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Selected Papers on Laser Crystal Growth
Editor(s): Robert Uhrin
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Date Published: 18 July 2000
Pages: 620
ISBN: 9780819438119
Volume: MS164

Table of Contents
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xv Preface
Section One
General Laser Crystal Growth and Properties
3 An investigation of phase stability in the Y2O3 Al2O3 system J.S. Abell, I.R. Harris, B. Cockayne, B. Lent (Journal of Materials Science 1974)
14 Relationship between formation of radiation color centers and growth defects in YAG:Nd crystals N.S. Kovaleva, A.O. Ivanov, E.P. Dubrovina (Soviet Journal of Quantum Electronics 1981)
18 Phosphate and borate crystals for high optical gain F. Lutz, G. Huber (Journal of Crystal Growth 1981)
22 Refractive indices of rare earth gallium garnets S.A. Balabanova, E.V. Zharikov, V.V. Laptev, V.D. Shigorin (Soviet Physics Crystallography 1984)
24 Impact of ion-host interactions on the 5d-to-4f spectra of lanthanide rare-earth-metal ions. II. The Ce-doped elpasolites Brian F. Aull, Hans P. Jenssen (Physical Review B 1986)
33 Growth of small laser crystals for study of energy kinetics and spectroscopy R.S.F. Chang, S. Sengupta, G.J. Dixon, L.B. Shaw, N. Djeu (in Growth, Characterization, and Applications of Laser Host and Nonlinear Crystals, J.T. Lin, editor, 1989)
40 Features of rare-earth scandium garnets influencing crystal growth for solid-state lasers Evgenii V. Zharikov (in OSA Proceedings on Advanced Solid-State Lasers, H.P. Jenssen, G. Dube, editors, 1991)
49 Doped solid state media for tunable lasers in the IR E.V. Pestryakov, V.V. Petrov, V.I. Trunov, A.I. Alimpiev (in ICONO '91: Solid State Lasers and New Laser Materials, V.V. Osiko, editor, 1991)
57 Thermal conductivity of rare-earth scandium garnets and their solid solutions P.A. Popov, N.N. Sirota, E.V. Zharikov, A.I. Zagumennyi, I.A. Ivanov, G.B. Lutts (Laser Physics 1991)
61 Crystals of scandium garnets for solid state lasers Evgenii V. Zharikov (in ICONO '91: Solid State Lasers and New Laser Materials, V.V. Osiko, editor, 1991)
84 Ytterbium-doped apatite-structure crystals: a new class of laser materials Stephen A. Payne, Laura D. DeLoach, Larry K. Smith, Wayne L. Kway, John B. Tassano, William F. Krupke, Bruce H.T. Chai, George Loutts (Journal of Applied Physics 1994)
91 Comparison of neodymium laser hosts based on fluoro-apatite structure G.B. Loutts, P. Hong, B.H.T. Chai (in New Materials for Advanced Solid State Lasers, B.H.T. Chai et al., editors, 1994)
96 Crystal growth of laser oxides in the vertical Bridgman configuration A.G. Petrosyan (Journal of Crystal Growth 1994)
Section Two
Fluoride Laser Crystals
119 New fluoride compounds for efficient infrared-to-visible conversion H.J. Guggenheim, L.F. Johnson (Applied Physics Letters 1969)
121 Preparation and crystal growth of lithium yttrium fluoride for laser applications R. Uhrin, R.F. Belt, V. Rosati (Journal of Crystal Growth 1977)
128 Crystal growth of some rare earth trifluorides G. Garton, P.J. Walker (Materials Research Bulletin 1978)
133 The Czochralski growth and laser characteristics of Li(Y,Er,Tm,Ho)F4 and Li(Lu,Er,Tm,Ho)F4 scheelite single crystals B. Cockayne, J.G. Plant, R.A. Clay (Journal of Crystal Growth 1981)
