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Course SC1017

Optics Surface Inspection Workshop

Monday, 29 January 2024 • 1:30 PM - 5:30 PM PST
Level: Introductory
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Understanding the correct way to inspect optical surfaces is one the most important skills anyone working with or around optics can have, including technicians, material handlers, engineers, managers, and buyers. While understanding the specifications is the first step, learning how to actually perform the inspection is just as important. This hands-on workshop will allow attendees to learn the "Best Practice" for cleaning and inspecting optical surfaces. The course has many demonstrations and labs and gives attendees practice handling and inspecting optics to develop a high level of proficiency.

This course was designed to bring photonics personnel up to an immediate working knowledge on the correct methods to conduct a surface inspection in accordance with MIL, ANSI, and ISO standards. It is designed to complement SC700 Understanding Scratch and Dig Specifications and provide hands-on experience applying the specification and inspection parameters covered in that course.

Learning Outcomes

  • perform a visual review of the surface
  • create a surface map
  • conduct a visual inspection according to MIL-PRF-13830B
  • conduct a visual inspection according to ANSI OP1.002
  • conduct a visual inspection according to ISO 10110-7 and ISO 14997 standards
  • acquire and apply the accumulation rules
  • review the tools available for microscope-based inspection to ANSI and ISO standards
  • evaluate a surface and determine if a surface passes or fails


This course is designed for all optical practitioners who need to handle and evaluate optics or optical assemblies. Other suggested attendees include mechanical engineers, purchasing agents, quality assurance personnel and other persons working with or around optical components. SC700 Understanding Scratch and Dig Specifications is a pre-requisite for the course.


David M. Aikens - Savvy Optics Corp. (United States)
David M. Aikens a.k.a "the scratch guy", is among the foremost experts on surface imperfection standards and inspection. Dave is President and founder of Savvy Optics Corp., and is the Chair of the US Technical Advisory Group for TC172 for Optics and Photonics standards.
Dana M. Takaki - Savvy Optics Corp. (United States)
Dana M. Takaki is a mechanical manufacturing engineer with 30 years of experience in optical systems manufacturing. She is a director of Savvy Optics Corp, building all Savvy systems and equipment for scratch and dig inspection. She graduated from MIT (BS ’87) and UC Berkeley (MS’88).

Additional notes

COURSE PRICE INCLUDES a copy of the latest ANSI approved surface imperfections specification standard, if desired. Due to the hands-on nature of this course, class size is limited to 16 participants. Early registration is recommended.

Attendee testimonial:
Great class! Love the interactive part.
Wonderful! I've learned many skills that I can use every day.