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Selected Papers on Fundamental Techniques in Holography
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Date Published: 26 December 2001
Pages: 762
Volume: MS171

Table of Contents
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Section One
Historical Papers on Holography
Transmission Holograms
4 A new microscopic principle D. Gabor (Nature 1948)
6 Reconstructed wavefronts and communication theory Emmett N. Leith, Juris Upatnieks (Journal of the Optical Society of America 1962)
14 Wavefront reconstruction with diffused illumination and three-dimensional objects Emmett N. Leith, Juris Upatnieks (Journal of the Optical Society of America 1964)
Reflection Holograms
22 Photographic reconstruction of the optical properties of an object in its own scattered radiation field Yu. N. Denisyuk (Soviet Physics--Doklady 1962)
25 On the reproduction of the optical properties of an object by the wave field of its scattered radiation Yu. N. Denisyuk (Optics and Spectroscopy 1963)
Section Two
Theory and Fundamental Issues
33 Microscopy by wavefront reconstruction Emmett N. Leith, Juris Upatnieks, Kenneth A. Haines (Journal of the Optical Society of America 1965)
39 Spatial phase modulation of wavefronts in spatial filtering and holography Wade T. Cathey, Jr. (Journal of the Optical Society of America 1966)
44 Coupled wave theory for thick hologram gratings Herwig Kogelnik (The Bell System Technical Journal 1969)
83 Unconventional light distributions in three-dimensional domains Rafael Piestun, Boris Spektor, Joseph Shamir (Journal of Modern Optics 1996)
96 Holographic methods for imaging through an inhomogeneity Emmett N. Leith, Andre Cunha (Optical Engineering 1989)
102 The ABCs of space time-coherence recording in holography Nils H. Abramson, Hans I. Bjelkhagen, H. John Caulfield (Journal of Modern Optics 1991)
110 Minkowski diagram in relativity and holography Nils Abramson (Applied Optics 1988)
Section Three
Display Holography
360 Degree Holograms
122 Reconstruction of wavefronts in all directions Ryuichi Hioki, Takeomi Suzuki (Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 1965)
123 360 degree holography Tung H. Jeong, Paul Rudolf, Arleigh Luckett (Journal of the Optical Society of America 1966)
Image-Plane Holograms
125 Focused-image holography with extended sources Lowell Rosen (Applied Physics Letters 1966)
128 Image plane holography Gerald B. Brandt (Applied Optics 1969)
Rainbow Holograms
138 Bandwidth reduction of hologram transmission systems by elimination of vertical parallax D. J. De Bitetto (Applied Physics Letters 1968)
141 White-light transmission/reflection holographic imaging Stephen A. Benton (in Applications of Holography and Optical Data Processing, E. Marom, A. A. Friesem, E. Wiener-Avnear, editors, 1977)
150 One-step rainbow holography: recent development and application F. T. S. Yu, Anthony M. Tai, Hsuan Chen (Optical Engineering 1980)
Holographic Stereograms
164 Holographic stereogram from sequential component photographs J. T. McCrickerd, Nicholas George (Applied Physics Letters 1968)
167 Holographic panoramic stereograms synthesized from white light recordings D. J. DeBitetto (Applied Optics 1969)
169 Large one-step holographic stereogram Toshio Honda, D. K. Kang, K. Shimura, H. Enomoto, M. Yamaguchi, N. Ohyama (in Practical Holography V, S. A. Benton, editor, 1991)
Computer-Generated Stereograms
181 A new approach to computer-generated holography M. C. King, A. M. Noll, D. H. Berry (Applied Optics 1970)
186 The Ultragram: a generalized holographic stereogram Michael W. Halle, Stephen A. Benton, Michael A. Klug, John S. Underkoffler (in Practical Holography V, S. A. Benton, editor, 1991)
