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Selected Papers on Optical Pattern Recognition
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Date Published: 9 September 1999
Pages: 656
ISBN: 9780819434692
Volume: MS156

Table of Contents
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Section One
Optical Architectures for Pattern Recognition
3 Signal detection by complex spatial filtering A. Vander Lugt (IEEE Transactions on Information Theory 1964)
10 Dual-axis joint-Fourier-transform correlator T.C. Lee, J. Rebholz, P. Tamura (Optics Letters 1979)
13 Color signal correlation detection by matched spatial filtering F.T.S. Yu, T.H. Chao (Applied Physics B: Photophysics and Laser Chemistry 1983)
19 Microcomputer-based programmable optical correlator for automatic pattern recognition and identification Francis T.S. Yu, Jacques E. Ludman (Optics Letters 1986)
22 Adaptive real-time pattern recognition using a liquid crystal TV based joint transform correlator Francis T.S. Yu, Suganda Jutamulia, Tsongneng W. Lin, Don A. Gregory (Applied Optics 1987)
25 Architecture for a ternary phase only processor using amplitude filters Suganda Jutamulia, George Storti (Applied Optics 1989)
27 Compact and robust incoherent holographic correlator using a surface-emitting laser-diode array Eung Gi Paek, A. Von Lehmen, John R. Wullert II, R. Martin (Optics Letters 1991)
30 Optical disk based joint transform correlator Francis T.S. Yu, Taiwei Lu, Eddy C. Tam, Eiichiro Nishihara, Takashi Nishikawa (Applied Optics 1991)
32 Three-dimensional disk-based optical correlator Kevin Curtis, Demetri Psaltis (Optical Engineering 1994)
36 Nonzero-order joint transform correlator Chun-Te Li, Shizhuo Yin, Francis T.S. Yu (Optical Engineering 1998)
Section Two
Invariant Pattern Recognition
47 Scale invariant optical correlation using Mellin transforms David Casasent, Demetri Psaltis (Optics Communications 1976)
52 Optical pattern recognition using circular harmonic expansion Yuan-Neng Hsu, H.H. Arsenault (Applied Optics 1982)
56 Rotation-invariant pattern recognition H.H. Arsenault, Y.N. Hsu, K. Chalasinska-Macukow (Optical Engineering 1984)
61 Optical processor for recognition of three-dimensional targets viewed from any direction George F. Schils, Donald W. Sweeney (Journal of the Optical Society of America A 1988)
74 3-D target recognition by using serial-code-filters Shizhuo Yin, Cheng Lu, Guoguang Mu (Optik 1989)
77 Rotation invariant pattern recognition with a programmable joint transform correlator Francis T.S. Yu, Xiaoyang Li, Eddy Tam, Suganda Jutamulia, Don A. Gregory (Applied Optics 1989)
80 Design considerations for low-clutter, distortion invariant correlation filters Gregory Gheen (Optical Engineering 1990)
84 2-D shift-invariant volume holographic correlator Claire Gu, John Hong, Scott Campbell (Optics Communications 1992)
90 Rotational invariant pattern recognition with the method of circular harmonics using a BaTiO[3] crystal Chi-Ching Chang, Hon-Fai Yau, Yuh-Ping Tong, Nen-Wen Puh (Optics Communications 1992)
94 Discrimination-sensitive rotation-invariant joint-transform correlator using gradient preprocessing and circular harmonic components G.S. Pati, Kehar Singh (Optical Engineering 1998)
Section Three
Synthetic Discriminant and Simulated Annealing Composite Filters
103 Generalized matched filtering H.J. Caulfield, Robert Haimes (Applied Optics 1980)
106 Multivariant technique for multiclass pattern recognition Charles F. Hester, David Casasent (Applied Optics 1980)
110 Unified synthetic discriminant function computational formulation David Casasent (Applied Optics 1984)
118 Minimum-variance synthetic discriminant functions B.V.K. Vijaya Kumar (Journal of the Optical Society of America A 1986)
