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Selected Papers on Nonlinear Optical Spectroscopy
Editor(s): Jeffrey H. Hunt
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Date Published: 21 March 2000
Pages: 698
ISBN: 9780819435200
Volume: MS160

Table of Contents
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Section One
Stimulated Raman Scattering
3 Theory of stimulated Raman scattering R.W. Hellwarth (Physical Review 1963)
5 Laser-stimulated Raman effect and resonant four-photon interactions in gases H2, D2, and CH4 R.W. Minck, R.W. Terhune, W.G. Rado (Applied Physics Letters 1963)
9 Theory of stimulated Raman effect. II Y.R. Shen (Physical Review 1965)
15 Pressure-induced line shift and collisional narrowing in hydrogen gas determined by stimulated Raman emission P. Lallemand, P. Simova, G. Brett (Physical Review Letters 1966)
18 Raman scattering by carriers in Landau levels Y. Yafet (Physical Review 1966)
23 Controlled stimulated Raman amplification and oscillation in hydrogen gas Nicolaas Bloembergen, G. Bret, P. Lallemand, A. Pine, P. Simova (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1967)
28 Effects of phonon lifetime on stimulated optical scattering in gases E.E. Hagenlocker, R.W. Minck, W.G. Rado (Physical Review 1967)
36 Theory of parametric gain near a lattice resonance C.H. Henry, C.G.B. Garrett (Physical Review 1968)
43 Backward stimulated Raman scattering M. Maier, W. Kaiser, J.A. Giordmaine (Physical Review 1969)
63 Theory of Stokes pulse shapes in transient stimulated Raman scattering R.L. Carman, F. Shimizu, C.S. Wang, N. Bloembergen (Physical Review A 1970)
76 Molecular vibrations in liquids: direct measurement of the molecular dephasing time; determination of the shape of picosecond light pulses D. von der Linde, A. Laubereau, W. Kaiser (Physical Review Letters 1971)
80 Experimental investigation of transient stimulated Raman scattering in a linearly dispersionless medium R.L. Carman, M.E. Mack (Physical Review A 1972)
88 A 16-um source for laser isotope enrichment Robert L. Byer (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1976)
90 CW high resolution CAR spectroscopy of the Q(v1) Raman line of methane M.A. Henesian, L. Kulevskii, R.L. Byer (Journal of Chemical Physics 1976)
92 Optically heterodyned coherent Raman spectroscopy Gary L. Eesley, M.D. Levenson, William M. Tolles (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1978)
97 Vibrational dynamics of liquids and solids investigated by picosecond light pulses A. Laubereau, W. Kaiser (Reviews of Modern Physics 1978)
156 Coherent Raman gain spectroscopy using cw laser sources Adelbert Owyoung (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1978)
168 Surface vibrational spectroscopy using stimulated Raman scattering Barry F. Levine, Charles V. Shank, J.P. Heritage (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1979)
183 New lines in the UV: SRS of excimer laser wavelengths T.R. Loree, R.C. Sze, D.L. Barker, P.B. Scott (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1979)
189 Theory of stimulated Raman scattering with broad-band lasers M.G. Raymer, J. Mostowski, J.L. Carlsten (Physical Review A 1979)
202 Surface picosecond Raman gain spectra of a molecular monolayer J.P. Heritage, D.L. Allara (Chemical Physics Letters 1980)
206 Anti-Stokes Raman laser J.C. White, D. Henderson (Physical Review A 1982)
210 Observation of macroscopic quantum fluctuations in stimulated Raman scattering I.A. Walmsey, M.G. Raymer (Physical Review Letters 1983)
Section Two
Two-Photon Absorption
217 Two-quantum absorption spectrum of KI J.J. Hopfield, J.M. Worlock, Kwangjai Park (Physical Review Letters 1963)