200 Optics for full-parallax holographic stereograms Michael A. Klug, Arno Klein, Wendy Plesniak, Adam Kropp, Benjie Chen (in Practical Holography XI and Holographic Materials III, S. A. Benton, T. Trout, editors, 1997)
Voxel[R] Holographic Stereograms
212 Multiplex holography for the display of three-dimensional information John Drinkwater, Stephen Hart (in Progress in Holography, J. Ebbeni, editor, 1987)
Cylindrical Multiplex Holograms
220 Optical techniques for increasing image width in cylindrical holographic stereograms Lloyd Huff, Richard L. Fusek (Optical Engineering 1981)
225 Large format cylindrical holographic stereogram Toshio Honda, Kei Shimura, Masahiro Yamaguchi, Nagaaki Ohyama (in Optics in Complex Systems, F. Lanzl, G. Weigelt, editors, 1990)
226 Conical holographic stereograms Katsuyuki Okada, Shinichi Yoshii, Yasuko Yamaji, Jumpei Tsujiuchi, Teruji Ose (Optics Communications 1989)
Embossed Holograms
231 Embossed hologram motion pictures for television playback R. Bartolini, W. Hannan, D. Karlsons, M. Lurie (Applied Optics 1970)
239 Development of embossed holograms Kenneth Haines (in Practical Holography X, S. A. Benton, editor, 1996)
Holograms Recorded with Pulse Lasers
248 Holograms produced with pulsed laser illumination A. D. Jacobson, F. J. McClung (Applied Optics 1965)
250 Techniques for pulsed laser holography of people D. A. Ansley (Applied Optics 1970)
Holographic Cinematography
258 Principle of the holographic cinematography Victor G. Komar (in 1st European Congress on Optics Applied to Metrology, M. H. Grosmann, editor, 1977)
265 Progress in holographic cinematography P. Smigielski, H. Fagot, F. Albe (in Progress in Holographic Applications, J. Ebbeni, editor, 1985)
Electro- and Video Holography
274 Electronic display system for computational holography Pierre St. Hilaire, Stephen A. Benton, Mark Lucente, Mary Lou Jepsen, Joel Kollin, Hiroshi Yoshikawa, John Underkoffler (in Practical Holography IV, S. A. Benton, editor, 1990)
283 Real-time electroholographic system using liquid crystal television spatial light modulators Nobuyuki Hashimoto, Shigeru Morokawa (Journal of Electronic Imaging 1993)
290 Basic research for a large electro-holographic display Shigetake Iwata, Susumu Tsujikawa, Takatsune Okada, Hiroshi Yoshikawa, Toshio Honda (in Practical Holography IX, S. A. Benton, editor, 1995)
Section Four
Holographic Measurements and Testing Techniques
Vibration Measurement
300 Interferometric vibration analysis by wavefront reconstruction Robert L. Powell, Karl A. Stetson (Journal of the Optical Society of America 1965)
306 Interferometric hologram evaluation and real-time vibration analysis of diffuse objects Karl A. Stetson, Robert L. Powell (Journal of the Optical Society of America 1965)
309 Contour generation by wavefront reconstruction K. Haines, B. P. Hildebrand (Physics Letters 1965)
312 Interferometric measurements using the wavefront reconstruction technique B. P. Hildebrand, K. A. Haines (Applied Optics 1966)
314 Holographic interferometry L. O. Heflinger, R. F. Wuerker, R. E. Brooks (Journal of Applied Physics 1966)
Fringe Control and Accurate Evaluation Techniques
323 Sandwich hologram interferometry: a new dimension in holographic comparison Nils Abramson (Applied Optics 1974)
330 High resolution hologram interferometry by electronic phase measurement R. Dandliker, B. Ineichen, F. M. Mottier (Optics Communications 1973)
Section Five
Holographic Optical Elements
338 Holographic diffraction gratings Nicholas George, J. W. Matthews (Applied Physics Letters 1966)
Optical Elements
343 Point holograms as optical elements M. J. R. Schwar, T. P. Pandya, F. J. Weinberg (Nature 1967)
346 Holographic optical elements D. H. Close (Optical Engineering 1975)
359 Holographic mirrors Jose R. Magarinos, Daniel J. Coleman (Optical Engineering 1985)
