The Moscone Center
San Francisco, California, United States
1 - 6 February 2020
Conference 11240
Photons Plus Ultrasound: Imaging and Sensing 2020
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Abstract Due:
24 July 2019

Author Notification:
30 September 2019

Manuscript Due Date:
8 January 2020


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Conference Chairs
Program Committee
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Call for

Submissions to this conference may include the following to improve the chance for acceptance:
  • 100-word text abstract (for online program)
  • 250-word text abstract (for abstract digest)
  • Optional 2-page extended abstract (for committee review only). The extended abstract must be submitted as a separate PDF document limited to two pages, including tables and figures. Include author names and affiliations; text; any figures, tables, or images; and sufficient data to permit committee review.

    All submissions will be reviewed by the Program Committee to determine acceptance. Extended abstracts will be used only for the purpose of review, and will not be published.

  • This conference will be dedicated to imaging, sensing, monitoring and spectroscopy based on the combination of light and sound by synergistically utilizing the high optical contrast and the high ultrasonic resolution at large tissue depths. The images based on optical contrast are complementary to images based on ultrasonic contrast. The hybrid technology such as optoacoustic/photoacoustic tomography can provide anatomical and functional imaging for comprehensive tissue characterization. It is also capable of providing high-resolution molecular imaging. The areas of interest include methods involving optically and thermally induced acoustic waves and acoustically modulated optical waves and a variety of laser-induced thermal and acoustic phenomena, covering basic research, instrumentation and applications. Biomedical applications include cancer detection, localization, and differentiation, detection of atherosclerotic plaques, vascular imaging and angiography.

    Topics that involve a combination of light and sound include:
    • microscopy
    • endoscopy
    • intravascular microscopy
    • computed tomography
    • focal scanning imaging
    • image reconstruction
    • signal processing
    • light sources
    • ultrasonic transducers
    • optical sensing of pressure or displacement
    • contrast agents
    • sensing (non-imaging)
    • spectroscopy
    • microwave or RF excitation of ultrasonic waves
    • laser ultrasound
    • quantitative imaging
    • functional imaging
    • molecular imaging
    • multimodality imaging
    • small animal imaging
    • clinical imaging
    • monitoring of therapy
    • guiding surgery and biopsy
    • ultrasonic encoding of light
    • wavefront engineering
    • other advances.
    Best Paper Award and Best Poster Award
    Seno Medical Instruments of San Antonio, Texas, will sponsor the "Best Paper Award" at this conference (Certificate of recognition to all coauthors and $3,000). To qualify for the Award, authors must submit a 2-page extended abstract at the time of Abstract submission, present their papers at the conference (oral or poster) and publish a full manuscript in the SPIE Proceedings. A special session will be organized at the conference dedicated to The Best Paper Award. A Certificate of The Best Paper will be presented at the Award Ceremony to be held as the last session of the Conference. Cash award will be delivered after the publication of the conference proceedings volume.
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