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Abrisa Technologies, A Member of HEF Photonics

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Abrisa Technologies, A Member of HEF Photonics
200 Hallock Dr
Santa Paula, CA
United States

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01 November 2021
Abrisa Technologies is Ready to Fabricate & Coat Ultra-Thin (<0.175mm) Glass
Abrisa Technologies, a US based manufacturing company, stocks a broad selection of thin and ultra-thin aluminosilicate and borosilicate-based glass substrates ready to be fabricated to customer specified size and shape. Ultra-thin glass optical coatings can also be added at the company’s ZC&R Coatings for Optics facility in Torrance, California for a Total Solution. The well-stocked inventory of both strengthened and un-strengthened glass meets a wide array of application-specific customer performance criteria, including optical, thermal, chemical, electrical, and mechanical properties. Many of these specialty technical glass products are available in large sheet sizes for fabrication versatility. According to Susan Hirst, Product Development & Procurement Manager for Abrisa Technologies, “More and more applications are requiring thinner, lighter and stronger glass with enhanced flexibility and/or damage resistance. Displays, scanners, touch pads, and windows are typical applications requiring this rugged ultra-thin glass while the reduction in weight for improves portability.” In-Stock Ultra-Thin Aluminosilicate & Borosilicate Glass Selection Includes: SCHOTT AS 87 eco Aluminosilicate Glass: Thicknesses of 0.1, 0.145, 0.21, 0.25 and 0.33 mm Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3 Alkali-Aluminosilicate: Thicknesses of 0.4, 0.55, 0.8, 1.1, 1.5 and 2.0 mm AGC Dragontrail™ Alkali-Aluminosilicate Glass: Thicknesses of 0.8 and 1.1 mm SCHOTT D263® T eco Borosilicate Glass: Thicknesses of 0.07, 0.1, 0.175, 0.3, 0.4, 0.55, 0.7 and 1.1 mm Corning® Eagle XG® Boro-Aluminosilicate Glass: Thicknesses of 0.7 and 1.1 mm AGC EN-A1 Alkali Free Boro-Aluminosilicate: Thicknesses of 0.3, 0.5 and 0.7 mm In addition to providing the basic flat glass substrate, the company’s total solution approach allows for in-house custom glass fabrication, including simple waterjet cutting or sophisticated CNC machined and shaped parts with precision registered features suitable for airtight seals. Once the fabrication is complete, selections of the glass can be chemically strengthened, have precision thin film coatings such as AR and ITO/IMITO and/or oleo/hydrophobic coatings applied. Screen printed graphics and other ready-to-install value-added services are also done in-house such as the application of optical and safety films, mounting tape and gaskets and laser marking of parts. Susan goes on to state, “The company partners with customers from concept through production, delivering custom designed solutions meeting fitness-for-use performance from prototype through volume manufacturing.” She further adds, “Abrisa Technologies manufacturing capabilities, vertical integration, and single-point accountability allows for a simplified supply chain, providing for convenience, reduced cost of ownership, and delivery of consistent and reliable glass and optics products.”
01 November 2021
Abrisa Technologies Custom Fabricates and Optically Coats SCHOTT D 263® T eco Ultra-Thin Glass
Abrisa Technologies inventories sheet sizes of SCHOTT D 263® T eco ultra-thin glass in dimensions of 440 x 360mm which can be custom fabricated and optically coated to meet application specific requirements. Available in thicknesses of 0.1mm to 1.1mm the clear, lightweight, low fluorescence borosilicate glass provides excellent luminous transmission and high chemical resistance. Additionally, the SCHOTT specific down-draw method results in an excellent surface finish, while surface roughness is typically < 1nm RMS range. According to Susan Hirst, Product Development Manager for Abrisa Technologies, SCHOTT D 263® T eco ultra-thin glass can be custom fabricated to meet individual customer specifications. It is an excellent choice for ultra-lightweight mobility and scanning applications, ultra-low-profile displays and devices, miniature and micro-electronics and sensors and chemical process resistant slides and sample platforms.” Additionally, a wide array of applications include: lightweight windows and mirrors for mobility, wafer-based micro-optics for augmented reality, virtual reality and telecon, optical caps for sensors and diodes, ultra-thin ITO heaters and bus bars, biotech samples and slide surfaces, sunlight and heat resistant in-cabin displays, low profile displays and human interface devices, low alkali mobility for active matrix displays, ultra-thin cover glass. Stocked thicknesses of SCHOTT D 263® T eco for custom fabrication and coating include: 0.1mm, 0.175mm, 0.4mm, 0.55mm, 0.7mm and 1.1mm. Special requests can be accommodated for 0.07mm. In-house value-added solutions include oleo/hydrophobic, anti-reflective, ITO/IMITO coatings, bus bars, screen printed graphics, application of safety films, mounting tapes and gaskets, laser marking and more.
