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Selected Papers on Optical Pattern Recognition Using Joint Transform Correlation
Editor(s): Mohammad S. Alam
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Date Published: 28 September 1999
Pages: 658
ISBN: 9780819434708
Volume: MS157

Table of Contents
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Section One
Introductory Papers
2 Detection of differences in real distributions James E. Rau (Journal of the Optical Society of America 1966)
7 A technique for optically convolving two functions C.S. Weaver, J.W. Goodman (Applied Optics 1966)
Section Two
General JTC Architectures and Algorithms
10 A real-time programmable joint transform correlator F.T.S. Yu, X.J. Lu (Optics Communications 1984)
17 Joint transform image correlation using a binary spatial light modulator at the Fourier plane Bahram Javidi, Chung-Jung Kuo (Applied Optics 1988)
20 Joint-transform correlator systems using deformable-mirror spatial light modulators James M. Florence (Optics Letters 1989)
23 Nonlinear joint power spectrum based optical correlation Bahram Javidi (Applied Optics 1989)
33 New binarization techniques for joint transform correlation Steven K. Rogers, John D. Cline, Matthew Kabrisky, James P. Mills (Optical Engineering 1990)
39 Effects of fringe binarization of multiobject joint transform correlation Francis T.S. Yu, Feng Cheng, Toshio Nagata, Don A. Gregory (Applied Optics 1989)
42 Effects of thresholding in joint-transform correlation Aria Tatone, C.-M. Uang, Francis T.S. Yu, Eddy C. Tam, Don A. Gregory (Applied Optics 1992)
49 Design elements of binary joint transform correlation and selected optimization techniques William B. Hahn, Jr., David L. Flannery (Optical Engineering 1992)
59 Fringe-adjusted joint transform correlation Mohammad S. Alam, Mohammad A. Karim (Applied Optics 1993)
66 Removal of intra-class associations in joint transform power spectrum Feng Cheng, Pedro Andres, Francis T.S. Yu (Optics Communications 1993)
72 Multiple-object detection with a chirp-encoded joint transform correlator Qing Tang, Bahram Javidi (Applied Optics 1993)
82 Preprocessed multiobject joint transform correlator M.S. Alam, O. Perez, M.A. Karim (Applied Optics 1993)
88 Technique for reducing the redundant and self-correlation terms in joint transform correlators Qing Tang, Bahram Javidi (Applied Optics 1993)
96 Multitarget detection using spatial synthesis joint transform correlator Feng Cheng, Francis T.S. Yu, Don A. Gregory (Applied Optics 1993)
102 Photo-compact-disk-based optical correlator Suganda Jutamulia, Don A. Gregory (Applied Optics 1993)
105 Multiple target detection using a modified fringe-adjusted joint transform correlator Mohammad S. Alam, Mohammad A. Karim (Optical Engineering 1994)
113 Fractional power fringe-adjusted joint transform correlation Mohammad S. Alam (Optical Engineering 1995)
122 Contrast-improved joint transform correlator using spatial light modulators S. Vallmitjana, E. Martin-Badosa, S. Bosch, A. Carnicer (Optics and Laser Technology 1996)
132 Phase-only joint transform correlator: analysis and experimental results Peter S. Erbach, Don A. Gregory, Jeffery B. Hammock (Applied Optics 1996)
138 Nonlinear joint transform correlator by interframe processing of multi-intensity imagery Zikuan Chen, Guoguang Mu (Optical Engineering 1996)
146 Implementation of a non-zero-order joint-transform correlator by use of phase-shifting techniques Guowen Lu, Zheng Zhang, Shudong Wu, F.T.S. Yu (Applied Optics 1997)
