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Selected Papers on Near-Field Optics
Editor(s): Suganda Jutamulia
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The advent of a near-field scanning optical microscope capable of resolving subwavelength structure attracted much attention to the study of near-field optics. This volume contains early and recent papers on near-field theory and applications.

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Date Published: 21 June 2002
Pages: 540
ISBN: 9781510602113
Volume: MS172

Table of Contents
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Section One
Review Papers on Scanning Near-Field Optical Microscopy
3 Near-field optics: microscopy, spectroscopy, and surface modification beyond the diffraction limit Eric Betzig, Jay K. Trautman (Science 1992)
10 Near-field optics: light for the world of NANO D. W. Pohl, L. Novotny (Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B 1994)
16 Biological applications of near-field optical microscopy N.F. van Hulst, M.H.P. Moers (IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology 1996)
24 The children of the STM Robert Pool (Science 1990)
Section Two
Early Ideas and Concepts
29 The prehistory of scanned image microscopy. Part 1: Scanned optical microscopes Dennis McMullan (Royal Microscopical Society Proceedings 1990)
34 A suggested method for extending microscopic resolution into the ultra-microscopic region E.H. Synge (The London, Edinburgh, and Dublin Philosophical Magazine and Journal of Science 1928)
41 An application of piezo-electricity to microscopy E. H. Synge (The London, Edinburgh, and Dublin Philosophical Magazine and Journal of Science 1932)
45 Resolving power of visible light John Aloysius O'Keefe (Journal of the Optical Society of America 1956)
46 Is resolving power independent of wavelength possible? An experiment with a sonic "macroscope" Albert V. Baez (Journal of the Optical Society of America 1956)
47 Super-resolution aperture scanning microscope E.A. Ash, G. Nicholls (Nature 1972)
50 Optical systems for observing surface topography by frustrated total internal reflection and by interference C.W. McCutchen (The Review of Scientific Instruments 1964)
Section Three
Development of Scanning Near-Field Optical Microscopy in the 1980s
Aperture SNOM
61 Optical stethoscopy: image recording with resolution l/20 D.W. Pohl, W. Denk, M. Lanz (Applied Physics Letters 1984)
64 Development of a 500 spatial resolution light microscope. I. Light is efficiently transmitted through /16 diameter apertures A. Lewis, M. Isaacson, A. Harootunian, A. Muray (Ultramicroscopy 1984)
69 Microscopy and pattern generation with scanned evanescent waves G.A. Massey (Applied Optics 1984)
72 Subwavelength resolution far-infrared microscopy Gail A. Massey, Jeffrey A. Davis, S.M. Katnik, E. Omon (Applied Optics 1985)
76 Optical characteristics of 0.1 m circular apertures in a metal film as light sources for scanning ultramicroscopy U. Ch. Fischer (Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B 1985)
81 Near-field optical-scanning microscopy U. D�rig, D.W. Pohl, F. Rohner (Journal of Applied Physics 1986)
91 Super-resolution fluorescence near-field scanning optical microscopy A. Harootunian, E. Betzig, M. Isaacson, A. Lewis (Applied Physics Letters 1986)
94 Submicrometer aperture in a thin metal film as a probe of its microenvironment through enhanced light scattering and fluorescence U. Ch. Fischer (Journal of the Optical Society of America B 1986)
100 Collection mode near-field scanning optical microscopy E. Betzig, M. Isaacson, A. Lewis (Applied Physics Letters 1987)
103 Near-field optical scanning microscopy in reflection U. Ch. Fischer, U.T. D�rig, D.W. Pohl (Applied Physics Letters 1988)
106 Scanning electromagnetic transmission line microscope with sub- wavelength resolution M. Fee, Steven Chu, T.W. H�nsch (Optics Communications 1989)
Photon-Tunneling SNOM
115 New form of scanning optical microscopy R.C. Reddick, R.J. Warmack, T.L. Ferrell (Physical Review B 1989)
