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Selected Papers on Phosphors, Light Emitting Diodes, and Scintillators: Applications of Photoluminescence, Cathodoluminescence, Electroluminescence, and Radioluminescence
Editor(s): Marvin J. Weber
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Date Published: 28 September 1998
Pages: 666
ISBN: 9780819497956
Volume: MS151SC

Table of Contents
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Section One

Photoluminescent Phosphors

3 Interpretation of the properties of alkali halide-thallium phosphors Frederick Seitz (Journal of Chemical Physics 1938)
16 On infra-red sensitive phosphors Franz Urbach, Donald Pearlman, Henry Hemmendinger (Journal of the Optical Society of America 1946)
26 Ultraviolet phosphors and fluorescent sun tan lamps Richard H. Clapp, Robert J. Ginther (Journal of the Optical Society of America 1947)
34 A proof of the associated-pair theory for sensitized luminophors F.A. Kr�ger (Physica 1949)
40 Alkaline earth halophosphates and related phosphors H.G. Jenkins, A.H. McKeag, P.W. Ranby (Journal of the Electrochemical Society 1949)
52 On the nature of fluorescent centers and traps in zinc sulfide H.A. Klasens (Journal of the Electrochemical Society 1953)
61 Studies on some infrared stimulable phosphors S.P. Keller, J.E. Mapes, G. Cheroff (Physical Review 1957)
75 Configuration interaction in alkali halide phosphors Robert S. Knox (Physical Review 1959)
87 Optical properties of tin- and lead-activated calcium metasilicate phosphors Richard W. Mooney (Journal of the Electrochemical Society 1959)
92 Materials and devices using double-pumped phosphors with energy transfer Fran�ois E. Auzel (Proceedings of the IEEE 1973)
121 A new generation of "deluxe" fluorescent lamps, combining an efficacy of
80 lumens/W or more with a color rendering index of approximately 85 J.M.P.J. Verstegen, D. Radielovic, L.E. Vrenken (Journal of the Electrochemical Society 1974)
126 Photostimulated luminescence (PSL) and color centers in BaFX:Eu[2+] (X = Cl, Br, I) phosphors K. Takahashi, J. Miyahara, Y. Shibahara (Journal of the Electrochemical Society 1985)
129 Single-crystal rare-earth-doped yttrium orthosilicate phosphors J. Shmulovich, G.W. Berkstresser, C.D. Brandle, A. Valentino (Journal of the Electrochemical Society 1988)
140 Mechanism of photostimulated luminescence process in BaFBr:Eu[2+] phosphors Yasuo Iwabuchi, Nobufumi Mori, Kenji Takahashi, Terumi Matsuda, Shigeo Shionoya (Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 1994)
148 A new long-phosphorescent phosphor with high brightness, SrAl[2]O[4]:Eu[2+],Dy[3+] T. Matsuzawa, Y. Aoki, N. Takeuchi, Y. Murayama (Journal of the Electrochemical Society 1996)
152 White phosphors from a silicate-carboxylate sol-gel precursor that lack metal activator ions Will H. Green, Khoa P. Le, Jonathan Grey, Tiffany T. Au, Michael J. Sailor (Science 1997)
155 Identification and optimization of advanced phosphors using combinatorial libraries Xiao-Dong Sun, Chen Gao, Jingsong Wang, X.-D. Xiang (Applied Physics Letters 1997)

Cathodoluminescent Phosphors

158 A theory on cathode luminescence Ugo Fano (Physical Review 1940)
168 Cathodo-luminescence: Part I. Growth and decay processes J.W. Strange, S.T. Henderson (Proceedings of the Physical Society [London] 1946)
183 Cathodo-luminescence: Part II. Current saturation and voltage effects J.W. Strange, S.T. Henderson (Proceedings of the Physical Society [London] 1946)
192 A new, highly efficient red-emitting cathodoluminescent phosphor (YVO[4]:Eu) for color television Albert K. Levine, Frank C. Palilla (Applied Physics Letters 1964)
195 Investigation of some Ce[3+]-activated phosphors G. Blasse, A. Bril (Journal of Chemical Physics 1967)
202 Preparation and cathodoluminescence of Ce[3+]-activated yttrium silicates and some isostructural compounds A.H. Gomes de Mesquita, A. Bril (Materials Research Bulletin 1969)
210 Cathodoluminescent Ln[y](SiO[2])[x]:Tb phosphors T.E. Peters (Journal of the Electrochemical Society 1969)
215 The efficiency of cathode-ray phosphors. I. Measurement G.W. Ludwig, J.D. Kingsley (Journal of the Electrochemical Society 1970)
221 The efficiency of cathode-ray phosphors. II. Correlation with other properties J.D. Kingsley, G.W. Ludwig (Journal of the Electrochemical Society 1970)