371 Lippmann-Bragg broadband holographic mirrors T. Jannson, I. Tengara, Y. Qiao, G. Savant (Journal of the Optical Society of America 1991)
383 Holographic honeycomb microlens James J. Cowan (Optical Engineering 1985)
Solar Concentrators
391 Holographic solar concentrator Jacques E. Ludman (Applied Optics 1982)
393 Bragg holograms and concentrator optics Tomasz Jannson, Joanna Jannson (in Applications of Holography, L. Huff, editor, 1985)
401 Optimization procedure for a holographic lens solar concentrator C. G. Stojanoff, R. Kubitzek, St. Tropartz (in Optical Materials Technology for Energy Efficiency and Solar Energy Conversion VII, C. Granqvist, C. M. Lampert, editors, 1988)
Polarization Elements
409 Polarization holographic elements Shermazan D. Kakichashvili (in International Colloquium on Diffractive Optical Elements, J. Nowak, M. Zajac, editors, 1991)
418 Holographic diffusers Stephen Wadle, Daniel Wuest, John Cantalupo, Roderic S. Lakes (Optical Engineering 1994)
Section Six
Holographic Data Storage
427 Theory of optical information storage in solids P. J. van Heerden (Applied Optics 1963)
435 Iterative methods in efficient holographic information storage Joseph Shamir (in Optical Memory & Neural Networks '94: Optical Memory, A. L. Mikaelian, editor, 1994)
447 Holographic storage: Will the material and component technology meet the new challenges Glenn T. Sincerbox (in International Conference on Holography and Optical Information Processing [ICHOIP '96], G. Mu, G. Jin, G. T. Sincerbox, editors, 1996)
Section Seven
Computer-Generated Holograms
455 Binary Fraunhofer holograms, generated by computer A. W. Lohmann, D. P. Paris (Applied Optics 1967)
465 Computer-generated holograms as generalized optical components Olof Bryngdahl (Optical Engineering 1975)
475 Computer generated holograms in pattern recognition: a review David Casasent (Optical Engineering 1985)
482 Electron beam fabrication of computer-generated holograms Steven M. Arnold (Optical Engineering 1985)
487 On-axis binary-amplitude computer generated holograms Rafael Piestun, Boris Spektor, Joseph Shamir (Optics Communications 1997)
495 Large scale computer generated absorption holograms of 3D objects--Part I, theoretical background and visual concepts Colin D. Cameron, Douglas A. Pain, David T. Sheerin, Chris W. Slinger, Nicholas J. Phillips, Adrian K. Dodd (in Practical Holography XIII, S. A. Benton, editor, 1999)
Section Eight
Additional Techniques and Applications
510 Holographic spectroscopy H. J. Caulfield (in Impact of Lasers in Spectroscopy, S. Ezekiel, S. M. Klainer, editors, 1974)
Polarization Holography
515 Methods and uses of polarization holography Sh. D. Kakichashvili (in Soviet-Chinese Joint Seminar on Holography and Optical Information Processing, A. L. Mikaelian, editor, 1992)
TIR Holography
523 Holography with total internally reflected light Karl A. Stetson (Applied Physics Letters 1967)
Evanescent Wave and Edge-Lit Holography
526 Holography with evanescent waves Olof Bryngdahl (Journal of the Optical Society of America 1969)
532 Waveguide holography and its applications Qiang Huang, H. John Caulfield (in Practical Holography V, S. A. Benton, editor, 1991)
542 Edge-illuminated holograms, evanescent waves and related optical phenomena Nicholas J. Phillips, Ce Wang, Terence E. Yeo (in International Symposium on Display Holography, T. H. Jeong, editor, 1991)
551 Holographic microscopy Raoul F. van Ligten, Harold Osterberg (Nature 1966)
552 Interference microscope with total wavefront reconstruction D. Gabor, W. P. Goss (Journal of the Optical Society of America 1966)
562 Three-dimensional microscopy with phase-shifting digital holography Tong Zhang, Ichirou Yamaguchi (Optics Letters 1988)
Particle and Bubble-Chamber Holography