140 Rare earth doped YLF grown by laser-heated pedestal growth technique L.B. Shaw, R.S.F. Chang (Journal of Crystal Growth 1991)
146 Crystal growth and spectroscopic properties of U3+:LiYF4 Gregory J. Quarles, Leon Esterowitz, Gregg H. Rosenblatt, Robert Uhrin, Roger F. Belt (in OSA Proceedings on Advanced Solid-State Lasers, L.L. Chase, A.A. Pinto, editors, 1992)
150 Crystal growth, spectroscopy, and laser performance of Nd3+:KYF4 Toomas H. Allik, Larry D. Merkle, Richard A. Utano, Bruce H.T. Chai, J.-L.V. Lefaucheur, Heika Voss, G. Jeffrey Dixon (Journal of the Optical Society of America B 1993)
155 Growth of high quality single crystals of KYF4 by TSSG method B. Chai, J. Lefaucheur, A. Pham, G. Lutts, J. Nicholls (in Growth, Characterization, and Applications of Laser Host and Nonlinear Crystals II, B.H.T. Chai, editor, 1993)
160 Growth of high quality single crystal of KLiYF5 by TSSG method B. Chai, A. Pham, G. Lutts (in Growth, Characterization, and Applications of Laser Host and Nonlinear Crystals II, B.H.T. Chai, editor, 1993)
164 Growth of Nd:GdLiF4 single crystals B. Chai, J. Lefaucheur, A. Pham (in Growth, Characterization, and Applications of Laser Host and Nonlinear Crystals II, B.H.T. Chai, editor, 1993)
168 The effect of growth atmosphere contamination on the optical quality of fluoride laser crystals A. Cassanho, H.P. Jenssen (in New Materials for Advanced Solid State Lasers, B.H.T. Chai et al., editors 1994)
Section Three
Garnet Structure Laser Crystals
177 Growth and investigation of substituted gadolinium gallium garnet laser crystals Lehui Zhang, Lin Liu, Hairun Liu, Chengtian Lin (Journal of Crystal Growth 1987)
181 Growing shaped Ca3(Nb,Ga)2Ga3O12 crystals [for solid-state lasers] V.V. Voronov, S.V. Lavrishchev, V.A. Myzina, V.V. Osiko, N.M. Polozkov (Bulletin of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Physical Series 1988)
185 Crystal growth and optical properties of Nd:GGAG Y. Kuwano, S. Saito, U. Hase (Journal of Crystal Growth 1988)
191 Growth and characterization of large Nd,Cr:GSGG crystals for high-average-power slab lasers S.E. Stokowski, M.H. Randles, R.C. Morris (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1988)
206 Investigation on crystal growth and color center of substituted garnet crystals Lin Liu, Lehui Zhang, Zulun Wang, Xiaotian Qu (Materials Research Bulletin 1989)
212 Growth and characterization of (Ho,Tm,Er):YAG crystals for 2.09 �m laser Y. Shimony, Y. Kalisky, H. Lotem, Z. Goldbart, J. Kagan (Journal of Applied Physics 1990)
218 Growth and investigation of Nd3+ and Ce3+ doped gadolinium gallium garnets Lehui Zhang, Lin Liu, Jingqing Liu, Zulun Wang, Guang Yang (Materials Research Bulletin 1990)
222 Cr,Ce,Nd:GGG material for efficient solid-state lasers M.I. Timoshechkin, V.B. Sigachev, V.I. Strelov, V.A. Pugachev (in OSA Proceedings on Advanced Solid-State Lasers, H.P. Jenssen, G. Dube, editors, 1991)
229 Large single crystals of neodymium and chromium co-doped gadolinium gallium garnet for efficient solid state lasers M.E. Doroshenko, V.V. Osiko, V.B. Sigachev, V.I. Strelov, M.I. Timoshechkin (in ICONO '91: Solid State Lasers and New Laser Materials, V.V. Osiko, editor, 1991)