124 Minimum average correlation energy filters Abhijit Mahalanobis, B.V.K. Vijaya Kumar, David Casasent (Applied Optics 1987)
132 Optimum encoding of binary phase-only filters with a simulated annealing algorithm Myung Soo Kim, Michael R. Feldman, Clark C. Guest (Optics Letters 1989)
135 Phase optimization of a kinoform by simulated annealing Nobukazu Yoshikawa, Toyohiko Yatagai (Applied Optics 1994)
141 Design of a bipolar composite filter by a simulated annealing algorithm Shizhuo Yin, Mingzhe Lu, Chulung Chen, Francis T.S. Yu, Tracy D. Hudson, Deanna K. McMillen (Optics Letters 1995)
144 Synthesize multi-level composite filter for synthetic-aperture radar image identification Chun-Te Li, Jiang Li, Shizhuo Yin, Tracy D. Hudson, Deanna K. McMillen (Optics Communications 1998)
Section Four
Nonlinear Pattern Recognition
163 Linear optimization in synthesis of nonlinear spatial filters Francis T.S. Yu (IEEE Transactions on Information Theory 1971)
169 Hard-clipping joint transform correlator using a microchannel spatial light modulator F.T.S. Yu, Q.W. Song, Y. Suzuki, M. Wu (Microwave and Optical Technology Letters 1988)
173 Nonlinear matched filtering O.K. Ersoy, M. Zeng (Journal of the Optical Society of America A 1989)
186 Effects of fringe binarization of multiobject joint transform correlation Francis T.S. Yu, Feng Cheng, Toshio Nagata, Don A. Gregory (Applied Optics 1989)
189 Binary phase only joint transform correlator Francis T.S. Yu, Toshio Nagata (Microwave and Optical Technology Letters 1989)
193 Effects of sampling and binarization in the output of the joint Fourier transform correlator Jeffrey A. Davis, Ethan A. Merrill, Don M. Cottrell, Robert M. Bunch (Optical Engineering 1990)
200 Multiple-object input in nonlinear correlation Tuvia Kotzer, Joseph Rosen, Joseph Shamir (Applied Optics 1993)
Section Five
Wavelet and Fractional Transforms
217 Causal analytical wavelet transform Harold H. Szu, Brian Telfer, Adolf Lohmann (Optical Engineering 1992)
222 Optical wavelet transform Yunlong Sheng, Danny Roberge, Harold H. Szu (Optical Engineering 1992)
228 Joint transform correlator that uses wavelet transforms X.J. Lu, A. Katz, E.G. Kanterakis, N.P. Caviris (Optics Letters 1992)
231 Optical Haar wavelet transforms of binary images Xiangyang Yang, Harold H. Szu, Yunlong Sheng, H. John Caulfield (Optical Engineering 1992)
237 Short-time Fourier transform and wavelet transform with Fourier-domain processing F.T.S. Yu, Guowen Lu (Applied Optics 1994)
246 Wavelet processing and optics Yao Li, Harold H. Szu, Yunlong Sheng, H. John Caulfield (Proceedings of the IEEE 1996)
259 Image rotation, Wigner rotation, and the fractional Fourier transform Adolf W. Lohmann (Journal of the Optical Society of America A 1993)
265 Fractional Fourier transforms and their optical implementation: I David Mendlovic, Haldun M. Ozaktas (Journal of the Optical Society of America A 1993)
272 Fractional correlation David Mendlovic, Haldun Ozaktas, Adolf W. Lohmann (Applied Optics 1995)
279 Synthesis of pattern recognition filters for fractional Fourier processing Adolf W. Lohmann, Zeev Zalevsky, David Mendlovic (Optics Communications 1996)
285 Fractional correlations based on the modified fractional order Fourier transform Ahmed M. Almanasreh, Mustafa A.G. Abushagur (Optical Engineering 1998)
Section Six
Photorefractive Correlators
297 Spatial convolution and correlation of optical fields via degenerate four-wave mixing David M. Pepper, John AuYeung, Dan Fekete, Amnon Yariv (Optics Letters 1978)
300 Bias-free time-integrating optical correlator using a photorefractive crystal Demetri Psaltis, Jeffrey Yu, John Hong (Applied Optics 1985)
306 Optical correlators with fast updating speed using photorefractive semiconductor materials Gregory Gheen, Li-Jen Cheng (Applied Optics 1988)