221 Two-quantum absorption spectrum of KI and CaI J.J. Hopfield, J.M. Worlock (Physical Review 1965)
231 New assignment of the band gap in the alkali bromides by two-photon spectroscopy Dietmar Fr�hlich, Bernd Staginnus (Physical Review Letters 1967)
234 Automatic 2-photon spectrometer B. Staginnus, D. Fr�hlich, T. Caps (Review of Scientific Instruments 1968)
236 Observation of exciton polariton dispersion in CuCl D. Fr�hlich, E. Mohler, P. Wiesner (Physical Review Letters 1971)
239 Excited state symmetry assignment through polarized two-photon absorption studies of fluids W.M. McClain (Journal of Chemical Physics 1971)
247 Paschen-Back effect on the 3S-4D two-photon transition in sodium vapor F. Biraben, B. Cagnac, G. Grynberg (Physics Letters 1974)
249 The resonance of two-photon absorption in separated optical fields Ye.V. Baklanov, V.P. Chebotayev, B.Ya. Dubetsky (Applied Physics 1976)
251 Quantum interference effects in two-photon spectroscopy M.M. Salour (Reviews of Modern Physics 1978)
266 Ion-pair formation in two-photon absorption of molecular caesium (563-635 nm) M. Klewer, M.J.M. Beerlage, M.J. Van der Wiel (Journal of Physics B: Atomic and Molecular Physics 1977)
272 Millimeter spectroscopy in sodium Rydberg states: quantum-defect, fine-structure, and polarizability measurements C. Fabre, S. Haroche, P. Goy (Physical Review A 1978)
281 Two-photon molecular electronic spectroscopy D.M. Friedrich, W.M. McClain (Annual Review of Physical Chemistry 1980)
Section Three
Four-Wave Mixing
303 Study of optical effects due to an induced polarization third order in the electric field strength P.D. Maker, R.W. Terhune (Physical Review 1965)
321 Multimode effects in stimulated Raman emission N. Bloembergen, Y.R. Shen (Physical Review Letters 1966)
326 Dispersion of the nonlinear optical susceptibilities of organic liquids and solutions M.D. Levenson, N. Bloembergen (Journal of Chemical Physics 1974)
331 Feasibility of measuring the nonlinear index of refraction by third-order frequency mixing Marc D. Levenson (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1974)
337 Subnanosecond relaxation time measurements using a transient induced grating method Donald W. Phillion, Dirk J. Kuizenga, A.E. Siegman (Applied Physics Letters 1975)
340 Raman-induced Kerr effect A. Heiman, R.W. Hellwarth, M.D. Levenson, Graham Martin (Physical Review Letters 1976)
344 Resonance shifts in the multiphoton ionization of cesium atoms J. Morellec, D. Normand, G. Petite (Physical Review A 1976)
357 Study of ultra-fast relaxation processes by resonant Rayleigh-type optical mixing. I. Theory Tatsuo Yajima, Hirotoshi Souma (Physical Review A 1978)
372 Study of ultra-fast relaxation processes by resonant Rayleigh-type optical mixing. II. Experiment on dye solutions Tatsuo Yajima, Hirotoshi Souma, Yuzo Ishida (Physical Review A 1978)
383 Polarization-sensitive coherent anti-Stokes Raman spectroscopy Jean-Louis Oudar, Robert W. Smith, Y.R. Shen (Applied Physics Letters 1979)
386 Simultaneous narrow-line Raman spectra of ground and excited electronic states P.L. Decola, J.R. Andrews, R.M. Hochstrasser, H.P. Trommsdorff (Journal of Chemical Physics 1980)
388 Nonlinear spectroscopy by multiresonant four-wave mixing J.-L. Oudar, Y.R. Shen (Physical Review A 1980)
Section Four
Multiphoton Spectroscopy
409 Unified treatment of perturbed series, continuous spectra and collisions U. Fano (Journal of the Optical Society of America 1975)
418 Bound, even-parity J=0 and J=2 spectra of Sr Peter Esherick (Physical Review A 1977)
435 Doubly excited autoionizing Rydberg states of Sr W.E. Cooke, T.F. Gallagher, S.A. Edelstein, R.M. Hill (Physical Review Letters 1978)