160 Improving multiobject correlation discrimination using data fusion in the correlation plane M.S. Alam, Y.A. Gu (Optik 1997)
166 Post-processing of joint-transform correlator outputs with Kolmogorov-Smirnov statistical test Josep Ferre-Borrull, Xavier Fernandez, Salvador Bosch, Santiago Vallmitjana, Estela Martin-Badosa (Optics Communications 1998)
173 Soft blocking of the dc term in Fourier optical systems Suganda Jutamulia, Don A. Gregory (Optical Engineering 1998)
176 Compact optical correlator: preprocessing and filter encoding strategies applied to images with varying illumination Henrik Sjoberg, Bertrand Noharet, Lech Wosinski, Rolph Hey (Optical Engineering 1998)
Section Three
Wavelet Joint Transform Correlators
187 Joint transform correlator that uses wavelet transforms X.J. Lu, A. Katz, E.G. Kanterakis, N.P. Caviris (Optics Letters 1992)
190 Optical wavelet transform by the phase-only joint-transform correlator Peter S. Erbach, Don A. Gregory, Xiangyang Yang (Applied Optics 1996)
200 Optical wavelet processor by holographic bipolar encoding and joint-transform correlation Katsuhisa Hirokawa, Kazuyoshi Itoh, Yoshiki Ichioka (Applied Optics 1997)
204 Joint wavelet representation correlator for pattern recognition Sheng Zhong, Shutian Liu, Xueru Zhang, Chunfei Li (Applied Optics 1998)
210 Pattern discrimination using a bank of wavelet filters in a joint transform correlator Renu Tripathi, Kehar Singh (Optical Engineering 1998)
Section Four
Photorefractive JTCs
219 Compact joint transform correlator with a thick photorefractive crystal Francis T.S. Yu, Shundong Wu, Don A. Gregory (Applied Optics 1992)
222 Shift-invariant photorefractive joint-transform correlator using Fe:LiNbO[3] crystal plates Q. Byron He, Pochi Yeh, L.J. Hu, S.P. Lin, T.S. Yeh, S.L. Tu, S.J. Yang, Ken Hsu (Applied Optics 1993)
225 All-optical nonlinear joint Fourier transform correlator Jehad Khoury, Jonathan S. Kane, George Asimellis, Mark Cronin-Golomb, Charles Woods (Applied Optics 1994)
235 Effects of saturation on the nonlinear incoherent-erasure joint-transform correlator George Asimellis, Jehad Khoury, Charles Woods (Journal of the Optical Society of America A 1996)
247 Experimental assessment of a photorefractive bandpass joint transform correlator Rupert C.D. Young, Chris R. Chatwin (Optical Engineering 1997)
268 Fringe-adjusted incoherent erasure joint transform correlator Mohammad S. Alam, Jehad S. Khoury (Optical Engineering 1998)
Section Five
Distortion Invariant JTCs
279 Composite harmonics joint transform correlator for tilt invariant pattern recognition David Mendlovic, Meir Deutsch, Naim Konforti, Emanuel Marom (Optics Communications 1990)
286 Joint transform correlator performance enhancement by a logarithmic-polar transformation Osvaldo Perez, Mohammad A. Karim (Optical Engineering 1993)
295 Rotation-invariant joint transform correlator Suganda Jutamulia, Toshimitsu Asakura (Applied Optics 1994)
298 Wavelet transform-based correlator for the recognition of rotationally distorted images Farid Ahmed, Mohammad A. Karim, Mohammad S. Alam (Optical Engineering 1995)
304 Multichannel photorefractive correlator for rotation- invariant optical pattern recognition Zhiqing Wen, Xiangyang Yang (Optics Communications 1997)
309 Distortion-invariant fringe-adjusted joint transform correlator Mohammad S. Alam, Xue-wen Chen, Mohammad A. Karim (Applied Optics 1997)
Section Six
Unconventional JTCs
317 Nonconventional joint-transform correlator Francis T.S. Yu, Chenhua Zhang, Yong Jin, Don A. Gregory (Optics Letters 1989)
