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04 January 2023
Fine and fast Steering Mirrors
CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES (CTEC) offers a wide range of both Fast Steering platform and mirror solutions. These products are Commercially of the Shelves (COTS). They can be used in lab or field environments and some of them are even Space qualified. A Fast-Steering Mirror (FSM) solution includes a Mirror integrated on a steering platform (Tilt or Tip/Tilt), positions sensors and a controller. CTEC COTS FSM and steering platforms are either piezo or magnetic actuator-based mechanisms. They are controlled with either piezo controllers or magnetic controllers. Their sensors are either Strain Gauges (SG) or Eddy Current Sensors (ECS). As an option for COTS Tilt or Tip/Tilt platforms, CTEC can propose to outsource and to integrate a suitable mirror defined in collaboration with the customer. CTEC can even design customized mirrors (Silicon Carbide SiC, Fused Silica SiO2, …). COTS FSM and COTS Tilt or Tip/Tilt Platforms are presented below. A dedicated brochure Fine and Fast Steering Mirrors as well several publications presents the customized and OEM FSM solutions already delivered by CTEC to the Space, Optronics and industrial Electro Optic markets. The CTEC FSMs are widely used in optical instruments, cameras, telescopes and electro optic systems embedded on airplanes, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), satellites, spacecrafts, etc... The Tip/Tilt Platforms (DTT) have an excellent dynamic performance, reliability over a large temperature range and compactness make them ideal for the following mechatronic functions & applications: space, optronics, scientific instrumentation, production machining and medical technologies.