312 Wavelength multiplexed reflection matched spatial filters using LiNbO[3] Francis T.S. Yu, Shudong Wu, Andrew W. Mayers, Sumati Rajan (Optics Communications 1991)
317 Real-time VanderLugt optical correlator that uses photorefractive GaAs Duncan T.H. Liu, Li-Jen Cheng (Applied Optics 1992)
323 Wavelet matched filtering using a photorefractive crystal Meiyuan Wen, Shizhuo Yin, Purwosumarto Purwardi, Francis T.S. Yu (Optics Communications 1993)
329 Photorefractive time-integrating correlator John H. Hong, Tallis Y. Chang (Optics Letters 1991)
332 Photorefractive two-beam-coupling nonlinear joint-transform correlator Jehad Khoury, Mark Cronin-Golomb, Peter Gianino, Charles Woods (Journal of the Optical Society of America B 1994)
340 Bragg diffraction-limited photorefractive crystal-based correlators Francis T.S. Yu, Shizhuo Yin (Optical Engineering 1995)
348 Rotation-invariant photorefractive correlator Zhiqing Wen, Xiangyang Yang (in Photorefractive Fiber and Crystal Devices: Materials, Optical Properties, and Applications II, S. Yin, F.T.S. Yu, editors, 1996)
Section Seven
Pattern Recognition with Neural Networks
359 Optical information processing based on an associative-memory model of neural nets with thresholding and feedback Demetri Psaltis, Nabil Farhat (Optics Letters 1985)
362 Optical implementation of the Hopfield model Nabil H. Farhat, Demetri Psaltis, Aluizio Prata, Eung Paek (Applied Optics 1985)
369 Optical implementation of associative memory with controlled nonlinearity in the correlation domain Ravindra A. Athale, Harold H. Szu, Carl B. Friedlander (Optics Letters 1986)
372 Holographic associative memory with nonlinearities in the correlation domain Y. Owechko, G.J. Dunning, E. Marom, B.H. Soffer (Applied Optics 1987)
383 Optical neural network with pocket-sized liquid-crystal televisions Francis T.S. Yu, Taiwei Lu, Xiangyang Yang, Don A. Gregory (Optics Letters 1990)
386 Neural network model using interpattern association Taiwei Lu, Xin Xu, Sudong Wu, Francis T.S. Yu (Applied Optics 1990)
391 Use of electron trapping materials in optical signal processing. 2: Two-dimensional associative memory Suganda Jutamulia, George M. Storti, Joseph Lindmayer, William Seiderman (Applied Optics 1991)
397 Optical neural network with bipolar neural states Xu-Ming Wang, Guo-Guang Mu (Applied Optics 1992)
405 Compact holographic optical neural network system for real-time pattern recognition Taiwei Lu, David Mintzer, Andrew Kostrzewski, Freddie Lin (Optical Engineering 1996)
415 Optical neural networks with terminal attractors for pattern recognition Xin Lin, Junji Ohtsubo (Optical Engineering 1996)
Section Eight
Pattern Classification
425 Image classification by an optical implementation of the Fukunaga-Koontz transform James R. Leger, Sing H. Lee (Journal of the Optical Society of America 1982)
434 Optical implementation of the least-squares linear mapping technique for image classification Zu-Han Gu, James R. Leger, Sing H. Lee (Journal of the Optical Society of America 1982)
441 Recognition of images of Markov-1 model by least-squares linear mapping technique Zu-Han Gu, Sing H. Lee (Applied Optics 1984)
447 Optical pattern classifier with Perceptron learning John H. Hong, Scott Campbell, Pochi Yeh (Applied Optics 1990)
454 Image classification by the Kittler-Young transform using a joint transform correlator John X. Li, Francis T.S. Yu, Don A. Gregory (Microwave and Optical Technology Letters 1991)
457 Neural network adaptive wavelets for signal representation and classification Harold H. Szu, Brian Telfer, Shubha Kadambe (Optical Engineering 1992)
467 Pattern classification using a joint transform correlator based nearest neighbor classifier Guowen Lu, Francis T.S. Yu (Optical Engineering 1996)
