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21 - 25 September 2020
Conference 11518
Photomask Technology
Conference Committee
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Session LIVE: Plenary Session: Joint session with conferences 11517 and 11518
Holistic lithography in the age of the Artificial Intelligence of Things (Plenary Presentation) Presentation
Paper 11517-400
Monday 21 September 2020 • 8:30 AM - 9:15 AM PDTLIVE EVENT Author(s): Martin van den Brink, ASML Netherlands B.V. (Netherlands)
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Opening Remarks
Session LIVE: Keynote Session: Joint Session with conferences 11517 and 11518
0.33 NA EUV systems for High Volume Manufacturing (Keynote Presentation) Presentation
Paper 11517-1
Tuesday 22 September 2020 • 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM PDTLIVE EVENT Author(s): Eric Verhoeven, Ron Schuurhuis, Marcel Mastenbroek, Peter Jonkers, Frank Bornebroek, Arthur Minnaert, Harrie van Dijck, Parham Yaghoobi, ASML Netherlands B.V. (Netherlands); Geert Fisser, ASML Netherlands B.V. (United States); Payam Tayebati, Martijn Leenders, ASML San Diego (United States); Roderik van Es, ASML Netherlands B.V. (Netherlands)
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Session LIVE: Symposium-wide Panel

Times for this live event are all Pacific Time (UTC-8:00 hours)

“How has COVID uniquely affected our business?”

After six months, COVID has affected our work in unique ways. This doesn’t mean, “We have lots of video calls and we can’t travel any more.” Everybody knows that. It means.

COVID has brought us new challenges to which we’ve had to adapt in only a few months. What have we done, and what we will continue to do?

  • Live Internet presentation to symposium-wide audience
  • Six or seven panelists, from a range of institutions
  • Each panelist can do a two- or three-slide introductory statement
  • Live Q&A session, with questions from the virtual audience submitted by typing (i.e. no cacophony of voices) and selected and read to the panel by a moderator

The panelists are:

Bala Thumma, Synopsys (United States)
Artur Balasinski, Cypress Semiconductor (United States)
Frank Abboud, Intel (United States)
Chris Mack, Fractilia (United States)
Patrick Martin, Applied Materials (United States)
Symposium-wide Panel
Paper 11518-503
Wednesday 23 September 2020 • 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM PDTLIVE EVENT Author(s):
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Session LIVE: Live Student Networking & Discussion Session

Times for this live event are all Pacific Time (UTC-8:00 hours)

Join students and industry leaders for a live, facilitated networking discussion. Make new connections and learn by discussing relevant topics in small breakout groups.

What to expect: All participants will collect for a brief introduction, and then be assigned to discuss one of the topics in a small group (~four people) for 15-20 minutes. All will return to the large meeting and one student from each group will articulate a key “take-away”. This will be repeated with a second set of small groups.

Topics to select:

1. Work cultures “There are unique work cultures across companies depending on company size, age, service, location, leadership, etc. How do I identify the work culture? Then, how do I successfully integrate into a new work culture?”
2. Individual work styles “My co-workers have different approaches to working than I do. Some are analytical, some are detail-oriented, some are expressive, some are integrative. Is this type of diversity in the workplace important?”
3. Communication at work “My VP seems impatient when I share all the details of the project. How do I effectively communicate the main points of work that spans months (or years)? What if I prepared a detailed report, but the target audience has five minutes to listen to me?”
4. Success in the corporate world "What do you mean, we don't publish a paper on this work? How do we define our success in the corporate world?"
5. Time management "The project ends next month, and I'm not close to done yet! How do I manage my time and competing demands to earn my paycheck?"

Session LIVE: 2020 Award Announcements
2020 Award Announcements
Paper 11518-504
Thursday 24 September 2020 • 9:30 AM - 10:00 AM PDTLIVE EVENT Author(s):
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Session LIVE: Networking & Discussion Session for 11518

Times for this live event are all Pacific Time (UTC-8:00 hours)