119 Scanning tunneling optical microscopy D. Courjon, K. Sarayeddine, M. Spajer (Optics Communications 1989)
Near-Field Contact Printing
127 Submicroscopic contact imaging with visible light by energy transfer U. Ch. Fischer, H.P. Zingsheim (Applied Physics Letters 1982)
Section Four
Development of Scanning Near-Field Optical Microscopy in the 1990s
Aperture SNOM
135 A light source smaller than the optical wavelength K. Lieberman, S. Harush, A. Lewis, R. Kopelman (Science 1990)
138 Breaking the diffraction barrier: optical microscopy on a nanometric scale E. Betzig, J.K. Trautman, T.D. Harris, J.S. Weiner, R.L. Kostelak (Science 1991)
141 Scanned-tip reflection-mode near-field scanning optical microscopy J.A. Cline, H. Barshatzky, M. Isaacson (Ultramicroscopy 1991)
147 Near-field optical imaging with a non-evanescently excited high- brightness light source of sub-wavelength dimensions Aaron Lewis, Klony Lieberman (Nature 1991)
150 The concept of a coaxial tip as a probe for scanning near field optical microscopy and steps towards a realisation U. Ch. Fischer, M. Zapletal (Ultramicroscopy 1992)
156 Visible electroluminescent subwavelength point source of light Nily Kuck, Klony Lieberman, Aaron Lewis, Aron Vecht (Applied Physics Letters 1992)
159 Reproducible fabrication technique of nanometric tip diameter fiber probe for photon scanning tunneling microscope Togar Pangaribuan, Kazunobu Yamada, Shudong Jiang, Hisao Ohsawa, Motoichi Ohtsu (Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 1992)
162 Fiber laser probe for near-field scanning optical microscopy E. Betzig, S.G. Grubb, R.J. Chichester, D.J. DiGiovanni, J.S. Weiner (Applied Physics Letters 1993)
165 Pure linear polarization imaging in near field scanning optical microscopy M. Vaez-Iravani, R. Toledo-Crow (Applied Physics Letters 1993)
168 Reflection-resonance-type photon scanning tunneling microscope Shudong Jiang, Ken'ichi Nakagawa, Motoichi Ohtsu (Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 1994)
172 High definition aperture probes for near-field optical microscopy fabricated by focused ion beam milling J.A. Veerman, A.M. Otter, L. Kuipers, N.F. van Hulst (Applied Physics Letters 1998)
Apertureless SNOM
177 Trapped particle optical microscopy Lars Malmqvist, Hans M. Hertz (Optics Communications 1992)
183 Near-field optical microscope using a silicon-nitride probe N.F. van Hulst, M.H.P. Moers, O.F.J. Noordman, R.G. Tack, F.B. Segerink, B. B�lger (Applied Physics Letters 1993)
186 Near-field scanning optical microscope with a laser trapped probe Satoshi Kawata, Yasushi Inouye, Tadao Sugiura (Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 1994)
189 Scanning interferometric apertureless microscopy: optical imaging at 10 angstrom resolution F. Zenhausern, Y. Martin, H.K. Wickramasinghe (Science 1995)
192 Near field optical microscopy using a metallic vibrating tip P. Gleyzes, A.C. Boccara, R. Bachelot (Ultramicroscopy 1995)
197 Material contrast in scanning near-field optical microscopy at
1 10 nm resolution J. Koglin, U.C. Fischer, H. Fuchs (Physical Review B 1997)
205 Metallized tip amplification of near-field Raman scattering Norihiko Hayazawa, Yasushi Inouye, Zouheir Sekkat, Satoshi Kawata (Optics Communications 2000)
Photon-Tunneling SNOM
211 Photon tunneling microscopy John M. Guerra (Applied Optics 1990)
223 Photon scanning tunneling microscope study of optical waveguides Din Ping Tsai, Howard E. Jackson, R.C. Reddick, S.H. Sharp, R.J. Warmack (Applied Physics Letters 1990)
226 External and internal reflection near field microscopy: experiments and results Daniel Courjon, Jean-Marie Vigoureux, Michel Spajer, Khaled Sarayeddine, Sophie Leblanc (Applied Optics 1990)
233 Near-field scanning optical microscope with a metallic probe tip Yasushi Inouye, Satoshi Kawata (Optics Letters 1994)
236 Super-resolution through illumination by diffraction-born evanescent waves John M. Guerra (Applied Physics Letters 1995)
