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Selected Papers on Night Vision Technology
Editor(s): Rafiz Hradaynath
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Date Published: 19 September 2001
Pages: 1038
ISBN: 9781510619128
Volume: MS169

Table of Contents
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xv Preface (R. Hradaynath)
Part One
Image Intensification
3 Introduction (R. Hradaynath)
5 Segregation of form, color, movement, and depth: anatomy,physiology, and perception Margaret Livingstone, David Hubel (Science 1988)
15 A hierarchical model for early visual processing Abdesselam Bouzerdoum (in Human Vision, Visual Processing, and Digital Display V, B. E. Rogowitz, J. P. Allebach, editors, 1994)
23 Visual-perception models G. H. Kornfeld, W. R. Lawson (Journal of the Optical Society of America 1971)
33 Contrast thresholds of the human eye H. Richard Blackwell (Journal of the Optical Society of America 1946)
53 Interaction of vision with optical aids Ian Overington (Journal of the Optical Society of America 1973)
60 Lightness scale from image intensity distributions W. A. Richards (Applied Optics 1982)
74 Spectral radiance in the S20-range and luminance of the clear and overcast night sky D. H. Hohn, W. Buchtemann (Applied Optics 1973)
84 Photoemissive, photoconductive, and optical absorption studies of alkali-antimony compounds W. E. Spicer (Physical Review 1958)
93 Brief history of photoemissive materials Alfred H. Sommer (in Photodetectors and Power Meters, K. J. Kaufmann, editor, 1993)
104 Modern theory and applications of photocathodes W. E. Spicer, A. Herrera-Gomez (in Photodetectors and Power Meters, K. J. Kaufmann, editor, 1993)
120 Characterization of some common CRT phosphors W. E. Flynt (in Ultrahigh Speed and High Speed Photography, Photonics, and Videography '89, G. L. Stradling, editor, 1989)
128 Advancement in microchannel plate technology B. N. Laprade (in Electron Tubes and Image Intensifiers, C. B. Johnson, B. N. Laprade, editors, 1992)
157 XX1610--The super 2nd generation image intensifier tube Jacques Dupuy (Electronic Components and Applications 1992)
164 High resolution microchannel plate image tube results C. B. Johnson, Stanley B. Patton, E. J. Bender (Journal of Electronic Imaging 1992)
168 Low-light level imaging Gerard van Aller, Walter Kuhl (Acta Electronica 1977)
177 New image intensifiers provide clearer picture Dan Boyle (Signal 1991)
179 Intensifying light--stronger vision in the third generation Dan Boyle (Defense Electronics & Computing/Supplement to International Defense Review 1989)
184 Current status and performance characteristics of night vision aids Illes P. Csorba (in Opto-Electronic Imaging 1985)
211 Night vision with generation III image intensifiers P. Girard, Y. Beauvais, P. De Groot (in Opto- Electronic Imaging 1985)
223 Image transfer properties of proximity focused image tubes Edward H. Eberhardt (Applied Optics 1977)
230 Nanosecond gating of proximity focused channel plate intensifiers Albert J. Lieber (Review of Scientific Instruments 1972)
235 Undersea imaging and target detection with gated image intensifier tubes Illes P. Csorba (in Image Intensification, I. P. Csorba,editor, 1989)
239 Design of state-of-the-art image intensifier equipment R. P. Slegtenhorst (in Opto-Electronic Imaging 1985)
248 The development of the combiner eyepiece night vision goggle Alexander A. Cameron (in Helmet-Mounted Displays II, R. J. Lewandowski, editor, 1990)
262 Opto-electronic imaging: the state of the art [excerpts: 2.1, introduction, 2.2, image perception] R. Hradaynath (in Opto-Electronic Imaging 1985)
268 Night vision devices and characteristics H. Lee Task (in Visual Problems in Night Operations 1992)
276 Advanced lightweight high voltage power supply for night vision goggles Edward Fuhr, Michael Garbi (in Proc. PCIM '93, Power Conversion and Intelligent Motion 1993)
284 NVG resolution performance at low contrast levels Lars Tjernstrom (in Infrared Technology XVIII, B. F.Andresen, F. D. Shepherd, editors, 1992)