01 November 2021
Sunlight Readable Non-Glare & Anti-Reflection Display Glass Solutions
Abrisa Technologies now offers an expanded range of standard stock non-glare (NG), anti-reflection (AR), and anti-reflection coated non-glare (NG/AR) glass solutions that are ready to be custom fabricated and screen printed to your exacting specifications. According to Lisa Tsufura, Product Manager, “Display designers and integrators now have 3 top-notch options available to meet their requirements for sunlight readability and reduced reflection and glare while providing throughput efficiency for maintaining display screen brightness and image quality. NG glass, ideal for ultra-wide angle/wide spectrum use, AR coated glass for maximum display brightness and sharpest image quality, and NG/AR glass with the benefits of both.” Ready-to-fabricate non-glare sheet sizes are available up to 78” x 46” and in thicknesses of 1.1, 1.9 and 3.0mm for non-glare soda lime in gloss levels of 60, 90 and 120. The non-glare glass can be provided 1 or 2 sides and is available in low iron, low sparkle. Additional options include AR coating of 1 or 2 sides and damage resistant HIE™ strengthened aluminosilicate glass in lieu of soda lime for increased durability. Ready-to-fabricate AR coated sheet sizes are available up to 126” x 88” and in thicknesses of 0.7 to 3.0mm. The AR coating can be 1 or 2 sided with options available for oleo/hydrophobic performance. The AR coatings can be applied to SCHOTT Borofloat®, non-alkaline Corning® Eagle XG®, SCHOTT D263® thin glass, AGC EN-A1 thin glass, HIE™ chemically strengthened SCHOTT AS 87, Corning® Gorilla® Glass, and AGC Dragontrail™. Non-glare and anti-reflective glass each offer unique solutions for cover glass on displays, touch panels, 2D-3D scanners and for image sensors. Determining which to select is based upon the specific performance feature desired: - Throughput - Viewing Angle - Reflectance per Side (Photopic Specular) - Spectral Usage Range - Clarity and Resolution - Ghosting - Touch Glide - Glass Material - Strengthening Lastly, Lisa states, “Abrisa Technologies’ expanded offering of sunlight readable and non-glare and anti-reflection display glass combined with its suite of special effects mirrors and beam splitters, screen printed graphics, applied films, strengthening, and oleo/hydrophobic AR coatings, gives OEMs and integrators access to the most comprehensive offering of ready-to-fabricate display glass solutions meeting all of their display glass requirements.”