X-Ray (Radioluminescent) Phosphors

228 The luminescent properties of zinc sulphide in relation to x rays Leonard Levy, Donald W. West (British Journal of Radiology 1935)
240 Rare earth oxysulfide x-ray phosphors K.A. Wickersheim, R.V. Alves, R.A. Buchanan (IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science 1970)
244 On predicting the maxiumum efficiency of phosphor systems excited by ionizing radiation D.J. Robbins (Journal of the Electrochemical Society 1980)
253 Phosphors for x-ray detectors in computed tomography W. Rossner, B.C. Grabmaier (Journal of Luminescence 1991)
Section Two
Light Emitting Diodes--Electroluminescence
263 The new phenomenon of electrophotoluminescence and its possibilities for the investigation of crystal lattice. Part I: Introduction G. Destriau (Philosophical Magazine 1947)
304 The new phenomenon of electrophotoluminescence and its possibilities for the investigation of crystal lattice. Part II: The momentary illumination produced by disactivation of the long duration centres G. Destriau (Philosophical Magazine 1947)
325 The new phenomenon of electrophotoluminescence and its possibilities for the investigation of crystal lattice. Part III: The electrical extinction of the visible phosphorescence G. Destriau (Philosophical Magazine 1947)
334 Injected light emission of silicon carbide crystals K. Lehovec, C.A. Accardo, E. Jamgochian (Physical Review 1951)
339 Electroluminescence of single crystals of ZnS:Cu William W. Piper, Ferd E. Williams (Physical Review 1952)
340 Tunneling-assisted photon emission in gallium arsenide pn junctions J.I. Pankove (Physical Review Letters 1962)
343 Electroluminescent lines in ZnS powder particles. I. Embedding media and basic observations Albrecht G. Fischer (Journal of the Electrochemical Society 1962)
350 Electroluminescent lines in ZnS powder particles. II. Models and comparison with experience A.G. Fischer (Journal of the Electrochemical Society 1963)
366 Injection electroluminescence in CdS by tunneling films R.C. Jaklevic, D.K. Donald, J. Lambe, W.C. Vassell (Applied Physics Letters 1963)
369 Electroluminescence in organic crystals M. Pope, H.P. Kallmann, P. Magnante (Journal of Chemical Physics 1963)
371 Efficient, visible electroluminescence from p-n junctions in Zn[x]Cd[1- x]Te F.F. Morehead, G. Mandel (Applied Physics Letters 1964)
373 Efficient green electroluminescence in nitrogen-doped GaP p-n junctions R.A. Logan, H.G. White, W. Wiegmann (Applied Physics Letters 1968)
376 Radiative recombination mechanisms in GaAsP diodes with and without nitrogen doping M.G. Craford, Roger W. Shaw, A.H. Herzog, W.O. Groves (Journal of Applied Physics 1972)
385 Band structure enhancement and optimization of radiative recombination in GaAs[1-x]P[x]:N (and In[1-x]Ga[x]P:N) J.C. Campbell, N. Holonyak, Jr., M.G. Craford, D.L. Keune (Journal of Applied Physics 1974)
396 Electroluminescence from polyvinylcarbazole films: 1. Carazole cations R.H. Partridge (Polymer 1983)
402 Electroluminescence from polyvinylcarbazole films: 2. Polyvinylcarbazole films containing antimony pentachloride R.H. Partridge (Polymer 1983)
411 Electroluminescence from polyvinylcarbazole films: 3. Electroluminescent devices R.H. Partridge (Polymer 1983)
418 Electroluminescence from polyvinylcarbazole films: 4. Electroluminescence using higher work function cathodes R.H. Partridge (Polymer 1983)
426 Organic electroluminescent diodes C.W. Tang, S.A. VanSlyke (Applied Physics Letters 1987)
429 Electroluminescence in organic films with three-layer structure Chihaya Adachi, Shizuo Tokito, Tetsuo Tsutsui, Shogo Saito (Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 1988)
432 p-type ZnSe by nitrogen atom beam doping during molecular beam epitaxial growth R.M. Park, M.B. Troffer, C.M. Rouleau, J.M. DePuydt, M.A. Haase (Applied Physics Letters 1990)
435 High performance AlGaInP visible light-emitting diodes C.P. Kuo, R.M. Fletcher, T.D. Osentowski, M.C. Lardizabal, M.G. Craford, V.M. Robbins (Applied Physics Letters 1990)
438 Light-emitting diodes based on conjugated polymers J.H. Burroughes, D.D.C. Bradley, A.R. Brown, R.N. Marks, K. Mackay, R.H. Friend, P.L. Burns, A.B. Holmes (Nature 1990)
440 Impact processes in electroluminescence J.W. Allen (Journal of Luminescence 1991)
445 Visible light emission from a porous silicon/solution diode P.M.M.C. Bressers, J.W.J. Knapen, E.A. Meulenkamp, J.J. Kelly (Applied Physics Letters 1992)
