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Selected Papers on VUV Synchrotron Radiation Instrumentation: Beam Line and Instrument Development
Editor(s): David L. Ederer
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Date Published: 1 December 1998
Pages: 716
ISBN: 9780819430359
Volume: MS152

Table of Contents
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Section One
3 High resolution x-ray spectroscopy using synchrotron radiation: source characteristics and optical systems P. Pianetta, I. Lindau (Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena 1977)
29 Vacuum ultra violet monochromators Malcolm R. Howells (Nuclear Instruments and Methods 1980)
37 The development of far UV spectrometers for synchrotron radiation facilities D.L. Ederer (Nuclear Instruments and Methods 1982)
53 VUV and soft x-ray monochromators for use with synchrotron radiation V. Saile, J.B. West (Nuclear Instruments and Methods 1983)
68 Optimization of soft x-ray monochromators H.A. Padmore (Review of Scientific Instruments 1989)
Section Two

Synchrotron Radiation

79 On the classical radiation of accelerated electrons Julian Schwinger (Physical Review 1949)
93 Spectral and angular distribution of UV radiation from the 300-MeV Cornell synchrotron D.H. Tomboulian, P.L. Hartman (Physical Review 1956)
118 Characteristics of the "synchrotron light" from the NBS 180-MeV machine K. Codling, R.P. Madden (Journal of Applied Physics 1965)
126 Extreme ultraviolet spectroscopy with the use of a storage ring light source Christian G�hwiller, Frederick C. Brown, Hiizu Fujita (Review of Scientific Instruments 1970)

Other Sources

133 Source d'�mission de spectre continu s'�tendant du visible � l'ultraviolet extr�me Germaine Balloffet, Jacques Romand, Boris Vodar (Comptes Rendus de l'Acad�mie des Sciences 1961)
Section Three
Optical Elements


139 Geometric theory of the grating H. Noda, T. Namioka, M. Seya (Journal of the Optical Society of America 1974)
145 Ray tracing through holographic gratings H. Noda, T. Namioka, M. Seya (Journal of the Optical Society of America 1974)
151 Design of holographic concave gratings for Seya-Namioka monochromators H. Noda, T. Namioka, M. Seya (Journal of the Optical Society of America 1974)
158 The torus grating Heinz Haber (Journal of the Optical Society of America 1950)
171 The use of diffraction efficiency theory in the design of soft X-ray monochromators H.A. Padmore, V. Martynov, K. Holis (Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 1994)
181 Holographic diffraction gratings used in normal incidence monochromators for synchrotron radiation G.W. Grime, J.H. Beaumont, J.B. West (Applied Optics 1975)
183 On the efficiencies of rectangular-groove gratings J.L. Roumiguieres, D. Maystre, R. Petit (Journal of the Optical Society of America 1976)
187 Dual-waveband operation of a multilayer-coated diffraction grating in the soft x-ray range at near-normal incidence M.P. Kowalski, J.F. Seely, W.R. Hunter, J.C. Rife, T.W. Barbee, Jr., G.E. Holland, C.N. Boyer, C.M. Brown, R.G. Cruddace (Applied Optics 1993)
191 Performance of a tungsten/carbon multilayer-coated, blazed grating from
150 to 1700 eV J.C. Rife, T.W. Barbee, Jr., W.R. Hunter, R.G. Cruddace (Physica Scripta 1990)
195 Multilayer-coated blazed grating performance in the soft x-ray region Jack C. Rife, William R. Hunter, Troy W. Barbee, Jr., R.G. Cruddace (Applied Optics 1989)


198 SiC mirrors for synchrotron radiation Victor Rehn, W.J. Choyke (Nuclear Instruments and Methods 1980)
204 X-ray and far UV multilayer mirrors: principles and possibilities A.V. Vinogradov, B.Ya. Zeldovich (Applied Optics 1977)
209 A simple cantilevered mirror for focusing synchrotron radiation Gene E. Ice, Cullie J. Sparks (Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 1988)
214 Design considerations for adjustable-curvature, high-power, x-ray mirrors based on elastic bending Malcolm R. Howells, David Lunt (Optical Engineering 1993)
223 Design strategies for monolithic adjustable-radius metal mirrors Malcolm R. Howells (Optical Engineering 1995)
231 Adaptive optics for resolution/throughput optimization; variable-radius- mirror application for a PGM Eizi Morikawa, John D. Scott, Volker Saile (Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 1992)
236 Compact active/adaptive x-ray mirror: bimorph piezoelectric flexible mirror J. Susini, D. Labergerie, L. Zhang (Review of Scientific Instruments 1995)
Section Four
Monochromators and Spectrometers