289 Holographic night-vision goggles anonymous (International Defense Review 1987)
290 Vernier acuity through night vision goggles Jeff Rabin (Optometry and Vision Science 1993)
293 Human factors and safety considerations of night vision systems flight Robert W. Verona, Clarence E. Rash (in Display System Optics II, H. M. Assenheim, editor, 1989)
304 Seeing... anonymous (International Defense Review 1989)
305 A high-performance LLLTV CCD camera for nighttime pilotage George M. Williams Jr. (in Electron Tubes and Image Intensifiers, C. B. Johnson, B. N. Laprade, editors, 1992)
323 Sensors for small arms Scott Gourley, Mark Hewish (International Defense Review 1995)
328 Piercing the darkness Scott R. Gourley (Defense & Security Electronics 1989)
332 Birth and evolution of visionics Robert Swern Wiseman (in Infrared Imaging Systems: Design, Analysis, Modeling, and Testing III, G. C. Holst, editor, 1992)
342 Influence of temperature on the MTF of cascaded image-intensifier tubes P. K. Datta, P. Das Gupta, O. P. Nijhawan, R. Hradaynath (Applied Optics 1984)
347 Target acquisition modeling for contrast-limited imaging: effects of atmospheric blur and image restoration D. Sadot, N. S. Kopeika, S. R. Rotman (Journal of the Optical Society of America A 1995)
361 PHIND: an analytic model to predict target acquisition distance with image intensifiers Johannes J. Vos, Aart van Meeteren (Applied Optics 1991)
370 An appreciation on system limitations for observation by electro-optical devices R. Hradaynath (Journal of the Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers 1978)
377 Characterization of task performance with viewing instruments A. van Meeteren (Journal of the Optical Society of America A 1990)
385 Photon counting arrays for spatially varying, low light level signals A. Mathewson, J. C. Alderman, J. Ryan, R. M. Redfern, G. T. Wrixon (in Photodetectors and Power Meters, K. J. Kaufmann, editor, 1993)
397 Photon-counting detector systems J. Gethyn Timothy (in Instrumentation for Ground-Based Optical Astronomy: Present and Future, L. B. Robinson, editor, 1988)
408 1-inch all electrostatic super HARP tube and camera for HDTV--a new possibility for very dark images with super-fine resolution Mitsuhiro Kurashige, Kenkichi Tanioka, Masaharu Ooka, Tadaaki Hirai (in Recording Systems: High- Resolution Cameras and Recording Devices and Laser Scanning and Recording Devices, L. Beiser, R. K. Lenz, editors, 1993)
418 The invisible art of camouflage Murray Hammick (International Defense Review 1992)
423 Night vision: the Indian scene P. K. Datta, O. P. Nijhawan (Electronics Today 1994)
430 Technology for tomorrow's night vision Doug Richardson (Armada International 1997)
436 Fiber array optics for electronic imaging Robert J. Burger, David A. Greenberg (in Electron Image Tubes and Image Intensifiers II, I. P. Csorba, editor, 1991)
448 Night vision devices (January 1980 - June 1991): Citations from the NTIS database (National Technical Information Service 1991)
Part Two
Thermal Imaging
477 Introduction (R. Hradaynath)
479 Discussion of black body radiation and entropy Christopher C. Jones, Peter C. Jones, Richard J. Jones (in Infrared Technology XV, I. J. Spiro, editor, 1990)
494 Infrared image sensors Paul R. Norton (Optical Engineering 1991)
509 Performance of mercury cadmium telluride photoconductive detectors A. Jozwikowska, K. Jozwikowski, A. Rogalski (Infrared Physics 1991)
521 Photovoltaic Hg[1-x]Cd[x]Te detectors for 12 um application R. Wollrab, A. Bauer, M. Bruder, J. Wendler, J. Ziegler, H. Maier (in Advanced Infrared Detectors and Systems 1990)
527 GaAs/AlGaAs multiquantum well IR detectors M. Kobayashi, M. Nakanishi, Y. Notani, K. Aono, Y. Komine, W. Susaki (in Infrared Technology XVI, I. J. Spiro, editor, 1990)
533 Comparison and competition between MCT and QW structure material for use in IR detectors S. C. Shen (Microelectronics Journal 1994)