448 Room-temperature sharp line electroluminescence at *=1.54 �m from an erbium-doped, silicon light-emitting diode B. Zheng, J. Michel, F.Y.G. Ren, L.C. Kimerling, D.C. Jacobson, J.M. Poate (Applied Physics Letters 1994)
451 Candela-class high-brightness InGaN/AlGaN double-heterostructure blue- light-emitting diodes Shuji Nakamura, Takashi Mukai, Masayuki Senoh (Applied Physics Letters 1994)
454 High-brightness InGaN blue, green, and yellow light-emitting diodes with quantum well structures Shuji Nakamura, Masayuki Senoh, Naruhito Iwasa, Shin-ichi Nagahama (Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 1995)
457 Organic electroluminescent devices James R. Sheats, Homer Antoniadis, Mark Hueschen, William Leonard, Jeff Miller, Ron Moon, Daniel Roitman, Andrew Stocking (Science 1996)
462 The tunnel thin film electroluminescent device C.J. Summers, B.K. Wagner, W. Tong (Applied Physics Letters 1997)
465 Three-color, tunable, organic light-emitting devices Zilan Shen, Paul E. Burrows, Vladimir Bulovic, Stephen R. Forrest, Mark E. Thompson (Science 1997)
Section Three
471 Naphthalene counters for beta and gamma rays Martin Deutsch (Nucleonics 1948)
473 The use of anthracene as a scintillation counter P.R. Bell (Physical Review 1948)
474 Alkali halide scintillation counters Robert Hofstadter (Physical Review 1948)
476 Solid non-crystalline scintillation phosphors Marvin G. Schorr, Franklin L. Torney (Physical Review 1950)
477 Calcium and cadmium tungstate as scintillation counter crystals for gamma-ray detection R.H. Gillette (Review of Scientific Instruments 1950)
485 The scintillation process in plastic solid solutions Robert K. Swank, Warren L. Buck (Physical Review 1953)
492 Activation of lithium iodide by europium James Schenck (Nature 1953)
493 Glass scintillators R.J. Ginther, J.H. Schulman (IRE Transactions on Nuclear Science 1958)
497 Scintillation response of activated inorganic crystals to various charged particles R.B. Murray, A. Meyer (Physical Review 1961)
509 Measurement of the time dependence of scintillation intensity by a delayed-coincidence method L.M. Bollinger, G.E. Thomas (Review of Scientific Instruments 1961)
516 Scintillation process in CsI(Tl). II. Emission spectra and the possible role of self-trapped holes R. Gwin, R.B. Murray (Physical Review 1963)
521 CsI(Na) scintillation crystals P. Brinckmann (Physics Letters 1965)
522 A fast inorganic scintillator D. Luckey (Nuclear Instruments and Methods 1968)
524 The scintillation mechanism in thallium doped alkali halides R. Gilbert Kaufman, Wayne B. Hadley, Herbert N. Hersh (IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science 1970)
531 Luminescence of Bi[4]Ge[3]O[12]: spectral and decay properties M.J. Weber, R.R. Monchamp (Journal of Applied Physics 1973)
536 Barium fluoride--inorganic scintillator for subnanosecond timing M. Laval, M. Moszynski, R. Allemand, E. Cormoreche, P. Guinet, R. Odru, J. Vacher (Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research 1983)
544 Cerium-activated Gd[2]SiO[5] single crystal scintillator Kazumasa Takagi, Tokuumi Fukazawa (Applied Physics Letters 1983)
547 A new type of x-ray area detector utilizing laser stimulated luminescence Junji Miyahara, Kenji Takahashi, Yoshiyuki Amemiya, Nobuo Kamiya, Yoshinori Satow (Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 1986)
554 A measurement of the light yield of common inorganic scintillators I. Holl, E. Lorenz, G. Mageras (IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science 1988)
568 Properties of the high-density scintillator cerium fluoride D.F. Anderson (IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science 1989)
572 Cerium fluoride, a new fast, heavy scintillator W.W. Moses, S.E. Derenzo (IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science 1989)
576 Cerium-doped lutetium oxyorthosilicate: a fast, efficient new scintillator C.L. Melcher, J.S. Schweitzer (IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science 1992)
580 Core-valence band transitions in wide-gap ionic crystals P.A. Rodnyi (Soviet Physics Solid State 1992)
594 Fundamental limits of scintillator performance A. Lempicki, A.J. Wojtowicz, E. Berman (Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 1993)
602 Energy loss in inorganic scintillators P.A. Rodnyi, P. Dorenbos, C.W.E. van Eijk (Physica Status Solidi [b] 1995)
617 Efficiency of electron-hole pair production in scintillators R.H. Bartram, A. Lempicki (Journal of Luminescence 1996)

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