Section Nine
Phase Encoding and Phase Only Correlators
479 Additional properties of the phase-only correlation filter Peter D. Gianino, Joseph L. Horner (Optical Engineering 1984)
482 Optical image correlation with a binary spatial light modulator Demetri Psaltis, Eung G. Paek, Santosh S. Venkatesh (Optical Engineering 1984)
489 Computer-generated and phase-only synthetic discriminant function filters David Casasent, William A. Rozzi (Applied Optics 1986)
495 Optimal binary phase-only matched filters Michael W. Farn, Joseph W. Goodman (Applied Optics 1988)
502 Improved correlation discrimination using an amplitude-modulated phase-only filter Abdul Ahad S. Awwal, Mohammad A. Karim, Syeda R. Jahan (Applied Optics 1990)
506 Design of phase-only, binary phase-only, and complex ternary matched filters with increased signal-to-noise ratios for colored noise B.V.K. Vijaya Kumar, Richard D. Juday (Optics Letters 1991)
509 Optical implementation of phase extraction pattern recognition Joseph Rosen, Tuvia Kotzer, Joseph Shamir (Optics Communications 1991)
514 Is the phase-only filter and its modifications optimal in terms of the discrimination capability in pattern recognition? L.P. Yaroslavsky (Applied Optics 1992)
517 Adaptive real-time architectures for phase-only correlation Robert W. Cohn (Applied Optics 1993)
525 Performance comparison of ternary and minimum noise and correlation energy filters using realistic test images David L. Flannery, Kueiming Max Lee, Dennis H. Goldstein (Optical Engineering 1994)
533 Phase-encoding input images for optical pattern recognition Robert R. Kallman, Dennis H. Goldstein (Optical Engineering 1994)
540 Phase-encoded input joint transform correlator with improved pattern discriminability Guowen Lu, Zheng Zhang, F.T.S. Yu (Optics Letters 1995)
Section Ten
Techniques and Algorithms
545 Optical character recognition based on nonredundant correlation measurements B. Braunecker, R. Hauck, A.W. Lohmann (Applied Optics 1979)
553 Double correlation technique for pattern recognition and counting S. Jutamulia, H. Fujii, T. Asakura (Optics Communications 1982)
558 Optical tracking novelty filter Dana Z. Anderson, Diana M. Lininger, Jack Feinberg (Optics Letters 1987)
561 Pattern recognition based on the triple correlation Adolf W. Lohmann (Optik 1988)
565 Optimal maximum correlation filter for arbitrarily constrained devices Michael W. Farn, Joseph W. Goodman (Applied Optics 1989)
570 Data association multiple target tracking using a phase-mostly liquid crystal television Eddy C. Tam, Francis T.S. Yu, Aris Tanone, Don A. Gregory, Richard D. Juday (Optical Engineering 1990)
578 Adaptive learning with joint transform correlators Joseph Rosen, Uri Mahlab, Joseph Shamir (Optical Engineering 1990)
584 Optical recognition of phase-encrypted biometrics Eric G. Johnson, James D. Brasher, Don Gregory, Peter Erbach, Mike Duignan, Greg Behrmann, Sing H. Lee, Walter Daschner, Pin Long (Optical Engineering 1998)
593 Computer-generated amplitude-compensated matched filter Guo-Guang Mu, Xin-Xin Shao, Zhao-Qi Wang, Ru-Lian Fu (Optical Engineering 1998)
597 Implementation of bipolar real-valued input scenes in a real-time optical correlator: application to color pattern recognition Ignacio Moreno, Juan Campos, Maria J. Yzuel, Vitaly Kober (Optical Engineering 1998)
604 Real-time optoelectronic morphological processor for human face recognition Haisong Liu, Minxian Wu, Guofan Jin, Gang Cheng, Qingsheng He (Optical Engineering 1998)
Section Eleven
Review Paper
613 Optical pattern recognition: architectures and techniques Francis T.S. Yu, Don A. Gregory (Proceedings of the IEEE 1996)

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