246 Growth and characterization of calcium niobium gallium garnet (CNGG) single crystals for laser applications Kiyoshi Shimamura, Mikhail Timoshechkin, Takatomo Sasaki, Keigo Hoshikawa, Tsuguo Fukuda (Journal of Crystal Growth 1993)
250 Growth of Cr,Tm,Ho:YAG crystal and its optical and laser characteristics Zygmunt Frukacz, Jaros aw Kisielewski, Zygmunt Mierczyk, Waldemar endzian (in Laser Technology IV: Research Trends, Instrumentation, and Applications in Metrology and Materials Processing, W. Woli ski, Z. Jankiewicz, editors, 1995)
Section Four
Laser Crystals with Disordered Structure
259 Growth and stimulated emission spectroscopy of Ca3Ga2Ge3O12 Nd3+ garnet crystals A. Kaminskii, B.V. Mill, A.V. Butashin (Physica Status Solidi (a) 1983)
269 Growth of CsLa(WO4)2 Nd3+ crystals and study of their spectral-generation properties A.A. Kaminskii, A.A. Pavlyuk, K. Kurbanov, N.V. Ivannikova, L.A. Polyakova (Inorganic Materials 1989)
276 Spectroscopy and stimulated emission of Nd3+-doped tetragonal NaBi(MoO4)2 and NaBi(WO4)2 disordered crystals A.A. Kaminskii, A. Kholov, P.V. Klevtsov, S.Kh. Khafizov (Physica Status Solidi (a) 1989)
283 Spectroscopy of disordered La3Ga5SiO14 single crystals doped with Pr3+, Ho3+, and Er3+ ions A.A. Kaminskii, B.V. Mill, A.V. Butashin, K. Kurbanov, L.A. Polyakova (Physica Status Solidi (a) 1990)
297 Nd3+:KY(WO4)2 crystal growth and x-ray diffraction Guofu Wang, Zundu Luo (Journal of Crystal Growth 1990)
301 Disordered garnets Ca3(Nb,Ga)5O12:Nd3+ prospective crystals for powerful ultrashort- pulse generation T.T. Basiev, N.A. Es'kov, A.Ya. Karasik, V.V. Osiko, A.A. Sobol, S.N. Ushakov, M. Helbig (Optics Letters 1992)
304 Ca2Ga2SiO7 Nd+3 a new active inorganic material for high-power solid state lasers and some of its physical properties A.A. Kaminskii, V.A. Karasev, V.D. Dubrov, V.P. Yakunin, A.V. Butashin, A.F. Konstantinova (Inorganic Materials 1992)
313 Efficient single-mode cw lasers based on monoclinic double potassium-(rare earth) tungstenate crystals containing Nd3+ ions with semiconductor-laser pumping A.A. Kaminskii, H.R. Verd�n, W. Koechner, F.A. Kuznetsov, A.A. Pavlyuk (Soviet Journal of Quantum Electronics 1992)
316 New inorganic material LaBGeO5 Nd3+ for crystalline laser with self-multiplied generation frequency A.A. Kaminskii, S.N. Bagaev, A.V. Butashin, B.V. Mill (Inorganic Materials 1993)
320 Growth and x-ray diffraction study of a new laser crystal Nd3+:NaY(WO4)2 Yizong He, Guofu Wang, Zundu Luo (Chinese Physics Letters 1993)
322 The Czochralski growth of SrLaGa3O7 single crystals and their optical and lasing properties I. Pracka, W. Giersz, M. wirkowicz, A. Pajaczkowska, S. Kaczmarek, Z. Mierczyk, K. Kopczy ski (Materials Science and Engineering B: Solid-State Materials for Advanced Technology 1994)
328 Growth and photoluminescence of Cr4+-doped Ca3Ga2Ge3O12 single crystals Peicong Pan, Takafumi Yamazaki, Akiko Sugimoto, Kiyoshi Yamagishi, Humihiko Takei (Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 1995)
Section Five
Transition Metal Ion Activated Laser Crystals
333 Growth of Ni-doped MgF2 crystals in self-sealing graphite crucibles T.B. Reed, R.E. Fahey, P.F. Moulton (Journal of Crystal Growth 1977)
338 Growth of alexandrite crystals and investigation of their properties G.V. Bukin, V.N. Matrosov, V.P. Orekhova, Yu.L. Remigailo, B.K. Sevastyanov, E.G. Syomin, V.P. Solntsev, E.G. Tsvetkov (Journal of Crystal Growth 1981)