320 Fractional joint transform correlator Adolf W. Lohmann, David Mendlovic (Applied Optics 1997)
326 Lensless joint transform correlator Thomas J. Grycewicz (Optical Engineering 1997)
332 Real-time joint transform correlation with photoanisotropic dye-polymer films Tizhi Huang, Kelvin H. Wagner (Applied Optics 1994)
344 Novel joint transform correlator architecture using bacteriorhodopsin optically addressable spatial light modulators J. David Sanchez-de-la-Llave, Drew A. Pommet, Michael A. Fiddy (Optical Engineering 1998)
350 Applying time modulation to the joint transform correlator Thomas J. Grycewicz (Optical Engineering 1994)
358 Fourier-plane windowing in the binary joint transform correlator for multiple target detection Thomas J. Grycewicz (Applied Optics 1995)
Section Seven
Adaptive Recognition and Tracking
369 Adaptive real-time pattern recognition using a liquid crystal TV based joint transform correlator Francis T.S. Yu, Suganda Jutamulia, Tsongneng W. Lin, Don A. Gregory (Applied Optics 1987)
372 Programmable binary nonlinear optical processor for associative retrieval Bahram Javidi (Optical Engineering 1989)
378 Adaptive learning with joint transform correlators Joseph Rosen, Uri Mahlab, Joseph Shamir (Optical Engineering 1990)
384 Autonomous real-time object tracking with an adaptive joint transform correlator Eddy C. Tam, Francis T.S. Yu, Don A. Gregory, Richard D. Juday (Optical Engineering 1990)
Section Eight
Color Pattern and Defocused Image Recognition
393 Polychromatic target identification with a color liquid- crystal-TV-based joint-transform correlator Francis T.S. Yu, Zhaohui Yang, Kun Pan (Applied Optics 1994)
396 Multichannel single-output color pattern recognition by use of a joint-transform correlator Meir Deutsch, Javier Garcia, David Mendlovic (Applied Optics 1996)
403 Binary joint transform correlation of defocused images Barry K. Karch, Mohammad A. Karim, David L. Flannery (Optical Engineering 1993)
414 Correlation postprocessing-based method for the detection of defocused images Arturo Carnicer, Santiago Vallmitjana, Ignacio Juvells (Applied Optics 1997)
Section Nine
Optical Character Recognition
421 Optical pattern recognition of letters by a joint-transform correlator using a ferroelectric liquid-crystal spatial light modulator Tadao Iwaki, Yasuyuki Mitsuoka (Optics Letters 1990)
424 Feature-extracted joint transform correlation Mohammad S. Alam (Applied Optics 1995)
Section Ten
Biometrics Recognition
433 Optical fingerprint identification by binary joint transform correlation Kenneth H. Fielding, Joseph L. Horner, Charles K. Makekau (Optical Engineering 1991)
437 Fingerprint identification by using a joint-Fourier correlator and a liquid crystal light valve F. Song, X. An, J. Song, P. Ji, C. Bai, T. Lin, S. Li, B. Liu, H. Wang (Optics and Laser Technology 1994)
446 Optical implementation of neural networks for face recognition by the use of nonlinear joint transform correlators Bahram Javidi, Jian Li, Qing Tang (Applied Optics 1995)
459 Fingerprint identification by an optical joint transform correlation system Yuji Kobayashi, Haruyoshi Toyoda, Naohisa Mukohzaka, Narihiro Yoshida, Tsutomu Hara (Optical Review 1996)
462 Optical recognition of phase-encrypted biometrics Eric G. Johnson, James D. Brasher, Don Gregory, Peter Erbach, Mike Duignan, Greg Behrmann, Sing H. Lee, Walter Daschner, Pin Long (Optical Engineering 1998)
Section Eleven
Optical Machine Vision
