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Asphera, Inc.

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Asphera, Inc.
629 Center St
Santa Cruz, CA
United States

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22 July 2021
Ga203 Windows
ASPHERA IS NOW OFFERING... CUSTOM GALLIUM OXIDE (β-Ga2O3) CRYSTAL WINDOWS Gallium oxide (β- Ga2O3) crystal chemistry stability, not easy to corrode, high mechanical strength, Stable performance at high temperature, has high transparency in visible and ultraviolet area especially in the UV and blue light. Ga203 differs from traditional transparent conductive materials in that it can be used in solar cells and flat-panel display technology. The conductivity of the single crystal can be applied to gas detection technology. Basic properties The crystal structure monoclinic The lattice constant a=5.80A, b=3.04 A,c=12.23A Melting point 1740℃ Relative permittivity 10 Thermal conductivity 11W/m/℃ at 25℃<100> 27W/m/℃ at 25℃<010> The breakdown field strength 8 MV/cm mobility 300 Cm2/Vs Band gap 4.8~4.9 eV Current main technical indicators: XRD double crystal swing half width: 27" Dislocation density: 5 x 104/cm2 Surface roughness: 0.2nm Resistivity regulation: 5×10-3 ~ 107Ω·cm SHAPES: <2 inches (50.8mm): square or rectangle plates >2 inches (50.8mm): round diameters β-Ga2O3 Orientation 010 Dimensions(mm) (10±0.3)×(10±0.3) Thickness (mm) 0.5±0.05 Offset angle (degree) 3 FWHM (arcsec) <180 Surface single-side polished Roughness (Ra) <1 nm Dopant Si/Sn Fe Conductivity n-tpye semi-insulating(>106Ω?cm) Carrier concentration(/cm3) 2~9×1018 / Dislocation density(/cm2) <105
22 July 2021
UV Grade LiF Single Crystal Thin Coated Windows
SINGLE CRYSTAL WINDOWS Customers are asking us how thin can our teams get down to on single crystal windows and still control orientation, tolerance, surface quality and parallelism. Here is a chart: MATERIAL THINNEST LIF 100um CaF2 300um Ga203 500um Quartz 50um MgF2 400um MgO 300um NaCl 500um Sapphire 400um ZnSe 500um TiO2 500um