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Selected Papers on Holographic Interferometry: Applications
Editor(s): Rajpal S. Sirohi; Wolfgang Osten; Cho Jui Tay; Huai Min Shang; Fook Siong Chau
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Date Published: 13 November 2001
Pages: 768
ISBN: 9780819443380
Volume: MS170

Table of Contents
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Section One
Applications to Solid Mechanics
Measurement of Static Displacements
5 Some applications of holographic interferometry William G. Gottenberg (Experimental Mechanics 1968)
11 Holographically observed torsion in a cylindrical shaft A. D. Wilson (Applied Optics 1970)
16 Holographic-interferometry applications in experimental mechanics Robert C. Sampson (Experimental Mechanics 1970)
24 Inplane displacement of a stressed membrane with a hole measured by holographic interferometry A. D. Wilson (Applied Optics 1971)
29 Application of holography to anisotropic composite plates R. E. Rowlands, I. M. Daniel (Experimental Mechanics 1972)
37 An improved method for obtaining the general-displacement field from a holographic interferogram S. K. Dhir, J. P. Sikora (Experimental Mechanics 1972)
42 Application of holography in high-temperature displacement measurements T. R. Hsu, R. G. Moyer (Experimental Mechanics 1972)
44 Holographische Interferometrie und deren quantitative Auswertung, demonstriert am Beispiel zylindrischer GfK-Rohre [Holographic interferometry and its quantitative analysis, demonstrated by the example of cylindrical GfK-tubes] K. Grunewald, D. Kaletsch, V. Lehmann, H. Wachutka (Optik 1973)
52 Measurement of deformation in a cylindrical shell by holographic interferometry T. Matsumoto, K. Iwata, R. Nagata (Applied Optics 1974)
57 Holographic analysis of thermal deformations in a bimetallic cylindrical joint A. Ajovalasit, S. Carollo, M. Tschinke (in Proc. of the Fifth International Conference on Experimental Stress Analysis 1974)
64 Holographic interferometry applied to the solution of a shell problem C. A. Sciammarella, T. Y. Chang (Experimental Mechanics 1974)
72 Use of reflection holograms in holographic interferometry and speckle correlation for measurement of surface- displacement P. M. Boone (Optica Acta 1975)
82 Normal surface displacement around a circular hole by reflection holographic interferometry P. M. de Larminat, R. P. Wei (Experimental Mechanics 1978)
89 Determination of the flexural stiffness of thin plates from small deflection measurements using optical holography M. J. Marchant, M. B. Snell (Journal of Strain Analysis 1982)
98 Determination of 3-D displacement and strain by holographic interferometry for non-plane objects R. Dandliker, R. Thalmann (in Industrial Applications of Laser Technology, W. F. Fagan, editor, 1983)
104 Holographic interferometry on pipes: precision interpretation by least-squares fitting David L. Mader (Applied Optics 1985)
111 Application of laser holographic techniques to investigate crustal deformations Shuzo Takemoto (Nature 1986)
114 Holographic interference measurements of 3-D displacement fields and their use in stress determination V. V. Balalov, V. S. Pisarev, V. P. Shchepinov, V. V. Yakovlev (Optics and Spectroscopy [USSR] 1990)
Measurement of Dynamic Displacements
121 Vibration analysis by holographic interferometry Michael A. Monahan, Keith Bromley (Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 1968)
128 Measuring the resonances of treble viol plates by hologram interferometry and designing an improved instrument Carl-Hugo Agren, Karl A. Stetson (Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 1972)
141 Vibration analysis of circular cylinders by holographic interferometry S. D. Liem, C. R. Hazell, J. A. Blasko (Journal of Sound and Vibration 1973)
150 Holographic vibration study of a rotating propeller blade J. P. Sikora, F. T. Mendenhall, Jr. (Experimental Mechanics 1974)
153 An analysis on vibrational modes and frequencies of an aircraft wing panel by holographic methods G. Barbato, E. Barbisio (in Proc. of the Fifth International Conference on Experimental Stress Analysis 1974)
159 Vibration analysis of a spinning disk using image-derotated holographic interferometry J. C. MacBain, J. E. Horner, W. A. Stange, J. S. Ogg (Experimental Mechanics 1979)
165 The holographic vibration analysis of rotating objects using a reflective image derotator W. F. Fagan, M.-A. Beeck, H. Kreitlow (Optics and Lasers in Engineering 1981)