Distance Regulation
241 Combined shear force and near-field scanning optical microscopy E. Betzig, P.L. Finn, J.S. Weiner (Applied Physics Letters 1992)
244 Near-field differential scanning optical microscope with atomic force regulation R. Toledo-Crow, P.C. Yang, Y. Chen, M. Vaez-Iravani (Applied Physics Letters 1992)
247 Apertureless near-field optical microscope F. Zenhausern, M.P. O'Boyle, H.K. Wickramasinghe (Applied Physics Letters 1994)
250 Piezoelectric tip-sample distance control for near field optical microscopes Khaled Karrai, Robert D. Grober (Applied Physics Letters 1995)
253 A novel ultrasonic resonance sample-tip distance regulation for near field optical microscopy and shear force microscopy X. Zhu, G.S. Huang, H.T. Zhou, Y.D. Dai (Solid State Communications 1996)
257 Observation of subcellular structures of neurons by an illumination mode near-field optical microscope under an optical feedback control Rajagopalan Uma Maheswari, Shuji Mononobe, Hitoshi Tatsumi, Yoshifumi Katayama, Motoichi Ohtsu (Optical Review 1996)
262 Scanning near-field optical microscope using an atomic force microscope cantilever with integrated photodiode S. Akamine, H. Kuwano, H. Yamada (Applied Physics Letters 1996)
265 Dynamic behavior of tuning fork shear-force feedback A.G.T. Ruiter, J.A. Veerman, K.O. van der Werf, N.F. van Hulst (Applied Physics Letters 1997)
Section Five
Applications of Scanning Near-Field Optical Microscopy
Biology and Chemistry
273 Near-field scanning optical microscopy (NSOM): Development and biophysical applications E. Betzig, A. Lewis, A. Harootunian, M. Isaacson, E. Kratschmer (Biophysical Journal 1986)
284 Single molecules observed by near-field scanning optical microscopy Eric Betzig, Robert J. Chichester (Science 1993)
288 Near-field spectroscopy of single molecules at room temperature J.K. Trautman, J.J. Macklin, L.E. Brus, E. Betzig (Nature 1994)
291 Probing single molecule dynamics X. Sunney Xie, Robert C. Dunn (Science 1994)
295 Single molecule detection and photochemistry on a surface using near-field optical excitation W. Patrick Ambrose, Peter M. Goodwin, John C. Martin, Richard A. Keller (Physical Review Letters 1994)
299 Raman spectroscopy using a fiber optic probe with subwavelength aperture Din Ping Tsai, Andreas Othonos, Martin Moskovits, Deepak Uttamchandani (Applied Physics Letters 1994)
302 Analysis of individual (macro)molecules and proteins using near- field optics Niek F. van Hulst, Joost-Anne Veerman, Maria F. Garcia-Paraj�, L. (Kobus) Kuipers (Journal of Chemical Physics 2000)
Electronics and Photonics
317 Near-field spectroscopy of the quantum constituents of a luminescent system H.F. Hess, E. Betzig, T.D. Harris, L.N. Pfeiffer, K.W. West (Science 1994)
323 Optical spectroscopy of a GaAs/AlGaAs quantum wire structure using near-field scanning optical microscopy Robert D. Grober, Timothy D. Harris, Jay K. Trautman, Eric Betzig, Werner Wegscheider, Loren Pfeiffer, Ken West (Applied Physics Letters 1994)
326 NSOM the fourth dimension: integrating nanometric spatial and femtosecond time resolution Aaron Lewis, Udi Ben-Ami, Nily Kuck, Galina Fish, Dora Diamant, Lev Lubovsky, Klony Lieberman, Sharon Katz, Amir Saar, Michael Roth (Scanning 1995)
337 Low temperature near field spectroscopy and microscopy H. Ghaemi, C. Cates, B.B. Goldberg (Ultramicroscopy 1995)
341 Femtosecond near-field spin microscopy in digital magnetic heterostructures J. Levy, V. Nikitin, J.M. Kikkawa, D.D. Awschalom, N. Samarth (Journal of Applied Physics 1996)
Optical Storage
349 Near-field magneto-optics and high density data storage E. Betzig, J.K. Trautman, R. Wolfe, E.M. Gyorgy, P.L. Finn, M.H. Kryder, C.-H. Chang (Applied Physics Letters 1992)
352 Near-field optical data storage using a solid immersion lens B.D. Terris, H.J. Mamin, D. Rugar, W.R. Studenmund, G.S. Kino (Applied Physics Letters 1994)
355 Highly localized photochemical processes in LB films of photo chromic material by using a photon scanning tunneling microscope Shudong Jiang, Junichi Ichihashi, Hirosato Monobe, Masamichi Fujihira, Motoichi Ohtsu (Optics Communications 1994)