Normal-Incidence Monochromators

241 Normal-incidence monochromator for the vacuum ultraviolet radiation from an electron synchrotron M. Skibowski, W. Steinmann (Journal of the Optical Society of America 1967)
243 Normal incidence monochromators for synchrotron radiation sources Volker Saile (Nuclear Instruments and Methods 1978)
252 High resolution monochromator for the VUV radiation from the DORIS storage ring V. Saile, P. Gurtler, E.E. Koch, A. Kozevnikov, M. Skibowski, W. Steinmann (Applied Optics 1976)
258 A high throughput 2 m normal incidence monochromator for SURF-II D.L. Ederer, B.E. Cole, J.B. West (Nuclear Instruments and Methods 1980)
264 The performance of a 5 metre normal incidence monochromator at the Daresbury Laboratory Synchrotron Radiation Source D.M.P Holland, J.B. West, A.A. MacDowell, I.H. Munro, A.G. Beckett (Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B 1989)

Grazing-Incidence Spectrometers

Instruments with Spherical Gratings
273 Versatile grazing incidence spectromonochromator for the xuv region P. Jaegl�, P. Dhez, F. Wuilleumier (Review of Scientific Instruments 1977)
287 The LURE Gazing incidence spectromonochromator: two years operating experience Pierre Dhez, Pierre Jaegl�, Fran�ois J. Wuilleumier, Elisabeth K�llne, Volker Schmidt, Maurice Berland, Antoine Carillon (Nuclear Instruments and Methods 1978)
296 The SSRL ultrahigh vacuum grazing incidence monochromator: design considerations and operating experience Frederick C. Brown, R.Z. Bachrach, Neil Lien (Nuclear Instruments and Methods 1978)
303 Concept and design procedure for cylindrical element monochromators for synchrotron radiation C.T. Chen (Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 1987)
313 Raytracing, chopper, and guideline for double-headed Dragon monochromators C.T. Chen (Review of Scientific Instruments 1992)
318 High-resolution VUV spectrometer with multichannel detector for absorption studies of transient species Christopher L. Cromer, John M. Bridges, James R. Roberts, Thomas B. Lucatorto (Applied Optics 1985)
324 Performance of a high resolution, high flux density SGM undulator beamline at the ALS Tony Warwick, Phil Heimann, Dmitri Mossessian, Wayne McKinney, Howard Padmore (Review of Scientific Instruments 1995)
328 High resolution results from the LBL 55-meter SGM at SSRL near the K- edge of carbon and nitrogen P.A. Heimann, F. Senf, W. McKinney, M. Howells, R.D. van Zee, L.J. Medhurst, T. Lauritzen, J. Chin, J. Meneghetti, W. Gath, H. Hogrefe, D.A. Shirley (Physica Scripta 1990)
332 Spherical-grating monochromator system with circular-polarization capability for the U5U undulator at Brookhaven N.V. Smith, S.L. Hulbert, P.D. Johnson, J.L. Erskine (Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 1994) Instruments with Plane Gratings
337 Plane grating monochromators for synchrotron radiation Malcolm R. Howells (Nuclear Instruments and Methods 1980)
350 A new mounting of soft x-ray monochromator for synchrotron orbital radiation Kazuo P. Miyake, Riso Kato, Hiroshi Yamashita (Science of Light 1969)
368 A grazing incidence monochromator for use with synchrotron radiation J.B. West, K. Codling, G.V. Marr (Journal of Physics E: Scientific Instruments 1974)
376 Grazing-incidence vacuum-ultraviolet monochromator with fixed exit slit for use with distant sources C. Kunz, R. Haensel, B. Sonntag (Journal of the Optical Society of America 1968)
377 A grazing incidence vacuum ultraviolet monochromator with fixed exit slit H. Dietrich, C. Kunz (Review of Scientific Instruments 1972)
386 Grazing incidence monochromator FLIPPER J. Barth, F. Gerken, C. Kunz, J. Schmidt-May (Nuclear Instruments and Methods 1983)
392 A new monochromator for the energy range 5-1000 eV W. Jark, R.-P. Haelbich, H. Hogrefe, C. Kunz (Nuclear Instruments and Methods 1983)
396 BESSY SX/700: a monochromator system for covering the spectral range 3-700 eV H. Petersen, H. Baumg�rtel (Nuclear Instruments and Methods 1980)