176 Comparison of vibration mode measurements on rotating objects by different holographic methods J. Geldmacher, H. Kreitlow, P. Steinlein, G. Sepold (in Industrial Applications of Laser Technology, W. F. Fagan, editor, 1983)
186 Vibrational testing of an x-ray concentrator by holographic interferometry P. Delv�, M. L. Rizzi (Optical Engineering 1988)
192 Application of holographic interferometry to the vibrational analysis of the harpsichord P. J. Bryanston-Cross, J. W. Gardner (Optics and Laser Technology 1988)
198 Holographic interferometry applied to a model study of ground vibrations produced from blasting Torgny E. Carlsson, Gert Bjarnholt, Nils Abramson, D. C. Holloway (Optical Engineering 1988)
203 Application of pulsed laser holographic interferometry to the study of magnetic disk drive component motions L. Crawforth, C.-K. Lee, A. C. Munce (in International Conference on Hologram Interferometry and Speckle Metrology 1990)
212 Pulsed holographic vibration analysis on high-speed rotating objects: fringe formation, recording techniques, and practical applications Manfred-Andreas Beeck (Optical Engineering 1992)
221 Holographic interferometry for the display of shock wave induced deformations and vibrations--a contribution to laser lithotripsy A. Kreuttner, B. Lau, A. Mann, E. Mattes, R. Miller, M. Stuber, K. Stocker (Lasers in Medical Science 1993)
Experimental Stress Analysis
233 Application of holographic interferometry to the measurement of Poisson's ratio Ichirou Yamaguchi, Hiroyoshi Saito (Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 1969)
237 Interferometric holography applied to elastic stress and surface corrosion R. A. Ashton, D. Slovin, H. J. Gerritsen (Applied Optics 1971)
239 Measurement of the strain field near a crack tip in polymethylmethacrylate by holographic interferometry T. D. Dudderar, R. O'Regan (Experimental Mechanics 1971)
247 Precise measurement of heat transfer using holographic interferometry W. Aung, R. O'Regan (Review of Scientific Instruments 1971)
252 Untersuchungen von Eigenspannungen mit Hilfe der holografischen Interferometrie [Investigation of residual stresses by using holographic interferometry] Horst Kreitlow (Messen und Prufen 1973)
254 A holographic interferometric study of the end effects associated with the four-point bending technique for measuring Poisson's ratio R. Jones, D. Bijl (Journal of Physics E: Scientific Instruments 1974)
256 The technique of holographic interferometry applied to the study of transient stresses E. R. Robertson, W. King (Journal of Strain Analysis 1974)
262 Strain and creep measurements on rocks by halographic interferometry Hartmut Spetzler, C. H. Scholz, Chi-Ping J. Lu (Pure and Applied Geophysics 1974)
273 Surface-strain measurements on a hemispherical shell using holographic interferometry M. C. Collins, C. E. Watterson (Experimental Mechanics 1975)
278 Accurate measurement of Poisson's ratio in small samples C. G. Foster (Experimental Mechanics 1976)
283 Material properties using holographic interferometry M. D. Meyer, H. A. Spetzler (Experimental Mechanics 1976)
288 Strains from holographic data J. E. Sollid, K. A. Stetson (Experimental Mechanics 1978)
295 Application of holographic interferometry to stress wave and crack propagation problems D. C. Holloway (Optical Engineering 1982)
301 New holographic means to exactly determine coefficients of elasticity Gerhard Schonebeck (in Industrial Applications of Laser Technology, W. F. Fagan, editor, 1983)
308 Inspecting the level of residual stresses in welded joints by laser interferometry A. A. Antonov (Welding Production 1983)
311 Determination of dynamic stress-intensity factors by holographic interferometry H. P. Rossmanith (Optics and Lasers in Engineering 1983)
326 Determination of the Poisson's ratio by the holographic moir� technique Denis E. Cuche (in Holography Techniques and Applications, W. P. O. Jueptner, editor, 1988)
Shape Measurement
335 Mirror blank testing by real-time holographic interferometry W. van Deelen, P. Nisenson (Applied Optics 1969)
340 Multiple-index holographic contouring Jerry S. Zelenka, Jerry R. Varner (Applied Optics 1969)
344 Holographic inspection of shapes of unpolished surfaces N. P. Larionov, A. V. Lukin, K. S. Mustafin (Soviet Journal of Optical Technology 1972)
346 Real-time contour holography using BSO crystals F. M. Kuchel, H. J. Tiziani (Optics Communications 1981)
Holographic Nondestructive Testing (HNDT)
353 Holographic nondestructive testing (HNDT) R. M. Grant, G. M. Brown (Materials Evaluation 1969)