Meet colleagues interested in this conference topic for small group discussion and networking, hosted by conference chairs Moshe Priel from KLA Corp. This informal session emphasizes conversation and connection rather than talk delivery.
Networking & Discussion Session for 11518
Paper 11518-501
Thursday 24 September 2020 • 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM PDTLIVE EVENT Author(s):
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Session 3: EUV Mask I: Joint Session with conferences 11517 and 11518
EUV phase shift mask requirements for imaging at low-k1 (Invited Paper) Presentation
Paper 11518-1
Author(s): Frank J. Timmermans, Claire van Lare, Jo Finders, Robert de Kruif, ASML Netherlands B.V. (Netherlands)
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Mask absorber for next generation EUV lithography (Invited Paper) Paper Presentation
Paper 11517-2
Author(s): Meiyi Wu, Devesh Thakare, imec (Belgium), KU Leuven (Belgium); Jean-François de Marneffe, Patrick Jaenen, Laurent Souriau, Karl Opsomer, Jean-Philippe Soulié, imec (Belgium); Andreas Erdmann, Hazem Mesilhy, Fraunhofer-Institut für Integrierte Systeme und Bauelementetechnologie IISB (Germany); Philipp Naujok, optiX fab GmbH (Germany); Markus Foltin, SUSS MicroTec Photomask Equipment GmbH & Co. KG (Germany); Victor Soltwisch, Qais Saadeh, Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (Germany); Vicky Philipsen, imec (Belgium)
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Picometer sensitivity metrology for EUV absorber phase Presentation
Paper 11517-3
Author(s): Stuart Sherwin, Univ. of California, Berkeley (United States); Isvar Cordova, Ryan Miyakawa, The Ctr. for X-Ray Optics, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (United States); Laura Waller, Andrew Neureuther, Univ. of California, Berkeley (United States); Patrick Naulleau, The Ctr. for X-Ray Optics, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (United States)
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Process optimization for performance improvement in Mo/Si multilayers for EUV mask blanks Paper Presentation
Paper 11517-5
Author(s): Katrina Rook, Paul Turner, Narasimhan Srinivasan, Tania Henry, Veeco Instruments Inc. (United States); Kenji Yamamoto, Veeco Instruments Inc. (Japan); Meng Lee, Veeco Instruments Inc. (United States)
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Session 4: EUV Mask Protection and Repair: Joint Session with conferences 11517 and 11518
Ultra-low density, nanostructured free-standing films for EUV Pellicles (Invited Paper) Presentation
Paper 11517-6
Author(s): Márcio D. Lima, Takahiro Ueda, Chi Huynh, Lintec of America, Inc. (United States); Tetsuo Harada, Univ. of Hyogo (Japan); Takeshi Kondo, Lintec of America, Inc. (United States)
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Mo Silicide EUV pellicle Presentation
Paper 11517-7
Author(s): Ha Neul Kim, Yong Ju Jang, Seong Ju Wi, Chang Soo Kim, Jinho Ahn, Hanyang Univ. (Korea, Republic of)
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In-situ and real-time investigation of EUV pellicle mechanical stress within EUV inner pod Paper Presentation
Paper 11517-8
Author(s): Ching-Te Kuo, National Sun Yat-sen Univ. (Taiwan); Claire Lee, J. S. Wu, Chia-Ho Chuang, Bill Chiu, Gudeng Precision Industrial Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
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High-end EUV photomask repairs for 5nm technology and beyond Paper Presentation
Paper 11518-2
Author(s): Horst Schneider, Fan Tu, Laura Ahmels, Bartholomaeus Szafranek, Katharina Gries, Daniel Rhinow, Sebastian Vollmar, Andreas Krugmann, Ralf Schoenberger, Walter Pauls, Andreas Verch, Renzo Capelli, Alice D. Vincenzo, Grizelda Kersteen, Hubertus Marbach, Michael Waldow, Carl Zeiss SMT GmbH (Germany)
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Laser repair and clean of extreme ultraviolet lithography photomasks Paper Presentation
Paper 11518-3
Author(s): Tod E. Robinson, Jeff LeClaire, Bruker BNSM RMR (United States); Iacopo Mochi, Ricarda Maria Nebling, Yasin Ekinci, Dimitrios Kazazis, Paul Scherrer Institut (Switzerland)
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Session 5: Mask Process: Writing and Processing
Multi-beam mask writer MBM-1000 (Invited Paper) Presentation
Paper 11518-4
Author(s): Hiroshi Matsumoto, Keisuke Yamaguchi, Hayato Kimura, Kenichi Yasui, NuFlare Technology, Inc. (Japan)