560 GaAs/AlGaAs quantum well infrared photoconductors versus HgCdTe photodiodes for long-wavelength infrared applications Antoni Rogalski, Krzyzstof Jozwikowski (Optical Engineering 1994)
568 Advances in multiple quantum well IR detectors Walter Bloss, Michael O'Loughlin, Mary Rosenbluth (in Infrared Sensors: Detectors, Electronics, and Signal Processing, T. S. J. Jayadev, editor, 1991)
577 A critical look at AlGaAs/GaAs multiple-quantum- well infrared detectors for thermal imaging applications F. W. Adams, K. F. Cuff, G. Gal, Alex Harwit, R. L.Whitney (in Infrared Sensors: Detectors, Electronics, and Signal Processing, T. S. J. Jayadev, editor, 1991)
592 Mercury zinc telluride 10.6 um ambient temperature photodetectors J. Piotrowski (Acta Physica Polonica A 1991)
607 Thermoelectrically cooled arsenic diffused medium- wavelength infrared HgCdTe photodiodes Robert Ciupa, Antoni Rogalski, Jaroslaw Rutkowski, Jozef Piotrowski (Optical Engineering 1994)
613 Operation and properties of narrow-gap semiconductor devices near room temperature using non- equilibrium techniques T. Ashley, C. T. Elliott (Semiconductor Science and Technology 1991)
620 Near room-temperature IR photo-detectors J. Piotrowski, W. Galus, M. Grudzien (Infrared Physics 1991)
668 Long-wavelength infrared detection in a photovoltaic-type superlattice structure Byungsung O, J.-W. Choe, M. H. Francombe, K. M. S. V. Bandara, E. Sorar, D. D. Coon, Y. F. Lin, W. J. Takei (Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B 1991)
673 Improved tunable InSb FIR detectors G. Strasser, K. Bochter, M. Witzany, E. Gornik (Infrared Physics 1991)
677 New trends in infrared detector technology Antoni Rogalski (Infrared Physics and Technology 1994)
698 An integrating detector for serial scan thermal imaging C. T. Elliott, D. Day, D. J. Wilson (Infrared Physics 1982)
710 Modulation transfer function and number of equivalent elements for SPRITE detectors Glenn D. Boreman, Allen E. Plogstedt (Applied Optics 1988)
715 256 x 256 PACE-1 PV HgCdTe focal plane arrays for medium and short wavelength infrared applications L. J. Kozlowski, K. Vural, V. H. Johnson, J. K. Chen, R. B. Bailey, D. Bui, M. J. Gubala, J. R. Teague (in Infrared Detectors and Focal Plane Arrays, E. L. Dereniak, R. E. Sampson, editors, 1990)
722 HgCdTe on Si for hybrid and monolithic FPAs Ken Zanio (in Infrared Detectors and Focal Plane Arrays, E. L. Dereniak, R. E. Sampson, editors, 1990)
736 A 512 x 512-element PtSi Schottky-barrier infrared image sensor Masafumi Kimata, Masahiko Denda, Naoki Yutani, Shuhei Iwade, Natsuro Tsubouchi (IEEE Journal of Solid- State Circuits 1987)
742 128 x 128-element IrSi Schottky-barrier focal plane arrays for long-wavelength infrared imaging Bor-Yeu Tsaur, Michael J. McNutt, Richard A. Bredthauer, R. B. Mattson (IEEE Electron Device Letters 1989)
745 HgCdTe 128 128 infrared focal plane arrays on alternative substrates of CdZnTe/GaAs/Si S. M. Johnson, M. H. Kalisher, W. L. Ahlgren, J. B. James, C. A. Cockrum (Applied Physics Letters 1990)
748 Attainment of high sensitivity at elevated operating temperatures with staring hybrid HgCdTe-on- sapphire focal plane arrays Lester J. Kozlowski, William V. McLevige, Scott A. Cabelli, A. H. B. Vanderwyck, Donald E. Cooper, Edward R. Blazejewski, Kadri Vural, William E. Tennant (Optical Engineering 1994)
760 Recent improvements of IRFPAs at LIR D. Amingual, J. P. Chamonal, J. Cluzel, G. L. Destefanis (in Infrared Detectors: State of the Art, W. H. Makky, editor, 1992)
770 Second generation-FPA's with MCT sensor arrays in hybrid approach Johann Ziegler, Martin Bruder, Joachim Wendler, Horst Maier (in Infrared Detectors: State of the Art, W. H. Makky, editor, 1992)
782 Advanced materials techniques for large HgCdTe focal plane arrays W. E. Tennant, L. J. Kozlowski, L. O. Bubulac, E. R. Gertner, K. Vural (in Fourth International Conference on Advanced Infrared Detectors and Systems 1990)
787 A review of key trends in HgCdTe materials for IR focal plane arrays C. A. Castro (in Growth and Characterization of Materials for Infrared Detectors, R. E. Longshore, J. W. Baars, editors, 1993)