359 Detection of micro fractures by holographic interferometry A. A. Friesem, C. M. Vest (Applied Optics 1969)
361 Advanced concepts of holographic nondestructive testing Leonard A. Kersch (Materials Evaluation 1971)
367 Holographic inspection of solid propellant to liner bonds J. P. Waters (Applied Optics 1971)
369 Holographic nondestructive testing with impact excitation W. P. Chu, D. M. Robinson, J. H. Goad (Applied Optics 1972)
371 Holographic detection of cracks in concrete A. Luxmoore (Non-Destructive Testing 1973)
377 Investigation of holographic interferometry, applied for the detection of cracks in large metal objects H. J. Raterink, R. L. van Renesse (Optik 1974)
385 Applications of holographic interferometry to nondestructive testing C. M. Vest, D. W. Sweeney (International Advances in Nondestructive Testing 1977)
398 Holographic interferometry of the corrosion process K. N. Petrov, Yu. P. Presnyakov (Optics and Spectroscopy [USSR] 1978)
401 Application of holographic interferometry to testing of spun structures J. D. Dubourg (in First European Conference on Optics Applied to Metrology, M. Grosmann, P. Meyrueis, editors, 1978)
407 Nondestructive evaluation of the strength of eggs by holography C. S. Vikram, K. Vedam, E. G. Buss (Poultry Science 1980)
413 Real-time holography for microcrack detection in ancient golden paintings S. Amadesi, A. D'Altorio, D. Paoletti (Optical Engineering 1983)
416 Comparison of two filament lamps by difference hologram interferometry Z. Fuzessy, F. Gyimesi, J. Kornis (Optics and Laser Technology 1986)
419 Holographic interferometry applied at subfreezing temperatures: study of damage in concrete exposed to frost action Pramod K. Rastogi, Pierre Jacquot, Leopold Pflug (Optical Engineering 1988)
426 Holographic non-destructive testing of composites J. Gryzagoridis (Optics and Laser Technology 1989)
430 The application of real-time holographic interferometry in the nondestructive inspection of electronic parts and assemblies Craig P. Wood, James D. Trolinger (in Optical Testing and Metrology III: Recent Advances in Industrial Inspection, C. P. Grove, editor, 1990)
440 Measurement of the corrosion rate of aluminium in sodium hydroxide using holographic interferometry M. R. Sajan, T. S. Radha, B. S. Ramprasad, E. S. R. Gopal (Optics and Lasers in Engineering 1991)
446 Holographic inspection of laminated plates containing two fully-overlapping identical debonds H. M. Shang, S. L. Toh, F. S. Chau, C. J. Tay, T. E. Tay (Journal of Nondestructive Evaluation (USA) 1991)
457 Holographic detection of defects in composites P. Zanetta, G. P. Solomos, M. Zurn, A. C. Lucia (Optics and Laser Technology 1993)
463 Knowledge assisted evaluation of fringe patterns for automatic fault detection Wolfgang Osten, Werner J�ptner, Ulrike Mieth (in Interferometry VI: Applications, R. J. Pryputniewicz, G. M. Brown, W. P. O. Juptner, editors, 1993)
476 Optical nondestructive examination of glass-fibre reinforced plastic honeycomb structures Jiantang Zhu (Optics and Lasers in Engineering 1996)
Evaluation of Transparent Objects
489 The scope and limitations of three-dimensional holography of phase objects L. H. Tanner (Journal of Scientific Instruments 1967)
493 Photoelastic holography--a modern tool for stress analysis Robert J. Sanford (Experimental Mechanics 1980)
503 Homogeneity testing of optical glass by holographic interferometry Diana Tentori (Applied Optics 1991)
507 Laser holographic interferometry for investigations of cylindrical transparent tubes Mihai F. Ralea, Nicu N. Rosu, Iancu Iova (Optical Engineering 1996)
Section Two
Applications to Fluid Mechanics
513 Some applications of holography in fluid mechanics L. H. Tanner (Journal of Scientific Instruments 1966)
516 Plasma diagnostics by holography A. N. Zaidel', G. V. Ostrovskaya, Yu. I. Ostrovskii (Soviet Physics--Technical Physics 1969)
527 Holographic subsonic flow visualization C. J. Reinheimer, C. E. Wiswall, R. A. Schmiege, R. J. Harris, J. E. Dueker (Applied Optics 1970)
534 Determination of three-dimensional density fields from holographic interferograms Robert D. Matulka, Daniel J. Collins (Journal of Applied Physics 1971)
545 Use of holography for visualization of the wake of projectiles in hypersonic flight at Mach 6 A. Hirth, P. Smigielski, A. Stimpfling (Optics and Laser Technology 1971)
550 Flow visualization holography J. D. Trolinger (Optical Engineering 1975)
562 Digital interferometry for flow visualization D. W. Watt, C. M. Vest (Experiments in Fluids 1987)
Section Three
Engineering Design Investigations