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A novel "high-transmission" phase shift mask for ArF lithographic performance enhancement Paper Presentation
Paper 11518-5
Author(s): Naoto Yonemaru, Kazuaki Matsui, Yosuke Kojima, Tatsuya Nagatomo, Mitsuharu Yamana, Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. (Japan)
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Next generation nanomachining process technologies Paper Presentation
Paper 11518-6
Author(s): Maria Jose Cadena Vinueza, Tod E. Robinson, Martin Klos, Bruker BNSM RMR (United States)
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Resist thickness dependence of line width roughness of chemically amplified resists used for electron beam lithography Presentation
Paper 11518-7
Author(s): Naoki Maeda, Akihiro Konda, Kazumasa Okamoto, Takahiro Kozawa, The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research, Osaka Univ. (Japan); Takao Tamura, NuFlare Technology, Inc. (Japan)
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Session 6: Mask Metrology, Inspection and Repair
2020 mask maker survey conducted by the eBeam initiative (Invited Paper) Paper Presentation
Paper 11518-8
Author(s): Aki Fujimura, D2S, Inc. (United States); Jan Willis, eBeam Initiative (United States)
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Open-source software for SEM metrology Paper Presentation
Paper 11518-10
Author(s): Iacopo Mochi, Michaela Vockenhuber, Timothée P. Allenet, Yasin Ekinci, Paul Scherrer Institut (Switzerland)
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Resist Pattern Inspection for Defect Reduction in Sub-15 nm Templates Presentation
Paper 11518-12
Author(s): Takeharu Motokawa, Machiko Suenaga, Kazuki Hagihara, Noriko Iida nee Sakurai, Ryu Komatsu, Hideaki Sakurai, Shingo Kanamitsu, KIOXIA Corp. (Japan); Keisuke Tsuda, Tetsuo Harada, Takeo Watanabe, Univ. of Hyogo (Japan)
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Session 7: Computational Aspects of Mask Making II: Machine Learning
Detecting gaps in deep learning models used for mask process modeling Paper Presentation
Paper 11518-13
Author(s): Ketan Sethi, Texas A&M Univ. (United States); Parikshit Kulkarni, Sabrina Aliyeva, Alex Zepka, Synopsys, Inc. (United States)
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The choice of input data and its impact on a deep learning mask model Paper Presentation
Paper 11518-14
Author(s): Alex Zepka, Parikshit Kulkarni, Sabrina Aliyeva, Synopsys, Inc. (United States); Ketan Sethi, Texas A&M Univ. (United States)
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Automatic classification of patterned mask defects for requalification at wafer fabs in absence of layout data Paper Presentation
Paper 11518-15
Author(s): Samir Bhamidipati, Prakash Deep, Mark Pereira, Sankaranarayanan Paninjath, Mentor Graphics (India) Pvt. Ltd. (India); Peter Buck, Mentor, a Siemens Business (United States); Keitaro Katabuchi, Mentor Graphics Japan Co. Ltd. (Japan); Takenori Kato, Lasertec Corp. (Japan); Frank Wu, United Semiconductor (Xiamen) Co. (China); Chin Kuei Chang, Chain Ping Chen, United Semiconductor (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. (China)
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Fast 3D lithography simulation by convolutional neural network: POC study Paper Presentation
Paper 11518-16
Author(s): Hiroyoshi Tanabe, Shimpei Sato, Atsushi Takahashi, Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan)
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Session 8: Mask Materials and Late News
A presentation of current and future materials for the EUV photomask Presentation
Paper 11518-17
Author(s): Supriya L. Jaiswal, Astrileux Corp. (United States)
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Patterning solutions for NTD contact hole levels in advanced DRAM nodes Paper Presentation
Paper 11518-18
Author(s): Michael Green, Mohamed Ramadan, Lucien Bouchard, Young Ham, Chris Progler, Yeu Dong Gau, Photronics, Inc. (United States); Tsu-Wen Huang, Jhih Ying Tsai, Hung-Chang Szu, W.C. Shiu, Chun-Cheng Liao, Eric Huang, Nanya Technology Corp. (Taiwan)
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Session 9: Computational Aspects of Mask Making I: MPC, ILT and Data Management
Design rule optimization for via layers of multiple patterning solution at 7nm technology node Paper Presentation
Paper 11518-19
Author(s): Xiaojing Su, Yayi Wei, Lisong Dong, Libin Zhang, Yajuan Su, Rui Chen, Institute of Microelectronics (China)
