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Alpine Research Optics

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Alpine Research Optics
6810 Winchester Cir
Boulder, CO
United States


13 October 2021
ARO recently installed a state-of-the-art IBS chamber featuring an optical monitoring system
We are proud to announce that we recently installed a state-of-the-art IBS chamber complete with an optical monitoring system. Our IBS chamber is equipped with an optical monitor and larger targets, so it can be used to produce more difficult coatings requiring precise layer control and longer coating times. IBS technology is well suited for coating in the MWIR region of the electromagnetic spectrum and as well as for filter coatings requiring sharper cut-offs. Because IBS coating deposition temperatures are lower, there is a reduced change in surface figure on higher aspect ratio substrates. We expect our new IBS technology to allow us to create coatings we have never been able to provide before. The high density and low loss exhibited by Ion Beam Sputtering coatings, make them perfectly fit for laser optics.