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Selected Papers on Photoluminescence of Inorganic Solids
Editor(s): Marvin J. Weber
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Date Published: 28 September 1998
Pages: 710
ISBN: 9781510604476
Volume: MS150

Table of Contents
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Section One
Fundamentals of Photoluminescence
3 An absolute theory of solid-state luminescence Ferd E. Williams (Journal of Chemical Physics 1951)
13 The Franck-Condon principle and its application to crystals Melvin Lax (Journal of Chemical Physics 1952)
22 A theory of sensitized luminescence in solids D.L. Dexter (Journal of Chemical Physics 1953)
37 Criterion for the occurrence of luminescence D.L. Dexter, C.C. Klick, G.A. Russell (Physical Review 1955)
40 Relation between absorption and emission probabilities in luminescent centers in ionic solids W. Beall Fowler, D.L. Dexter (Physical Review 1962)
52 Photon multiplication in crystals. II. The mechanism of photon multiplication E.R. Ilmas, G.G. Liidya, Ch.B. Lushchik (Optics and Spectroscopy 1965)

Radiative and Nonradiative Transitions

55 On the intensities and the multipole character in the spectra of the rare earth ions L.J.F. Broer, C.J. Gorter, J. Hoogschagen (Physica 1945)
75 Zwischenmolekulare Energiewanderung und Fluoreszenz Th. F�rster (Annalen der Physik 1948)
96 Theory of light absorption and non-radiative transitions in F-centres Kun Huang, Avril Rhys (Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical and Physical Sciences 1950)
114 Absorption spectra of Cr[3+] in Al[2]O[3]. Part A: Theoretical studies of the absorption bands and lines Satoru Sugano, Yukito Tanabe (Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 1958)
134 Self-absorption and trapping of sharp-line resonance radiation in ruby F. Varsanyi, D.L. Wood, A.L. Schawlow (Physical Review Letters 1959)
136 Optical absorption intensities of rare-earth ions B.R. Judd (Physical Review 1962)
148 Influence of energy transfer by the exchange mechanism on donor luminescence Mitio Inokuti, Fumio Hirayama (Journal of Chemical Physics 1965)
160 Probabilities for radiative and nonradiative decay of Er[3+] in LaF[3] M.J. Weber (Physical Review 1967)
171 Multiphonon orbit-lattice relaxation of excited states of rare-earth ions in crystals L.A. Riseberg, H.W. Moos (Physical Review 1968)
181 The photon avalanche in rare-earth crystals W.E. Case, M.E. Koch, A.W. Kueny (Journal of Luminescence 1990)