360 Near-field optical data storage B.D. Terris, H.J. Mamin, D. Rugar (Applied Physics Letters 1996)
363 Nanometer-sized phase-change recording using a scanning near- field optical microscope with a laser diode Sumio Hosaka, Toshimichi Shintani, Mitsuhide Miyamoto, Akemi Hirotsune, Motoyasu Terao, Masaru Yoshida, Kouichi Fujita, Stefan K�mmer (Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 1996)
368 Optical data storage read out at 256 Gbits/in.[2] Y. Martin, S. Rishton, H.K. Wickramasinghe (Applied Physics Letters 1997)
371 High-power laser light source for near-field optics and its application to high-density optical data storage Afshin Partovi, David Peale, Matthias Wuttig, Cherry A. Murray, George Zydzik, Leslie Hopkins, Kirk Baldwin, William S. Hobson, James Wynn, John Lopata, Lisa Dhar, Rob Chichester, James H-J Yeh (Applied Physics Letters 1999)
Manipulation of Atoms
377 Evanescent-wave guiding of atoms in hollow optical fibers Michael J. Renn, Elizabeth A. Donley, Eric A. Cornell, Carl E. Wieman, Dana Z. Anderson (Physical Review A 1996)
381 Evanescent-light guiding of atoms through hollow optical fiber for optically controlled atomic deposition H. Ito, K. Sakaki, M. Ohtsu, W. Jhe (Applied Physics Letters 1997)
Section Six
Resolution of Scanning Near-Field Optical Microscopy
387 Evolution of resolution in microscopy Mehmet Sarikaya (Ultramicroscopy 1992)
401 Resolution in near-field optical microscopy M. Isaacson, J. Cline, H. Barshatzky (Ultramicroscopy 1992)
409 Resolution in collection-mode scanning optical microscopy E.L. Buckland, P.J. Moyer, M.A. Paesler (Journal of Applied Physics 1993)
420 Linear behavior of a near-field optical scanning system Joshua L. Kann, Tom D. Milster, Fred F. Froehlich, Richard W. Ziolkowski, Justin B. Judkins (Journal of the Optical Society of America A 1995)
426 A study of resolution limit in optical microscopy: near and far field Mufei Xiao (Optics Communications 1996)
433 Influence of aperture diameter on image contrast and resolution in scanning near-field optical microscopy J. Sch�fer, M.J. Gregor, P.G. Blome, R.G. Ulbrich (Journal of Applied Physics 1997)
440 Do evanescent waves contribute to the far field? Emil Wolf, John T. Foley (Optics Letters 1998)
Section Seven
Theoretical Analysis of Near-Field Optics
445 Analyticity of the angular spectrum amplitude of scattered fields and some of its consequences Emil Wolf, Manuel Nieto-Vesperinas (Journal of the Optical Society of America A 1985)
450 Near-field diffraction by a slit: implications for superresolution microscopy Eric Betzig, A. Harootunian, A. Lewis, M. Isaacson (Applied Optics 1986)
461 Study of near-zone fields of a small aperture Yehuda Leviatan (Journal of Applied Physics 1986)
468 General principles of scanning tunneling optical microscopy J.M. Vigoureux, C. Girard, D. Courjon (Optics Letters 1989)
471 Near-field optics: microscopy with nanometer-size fields Winfried Denk, Dieter W. Pohl (Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B 1991)
475 Detection of nonradiative fields in light of the Heisenberg uncertainty principle and the Rayleigh criterion J.M. Vigoureux, D. Courjon (Applied Optics 1992)
483 Generalized field propagator for electromagnetic scattering and light confinement Olivier J.F. Martin, Christian Girard, Alain Dereux (Physical Review Letters 1995)
487 The Fourier optics of near-field microscopy C.J.R. Sheppard, H. Fatemi, Min Gu (Scanning 1995)
500 Nonglobal model for a near-field scanning optical microscope using diffraction of the optical near field K. Jang, W. Jhe (Optics Letters 1996)
503 Quantum theoretical approach to a near-field optical system K. Kobayashi, M. Ohtsu (Journal of Microscopy 1999)
510 Near-field optical potential for a neutral atom K. Kobayashi, S. Sangu, H. Ito, M. Ohtsu (Physical Review A 2001)

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