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Free form data reduction for MPC Presentation
Paper 11518-20
Author(s): Dai Tsunoda, Yasuaki Horima, Yohei Torigoe, Brian Dillon, Nippon Control System Corp. (Japan); Adam Lyons, ASML US, Inc. (United States); Tom Wallow, ASML Silicon Valley (United States); Kurt Wampler, Vincent Shu, ASML US, Inc. (United States); Quan Zhang, ASML Silicon Valley (United States)
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Need for comprehensive reticle data management and analytics Presentation
Paper 11518-21
Author(s): Daniel Price, Brandon Hurt, Ryan Carlson, Ryan Gardner, Micron Technology, Inc. (United States); Yao Zhang, Masaki Satake, Derui Li, Will Wang, Wallace Wang, Peter Liu, George Hwa, Vikram Tolani, KLA Corp. (United States)
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MRC for curvilinear mask shapes Paper Presentation
Paper 11518-22
Author(s): Ingo Bork, Alexander Tritchkov, Shumay Shang, Evgueni Levine, Mary Zuo, Mentor, a Siemens Business (United States)
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Session 10: Novel Technologies
Translating IC-centric photomask manufacturing to photonics-centric applications: Linking photomask processes to photonics waveguide performance (Invited Paper) Paper Presentation
Paper 11518-23
Author(s): Kent H. Nakagawa, Toppan Photomasks, Inc. (United States); Nicholas M. Fahrenkopf, SUNY Polytechnic Institute (United States)
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A pattern transfer from semiconductors, and more: Nikon’s large-size photomask blanks for flat panel display (Invited Paper) Presentation
Paper 11518-24
Author(s): Takashi Yagami, Yohei Takarada, Kento Hayashi, Shigehiko Miyagi, Yusuke Taki, Takashi Ozawa, Nikon Corp. (Japan)
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Hybrid E-beam lithography and process improvement for nanodevice fabrication Paper Presentation
Paper 11518-25
Author(s): Isabelle Servin, Fabien Laulagnet, Maxime Cannac, Ahmed Gharbi, CEA-LETI (France); Jacques-Alexandre Dallery, Vistec Electron Beam GmbH (Germany)
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Computational lithography and its role in nanoimprint lithography for semiconductor device manufacturing Presentation
Paper 11518-26
Author(s): Toshiya Asano, Junichi Seki, Yuichiro Oguchi, Naoki Kiyohara, Koshiro Suzuki, Kohei Nagane, Hiromi Hiura, Keita Sakai, Mitsuru Hiura, Osamu Morimoto, Yukio Takabayashi, Takehiko Iwanaga, Canon Inc. (Japan)
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Enabling faster VSB writing of 193i curvilinear ILT masks that improve wafer process windows for advanced memory applications Paper Presentation
Paper 11518-36
Author(s): Linyong (Leo) Pang, D2S, Inc. (United States); Ezequiel V. Russell, Micron Technology, Inc. (United States); Bill Baggenstoss, Yang Lu, Micron Technology (United States); Michael Lee, Micron Technology, Inc. (United States); Jennefir Ping Digaum, Ming-Chuan Yang, Micron Technology (United States); Ryan Pearman, P. Jeffrey Ungar, Lu Sha, Ali Bouaricha, Michael Pomerantsev, Mariusz Niewczas, Kechang Wang, Bo Su, Michael Meyer, Aki Fujimura, D2S (United States)
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Session 11: EUV Mask Inspection Review: Joint Session with conferences 11517 and 11518
High sensitivity repeater detection with broadband plasma optical wafer inspection for mask defect qualification (Invited Paper) Paper Presentation
Paper 11517-27
Author(s): Andrew J. Cross, KLA England (United Kingdom); Kaushik Sah, KLA Corp. (Belgium); Vidyasagar Anantha, Balarka Gupta, Ramon Ynzunza, Neil Troy, Kenong Wu, Raghav Babulnath, Meghna Rajendran, KLA Corp. (United States); Dieter Van den Heuvel, Philippe Leray, imec (Belgium)
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High resolution and uniform image reconstruction in a large field-of-view for EUV actinic mask review Paper Presentation
Paper 11518-27
Author(s): Hyun-Su Kim, Uldis Locans, Ricarda Maria Nebling, Atoosa Dejkameh, Dimitrios Kazazis, Yasin Ekinci, Iacopo Mochi, Paul Scherrer Institut (Switzerland)
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Effects of the illumination NA on EUV mask inspection with coherent diffraction imaging Paper Presentation
Paper 11517-30
Author(s): Ricarda Nebling, Hyun-Su Kim, Uldis Locans, Atoosa Dejkameh, Yasin Ekinci, Iacopo Mochi, Paul Scherrer Institut (Switzerland)