439 Energy partitioning in the collision-free multiphoton dissociation of molecules: energy of CF2 from CF2HCl, CF2Br2, and CF2Cl2 John C. Stephenson, David S. King (Journal of Chemical Physics 1978)
447 Vibronic/mass spectroscopy via multiphoton ionization of a molecular beam: the I2 molecule L. Zandee, R.B. Bernstein, D.A. Lichtin (Journal of Chemical Physics 1978)
450 Diamagnetic structure of Na Rydberg states Myron L. Zimmerman, Jarbas C. Castro, Daniel Kleppner (Physical Review Letters 1978)
Section Five
High-Resolution Nonlinear Optical Spectroscopy
457 Hole burning effects in a He-Ne optical maser W.R. Bennett, Jr. (Physical Review 1962)
471 Saturation behavior of a Doppler-broadened transition involving levels with closely spaced structure H.R. Schlossberg, A. Javan (Physical Review 1966)
489 Laser-induced line-narrowing effects in coupled Doppler-broadened transitions M.S. Feld, A. Javan (Physical Review 1969)
512 Line shape of two-photon absorption in a standing-wave field in a gas L.S. Vasilenko, V.P. Chebotaev, A.V. Shishaev (JETP Letters 1970)
516 Hyperfine quantum beats observed in Cs vapor under pulsed dye laser excitation S. Haroche, J.A. Paisner, A.L. Schalow (Physical Review Letters 1973)
520 Collision-induced optical double resonance Richard G. Brewer, R.L. Shoemaker, S. Stenhom (Physical Review Letters 1974)
524 Multiphoton ionization spectroscopy of high-lying, even-parity states in calcium P. Esherick, J.A. Armstrong, R.W. Dreyfus, J.J. Wynne (Physical Review Letters 1976)
528 Identification of absorption lines by modulated lower-level population: spectrum of Na2 M.E. Kaminsky, R.T. Hawkins, F.V. Kowalski, A.L. Schalow (Physical Review Letters 1976)
Section Six
Detection of Rare Atoms and Molecules
533 Absolute measurement of very low sodium-vapor densities using laser resonance fluorescence W.M. Fairbank, Jr., T.W. H�nsch, A.L. Schalow (Journal of the Optical Society of America 1975)
539 Saturated two-photon resonance ionization of He(2 1S)* G.S. Hurst, M.G. Payne, M.H. Nayfeh, J.P. Judish, E.B. Wagner (Physical Review Letters 1975)
543 Laser selective detection of ultralow concentrations of atoms V.S. Letokhov (Comments on Atomic and Molecular Physics 1977)
556 Collisional line broadening using laser excitation and ionization Munir H. Nayfeh, G.S. Hurst, M.G. Payne, J.P. Young (Physical Review Letters 1977)
560 Coherent two-photon excitation by multiple light pulses R. Teets, J. Eckstein, T.W. H�nsch (Physical Review Letters 1977)
565 Single-atom detection by SONRES Jerry A. Gelbwachs, Christopher F. Klein, John E. Wessel (IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 1978)
570 Resonance ionization spectroscopy and one-atom detection G.S. Hurst, M.G. Payne, S.D. Kramer, J.P. Young (Reviews of Modern Physics 1979)
Section Seven
Surface Spectroscopy
625 Light waves at the boundary of nonlinear media N. Bloembergen, P.S. Pershan (Physical Review 1962)
642 Spectroscopy of molecular monolayers by resonant second-harmonic generation T.F. Heinz, C.K. Chen, D. Ricard, Y.R. Shen (Physical Review Letters 1982)
646 Surface second harmonic generation: a new technique for surface studies Y.R. Shen (Annual Review of Materials Science 1986)
664 Sum-frequency vibrational spectroscopy of a Langmuir film: study of molecular orientation of a two-dimensional system P. Guyot-Sionnest, J.H. Hunt, Y.R. Shen (Physical Review Letters 1987)
668 Vibrational spectroscopy of a silane monolayer at air/solid and liquid/solid interfaces using sum-frequency generation P. Guyot-Sionnest, R. Superfine, J.H. Hunt, Y.R. Shen (Chemical Physics Letters 1988)
673 Author Index
675 Subject Index

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