuning range in FA(II) FB(II) color-center crystals Klaus-P. Koch, Gerd Litfin, Herbert Welling (Optics Letters 1979)

169 Laser-active, defect-stabilized F2+ center in NaF:OH and dynamics of defect-stabilized center formation L.F. Mollenauer (Optics Letters 1981)

172 Optimization of FA(II) and FB(II) color-center lasers K.R. German (Journal of the Optical Society of America B 1986)

The F-Aggregate Center Laser

183 Generation of coherent radiation in F2 color centers in an LiF single crystal Yu. L. Gusev, S.N. Konoplin, S.I. Marennikov (Soviet Journal of Quantum Electronics 1977)

185 Laser action of M centers in lithium flouride Robert W. Boyd, James F. Owen, Kenneth J. Teegarden (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1978)

186 Dyelike lasers for the 0.9 2- m region using F2+ centers in alkali halides L.F. Mollenauer (Optics Letters 1977)

188 Broadly tunable cw lasers using F2+ centers for the 1.26 1.48 and 0.82 1.07 m bands L.F. Mollenauer, D.M. Bloom, A.M. DelGaudio (Optics Letters 1978)

191 Continuous-wave laser action of (F2+)A centers in sodium-doped KCl crystals Irwin Schneider, Michael J. Marrone (Optics Letters 1979)

194 F2+ center stabilization and tuneable laser operation in OH doped alkali halides W. Gellermann, F. Luty, K.-P. Koch, G. Litfin (Physica Status Solidi (a) 1980)

202 Room-temperature-stable, F2+-like center yields cw laser tunable over the 0.99 1.22- m range L.F. Mollenauer (Optics Letters 1980)

205 Tuneable laser operation of F2+ and (F2+)A centers in OH and SH doped alkali halides W. Gellerman, F. Luty, K.P. Koch, H. Welling (Optics Communications 1980)

210 Optical properties and stable, broadly tunable cw laser operation of new FA-type centers in Tl+-doped alkali halides W. Gellermann, F. Luty, C.R. Pollock (Optics Communications 1981)

215 Broadly tunable laser action beyond 3 um from (F2+)A centers in lithium- doped KI Irwin Schneider, Charles L. Marquardt (Optics Letters 1981)

217 Continuous tuning of a color-center laser between 2 and 4 um Irwin Schneider (Optics Letters 1982)

220 Color-center laser continuously tunable from 1.67 to 2.46 um Irwin Schneider, Steven C. Moss (Optics Letters 1983)

222 Room temperature visible distributed-feedback colour centre laser T. Kurobori, K. Inabe, N. Takeuchi (Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 1983)

225 Photodynamics and stability of laser active (F2+)A centers Irwin Schneider, Clifford R. Pollock (Journal of Applied Physics 1983)

231 Stable color-center laser in K-doped NaCl tunable from 1.42 to 1.76 um Joseph F. Pinto, Lawrence W. Stratton, Clifford R. Pollock (Optics Letters 1985)

234 Stable color-center laser in OH-doped NaCl operating in the 1.41- to 1.81- um region Joseph F. Pinto, Efstratios Georgiou, Clifford R. Pollock (Optics Letters 1986)

237 Tunable cw laser operation in the 1.45 2.16 um range based on F2+- like centers in O2 doped NaCl, KCl, and KBr crystals D. Wandt, W. Gellermann, F. Luty, H. Welling (Journal of Applied Physics 1987)

243 Formation, optical properties, and laser operation of F2 centers in LiF W. Gellermann, A. Muller, D. Wandt, S. Wilk, F. Luty (Journal of Applied Physics 1987)

250 Efficient cw color center laser operation in the 1.7 to 2.2 um range based on F2+-like centers in KCl:Na+:O2 crystals D. Wandt, W. Gellerman (Optics Communications 1987)

255 Stable, pulsed, color-center laser in pure KCl tunable from 1.23 to 1.35 um Efstratios Georgiou, Timothy J. Carrig, Clifford R. Pollock (Optics Letters 1988)

258 Optically induced reorientational aggregation and the stability of F2+ color-center lasers Irwin Schneider, Clifford R. Pollock (Optics Letters 1989)

261 The effect of auxiliary light on the performance of the NaCl:OH color center laser Timothy J. Carrig, Clifford R. Pollock (Journal of Applied Physics 1991)

265 Formation and optical properties of laser-active N2 centers in KCl Efstratios Georgiou, Clifford R. Pollock (Physical Review B 1991)

278 Development of high power cw KCl:Li (F2+)A color center lasers Robert S. Afzal, Irwin Schneider (Journal of Applied Physics 1991)

283 High output power cw tunable laser around 1.6 um S. Girard, E. Kawa, A. El Akrmi, J.L. Doualan, B. Rocher (Optics Communications 1993)

287 Stable laser based on color centers in the OH:NaCl crystal tunable in the range 1.4 to 1.7 um and operating at room temperature R. E. Matts (Quantum Electronics 1993)