Cooperative and Upconversion Processes

184 Possibility of luminescent quantum yields greater than unity D.L. Dexter (Physical Review 1957)
188 Electronic spectra of exchange-coupled ion pairs in crystals A.L. Schawlow, D.L. Wood, A.M. Clogston (Physical Review Letters 1959)
191 Ion-pair resonance mechanism of energy transfer in rare earth crystal fluorescence F. Varsanyi, G.H. Dieke (Physical Review Letters 1961)
193 Compteur quantique par transfert d'energie entre deux ions de terres rares dans un tungstate mixte et dans un verre Fran�ois Auzel (Comptes Rendus de l'Acad�mie des Sciences B 1966)
197 Quantique par transfert d'�nergie de Yb[3+] � Tm[3+] dans un tungstate mixte et dans un verre germanate Fran�ois Auzel (Comptes Rendus de l'Acad�mie des Sciences B 1966)
200 Cooperative sensitization of luminescence in crystals activated with rare earth ions V.V. Ovsyakin, P.P. Feofilov (JETP Letters 1966)
202 Chromium-europium pair emission of EuAlO[3]:Cr[3+] J.P. van der Ziel, L.G. van Uitert (Physical Review 1969)
209 Cooperative luminescence in YbPO[4] Eiichiro Nakazawa, Shigeo Shionoya (Physical Review Letters 1970)
212 Cooperative and stepwise excitation of luminescence: trivalent rare- earth ions in Yb[3+]-sensitized crystals Toru Miyakawa, D.L. Dexter (Physical Review B 1970)
223 Cooperative two-photon luminescence K.C. Mishra, J.K. Berkowitz, E.A. Dale, T.P. Das, K.H. Johnson (Journal of Luminescence 1990)
Section Two
Photoluminescence of Insulator Materials
233 Luminescence of cerium compounds F.A. Kr�ger, J. Bakker (Physica 1941)
252 Photoluminescence in the quaternary system MgWO[4]-ZnWO[4]-MgMoO[4]- ZnMoO[4] F.A. Kr�ger (Philips Research Reports 1947)
258 Decay and quenching of fluorescence in willemite F.A. Kr�ger, W. Hoogenstraaten (Physica 1948)
275 Ultraviolet fluorescence of some ternary silicates activated with lead H.A. Klasens, A.H. Hoekstra, A.P.M. Cox (Journal of the Electrochemical Society 1957)
283 Luminescence of potassium iodide K.J. Teegarden (Physical Review 1957)
289 Exciton-induced luminescence in KI/Tl Masao Tomura, Yozo Kaifu (Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 1960)
297 Two-photon excitation in CaF[2]:Eu[2+] W. Kaiser, C.G.B. Garrett (Physical Review Letters 1961)
299 Emission spectra of KCl:Tl, KBr:Tl, and KI:Tl at 300, 800, and 12�K R. Edgerton, K. Teegarden (Physical Review 1963)
305 Low-temperature recombination luminescence in alkali halide crystals M.N. Kabler (Physical Review 1964)
312 Energy transfer and optical properties of Tl[+] centers in NaI(Tl) crystals M.P. Fontana, W.J. Van Sciver (Physical Review 1968)
317 Properties of exciton states in NaI. I. The intrinsic photoluminescence M.P. Fontana, H. Blume, W.J. Van Sciver (Physica Status Solidi 1968)
325 Investigation of luminescence excitation processes in some oxygen- dominated compounds by 3 to 21 eV photons E.R. Ilmas, T.I. Savikhina (Journal of Luminescence 1970)
339 Utilization of near- and vacuum-ultraviolet synchrotron radiation for the excitation of visible fluorescences in ruby and MgO:Cr[3+] W.M. Yen, L.R. Elias, D.L. Huber (Physical Review Letters 1970)
344 Excitation of uv fluorescence in LaF[3] doped with trivalent cerium and praseodymium L.R. Elias, Wm.S. Heaps, W.M. Yen (Physical Review B 1973)
351 Cascade fluorescent decay in Pr[3+]-doped fluorides: achievement of a quantum yield greater than unity for emission of visible light W.W. Piper, J.A. DeLuca, F.S. Ham (Journal of Luminescence 1974)
356 Time-resolved spectroscopy of self-trapped excitons in fluorite crystals R.T. Williams, M.N. Kabler, W. Hayes, J.P. Stott (Physical Review B 1976)
372 Absorption and emission spectra of matrix-isolated XeF, KrF, XeCl, and XeBr Bruce S. Ault, Lester Andrews (Journal of Chemical Physics 1976)
382 Photoionization thresholds of divalent rare earth ions in alkaline earth fluorides Christian Pedrini, Donald S. McClure, Charles H. Anderson (Journal of Chemical Physics 1979)
386 On the structural and luminescent properties of the M' LnTaO[4] rare earth tantalates L.H. Brixner, H.-y. Chen (Journal of the Electrochemical Society 1983)
395 The luminescence of some oxidic bismuth and lead compounds C.W.M. Timmermans, G. Blasse (Journal of Solid State Chemistry 1984)
406 Excitons trapped at impurity centers in highly ionic crystals Donald S. McClure, Christian Pedrini (Physical Review B 1985)
410 Aluminum or phosphorus co-doping effects on the fluorescence and structural properties of neodymium-doped silica glass Kazuo Arai, Hiroshi Namikawa, Ken Kumata, Tatsutoku Honda, Yoshiro Ishii, Takashi Handa (Journal of Applied Physics 1986)
417 Threshold energy for photogeneration of self-trapped excitons in SiO[2] Chihiro Itoh, Katsumi Tanimura, Noriaki Itoh, Minoru Itoh (Physical Review B 1989)
421 Luminescence of KI:Br and RbI:Br Tokiko Ohata, Tetsusuke Hayashi, Shigeharu Koshino (Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 1989)
Section Three