795 Focal-plane arrays revolutionize thermal imaging Mark Hewish (International Defense Review 1993)
800 Results of laboratory evaluation of staring arrays Curtis M. Webb (in Infrared Imaging Systems: Design, Analysis, Modeling, and Testing, G. C. Holst, editor, 1990)
812 Characterization of IR focal plane test stations C. R. Costanzo, C. L. Kauffman, K. Dang (in Infrared Detectors and Focal Plane Arrays, E. L. Dereniak, R. E. Sampson, editors, 1990)
822 Detailed characterization of advanced technology focal plane arrays S. R. Hawkins, R. P. Farley, A. K. Gressle, C. H. Bazzill, G. W. Hines, S. L. Schlegelmilch, A. H. Hubert (in Test and Evaluation of Infrared Detectors and Arrays, F. M. Hoke, editor, 1989)
836 Measurement and analysis of 2-D infrared natural background N. Ben-Yosef, K. Wilner, S. Simhony, G. Feigin (Applied Optics 1985)
841 Improved minimum resolvable temperature difference model for infrared imaging systems J. G. Vortman, A. Bar-Lev (Optical Engineering 1987)
848 Minimum resolvable temperature predictions, test methodology, and data analysis Gerald C. Holst (in Infrared Technology XV, I. J. Spiro,editor, 1990)
859 What eye model should we use for MRT testing? Gerald C. Holst, Allen R. Taylor (in Infrared Imaging Systems: Design, Analysis, Modeling, and Testing, G. C. Holst, editor, 1990)
868 Current readout of infrared detectors Nathan Bluzer, Arthur S. Jensen (Optical Engineering 1987)
876 Development of infrared optical systems Harald Schlott (in Infrared Imaging Systems: Design,Analysis, Modeling, and Testing, G. C. Holst, editor, 1990)
883 Range calculations for staring Schottky barrier sensors P. W. Pellegrini (Optical Engineering 1989)
889 Range estimation of thermal imaging system from MRTD and MTF measurement P. K. Datta, A. Kumar, O. P. Nijhawan, D. R. Poddar (Optik 1994)
892 Review of Schottky-barrier imager technology Walter F. Kosonocky (in Infrared Detectors and Focal Plane Arrays, E. L. Dereniak, R. E. Sampson, editors, 1990)
917 Battlefield optronics: armies seek high performance and low weight Mark Hewish (International Defense Review 1994)
923 UK Thermal Imaging Common Modules Class II - an update on detector and related component enhancements Ann P. Davis (in Infrared Technology XV, I. J. Spiro, editor, 1990)
932 Design considerations for TV compatible platinum silicide sensors W. S. Ewing (in Infrared Technology XV, I. J. Spiro, editor, 1990)
945 Vision center brightens night combat operations anonymous (Signal 1991)
951 CCDing in the dark William P. McCracken (IEEE Spectrum 1992)
956 System design of a long wavelength IR CCD camera based on a 240 x 4 MCT focal plane array T. R. Briere, R. Hohenberger, J. P. Chatard (in Infrared Technology XVI, I. J. Spiro, editor, 1990)
965 IR systems for helicopter pilotage Brian Bauman, William L. Wolfe (in Infrared Technology XVIII, B. F. Andresen, F. D. Shepherd, editors, 1993)
970 Infrared radiation from rocket plumes Claus B. Ludwig, Alan M. Klier, William Malkmus, Mark Adams, Harold Newby (in Infrared Technology XVI, I. J. Spiro, editor, 1990)
983 Spotting the sea-skimmer: navies turn to infrared for searching and tracking David Foxwell, Mark Hewish (International Defense Review 1993)
986 Mirage formation in the thermal region R. N. Singh, S. S. Negi, A. K. Sahay, A. Singh, K. O. G. Varughese, A. K. Walia (Applied Optics 1994)
988 Solid state pyroelectric imager Neal Butler, Sato Iwasa (in Infrared Detectors and Focal Plane Arrays II, E. L. Dereniak, R. E. Sampson, editors, 1992)
997 Fighting the dark: policy on 24h combat still lacking Mark Hewish, Murray Hammick, John Boatman (International Defense Review 1992)
1004 Micromachined bolometer arrays achieve low cost imaging R. Andrew Wood, Norman A. Foss (Laser Focus World 1993)
1009 Surveillance cameras steal away the night Andrew Owen (Laser Focus World 1997)
1013 Author Index
1017 Subject Index

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