290 Room-temperature-stable LiF:F3+ color-center laser with a two-mirror cavity T. Tsuboi, H.E. Gu (Applied Optics 1994)

293 Characteristics of the LiF:F3+ color center laser T. Tsuboi, V.V. Ter-Mikirtychev (Optics Communications 1995)

297 Efficient room-temperature tunable lasers and passive Q-switchers based on LiF:F2 crystals V.V. Ter-Mikirtychev (Optics Communications 1995)

301 Distributed-feedback color center lasers using N2 centers in KCl Toshio Kurobori, Hirotoshi Hibino, Yao Qiang Chen, Katsuyuki Inabe (Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 1995)

304 Stable room-temperature LiF:F2+* tunable color-center laser for the

830 1060-nm spectral range pumped by second-harmonic radiation from a neodymium laser V.V. Ter-Mikirtychev (Applied Optics 1995)

308 Ultrabroadband LiF:F2+* color center laser using two-prism spatially- dispersive resonator Valerii V. Ter-Mikirtychev, Taiju Tsubo (Optics Communications 1997)

311 Efficient room temperature LiF:F2+** color center laser tunable in

820 1210 nm range Alex Yu. Dergachev, Sergey B. Mirov (Optics Communications 1998)

316 Diode-pumped tunable room-temperature LiF:F2 color-center laser Valerii V. Ter-Mikirtychev (Applied Optics 1998)

320 Laser oscillation by the F3 and F2 color centers in LiF crystal at room temperature T. Tsuboi (Applied Physics B: Lasers and Optics 1999)

323 Alexandrite laser pumped LiF:F2 laser S.B. Mirov, V.V. Fedorov, L. Xie, B. Boczar, R. Frost, B. Pryor (Optics Communications 2001)

Section Three:

Short-Pulse Color-Center Lasers

333 Color-center laser generates picosecond pulses and several watts cw over the 1.24 1.45-um range L.F. Mollenauer, D.M. Bloom (Optics Letters 1979)

336 Tunable picosecond infrared pulse generation from a mode-locked FA(II) color-center laser L. Isganitis, Mark G. Sceats, K.R. German (Optics Letters 1980)

339 The soliton laser L.F. Mollenauer, R.H. Stolen (Optics Letters 1984)

342 Ultrashort pulses from the soliton laser F.M. Mitschke, L.F. Mollenauer (Optics Letters 1987)

345 Passively mode-locked color-center laser N. Langford, K. Smith, W. Sibbett (Optics Letters 1987)

348 Acousto-optic mode-locked soliton laser Joseph F. Pinto, Christopher P. Yakymyshyn, Clifford R. Pollock (Optics Letters 1988)

351 Improved mode locking of an F-center laser with a nonlinear nonsoliton external cavity K.J. Blow, B.P. Nelson (Optics Letters 1988)

354 Enhanced mode locking of color-center lasers P.N. Kean, X. Zhu, D.W. Crust, R.S. Grant, N. Langford, W. Sibbett (Optics Letters 1989)

357 Femtosecond pulse generation in a laser with a nonlinear external resonator J. Mark, L.Y. Liu, K.L. Hall, H.A. Haus, E.P. Ippen (Optics Letters 1989)

360 Group-velocity-dispersion compensation of a passively mode-locked ring LiF:F2+ color-center laser N. Langford, R.S. Grant, C.I. Johnston, K. Smith, W. Sibbett (Optics Letters 1989)

363 Multiple quantum well passive mode locking of a NaCl color center laser M.N. Islam, E.R. Sunderman, I. Bar-Joseph, N. Sauer, T.Y. Chang (Applied Physics Letters 1989)

366 Additive-pulse mode-locked NaCl:OH laser Christopher P. Yakymyshyn, Joseph F. Pinto, Clifford R. Pollock (Optics Letters 1989)

369 Frequency-doubled, additive-pulse, mode-locked NaCl:OH laser Christopher P. Yakymyshyn, Clifford R. Pollock (Optics Letters 1989)

372 Color center lasers passively mode locked by quantum wells Mohammed N. Islam, Elizabeth R. Sunderman, Carl E. Soccolich, I. Bar-Joseph, Nicholas Sauer, T.Y. Chang, B.I. Miller (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1989)

382 Spectral and temporal characterizations of coupled-cavity mode locking in a KCl:Tl color center laser Xiaonong Zhu, Peter N. Kean, Wilson Sibbett (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1989)

391 Femtosecond KCl:Li and RbCl:Li color-center lasers near 2.8 um with a HgCdTe multiple-quantum-well saturable absorber C.L. Cesar, M.N. Islam, C.E. Soccolich, R.D. Feldman, R.F. Austin, K.R. German (Optics Letters 1990)

394 Frequency-chirp compensation in a coupled-cavity mode-locked KCl:Tl laser X. Zhu, A. Finch, W. Sibbett (Journal of the Optical Society of America B 1990)

400 Bulk semiconductor saturable absorber for a NaCl color center laser C.E. Soccolich, M.N. Islam, M.G. Young, B.I. Miller (Applied Physics Letters 1990)

403 Experimental study of the primary mode-locking parameters of a coupled-cavity KCl:Tl color-center laser X. Zhu, W. Sibbett (Journal of the Optical Society of America B 1990)