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Quadriwave lateral shearing phase imaging of EUV masks Paper Presentation
Paper 11517-31
Author(s): Wenhua Zhu, Ryan Miyakawa, Patrick Naulleau, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (United States)
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Session 12: EUV Mask II: Joint Session with conferences 11517 and 11518
Multilayer optimization for high-NA EUV mask3D suppression Presentation
Paper 11517-32
Author(s): Eelco van Setten, ASML Netherlands B.V. (Netherlands); Katrina Rook, Veeco Instruments Inc. (United States); Hazem Mesilhy, Fraunhofer-Institut für Integrierte Systeme und Bauelementetechnologie IISB (Germany); Frank Timmermans, Gerardo Bottiglieri, ASML Netherlands B.V. (Netherlands); Meng Lee, Veeco Instruments Inc. (United States); Andreas Erdmann, Fraunhofer-Institut für Integrierte Systeme und Bauelementetechnologie IISB (Germany); Tim Brunner, ASML Wilton (United States)
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Study of EUV reticle storage effects through exposure on EBL2 and NXE Presentation
Paper 11517-28
Author(s): Rik Jonckheere, Vineet Vijayakrishnan Nair, Eric Hendrickx, Remko Aubert, imec (Belgium); Chien-Ching Wu, Veronique de Rooij-Lohmann, Dorus Elstgeest, Henk Lensen, TNO (Netherlands); Victor Soltwisch, Philipp Hoenicke, Michael Kolbe, Frank Scholze, Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (Germany)
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Stochastic side-lobe printing in EUV lithography: a simulation study Paper Presentation
Paper 11518-28
Author(s): Anatoly Burov, KLA Texas (United States); Alessandro Vaglio Pret, KLA Italy Srl (Italy); Stewart A. Robertson, Patrick B. Lee, KLA Texas (United States)
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Stochastic printing behavior of non-local mask deficiencies in EUV lithography Presentation
Paper 11517-33
Author(s): Rik Jonckheere, imec (Belgium); Lawrence S. Melvin, Synopsys, Inc. (United States)
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Refinement strategies for optimal inclusion of prior information in ptychography Paper Presentation
Paper 11517-34
Author(s): Paolo Ansuinelli, Technische Univ. Delft (Netherlands); Wim M. J. Coene, ASML Netherlands B.V. (Netherlands), Technische Univ. Delft (Netherlands); Hendrik P. Urbach, Technische Univ. Delft (Netherlands)
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Poster Session
Study on physical model of resist surface charge in electron beam mask writer EBM-9500PLUS Paper Poster Presentation
Paper 11518-29
Author(s): Haruyuki Nomura, Noriaki Nakayamada, Takehiko Katsumata, Rumi Ito, Yoshinori Kojima, NuFlare Technology, Inc. (Japan)
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Measurement of cross-sectional profile for sub-15nm hp LS patterns in nanoimprint templates using small-angle x-ray scattering Poster Presentation
Paper 11518-30
Author(s): Kazuki Hagihara, Eiji Yamanaka, KIOXIA Corp. (Japan); Yoshiyasu Ito, Kiyoshi Ogata, Kazuhiko Omote, Rigaku Corp. (Japan); Naoya Hayashi, Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (Japan)
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Tip wear improvements in advanced nanomachining Paper Poster Presentation
Paper 11518-32
Author(s): Maria Jose Cadena Vinueza, Marino Romanello, Bruker Nano, Inc. (United States); Daniel Yi, Tod E. Robinson, Bruker BNSM RMR (United States); David Brinkley, Marty Klos, Bruker Nano (United States)
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The mask contribution as part of the intra-field on-product overlay performance Paper Poster
Paper 11518-35
Author(s): Richard van Haren, ASML Netherlands B.V. (Netherlands); Steffen Steinert, Carl Zeiss SMT GmbH (Germany); Orion Mouraille, ASML Netherlands B.V. (Netherlands); Jan Hermans, imec (Belgium); Leon van Dijk, ASML Netherlands B.V. (Netherlands); Dirk Beyer, Carl Zeiss SMT GmbH (Germany)
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A deep learning mask analysis toolset using mask SEM digital twins Paper Presentation
Paper 11518-37
Author(s): Ajay K. Baranwal, Ctr for Deep Learning Electronics Manufacturing (United States); Suhas Pillai, Thang Nguyen, The Ctr. for Deep Learning in Electronics Manufacturing (United States); Jun Yashima, NuFlare Technology, Inc. (United States); Noriaki Nakayamada, NuFlare Technology, Inc. (Japan); Mikael Wahlsten, Mycronic AB (Sweden); Aki Fujimura, D2S, Inc. (United States)
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