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Nanoscribe GmbH & Co. KG
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05 June 2024
Nanoscribe Quantum X align – 3D-aligned nanofabrication for photonic packaging
The Quantum X align is the first 3D printer with advanced 3D alignment capabilities that enables the printing of freeform microoptical elements directly onto optical fibers and photonic chips, setting new standards in the design and fabrication of microoptics. The Quantum X align and the incorporated Aligned Two-Photon Lithography (A2PL) technology provide robust and reliable alignment solutions for realizing efficient light couplers via Free Space Microoptical Coupling (FSMOC) between chips and optical fibers. Auto-aligned 3D printing significantly reduces complex chip-level mode field tuning, eliminates the need for active alignment and enables the fabrication of freeform microoptics at optical interfaces. Find out more about 3D-aligned nanofabrication driving innovation in photonic packaging and miniaturized imaging optics: https://www.nanoscribe.com/en/products/quantum-x-align/
05 June 2024
A2PL – Aligned Two-Photon Lithography
This year’s Photonics West exhibition is coming to an end. Grab the chance to stop by our booth and find out more about our Aligned Two-Photon Lithography (A2PL ®) technology incorporated in our Quantum X align system. The new A2PL technology enables automatic aligned 3D printing on optical fibers, photonic chips, chip edges, and other pre-patterned substrates. A fiber detection unit is used to localize a variety of single cleaved fibers and fiber arrays and 3D print aligned to their optical axes with submicron accuracy. Furthermore, using Quantum X align’s confocal detection module the new A2PL technology enables the automatic detection of fiducials and 3D topographies on chips or other substrates, allowing to print automatically aligned to those. Find out more about A2PL and our Quantum X align system: https://www.nanoscribe.com/en/products/quantum-x-align/
05 June 2024
3D printing by 2GL: superior quality at unrivaled speed
Nanoscribe introduced a fundamentally new 3D Microfabrication technology: 3D printing by 2GL®. Two-Photon Grayscale Lithography (2GL) is now setting entirely new standards for 3D nano- and microfabrication. The technology merges the high resolution of Two-Photon Polymerization (2PP) with a unique, patented voxel tuning process to achieve significantly fewer printing layers. This makes 2GL the fastest 2PP-based 3D printing technology with unparalleled shape accuracy and superior print quality. It paves the way for new applications, such as manufacturing even more filigree microoptical systems with distinctly higher quality in much shorter print times. This is why 3D grayscale printing is now offered as a new feature for Quantum X align. https://www.nanoscribe.com/en/news-insights/news/3d-printing-by-2gl/
05 June 2024
Our aligned 3D printing software: nanoPrintX
nanoPrintX is much more than a 3D printer slicer software: it is a game changing tool for creating and aligning sophisticated print projects. The underlying scene graph concept provides a hierarchical organization of all print-relevant objects and operations. The intuitive software architecture, combined with a central rendering canvas, gives instant visual feedback on the position and spatial alignment of all elements relative to each other and to predefined positions or substrates. With nanoPrintX, any printing scenario can be defined by loading a virtual model of the substrate, such as optical fibers or photonic chips, with individual alignment markers. The 3D designs of the print objects can be defined using lens formulas or imported as STL or OBJ files and placed in the print scene. Pre-developed print parameters can be assigned to each individual design and work right out of the box. Finally, the print project is uploaded to Quantum X align, which takes care of the best possible print results.. https://www.nanoscribe.com/en/products/quantum-x-align/
05 June 2024
Nanoscribe – the maker of Micro Miracles
Nanoscribe contributed to a video recently published by Samsung that beautifully showcases the smallest technological wonders in the microscale world with breathtaking images. This video was viewed over 13 million times on YouTube. The key to this project is Nanoscribe’s latest additive manufacturing technology. The results are truly impressive microscopic models with a level of detail and precision that is nothing short of a miracle. This showcases the immense potential of 3D printing by 2GL®, Nanoscribe’s leading-edge 3D Microfabrication technology. https://www.nanoscribe.com/en/campaigns/the-maker-of-micro-miracles/