473 Compact photorefractive correlators for robotic applications H. Rajbenbach, Sambath Bann, Philippe Refregier, Pascal Joffre, Jean-Pierre Huignard, Hermann-Stephan Buchkremer, Arne Skov Jensen, Erling Rasmussen, Karl-Heinz Brenner, Garry Lohman (Applied Optics 1992)
482 On-board optical joint transform correlator for real-time road sign recognition Laurent Guibert, Gilles Keryer, Alain Servel, Mondher Attia, Harry S. MacKenzie, Pierre Pellat-Finet, Jean-Louis de Bougrenet de la Tocnaye (Optical Engineering 1995)
Section Twelve
JTC Based Image Processing and Digital Computing
493 Deblurring using joint transform processor F.T.S. Yu, Y.S. Cheng (Optics Communications 1989)
499 Image enhancement by nonlinear joint transform processing Bahram Javidi, Jack Ruiz, Carol Ruiz (Optics Communications 1990)
506 Optical computing techniques for image/video compression Akitoshi Yoshida, John H. Reif (Proceedings of the IEEE 1994)
513 Joint wavelet-transform correlator for image feature extraction Wenlu Wang, Guofan Jin, Yingbai Yan, Minxian Wu (Applied Optics 1995)
520 Deblurring using fringe-adjusted joint transform correlation Mohammad S. Alam (Optical Engineering 1998)
529 Multiple-input joint wavelet transform correlator for wavelet feature extraction Samuel P. Kozaitis, Mark A. Getbehead (Optical Engineering 1998)
536 Joint wavelet transform correlation with separated target and reference planes Boon Yi Soon, Mohammad A. Karim, Russell C. Hardie, Mohammad S. Alam (Optics Express 1998)
543 Real-time optical computing: multiprocessor design Mohammad S. Alam (Optical Engineering 1994)
Section Thirteen
Parameter Measurement and Sensing
551 Real-time velocity measurement by the use of a speckle- pattern correlation system that incorporates a ferroelectric liquid-crystal spatial light modulator Yuji Kobayashi, Tamiki Takemori, Naohisa Mukohzaka, Narihiro Yoshida, Seiji Fukushima (Applied Optics 1994)
561 Dynamic fiber specklegram sensing Francis T.S. Yu, Kun Pan, Dazun Zhao, Paul B. Ruffin (Applied Optics 1995)
566 Frame-rate displacement measurement system utilizing an ultra-high-speed shutter camera and an optical correlator Haruyoshi Toyoda, Yuji Kobayashi, Naohisa Mukohzaka, Narihiro Yoshida, Tsutomu Hara, Takeji Ohno (IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement 1995)
570 Sizing opaque particles with joint transform correlation Xue-Wen Chen, Mohammad A. Karim (Applied Optics 1997)
574 Joint transform correlator for the detection of defects in optical fibers Wei Liu, Hakil Kim, Sukmock Lee, Seunggol Lee (Optical Engineering 1998)
Section Fourteen
Performance Measures, Comparison and Optimization
583 Nonlinear joint-transform correlation: an optimal solution for adaptive image discrimination and input noise robustness Philippe Refregier, Vincent Laude, Bahram Javidi (Optics Letters 1994)
586 Nonlinearity optimization in nonlinear joint transform correlators Leonid P. Yaroslavsky, Emanuel Marom (Applied Optics 1997)
593 Performance comparison of ferroelectric liquid-crystal- technology-based coherent optical multichannel correlators G. Keryer, J.L. de Bougrenet de la Tocnaye, A. Al Falou (Applied Optics 1997)
606 Robustness of joint transform correlator versus VanderLugt correlator Purwadi Purwosumarto, Francis T.S. Yu (Optical Engineering 1997)
612 Analysis of image detection based on Fourier plane nonlinear filtering in a joint transform correlator Peter Willett, Bahram Javidi, Marco Lops (Applied Optics 1998)
625 Nonlinear compansive noise reduction in joint transform correlators J. Khoury, George Asimellis, Peter D. Gianino, Charles L. Woods (Optical Engineering 1998)

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