399 The plane grating and elliptical mirror: a new optical configuration for monochromators Helmuth Petersen (Optics Communications 1982)
404 BESSY SX 700 UHV monochromator: design features and kinematic concept F. Riemer, R. Torge (Nuclear Instruments and Methods 1983)
406 A soft x-ray grating monochromator for undulator radiation R. Reininger, V. Saile (Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 1990)
412 Review of plane grating focusing for soft x-ray monochromators H. Petersen, C. Jung, C. Hellwig, W.B. Peatman, W. Gudat (Review of Scientific Instruments 1995)
426 A grating/crystal monochromator for the spectral range 5 eV to 5 keV W.R. Hunter, R.T. Williams, J.C. Rife, J.P. Kirkland, M.N. Kabler (Nuclear Instruments and Methods 1982) Instruments with Toroidal Gratings
439 Monochromateur � simple rotation du r�seau, � r�seau holographique sur support torique pour l'ultraviolet lointain D. Lepere (Nouvelle Revue d'Optique 1975)
445 Design and performance of a toroidal grazing incidence monochromator for the 20-200 eV photon energy range P.K. Larsen, W.A.M. van Bers, J.M. Bizau, F. Wuilleumier, S. Krummacher, V. Schmidt, D. Ederer (Nuclear Instruments and Methods 1982)
451 Design of a high throughput grazing incidence monochromator for SURF II Roger Stockbauer, Robert P. Madden (Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research 1982)
458 Performance of the SURF II high-throughput grating monochromator Richard L. Kurtz, David L. Ederer, Jochen Barth, Roger Stockbauer (Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 1988)
463 High-efficiency soft x-ray emission spectrometer for use with synchrotron radiation excitation T.A. Callcott, K.L. Tsang, C.H. Zhang, D.L. Ederer, E.T. Arakawa (Review of Scientific Instruments 1986) Instruments with Gratings Having a Variable Groove Spacing
474 A stigmatic concave grating with varying spacing Yoshimi Sakayanagi (Science of Light 1967)
483 Stigmatic high throughput monochromator for soft x rays Michael C. Hettrick, James H. Underwood (Applied Optics 1986)
487 Resolving power of 35,000 (5 mA) in the extreme ultraviolet employing a grazing incidence spectrometer Michael C. Hettrick, James H. Underwood, Philip J. Batson, Mark J. Eckart (Applied Optics 1988)
489 Soft x-ray monochromator with a varied-space plane grating for synchrotron radiation: design and evaluation Masaaki Itou, Tatsuo Harada, Toshiaki Kita (Applied Optics 1989)
497 Design and application of a varied-space plane grating monochromator for synchrotron radiation Tatsuo Harada (Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 1990)
503 A simple variable line space grating monochromator for synchrotron light source beamlines T.A. Callcott, W.L. O'Brien, J.J. Jia, Q.Y. Dong, D.L. Ederer, R.N. Watts, D.R. Mueller (Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 1992) Instruments with Transmission and Other Types of Gratings
510 Diffraction efficiencies of holographic transmission gratings in the region 80-1300 eV J.P. Delvaille, H.W. Schnopper, E. K�llne, I. Lindau, R. Tatchyn, R.A. Gutcheck, R.Z. Bachrach, J.H. Dijkstra (Nuclear Instruments and Methods 1980)
515 Extreme ultraviolet transmission grating monochromator P.J. Caldwell, E.T. Arakawa, T.A. Callcott (Applied Optics 1981)
518 A transmission grating beamline monochromator for the VUV synchrotron light source at NSLS T.A. Callcott, C.H. Zhang, K.-L. Tsang, E.T. Arakawa, D.L. Ederer, J. Kerner (Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B 1989)
522 Toward a soft X-ray Fourier-transform spectrometer M.R. Howells, K. Frank, Z. Hussain, E.J. Moler, T. Reich, D. M�ller, D.A. Shirley (Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 1994)
532 On the use of classical and conical diffraction mountings for xuv gratings M. Neviere, D. Maystre, W.R. Hunter (Journal of the Optical Society of America 1978)