01 November 2021
Bendable Ultra-Thin SCHOTT AS 87 eco Aluminosilicate Glass Now Available from Abrisa Technologies
Abrisa Technologies is pleased to announce that SCHOTT AS 87 eco an ultra-thin aluminosilicate glass with extremely high levels of bending and impact strength is now available from Abrisa Technologies. AS 87 has a sleek feel, superior scratch resistance and is an excellent choice for use as cover or enhancement glass on low profile displays, touch sensors and other high use applications where robustness as well as low profile and weight are a concern. AS 87 has excellent clarity and a broad transmission range (UVB to IR) making it well suited for photopic displays, NIR and SWIR sensors and scanners, UV cured constructs and a host of other applications. Abrisa Technologies offers the material with available sheet sizes of 500 x 400 mm and thicknesses of 0.100 and 0.145, 0.210, 0.250 and 0.330mm. Special process HIE™ chemical strengthening is available for thicknesses of 0.210mm and higher for additional impact and damage resistance. Optical coating services are also available on limited format sizes. According to Lisa Tsufura, Product Manager for Abrisa Technologies, “Typical applications where SCHOTT AS 87 eco is well suited include cover glass for displays and touch panels, fingerprint sensors, medical and bio-medical application, automotive interiors, camera imaging or other applications where ultra-thin “add on” optical and damage resistance performance is desired.” Lisa also states “Abrisa Technologies provides custom fabrication for AS 87 eco including precision shaping, edge finish and features, specialty HIE chemical strengthening, optical coating services (broadband and diode AR, ITO heater/EMI shielding, filters, UV and IR suppression), oleo/hydrophobic options, as well as color matched screen printed graphics for a Total Solution.”
01 November 2021
Abrisa Technologies Publishes New Product Data Sheet “Thin & Ultra-Thin Glass Fabrication & Coating”
Abrisa Technologies is pleased to announce the publication of the company’s Thin & Ultra-Thin Glass Fabrication & Optical Thin Film Coating capabilities technical data sheet. The document provides a summary of its’ broad expertise including typical applications for displays, instrument panels, imaging, sensing, scanning, portables, and more. The data sheet breaks out the glass by two major categories; Thin Glass & Ultra-Thin Glass: • Thin Glass ≤0.7mm (Damage Resistant) o SCHOTT Borofloat® 33 (0.7mm) • Thin Glass ≤0.7mm (Low Fluorescence/Low Alkali Glass) o AGC EN-A1 (0.3mm) o Corning® Eagle XG® (0,55 & 0,7mm) • Ultra-Thin Glass ≤0.4mm (Damage Resistant) o SCHOTT AS 87 eco Aluminosilicate (0.1 – 0.33mm) o Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3 (0.4mm) • Ultra-Thin Glass ≤0.4mm (Low Fluorescence/Low Alkali Glass) o SCHOTT D 263® T eco Borosilicate (0.07 – 0.4mm) o Soda-Lime Float (0.2mm) Each glass material has graphical detailed information including the various thicknesses offered, optical, mechanical, and thermal properties of each of the thin and ultra-thin glass substrates. Transmission curves are also available. According to Susan Hirst, Business Development Manager, “These technology glasses are ideal for next generation devices needing miniaturization, slim formats, flexible glass, lightweight components, or bio or chemical compatibility.” She further states, “In addition to our broad selection of ultra-thin borosilicates, high ion-Exchange (HIE™) aluminosilicates, low fluorescence, and low alkaline glass options, our company single-point collaborative approach provides glass fabrication, HIE™ strengthening, optical coating, screen printing, and packaging for ready-to-install Total Solutions which are customers are looking for.”
01 November 2021
Abrisa Technologies Publishes New Product Data Sheet “Laser Marked Display Graphics On-Demand”
Abrisa Technologies is pleased to announce the publication of the company’s New Technical Data Sheet – “Laser Marked Display Graphics On-Demand.” The document highlights the two new laser engraving processes to their value-added, ready-to-install glass fabrication service capabilities. The company now provides in-house: • CO2 laser engraving “marking” of select coated and uncoated glass • Laser etched graphics, icons, and unique identifiers (QR codes and barcodes) According to Susan Hirst, Product Development Manager, “These two methods of laser engraving and etching add to the company’s Total Solution approach of single-point accountability for fabricated specialty glass components.” The data sheet details, Graphical Options (fonts, font size, ablation depth), Substrate Options (materials, surface shapes, surface marking, edge finish, minimum and maximum part size, minimum and maximum part thickness), and Marking Location (edge horizontal/vertical, face horizontal/vertical). Ms. Hirst further states, “Laser marked graphics on-demand can support the use of common blanks, display manufacturing with high mix, template files for on-demand graphics, serial and lot tracking, access to user manuals/videos, and website warranty registration.” The data sheet provides a host of images depicting the distinct types of engraving/etching available such as text, part numbers, barcodes, QR codes, branding, symbols, and more.