Investigations on Technical Components
573 The application of holography to the comparison of cylinder bores E. Archbold, J. M. Burch, A. E. Ennos (Journal of Scientific Instruments 1967)
579 Industrial holographic measurements Nils H. Abramson, Hans Bjelkhagen (Applied Optics 1973)
584 Application of holographic interferometry to the study of structural deformations in civil engineering J. M. Caussignac (in First European Conference on Optics Applied to Metrology, M. Grosmann, P. Meyrueis, editors, 1978)
591 Schwingungsuntersuchungen an Karosserien und Aggregaten mit Hilfe der holografischen Interferometrie [Vibrational investigations on car bodies and aggregates by using holographic interferometry] Armin Felske, Alfons Happe (ATZ [Automobiltechnische Zeitschrift] 1973)
598 Testing by holographic interferometry of solid propergol engines Paul Smigielski, Daniel Cesario, Claude Patanchon (in First European Conference on Optics Applied to Metrology, M. Grosmann, P. Meyrueis, editors, 1978)
603 Vibration analysis of an 8-cylinder V-engine by time- averaged holographic interferometry H. G. Leis (in Industrial Applications of Laser Technology, W. F. Fagan, editor, 1983)
608 Industrial application of instant holography J. Sch�rner, H. Rottenkolber (in Industrial Applications of Laser Technology, W. F. Fagan, editor, 1983)
615 Hologram interferometry in automotive component vibration testing Gordon M. Brown, James W. Forbes, Mitchell M. Marchi, Raymond R. Wales (in Interferometry: Applications, R. J. Pryputniewicz, G. M. Brown, W. P. O. Jueptner, editors, 1992)
622 Holographic study of vibrations of a wing section Scott W. Biederman, Ryszard J. Pryputniewicz (in Interferometry: Applications, R. J. Pryputniewicz, G. M. Brown, W. P. O. Jueptner, editors, 1992)
633 Structural analysis of an aircraft turbine blade prototype by use of holographic interferometry M. A. Caponero, A. De Angelis, V. R. Filetti, S. Gammella (in Interferometry VI: Applications, R. J. Pryputniewicz, G. M. Brown, W. P. O. Jueptner, editors, 1993)
Investigations on Large Objects
647 Application of computer-aided evaluation for holography and similar techniques H. Steinbichler, J. Engelsberger, W. Sixt, J. Sun, Th. Franz (Optics and Lasers in Engineering 1990)
659 Application of long-range holography in earthquake engineering James D. Trolinger, David C. Weber, Gerard C. Pardoen, Gudjon T. Gunnarsson, William F. Fagan (Optical Engineering 1991)
664 Applications of holographic testing in nuclear technology A. Ettemeyer (Kerntechnik 1992)
Investigations on Small Objects
671 Holographic interferometry: identification of circuit board component failure James R. Crawford, Robert Benson (Applied Optics 1976)
672 Heterodyne holography applications in studies of small components Ryszard J. Pryputniewicz (Optical Engineering 1985)
678 Nanomeasurements by heterodyne hologram interferometry Gordon M. Brown, Ryszard J. Pryputniewicz (in Interferometry: Applications, R. J. Pryputniewicz, G. M. Brown, W. P. O. Jueptner, editors, 1992)
688 3D-deformation analysis of micro-components using digital holography S. Seebacher, W. Osten, W. Juptner (in Optical Inspection and Micromeasurements II, C. Gorecki, editor, 1997)
Section Four
Applications in Biology and Medicine
701 Dynamics of human teeth in function by means of double pulsed holography; an experimental investigation P. R. Wedendal, H. I. Bjelkhagen (Applied Optics 1974)
706 Holographic interferometry applied to the investigation of tympanic-membrane displacements in guinea pig ears subjected to acoustic impulses A. L. Dancer, R. B. Franke, P. Smigielski, F. Albe, H. Fagot (Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 1975)
712 Holographic interferometry in biomedical sciences P. Greguss (Optics and Laser Technology 1976)
719 Holographic interferometry in osteosynthesis P. Meyrueis, M. Pharok, J. Fontaine (in First European Conference on Optics Applied to Metrology, M. Grosmann, P. Meyrueis, editors, 1978)
723 Measurement of small displacements in biological objects by holographic interferometry-- applications in experimental biomechanics Halina Podbielska, Henryk Kasprzak (in Holography '89, Yu. N. Denisyuk, T. H. Jeong, editors, 1989)
728 Breast cancer detection by holographic interferometry J. Woisetschlager, D. B. Sheffer, H. Mikati, K. Somasundaram, C. Wm. Loughry, S. K. Chawla, P. J. Wesolowski (in Interferometry: Applications, R. J. Pryputniewicz, G. M. Brown, W. P. O. Jueptner, editors, 1992)

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