566 Application of hologram techniques for particle size analysis Brian J. Thompson, John H. Ward, William R. Zinky (Applied Optics 1967)
574 Pulsed holography for particle detection in bubble chambers H. Akbari, H. Bjelkhagen (Optics and Laser Technology 1987)
Light-in-Flight and Time-Gated Recordings
582 Holographic recording of the time-coherence pattern of a wave train from a pulsed laser source D. I. Staselko, Yu. N. Denisyuk, A. G. Smirnov (Optics and Spectroscopy 1969)
587 Light-in-flight recording by holography Nils Abramson (Optics Letters 1978)
590 Single pulse light-in-flight recording by holography Nils H. Abramson, Kenneth G. Spears (Applied Optics 1989)
598 Imaging through tissue using electronic holography and femtosecond pulses E. Leith, H. Chen, Y. Chen, D. Dilworth, J. Lopez, R. Masri, J. Rudd, J. Valdmanis (in International Symposium on Display Holography, T. H. Jeong, editor, 1991)
Phase-Conjugation and Electro-Optic Holography
605 Phase-conjugate wavefront generation via real-time holography in Bi12SiO20 crystals J. P. Huignard, J. P. Herriau, P. Aubourg, E. Spitz (Optics Letters 1979)
608 Efficient unstationary holographic recording in photorefractive crystals under an external alternating electric field S. I. Stepanov, M. P. Petrov (Optics Communications 1985)
612 Electro-optic hologram generation on spatial light modulators Joseph Rosen, Lior Shiv, Jeremy Stein, Joseph Shamir (Journal of the Optical Society of America A 1992)
620 Electrically switchable volume gratings in polymer-dispersed liquid crystals R. L. Sutherland, V. P. Tondiglia, L. V. Natarajan, T. J. Bunning, W. W. Adams (Applied Physics Letters 1994)
Section Nine
Nonoptical Holography
Acoustical Holography
626 Techniques and information content of sonoholograms P. Greguss (Journal of Photographic Science 1966)
630 Sound holograms and optical reconstruction R. K. Mueller, N. K. Sheridon (Applied Physics Letters 1966)
632 Acoustical holography Byron B. Brenden (Optical Engineering 1975)
636 Acoustical holography advancements B. Percy Hildebrand, Steven R. Doctor (Optical Engineering 1980)
Microwave Holography
643 Reconstructions of visible images from reduced-scale replicas of microwave holograms G. Tricoles, E. L. Rope (Journal of the Optical Society of America 1967)
646 High resolution microwave holography and the imaging of remote moving objects N. H. Farhat (Optical Engineering 1975)
653 Computer generated microwave holograms as phase shifters Tanveer ul Haq, Kevin J. Webb, Neal C. Gallagher (in Diffractive and Holographic Device Technologies and Applications IV, I. Cindrich, S. H. Lee, editors, 1997)
X-Ray and Electron Holography
661 Image reconstruction from a Fraunhofer x-ray hologram with visible light John W. Giles, Jr. (Journal of the Optical Society of America 1969)
671 Holography of microobjects in soft x-rays V. V. Aristov, G. A. Bashkina, A. I. Erko (Optics Communications 1980)
676 X-ray holographic microscopy using photoresists Chris Jacobsen, Malcolm Howells, Janos Kirz, Stephen Rothman (Journal of the Optical Society of America A 1990)
691 Prospects for x-ray holography with free electron lasers J. C. Solem, K. Boyer, W. Haddad, C. K. Rhodes (in Free-Electron Lasers and Applications, D. Prosnitz, editor, 1990)
702 X-ray holographic microscopy at LURE and Institut d'Optique Denis Joyeux (in Soft X-Ray Microscopy, C. J. Jacobsen, J. E. Trebes, editors, 1992)
718 Electron holography Hannes Lichte (in International Conference on Holography, Correlation Optics, and Recording Materials, O. V. Angelsky, editor, 1993)
732 Three dimensional imaging of atoms with isotropic 0.5 A resolution M. Tegze, C. Faigel, S. Marchesini, M. Belakhovsky, A. I. Chumakov (Physical Review Letters 1999)

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