X-Ray Monochromators

540 X-ray monochromator development for synchrotron radiation facilities Richard D. Deslattes (Nuclear Instruments and Methods 1980)
548 Multiple Bragg reflection monochromators for synchrotron x radiation J.H. Beaumont, M. Hart (Journal of Physics E: Scientific Instruments 1974)
555 X-ray monochromator system for use with synchrotron radiation sources J.A. Golovchenko, R.A. Levesque, P.L. Cowan (Review of Scientific Instruments 1981)
563 A UHV compatible two-crystal monochromator for synchrotron radiation P.L. Cowan, J.B. Hastings, T. Jach, J.P. Kirkland (Nuclear Instruments and Methods 1983)
568 Monochromator and beamline for soft x-ray studies in the photon energy range 500 eV-5 keV A.A. MacDowell, J.B. West, G.N. Greaves, G. Van der Laan (Review of Scientific Instruments 1988)
Section Five

The Early Days, Optics Characterization, and Radiometry

581 Coefficient d'absorption massique de l'or dans la r�gion de longueur d'onde de 26 � 120 � Pierre Jaegle, Guido Missoni (Comptes Rendus des S�ances de l'Acad�mie des Sciences B 1966)
585 Use of the phenomenon of "total external reflection" for filtering the continuous spectrum in the ultra-soft x-ray region A.P. Lukirskii, Yu.A. Omel'chenko (Optics and Spectroscopy 1960)
588 Measurement of the photoelectric yield for ultrasoft x-radiation A.P. Lukirskii, M.A. Rumsh, L.A. Smirnov (Optics and Spectroscopy 1960)
591 A method for measuring polarization in the vacuum ultraviolet K. Rabinovitch, L.R. Canfield, R.P. Madden (Applied Optics 1965)
597 Soft x-ray optics characterization on SURF II J.R. Roberts, J. Kerner, E.B. Saloman (Physica Scripta 1990)
601 Absolute intensity measurements in the vacuum ultraviolet James A.R. Samson (Journal of the Optical Society of America 1964)
611 The use of synchrotron radiation as an absolute source of VUV radiation D.L. Ederer, E.B. Saloman, S.C. Ebner, R.P. Madden (Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards A: Physics and Chemistry 1975)


625 Overview of soft-x-ray photoemission spectromicroscopy G. Margaritondo, F. Cerrina (Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 1990)
635 Soft x-ray microscopy with coherent x rays J. Kirz, H. Ade, C. Jacobsen, C.-H. Ko, S. Lindaas, I. McNulty, D. Sayre, S. Williams, X. Zhang, M. Howells (Review of Scientific Instruments 1992)
642 Phase contrast studies of biological specimens with the x-ray microscope at BESSY G�nter Schmahl, Dietbert Rudolph, Peter Guttmann, J�rgen Thieme, Bastian Niemann (Review of Scientific Instruments 1995)
647 Imaging magnetic domains with the x-ray dichroism photoemission microscope B.P. Tonner, D. Dunham, J. Zhang, W.L. O'Brien, M. Samant, D. Weller, B.D. Hermsmeirer, J. St�hr (Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 1994)

Magnetic Circular Dichroism

653 Measurements and calculations of the circular polarization and of the absolute intensity of synchrotron radiation in the wavelength range from
40 to 100 nm U. Heinzmann, B. Osterheld, F. Sch�fers (Nuclear Instruments and Methods 1982)
657 Spin polarized photoelectrons from atoms and molecules U. Heinzmann (Applied Optics 1980)
662 A system for magnetic circular dichroism measurements with a 10 m toroidal grating monochromator Roger W.C. Hansen, W.L. O'Brien, B.P. Tonner (Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 1994)


666 Using a straightness reference in obtaining more accurate surface profiles from a long trace profiler S.C. Irick, W.R. McKinney, D.L.J. Lunt, P.Z. Takacs (Review of Scientific Instruments 1992)
669 Applications of transmission x-ray optics E. K�llne, R.O. Tatchyn, P.L. Csonka, I. Lindau (Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 1986)
679 Quasi-monochromatic synchrotron radiation from undulators A. Hofmann (Nuclear Instruments and Methods 1978)

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