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DELO Industrial Adhesives, LLC
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06 October 2021
Compact and more efficient control units for LED spot lamps
DELO has launched the DELOLUX pilot S4i and S4T models for controlling and powering LED curing lamps They allow the use of more powerful lamp heads and are even more compact. The new DELOLUX pilot S series allows DELOLUX 50 spot lamps to be controlled efficiently. Up to four lamp heads can be controlled independently. Requiring very little space, the devices are ideal for integration into systems with limited space. DELOLUX pilot S4i (i = integrated) measures just 100 x 80 x 100 mm; the approximate dimensions of the S4T model (T = touch) are 230 x 300 x 400 mm. The DELOLUX pilot S4i control unit comes without integrated power supply and is designed purely for integration into PLC-controlled process systems. In contrast, the DELOLUX pilot S4T model additionally enables manual control via touch screen and has its own integrated power supply. The touch version allows lamp heads to be operated autonomously without the use of a PLC. Nevertheless, PLC control is still possible on this system. So just one device is enough to operate in three different modes: purely manual, semi-automatic, or even fully automatic. Compared to their predecessor, the S4 models impress with an increase in power from 60 W to 150 W. This allows even more powerful lamp heads to be used, such as the spot light source DELOLUX 504. Thanks to significantly increased intensity, UV adhesives cure faster and cycle times are reduced. A sophisticated controller in the base unit ensures a constant intensity of the lamp heads. For more information on UV curing lamps and control units, attend DELO Academy's Online TECH TALKS.
21 July 2021
Adhesives for optoelectronic packaging
Adhesives play a key role in the design and manufacturing of optoelectronic packages. They are indispensable to the longlasting function and uniform brightness of the diodes and permit production in the space of a second. The prerequisite however is that the adhesives are precisely tailored to the relevant application area. DELO has developed special adhesives both for first-level packaging, in which the adhesive is located in the immediate vicinity of the semiconductor, and for second-level packaging, in which the focus is on reliably bonding lenses and housing. In standard tests and implementation by customers worldwide they yield outstanding results and satisfy the high requirements of packaging manufacturers. Manufacturing ever smaller optoelectronic packages is one of the requirements. Flip-chip technology, and thus the use of conductive adhesives, unlocks new possibilities for manufacturers in this respect. DELO DUALBOND adhesives, e.g., are made for first-level packaging in optoelectronics. They have the following characteristics: minimum outgassing, yellowing resistance and high temperature resistance, easy dispensing and integration into production processes, optimized curing, fast prefixing with light possible. Additionally, they have qualities like low temperature impact via light or heat curing at low temperatures, reflow resistance and there are optical clear products available. For second-level packaging DELO has developed special DELO PHOTOBOND adhesives. They are tension-equalizing and humidity-, vibration- and temperature resistant and have a high resistance against aging (low outgassing, low yellowing) as well as an universally good adhesion. The adhesives cure with light within a few seconds and are available with different viscosities. DELO also provides anisotropic conductive adhesives (DELO MONOPOX AC), which are especially developed for flip-chip technology and ensure a permanent contacting and high processing rates.
21 July 2021
Highly transparent materials for micro-optics
For new and consistently improved products, such as mini-3D-cameras for mobile phone, beamers for smartphones and 3D screens and automotive light carpets, micro-optics are becoming more and more important. With newly developed, fast-curing and highly transparent imprint materials, DELO enables its customers to push forward these developments. Additionally, materials with high refractive index allow for augmented reality headsets with a wide field of view. The lenses as well as micro- and nano-structures are produced by imprint lithography, providing a high UPH. Corresponding adhesives are also available for wafer bonding.