Photoluminescence of Semiconductor Materials
431 On the nature of fluorescent centers and traps in zinc sulfide H.A. Klasens (Journal of the Electrochemical Society 1953)
440 Photon-radiative recombination of electrons and holes in germanium W. van Roosbroeck, W. Shockley (Physical Review 1954)
443 The origin of the fluorescence in self-activated ZnS, CdS, and ZnO F.A. Kr�ger, H.J. Vink (Journal of Chemical Physics 1954)
446 Exciton spectrum of cadmium sulfide D.G. Thomas, J.J. Hopfield (Physical Review 1959)
456 Optical properties of bound exciton complexes in cadmium sulfide D.G. Thomas, J.J. Hopfield (Physical Review 1962)
470 Pair spectra and "edge" emission in gallium phosphide D.G. Thomas, M. Gershenzon, F.A. Trumbore (Physical Review 1964)
481 Nature of the self-activated blue luminescence center in cubic ZnS:Cl single crystals Takao Koda, Shigeo Shionoya (Physical Review 1964)
496 Isoelectronic traps due to nitrogen in gallium phosphide D.G. Thomas, J.J. Hopfield (Physical Review 1966)
506 Edge emission of n-type conducting ZnO and CdS W. Lehmann (Solid-State Electronics 1966)
510 Experimental observation of the excitonic molecule J.R. Haynes (Physical Review Letters 1966)
513 New radiative recombination processes involving neutral donors and acceptors in silicon and germanium P.J. Dean, J.R. Haynes, W.F. Flood (Physical Review 1967)
532 Absorption and luminescence of excitons at neutral donors in gallium phosphide P.J. Dean (Physical Review 1967)
545 Formation and radiative recombination of free excitonic molecule in CuCl by ruby laser excitation Hirotoshi Souma, Takenari Goto, Tatsuo Ohta, Masayasu Ueta (Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 1970)
554 Temperature-dependent luminescence from the electron-hole liquid in Ge G.A. Thomas, T.G. Phillips, T.M. Rice, J.C. Hensel (Physical Review Letters 1973)
558 Photoluminescence excitation spectroscopy of 3d transition-metal ions in GaP and ZnSe S.G. Bishop, P.J. Dean, P. Porteous, D.J. Robbins (Journal of Physics C: Solid State Physics 1980)
568 1.54-�m luminescence of erbium-implanted III-V semiconductors and silicon H. Ennen, J. Schneider, G. Pomrenke, A. Axmann (Applied Physics Letters 1983)
571 Green and near-infrared luminescence due to the biexcitons in unperturbed silicon M.L.W. Thewalt, W.G. McMullan (Physical Review B 1984)
574 Luminescence and photophysics of CdS semiconductor clusters: the nature of the emitting electronic state N. Chestnoy, T.D. Harris, R. Hull, L.E. Brus (Journal of Physical Chemistry 1986)
581 Photoluminescence and relaxation dynamics of CdS superclusters in zeolites Ying Wang, Norman Herron (Journal of Physical Chemistry 1988)
588 Spectra and decay kinetics of radiative recombination in CdS microcrystals A.I. Ekimov, I.A. Kudryavtsev, M.G. Ivanov, Al. L. Efros (Journal of Luminescence 1990)
601 Silicon quantum wire array fabrication by electrochemical and chemical dissolution of wafers L.T. Canham (Applied Physics Letters 1990)
604 Mechanisms of visible-light emission from electro-oxidized porous silicon J.C. Vial, A. Bsiesy, F. Gaspard, R. H�rino, M. Ligeon, F. Muller, R. Romestain, R.M. Macfarlane (Physical Review B 1992)
610 Spontaneous emission of excitons in GaAs quantum wells: the role of momentum scattering Hailin Wang, Jagdeep Shah, T.C. Damen (Physical Review Letters 1995)
614 Quantum confinement and light emission in SiO[2]/Si superlattices Z.H. Lu, D.J. Lockwood, J.-M. Baribeau (Nature 1995)
617 Acoustically driven storage of light in a quantum well C. Rocke, S. Zimmermann, A. Wixforth, J.P. Kotthaus, G. B�hm, G. Weimann (Physical Review Letters 1997)
Section Four
Photoluminescence of Color Centers
623 Luminescence of F-centres in alkali-halide crystals Th.P.J. Botden, C.Z. van Doorn, Y. Haven (Philips Research Reports 1954)
632 Trapped charge and the low-temperature luminescence of undoped KI K. Teegarden, R. Weeks (Journal of the Physics and Chemistry of Solids 1959)
638 Formation of F centers at low and room temperatures Herbert Rabin, Clifford C. Klick (Physical Review 1960)
644 Lifetime of the excited F center Robert K. Swank, Frederick C. Brown (Physical Review Letters 1962)
647 Recombination luminescence from V[k] centers in potassium iodide R.B. Murray, F.J. Keller (Physical Review 1965)
654 Optische Eigenschaften von F[A]-Zentren in Alkalihalogeniden B. Fritz, F. L�ty, G. Rausch (Physica Status Solidi 1965)
670 Temperature dependence of the decay time and quantum efficiency of F- center luminescence in KCl L.F. Stiles, Jr., M.P. Fontana, D.B. Fitchen (Solid State Communications 1969)
673 Luminescence and F' formation involving spin-polarized F centers in KCl Francis Porret, Fritz L�ty (Physical Review Letters 1971)
677 Vibrational fluorescence of CN[-] defects in KCl excited by coupling to optically pumped F centers Yihong Yang, Fritz L�ty (Physical Review Letters 1983)

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