343 Growth, spectroscopy, and lasing of titanium-doped sapphire P. Lacovara, L. Esterowitz, M. Kokta (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1985)
348 Crystal growth of cobalt and nickel doped magnesium fluoride by the Czochralski method M. Robinson, L.G. DeShazer (Journal of Crystal Growth 1985)
352 Czochralski growth and optical properties of magnesium-aluminum spinel doped with nickel C. Wyon, J.J. Aubert, F. Auzel (Journal of Crystal Growth 1986)
356 Czochralski growth of alexandrite crystals and investigation of their defects Xingan Guo, Meiling Chen, Nairen Li, Qinghai Qin, Mingfang Huang, Jingwei Fei, Shulin Wen, Zongquan Li, Yong Qin (Journal of Crystal Growth 1987)
364 Crystal growth and spectral characteristics of LaMgAl11 xO19:Tix Xiaobo Jiang, Yandao Jiang, Jingkui Liang, Hongchang Xia, Yingping Chen (Journal of Crystal Growth 1989)
368 Bridgman-Stockbarger growth and spectral characteristics of vanadium-doped yttrium- aluminum garnet (YAG) single crystals N. Manuilov, P. Peshev (Materials Research Bulletin 1989)
375 Growth and characterization of the spectra of EuAlO3:Ti and GdAlO3:Ti Larry Merkle, Horatio R. Verdun, Uwe Brauch, German F. de la Fuente, Edward Behrens, Leonard M. Thomas, Toomas H. Allik (Journal of the Optical Society of America B 1989)
381 Generation of laser based on alexandrite grown by horizontally directed crystallization V.S. Gulev, V.V. Gurov, A.M. Yurkin (in Solid State Lasers, G. Dube, editor, 1990)
393 Growth and homogeneity of Cr+3 doped GdAlO3 single crystals J.P. Andreeta, A.C. Hernandes, N.J.H. Gallo (Materials Research Bulletin 1990)
399 Top seeded solution growth of Cr3+:LiCaAlF6 in HF atmosphere Roger F. Belt, Robert Uhrin (Journal of Crystal Growth 1991)
404 Crystal growth and spectroscopic analysis of Cr4+-doped melilite compounds Toomas H. Allik, Bruce H.T. Chai, Larry D. Merkle (in OSA Proceedings on Advanced Solid- State Lasers, G. Dube L. Chase, editors, 1991)
407 Laser action from Mn5+ in Ba3(VO4)2 Larry D. Merkle, Albert Pinto, Horacio R. Verd�n, Bruce McIntosh (Applied Physics Letters 1992)
410 Characterization of the LiSr(Al,Cr)F6 solid solution for Cr-laser applications Wayne L. Kway, Bernhard Rupp, John B. Tassano (Journal of Crystal Growth 1993)
414 Growth of low scattering loss Cr3+:LiSrAlF6 single crystals B. Chai, J. Lefaucheur, A. Pham, V. Castillo (in Growth, Characterization, and Applications of Laser Host and Nonlinear Crystals II, B.H.T. Chai, editor, 1993)
420 Growth and characterization of pure Cr; Cr,Er and Cr,Ho codoped Y2SiO5 G.B. Loutts, S. Hirnak, T.T. Basiev, M.E. Doroshenko, V.B. Sigachev, Y. Shimony, C. Deka, X.X. Zhang, A.B. Villaverde, M.A. Bass, B.H.T. Chai (in Growth, Characterization, and Applications of Laser Host and Nonlinear Crystals II, B.H.T. Chai, editor, 1993)
424 Growth of Cr4+:Mg2SiO4 crystal by Czochralski method Yinchun Hou, Hongbin Zhu, Shenghui Yan, Sitinh Wang, Bin Hu (in Growth, Characterization, and Applications of Laser Host and Nonlinear Crystals II, B.H.T. Chai, editor, 1993)
430 Growth and perfection of chromium-doped forsterite Bing Hu, Hongbi Zhu, Peizhen Deng, Peicong Pan (Journal of Crystal Growth 1993)
435 Growth and characteristics of Mg2SiO4:Ti crystal Shenjun Li, Lin Liu, Zulun Wang, Yandao Jiang, Xiaobo Jiang, Xing Wu (Journal of Crystal Growth 1994)