408 Optical properties and synchronously pumped mode-locked 1.73 2.10 um tunable laser operation of (F2+)AH centers in KCl:Na+:O2 crystals K. Mollmann, F. Mitschke, W. Gellermann (Optics Communications 1991)

416 Self-starting of an additive-pulse mode-locked color-center laser Gregg Sucha (Optics Letters 1991)

419 Collision-induced pulse shortening in a mode-locked linear-cavity NaCl color-center laser with an InGaAs/InP multiple-quantum-well saturable absorber Wenbin Jiang, Stephen R. Friberg, Hidetoshi Iwamura, Yoshihisa Yamamoto (Optics Letters 1991)

422 Dynamics of synchronously pumped mode-locked color-center lasers W. Forysiak, J.V. Moloney (Physical Review A 1992)

436 Generation of high-power femtosecond pulses near 1.5 um using a color-center laser system Gregg Sucha, Sarah R. Bolton, Daniel S. Chemla (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1992)

449 Femtosecond pulses with high energies from a coupled-cavity saturable- absorber mode-locked KCl FA(Tl) color-center laser K. Mollmann, W. Gellermann, C.E. Soccolich, M.N. Islam (Optics Letters 1993)

452 Subpicosecond pulses near 1.9 um from a synchronously pumped color-center laser G. Steinmeyer, U. Morgner, M. Ostermeyer, F. Mitschke, H. Welling (Optics Letters 1993)

455 Self-mode-locked NaCl:OH color-center laser G.T. Kennedy, R.S. Grant, W. Sibbett (Optics Letters 1993)

458 Passive stabilization of a synchronously mode-locked NaCl color-center laser by coherent photon seeding K. Mollmann, W. Gellermann (Optics Letters 1994)

461 Subpicosecond and continuous-wave laser operation of (F2+)H and (F2+)AH color-center lasers in the 2- m range K. Mollmann, M. Schrempel, Bing-Kun Yu, W. Gellermann (Optics Letters 1994)

464 NaCl:OH color center laser modelocked by a novel bonded saturable Bragg reflector E.J. Mozdy, M.A. Jaspan, Zuhua Zhu, Yu-hwa Lo, C.R. Pollock, R. Bhat, Minghwei Hong (Optics Communications 1998) Optical Fiber Communications

469 Direct demonstration of distortionless picosecond-pulse propagation in kilometer-length optical fibers D.M. Bloom, L.F. Mollenauer, Chinlon Lin, D.W. Taylor, A.M. DelGaudio (Optics Letters 1979)

472 Experimental observation of picosecond pulse narrowing and solitons in optical fibers L.F. Mollenauer, R.H. Stolen, J.P. Gordon (Physical Review Letters 1980)

476 Observation of pulse restoration at the soliton period in optical fibers R.H. Stolen, L.F. Mollenauer, W.J. Tomlinson (Optics Letters 1983)

479 Extreme picosecond pulse narrowing by means of soliton effect in single- mode optical fibers L.F. Mollenauer, R.H. Stolen, J.P. Gordon, W.J. Tomlinson (Optics Letters 1983)

482 Passively mode locked femtosecond color center lasers in the erbium gain band C.E. Soccolich, M.N. Islam, K. Mollmann, W. Gellermann, K.R.German (Applied Physics Letters 1992) Single-Frequency Lasers and High-Resolution Spectroscopy

487 Freqency behaviour and linewidth of cw single mode color center lasers R. Beigang, G. Litfin, H. Welling (Optics Communications 1977)

490 Computer controlled IR spectrometer using a color center laser G. Litfin, C.R. Pollock, J.V.V. Kasper, R.F. Curl, Jr., Frank K. Tittel (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1980)

494 Infrared optogalvanic spectroscopy in the helium positive column using an F-center laser D.J. Jackson, E. Arimondo, J.E. Lawler, T.W. Hansch (Optics Communications 1980)

499 LiF:F2+-centre laser for intracavity spectroscopy V.M. Baev, H. Schroder, P.E. Toschek (Optics Communications 1981)

505 Photoacoustic spectroscopy of the v3 band of HCN K.R. German, W.S. Gornall (Journal of the Optical Society of America 1981)

511 Computer control of broadly tunable lasers: conversion of a color center laser into a high resolution laser spectrometer J.V.V. Kasper, C.R. Pollock, R.F. Curl, Jr., F.K. Tittel (Applied Optics 1982)

523 Color center laser and electron impact excitation: Doppler-free spectroscopy in excited helium states H. Gerhardt, T.W. Hensch (Optics Communications 1982)

527 Single-frequency, single-knob tuning of a CW color center laser Nilson Dias Vieira, Jr., Linn F. Mollenauer (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1985)

534 Broadly tunable microcomputer-controlled color-center laser for intracavity and extracavity sub-Doppler spectroscopy H. Adams, R. Bruggemann, P. Dietrich, D. Kirsten, H. Solka, W.Urban (Journal of the Optical Society of America B 1985)

548 High power single mode color center laser in the near infrared spectral region R. Beigang, K. Klameth, B. Becker, Z. Yoon, H. Welling (Optics Communications 1988)

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555 Subject Index

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