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29 June 2021
New QCLs from 10µm to 17µm for Monitoring BTX, CH3I and HCN
FLC is a partner of mirSense, a supplier of off-the-shelf Industrial Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCL) and QCL-based spectrometer modules for Industrial & Defense applications. For the first time, based on an InAs-technology, single frequency DFB lasers are commercially available in the wavelength range from 10-17µm and output power of 5 - 10mW. The laser is mounted on a thermoelectric cooler inside a sealed High Heat Load (HHL) package integrating a collimation lens and a thermistor to readout the laser chip temperature. By controlling the chip’s operating temperature through the Peltier element inside the laser’s package, customers tune the emission wavelength without mode hopping while keeping a longitudinal single-mode operation. They open the way for high resolution spectroscopy applications for detection and monitoring of molecules of many substances such as the aromatics Benzene (~14.9µm), Toluene (~16µm) and Xylene Propane (~14µm) as well as Methyl Iodide (CH3I) (~11.3µm) and Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN) (~15.9µm). Detection and monitoring of these substances is most important in the Oil & Gas, Chemical and Nuclear Industry. An early detection of the radioactive CH3I in a nuclear power plant for can reduce the risk of a serious accident, preventing a shut-down of the plant and might save many lives.
29 June 2021
Fiber-coupled RGB Laser Diode Modules
638nm + 450nm + 520nm The FWSX RGB Laser Modules include Red (638nm), Blue (445nm) and Green (520nm) diode laser, which are combined in the right proportion to deliver perfect white laser light from an optical SM or MM fiber. Laser welding of the housing and fiber is used to ensure high stability and long-term reliability of the product. Unique optical scheme guarantees low optical noise. Each laser undergoes rigorous aging and high-low-temperature cycling tests to ensure high quality of the laser diode modules. Applications: - Aiming Beam - Illumination - Bioscience - Endoscopy - Others Features: - Long Life Time - Low Noise - High Stability - Compact Package - Various WL Optional - SMF/PMF/MMF Optional
29 June 2021
MICRO Green Laser Modules
The MICRO Green Laser Module GLM-532/545-003-MICRO-X has an extremely small size of just Ø3.7 x 10mm with an output power of 3mW at wavelength 532nm and 545nm. The operating temperature range -30°C to +60°C allows to use it for various industrial and defense applications in most harsh environment. The energy consumption is very low which saves supply power. It is supplied with an ACC (Auto Constant Current) and runs at a fixed frequency of 111Hz. The power stability is within a few percent. The beam coming from the laser has the size of 2.5mm with a divergence of <2.5mrad in both directions. Applications: - Target Designation - Laser Gun Sights - Construction Lasers - Instruments Alignment - Geodesy Instruments
29 June 2021
Line Laser Modules with Easy Focus Adjustment
It is eminently necessary in machine vision, especially in 3D vision systems, to have a laser illumination source that delivers uniform and stable output beam. FLC offers laser diode modules from the HAML-F series for those applications. They are very compact, reliable and the focus can easily be adjusted by rotating the upper part by hand. Additionally it fulfills the IP67 requirements, which make it the right product for the use in harsh environmental conditions at production facilities.
29 June 2021
Laser Diode Modules with Single Mode Fiber Output
The new series ML1xxFC are laser diode modules with a single mode fiber output. The wavelength range is from 405nm to 2500nm. The power out of the SM fiber can be up to 100mW. The operating temperature range is from -10°C to +50°C. With dimensions of 12.6mm to 15mm in diameter and 40mm in length (without connector) they are very compact. As an option these modules are offered with potentiometer for power adjustment, external TTL modulation up to 1MHz and analogue modulation up to 100kHz.
29 June 2021
High Power 200W Blue Diode Laser Module
FLC launched a High Power Fiber-coupled Blue Diode Laser Module in 2020. The FBLD-450-200W-FC200-20Pin delivers up to 200W from a 200µm fiber at 450nm. It consists of 8 submodules (25W per module) and the power can be supplied separately or in series.
29 June 2021
Multi-Wavelength Laser Combiner System
The MWLC Systems are single or multi-channel laser systems with integrated control electronic, which makes it easy to operate. Single channel systems combine from 2 to 20 wavelengths, multi-channel systems 2-4 wavelengths in a single one box. USB or RS232 port is available as an option. The wavelength range is from UV (375nm) over visible up to IR (1064nm). The laser source can either be laser diodes or DPSS lasers. The output can be fiber coupled or free beam and each wavelength can be individually modulated. The multi-wavelength laser systems are widely used for medical, biomedical, and industrial applications. Applications: - Fluorescence Microscopy - Flow Cytometry - Photolysis - Biomedical Research - Optogenetics
29 June 2021
Free Space Narrow Linewidth Laser Diodes
FLC offers Free Space Narrow Linewidth Laser Diodes designed to meet Raman spectroscopy requirements. Raman spectroscopy is a spectroscopic technique typically used to determine vibrational modes of molecules. It is commonly used in chemistry to provide a structural fingerprint by which molecules can be identified. It is based on inelastic scattering (or Raman scattering) of monochromatic light at wavelengths typical in the visible range or in the IR range. This light is usually generated using a laser which fulfils key performance parameters like a narrow spectral linewidth, a good beam quality and a high and stable output power. The FLC laser diodes from the FRLD-VBG series are excellent suited as light source for this application. They are offered at wavelengths 532nm, 638nm, 785nm, 808nm, 830nm, 976nm & 1064nm and with an output power up to 800mW. The spectral linewidth is very narrow due to an integrated Volume Bragg Grating (VBG) and typically less than 0.1nm. Careful thermomechanical control and high-precision alignment inside the laser is important to achieve high stability in the output wavelength and linewidth, especially when operating the laser at varying ambient temperatures. The FRLD-VBG series laser diodes are packaged in a solid Butterfly package with a free space output. An integrated thermo-electric cooler (TEC) is optionally available. Without a doubt, Raman spectroscopy continues to be a cutting-edge analytical technique that will likely continue to be applied in even more industries and markets in the future. Systems are shrinking, resolution and sensitivity is increasing, and components are becoming more reliable. Understanding the influence of the lasers performance is critical to the continued success within these new application areas. FLC will be pleased to support you finding the best suitable solution.