440 Growth and optical characterization of Cr3+:YAB and Cr3+:YGAB crystal for new tunable and self-frequency doubling laser Makoto Iwai, Yusuke Mori, Takatomo Sasaki, Sadao Nakai, Nobuhiko Sarukura, Zhenlin Liu, Yusaburo Segawa (Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 1995)
Section Six
Other Oxide Laser Crystals
449 Top-seeded flux growth of LiNdP4O12 single crystals Jun'ichi Nakano, Tomoaki Yamada, Shintaro Miyazawa (Journal of Crystal Growth 1979)
455 The growth of large, laser quality NdxRE1 xP5O14 crystals R.D. Plattner, W.W. Kruhler, W.K. Zwicker, T. Kovats, S.R. Chinn (Journal of Crystal Growth 1980)
472 Elaboration and characterization of lanthanide aluminate single crystals with the formula LnMgAl11O19 D. Saber, A.M. Lejus (Materials Research Bulletin 1981)
478 Crystal growth of LaMgAl11O19:Nd C. Wyon, J.J. Aubert, Y. Grange (Journal of Crystal Growth 1990)
483 The Nd:GdVO4 crystal: a new material for diode-pumped lasers A.I. Zagumennyi, V.G. Ostroumov, I.A. Shcherbakov, T. Jensen, J.P. Meyen, G. Huber (Soviet Journal of Quantum Electronics 1992)
485 Application of several new procedures to improve the quality of Czochralski grown Nd3+:YAlO3 crystals Gansheng Li, Xibin Guo, Jian Lu, Zhengzhu Shi, Jinhua Wu, Ying Chen, Jinfeng Chen (Journal of Crystal Growth 1992)
491 Growth of high-quality single crystals of FAP [Ca5(PO4)3F] and its isomorphs G.B. Loutts, B.H.T. Chai (in Growth, Characterization, and Applications of Laser Host and Nonlinear Crystals II, B.H.T. Chai, editor, 1993)
495 Growth of oxygen deficiency-free YVO4 single crystal by top-seeded solution growth technique S. Erdei (Journal of Crystal Growth 1993)
508 Czochralski growth of rare earth oxyorthosilicate single crystals C.L. Melcher, R.A. Manente, C.A. Peterson, J.S. Schweitzer (Journal of Crystal Growth 1993)
513 Crystal growth and characterization of new laser materials R. Collongues, A.M. Lejus, J. Thery, D. Vivien (Journal of Crystal Growth 1993)
518 Growth of laser-quality single crystals of Nd3+-doped calcium fluorapatite and their efficient lasing performance X.X. Zhang, G.B. Loutts, M. Bass, B.H.T. Chai (Applied Physics Letters 1994)
521 Spectroscopic properties and fluorescence dynamics of Er3+ and Yb3+ in CaYAlO4 J.C. Souriau, C. Borel, Ch. Wyon, C. Li, R. Moncorge (Journal of Luminescence 1994)
532 Crystal growth, characterization and structure refinement of Nd3+ doped gehlenite, a new laser material A.M. Lejus, A. Kahn-Harari, J. Benitez, B. Viana (Materials Research Bulletin 1994)
542 Crystal growth of lanthanum beryllium hexaaluminate LaBeAl11O19 and fields of crystallization in the system La2O3 BeO Al2O3 Alexandr I. Alimpiev, Valeri S. Gulev, Pavel W. Mokruchnikov (Crystal Research and Technology 1995)
545 Growth and characteristics of neodymium doped bismuth silicate crystals T. Katsumata, K. Hanamori, Y. Akiyama, Y. Nobe (Materials Research Bulletin 1995)
553 Crystal growth, spectroscopic characterization, and laser performance of a new efficient laser material Nd:Ba5(PO4)3F G.B. Loutts, C. Bonner, C. Meegoda, H. Ries, M.A. Noginov, N. Noginova, M. Curley, P. Venkateswarlu, A. Rapaport, M. Bass (Applied Physics Letters 1997)
557 Author Index
559 Subject Index

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