17 November 2021
Abrisa Technologies Launches New Mobile-Friendly Website with Improved Navigation & Graphics
Abrisa Technologies, a member of HEF Photonics, is pleased to announce the launch of their new mobile friendly Total Solution Partner website where users have access to the company’s expertise in Optical Thin Film Coatings, Custom Glass Fabrication and Specialty Glass. In addition to the updated and dynamic navigation and sophisticated new look, customers can now locate solutions by key performance attributes or market application as well as by a particular product or service requirement. According to Lisa Tsufura, Product Manager, “The new website not only has a modern, high-tech look and feel, the user experience has been enhanced to allow for easier access to our product solutions and services with an application approach.” She further adds, “We created the site functionality with the user in mind, focusing on the user’s desire for search modes that include solutions by their market application, spectral range, performance attributes, and product service specifications.” The new website focuses on the company’s extensive Specialty Glass Products and expertise in Optical Thin Film Coatings and Custom Flat Glass Fabrication. Users can search the site in numerous ways to locate their specific optics or photonics requirements. In addition to the main product and service offerings, users can search the site’s Tech Center which houses their library of Product & Service data sheets, Application Notes, Promotional Videos, Fabrication Facts, Coatings Corner, Glossary of Terms, and more. Also available on the site is an overview of Abrisa Technologies’ Total Solution capabilities, markets, press releases, events, quality, news and so much more. The Product Quick List feature on the site is a useful tool allowing the user to locate over 30 categories of products and services quickly, pointing them in the right direction, saving valuable search time and energy. The Quote and Contact Us feature located on each page of the site makes it easy to communicate with the company’s team of experts who stand at the ready to answer your questions and service your glass and optics requirements. Ms. Tsufura further adds, “The primary reason for the site upgrade was to make the user experience one that not only saves time due to an improved navigational experience, but to present our product and service data in an informative manner conveying our Total Solution approach.”
08 July 2021
PRO-NG™ 120 HIE™ Non-Glare Aluminosilicate Glass provides up to 6X the Strength of Standard Soda Lime
Abrisa Technologies, a US based company, announces the availability of their NEW PRO-NG™ 120 – HIE™ (High-Ion Exchange) strengthened non-glare aluminosilicate glass with a 120-gloss level glare reduction in an extra-thin, light weight format with up to 6X the strength of standard soda lime float glass. According to Susan Hirst, Product Development Manager for Abrisa Technologies, “This new HIE™ strengthened non-glare glass is ideal for installed or portable displays with large viewing angles and/or in need of bright/sunlight readability where thinner profile, light weight and enhanced durability is key.” She further states, “PRO-NG™ 120 is ideal for ruggedized or high-contact displays used in cockpits, cabins, portable field instruments, signature pads, and industrial equipment control panels where both management of glare and high clarity, low haze viewing of the display is key.” PRO-NG™ 120 is ultra-strong and scratch resistant, provides excellent resolution, and reduces fingerprint visibility. The glass has a nice tactile feel for touch and e-sign applications. Available in sheet sizes of 400 x 500 mm, PRO-NG™ 120 is available from stock in a thickness of 1.1mm. Other sizes, thicknesses, coatings and oleophobics may be available upon request. An eco-friendly product, PRO-NG™ 120 is produced without the use of lead, arsenic, and antimony. Abrisa Technologies is a recognized global supplier of high quality, fabricated glass components, optical thin film coatings, and custom glass solutions for a wide variety of industries. From our US based Abrisa Industrial Glass fabrication facility in Santa Paula, CA and our ZC&R Coatings for Optics division in Torrance, CA we serve diverse industries such as microelectronics and displays, semiconductor, military, automotive, aerospace, medical, biomedical and scientific R&D. We provide custom specialty flat glass and coating products for applications such as: flat panel display, touch and gesture recognition; visible to IR imaging and surveillance; entertainment, indoor and outdoor lighting; advanced instrumentation; and photonics.